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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  July 29, 2020 3:42am-4:00am PDT

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and some of them are 50%, 60%. >> pfizer announced mondayed the trial will include 30,000 participants in 39 u.s. states as well as brazil, germany, and arrange tina. both vaccines use a piece of our genetic code which says to make a safe version of the protein. le that triggers and immune response to the virus. dawn baker from her savannah georgia affiliate got the first vaccine monday morning. >> i got tired of sitting here worried that i can't do anything but wear a mask and stay away from people. >> reporter: even if a vaccine is approved and available, there's some question as to how many would take it. a cbs news poll show only 30% of adults would get a vaccine as
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soon as possible. 50% would wait to see what happens and 20% says they'd never get one. this doctor says the unusual financial and regulatory hurdles were pushed aside when it came to the development of a covid vaccine. >> we compressed it all to an amazing time period, because we need it. because there was no, sir choice. this is a war on our soil and we have to respond. >> top health officials express no measures are being cut in the development of any of these vaccines. the doctor says all protocols are being followed except for one. long term studies and that's simply because we need a vaccine now. >> meg oliver in new jersey. there will be fewer scooters on the streets of new york city. the mow pedestrian sharing uny.wegomo now from cbs'
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kris van cleave. >> there's a police car there. >> reporter: tonight, new york police are investigating a second deadly crash involving a revel moped in less than 10 days. this one killed a 32-year-old man in queens. all you need to get started is $5, a drivers license and an an. you're required to wear the on-board helmet but a lot of people aren't. a mow pedestrian relay race down a crowded street. rider running a red or rolling down a sidewalk. we found several riding without helmets. dangerous driving on shared mow pedestrians rented through the appreve drive up on sidewalks, going up
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streets that they shouldn't be driving up. it's a recipe for disaster just waiting for something horrible to happen. >> dennis flores was riding his bicycle in work in that something horrible happened. >> i heard a loud screeching sound from the tires and i saw someone fly forward off the mow pedestrian. >> he saw t accident that killed the reporter at the television station. neither kapur nor the mow pedestrian driver was wearing helmets as required by law. he expressed his deepest sympathies to the family and is working with the nypd adding in a statement it offers free less obs has strict safety policies in place and riders must obey traffic laws. when carl picked up this one there were no helmets. bu l personallyide without it 's n something i find safe. >> a soift study commissioned by
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revel found property damage last year. >> get on. >> reporter: so far this year the nypd says revel mow pedestrians have been involved in 25 collisions. can anyone hop on and ride? >> i think there's a learning curve. >> whose responsibility is it to make sure these mow pedestrians are safe. >> it's a shared responsibility. companies have got to provide the necessary resources and information so that riders and customers know what their responsibility is. we as customers also have a responsibility to obey traffic laws, to wear a helmet, to drive safely. >> revel is facing more than a dozen flauts new york for injuries or damages. >> revel's not getting the message out to the users that these are dangerous to them, that there's a risk that's very
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inherent in using them. they're not a toy. >> reporter: revel suspended more than a thousand riders for safety violations. dennis flores remains skeptical. >> i definitely had thought about getting an account and after seeing this, i definitely wouldn't. >> revel's own safety study found that of the 155 safety incidents, about half occurred by people who had only ridden these things a few times. one thing is making training videos mandatory, perhaps requiring lessons for inexperienced riders and technology that would stop you from riding if you weren't wearing your helmet.
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and it continuously eliminates odors in the air and on soft surfaces. for 45 days. and social distancing, a lot of people are finding comfort in food. not always the healthiest options. mo rocca takes a bite out of this story. >> it doesn't have its own aisle at the super market. >> let's bake a cake, makecos,r. >> it's not one of the five basic food groups.
