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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 30, 2020 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now at 11:00, could alameda county be headed for a second lock down. the answer we got a few hours ago. i think it's too early to
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talk about reopening. plus coronavirus outbreak at a costco in santa clara county. what we learned in just the past hour. plus help is on the way tonight for 1 million californians waiting to hear about unemployment. and this just in, what oakland police can no longer do to protestors. and then a bay area film maker tells her story on escaping a cult decades after she married a stranger in a mass wedding. >> there was an excitement to it, but i remember feeling some of the earliest seeds of doubt as i held the hand of a man i met just a month before. good evening. >> now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, right now, alameda county has the most coronavirus cases in the bay area. over 10,700. and santa clara county isn't
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far behind with 9600. we have team coverage beginning with kpix 5's andrea nakano in alameda county. we wanted to know is a second lock down on the way? >> reporter: when i talk with alameda county public health director just a few hours ago, he says cases have stabilized right now, but all options are on the table. >> we certainly are always considering whether we need to take steps like that to move backward. >> reporter: with alameda county on the state's monitoring list, it's working jointly with the california department of public health to flatten the curve. with the highest number of hospitalizations since the pandemic began, dr. moss says any easing of restrictions is on pause. >> you know, i'm really still very concerned about our hospitalizations. so until we see stabilization there, i think it's too early to talk about reopening. >> reporter: the alameda county public health department released this graph of the
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relationship between releasing restrictions and covid case increases. each time a business sector is allowed to open, comes a spike. >> i think it's not so much a story of any one particular sector, but any place people have had to return to work where they couldn't remote. >> reporter: add social gatherings to that and that's how doctor moss says most of the community transmissions are occurring. >> it's greater than just one person. it's greater than just me. you know, you gotta kind of like help everybody with this situation. >> ultimately at the end of the day, it's about human being and lives and medical science. >> reporter: while many of the staff members from san quentin live in alameda county, there hasn't been any data to point
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on eyestrains mission stemming from that outbreak. at least 9 employees at this costco in sunnyvale have tested positive for the virus. the location is still open, but it's working with the retailer on the next steps and an investigation. startling new numbers out of santa clara county tonight. the one group that makes up half of all the coronavirus cases. kpix 5's maria medina continues our team coverage. >> reporter: dena parker's flower shop is in one of the hardest hit zip codes in santa clara county. but to the east of her in san jose and to the south in gilroy, those communities are being hit even harder. >> that's where the highest concentrations of covid cases are. >> reporter: right now i'm standing in 95129 where the county reports 25 coronavirus cases. if i take a few steps, the counties there are three times
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as many coronavirus cases here. and the reason for the rise in some zip codes is sometimes obvious. >> we really are look at ways that communities of color are impacted in disproportionate and significant ways. >> reporter: today county leaders announced every one out of two covid-19 cases is someone from the latinx community. >> they're usually front line workers. they're just exposed to so much more. >> we've seen more latinos that are working on the front line and because of that, because of them -- their work and helping us and serving us, they put themselves at higher risk. >> reporter: for dana and her assistant, they say they're trying to do their part to keep themselves and their community protected. >> basically just hope for the best and just, you know, pray that, you know, things will let up and everything and just do our part as well as everyone
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else's part. we're all in this together. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. tonight, california is once again reporting the most deaths in a single day. 197 in the past 24 hours and more than 8700 new cases were also confirmed. also tonight, every county in the state is now reporting cases of coronavirus. modoc county confirming its first two cases today. that county opened up its economy may 1st, way ahead of approval. the state revealing for the first time 1 million californians still have not received their unemployment benefits. since the beginning of the pandemic in march when it was hit with 9 million unemployment claims. from day 1, the governor has promised to improve the system. they strike team to handle the
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mountain of unprocessed claims. >> i probably called edd 8,000 times, for real. 8,000 times. >> i'm tired of the excuses that say we had this huge deluge. they were not prepared for even a slight uptick, let alone a deluge because they simply had not even gotten the technology right as a result of the previous audit. >> back in march, 88% of all claims were approved within two weeks. in june, that number dropped to 52%. the state is expected to grill edd leaders at the capitol tomorrow. new at 11:00, after scenes like this one during black lives matter protests in oakland, a federal judge has now issued a preliminary injunction limiting police use of force. under the order, rubber
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bullets, teargas and those flash bang grenades you hear can only be used when there is a threat of imminent physical harm or significant property destruction. the oakland police department has not yet responded tonight. and tonight, san jose police are working to identify a jewelry snatcher after arresting his suspected accomplice. police say these two suspects were caught on camera approaching two separate victims and yanking gold chains off their necks. both robberies happened along coyote road last month. coming up, it's a plan that's been in the making for months. >> trailers for housing homeless. what's working and what is not. >> they're going to be able to house 30 young people and give them an opportunity to pursue their dreams. >> it's a good thing. plus a new twist in the case of those mystery packages of seeds. are they a global plot to steal