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>> i haven't bought these in so many yearsful. >> everybody's snacking more because everybody's at home. >> if it worked right now it would be the most popular. >> as everybody tries toe navigate this pandemic people look for things that provide some instant comfort. >> comfort food. it means something different to all of us. i don't want to put you on the spot but do you have any vienna sausages? s. >> we do. we've got plenty of them. >> reporter: jeffrey temple isle with portland's fred meyer grocery chain. for his family comfort food tends towards the salty spicy snack foot variety. this like flaming hot ri are ter:orrt means old familiar brands, prego pasta sauce and campbell's and progressive soups have been all
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but flying off the shelves. >> hi. may i come in? i'm chef boy a dee. >> i think weighed in ecstatic to think that their foot was bringing comfort to people now. >> anna boy a dee, grand niece of the chef boy a dee and her son jack aren't surprised that sales of the canned pasta jumped 146% compared to this time last year. note to viewers, do not confuse chef boy a dee with agos.>> the racings. >> including the greaters generation. chef boy a dee fed u.s. troops. >> all generations have this positive warm connections to the brands. >> this isn't the first time that consumers have turned to
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shelf stable affordable foods in a time of crisis. during the 2018 recession, sales of kool-aid and craft macaroni and cheese spiked. >> american cheese melts in a way -- you know like the way it melts on top of something. there's nothing else like it. that plasticy quilt of that perfect orange cheese. it's so good. >> i travel the world. >> foot writer samine thinks that the way these foods feel literally explains why people are turning to them now. >> i think soft foods are comforting. maybe it reminds you of being a baby i don't know. >> it's interesting you write up soft, because i have to tell s.>>wa yes, i. >> you're eating it! >> eating processed food out of plastic tubs doesn't equal comfort for everyone.
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>> i see a lot of baking, the whole world seems to be interested in make bread. >> the good old-fashioned oven is hot once again. >> one of the greatest things i think right now that cooking can offer us is a little bit of an escape from our heads. and from our worries. you're forced to smell and see and taste and touch and that gets you out of your head and into your body, which is so important right now. >> well, you know, it's interesting. it's like you're drawing a distinction. there's comfort food and you're talking about comfort cooking. >> yeah. and i think for me -- and i hope for other people -- that it's also something that we can derive pleasure from. >> there is no one recipe for comfort food. it's whatever floats your gravy boat. >> i find vegetables to be comforting but that's not what i'm hearing people are drawn to.
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if there's other hashedship and other anxiety, you want the ing tha
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a new book about the british royal family is making waves across the atlantic. mark phillips is outside buckingham palace. >> reporter: the coronavirus may still be raging and the economy may still be tanking but harry anddisenchantment with the royals is the talk of the town. >> they say they didn't write the book and they say they didn't help the two royal writers who did. but few in palace circumstance it is or who follow the family closely think harry and meghan had something to do with it. aborat this book but my understanding is that they did actually collaborate very closely with the authors and
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helped authorize access to their friends. >> mock the juicier points the book claims that william took what harry felt was a snopish attitude towards meghan when the couple started seeing each other. take as much time as you need to get to know this girl. harry wrigley field at the phrase this girl and reportedly chose to not intercept it as friendly brotherly advice but as reluctance to accept meghan. the report that harry had beenlp meghan, an american actress was accompanied down the isle by prince charles because her strangz father wasn't there. that wasn't a sign of acceptance, according to the book. their friends are also quoted as saying harry and meghan were kept at a distance by william and ke a that was fe meghan, the outsider
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when she needed it. she had given up her whole life to become a royal but received not thanks but death by a thousand cuts from the family and palace staff. there's something about her i don't trust, one senior official is reported to have said. >> the notion that people weren't welcoming to her right from the start. the royal family will be quite stunned by that. >> whenar and meghan severed their royal ties they had hopes of continuing a time tionship. that prospect appears to be more unlikely no >> there was a lot of hurt after they left the uk and i think that hurt is only going to be compassioner baited and deepened on publication of this book. ful. >> and that's the ovrnight news for this witness. for some of you the news continues. for others, check back for cbs
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anytime at captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, the death toll in america nears 150,000 as the nation's top health official warns the virus is moving north. as a new federal report says 21 states are in the red zone, dr. deborah birx urges more states to shut down bars and reduce social gatherings, and even encouraging some people to wear masks inside their homes. gross violation of common sense: governor andrew cuomo says he's appalled by a concert in the hamptons, and there will be consequences as new york adds more states to its travel advisory. president trump continues to promote an unproven drug after the president's son is temporarily booted off twitter for spreading false information. why facebook, twitter, and youtube d


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