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your identity? escaping a cult. a bay area film maker tells her story about how
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hundreds of homeless seniors are off the streets of the bay area and into trailers this summer. >> the state announced in january it would donate the trailers that are usually on stand by for emergencies to help house the homeless. in tonight's project home,
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susie steimle takes a look at how the experiment is working. >> i think it's great. >> it's a good thing. >> reporter: what a difference a few months can make. when we first caught up with websiteon and kimberly, they were living in a tent and had lost hope. a promise from a homelessness agency to place them in a home had just fizzled out. >> they came and asked us if we wanted to come over here. >> reporter: the couple and their dog were among the first to move in to operation home base, oakland's new trailer program for homeless seniors. they now live in one of 67 brand-new trailers donated by the state. >> the trailer's nice. >> it's nice. >> it has a kitchen, bedroom, little sitting room. >> it's the -- >> what we want. >> right. it's running water. constant electricity. you don't have to worry about
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gas or generator. running water, we don't have to go to the fire hydrant and get water. >> reporter: these trailers are part of a state-wide push to house the homeless. governor newsom dispatched about 1300 of these to counties across california, including san francisco, which is having success. >> we really jumped on it. >> reporter: abgale is the interim director of the homeless and -- >> all of us working together to kind of pull off this wild experiment, which is helping to keep approximately 120 folks, highly vulnerable folks from the bay view who are experiencing homelessness during covid. >> reporter: she says thanks to the city of san francisco, it was smooth sailing. but in san jose, it's a different story. >> this is an experiment that was -- it didn't work out.
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>> reporter: san jose city council member says the city was offered 20 trailers, but the only place to put them ended up being the parking lot of the zoo. many of the trailers were used during last year's fires and were in last shape. the city spent more than a million dollars on repairs, connecting water, electricity and sewage, but three weeks after opening, the project was scrapped. dozens of homeless occupants were transferred to hotels. and those aren't the only ones. 16 more donated trailers have been gathering dust not used. >> we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for us to really be able to serve some more young people. >> reporter: bill says oakland first promised he could have them to house the homeless youth he serves through his non-
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profit. >> woe have 90 beds in the east bay and our waiting list is still over 100 at times. >> reporter: the most recent plan on stage them on a lot in west oakland is on indefinite hold. but bill's not losing hope. >> there's lots of bureaucracy involved. but rest assured they are going to be used. they're going to be able to house young people and give them an opportunity to get on their feet, have an opportunity to pursue their dream. >> reporter: for kimberly and lenton, trailer living is just a stepping stone to what they want. >> we want a front and backyard with a key in it. we want to pay rent. >> reporter: they left their tent on 77th street to one of their friends. now they hope to leave their trailer to the next person in need. >> let us start getting out of here so more people can get in. >> our next step is out of here
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so somebody can have our trailer. >> reporter: we've learned san jose's trailers are going to go to imperial county. as for covenant house, unfortunately the federal highway administration now says they don't want highway parcels to be used for homeless services. so we'll have to keep following that one. >> looks like a good program on a lot of levels. how long will the cities have these trailers? >> so, we know this was meant to get them through the pandemic. so at least for that long, but in san francisco, where it's working really well, they're hoping this becomes sort of a permanent solution. they're saying if we treat homelessness as an emergency, it can make a really big difference. >> it looks like a great solution. keep sending your stories and ideas to project home and see all of susie's reporting on our website. new at 11:00, there's a new
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theory that mysterious unsolicited packages of seas that have been appearing in the mail from overseas are part of a giant identity theft scam. the packages are primarily from china, but some were from uzbekistan. cyber security experts believe scammers are creating fake personas and writing online reviews about the product after they've mail to you. you are warned not to open the package if you get one. a bay area film maker is telling her story of escaping a cult. >> joe vazquez has more on how she's putting her life on the big screen. >> i was standing in the seoul olympic stadium in korea. >> reporter: it was 1995, she was 20 years old. her parents arranged her marriage to a young man she
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didn't know in a ceremony that would include thousands. a common practice in the unification church, also known as the moonies. cara and her family were devout followers. >> i remember feeling some of the earliest seeds of doubt as i held the hand of a man that i met just a month before. >> reporter: cara is the director of blessed child, just released in san francisco and now streaming across the globe. >> this is something i've grappled with my whole life. i don't present as the typical cult follower. >> reporter: cara has since divorced the young man and left the church. >> i always knew i was gay. >> reporter: her brother was the sin ming the ci n.e.m.a.
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tographer. she musters the strength to resolve that tension by asking her parents tough questions. >> so i had to become a different person. i had to speak more honestly to my parents than i ever have in my whole life and the film became an invitation for me to do that in a way i couldn't do at a christmas dinner. >> reporter: blessed child is now playing at the roxy, but i have to watch it over the internet. it's also streaming on itunes, google play and amazon. joe vazquez, kpix 5. taking a live look at san francisco from our treasure island camera. pretty beautiful sight even though it's cool. it's never too early to start thinking about the weekend. >> we've already been looking ahead to that. things are going to shift a little bit as we head into the weekend. the marine layer is going to get squished a little bit and
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that will help it retreat each day. the fog and drizzle spreading inland. near normal temperatures tomorrow and friday. but then we're looking at warmer temperatures as we head into the weekend. looking from the kpix roof top toward the bay bridge, you see the low cloud cover and fog. still 68 degrees in livermore for the warm spot. those temperatures will drop into the 50s area-wide. but like the past several days, it will back up toward the coast as we head into the afternoon. maybe an hour or two of sunshine. take what you can get. free air conditioning is nice, but it's nice to see the sunshine at the beach once in a while. temperatures tomorrow morning starting off in the 50s across the board. mostly in the middle portion of the 50s. how much you warm up depends on your proximity to the water.
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harvey is famous for his kissing booth that benefits various animal rescues. thank you for sharing that picture. he used to be a dock jumping dog as well. temperatures warming up to the upper 60s in berkeley. mid to upper 60s around the bay with highs in the city only reaching the mid-60s while san jose reaching up into the low 80s. concord reaching up to 90 degrees during the afternoon. one of the warmer spots around the bay area. santa rosa warming up to the 70s. we're talking about pretty close to normal temperatures for one more day tomorrow. mid to upper 60s and 70s around the bay and warmer as you get away from the water. some of the hottest spots approaching triple digit territory saturday and sunday, even in the 70s even right around the bay this weekend. dennis o'donnell on deck now for a look at sports. a pretty good night for the
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giants. >> pretty good day if you like home runs in the bay area. a's trying to avoid a sweep at the look, this isn't my first rodeo...
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as oracle park turned into a launching pad, how about 8 home runs in the first two games so far. fernando and the padres looking to go an mlb best 5 1/3 inning. johnny, long gone by the time -- three-run job. 6-2 san diego. it's 6-3 in the 8thning. they call this guy johnny.
2:03 am
lived up to the name. >> high drive to right. headed to the water. it is out of here! >> a no-doubt splash hit. his first career water shot. and check out the socially distant celebration at the plate. giants win 7-6. >> it's like a dream thing to be able to say you've hit a ball into the cove. so to actually do it was super surreal and super fun. >> he looks like a great all- around player right now. and, you know, it's starting to seem like this is who yaz is. so beyond the work that he does on the field in the batter's box, i think everybody knows he's a real leader. frankie getting some elbows before the start against the rockies. troy waledder, hits one to wall. maybe a few more inch and he makes that play.
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one of two earned runs. 3-1 colorado. charlie blackmon, he's fast. the rockies win 5-1. the nba returns tomorrow after a 20-week hiatus with lebron and the lakers taking center stage. the king is using every minute of his time in the bubble to ice up for his run. but it's focus this year is different than it normally is. >> i won't be turning my phones off during this run. i have to continue to check in with my family. i can't afford to do that and just lose direct contact with everybody. i tell you what, they're doing something right in that bubble. 344 players tested. no positive results. that's pretty good.
2:05 am
nba ready to ball. all right. stay in that bubble. keep stay nothing that bubble. stay safe. i wish we had a bubble like that. that would be pretty cool. >> but i'm not turning my phone off. >> no. no. >> thanks, dennis. well, it's a breed known for rescuing people lost in the mountain this crisis has changed almost everything, but not our resolve. we've pulled together, worked hard to keep each other safe. we've flattened the curve and are starting to reopen our communities. we can protect the people we love, and help californians get back on their feet. for our families and our communities, let's stay the course and stop the spread.
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