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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  July 30, 2020 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are looking live from our exclusive salesforce tower camera. actually it's not our salesforce tower camera. it's our camera on treasure island. looking out at san francisco. nice shot there too. good morning everyone, it's thursday, july 30th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm len kiese. good morning to you. first up, on this friday eve. is a check of our forecast with mary lee and you are calling today a -- seasonably warm. that's right. yeah, happy thursday to you. almost friday to you len and michelle. and we're looking at temperatures right around where we should be for this time of year. here's a live look with our south bay san jose camera. and right now, as we look to san jose, cloudy skies and 61 degrees right now. looking at 60 with clear skies s wellith clear skies and 57 in oakland and for livermore.
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56 in san francisco. and looking at 56 as well for santa rosa. so lee clouds and areas of fog along the coast right around the bay and even a gray start for some of our inland locations. as we head through the afternoon, 64 in san francisco and 71 in oakland and 82 in san jose. and 91 for concord. we'll talk about what you can expect as we head into our weekend with the warm-up on the way. details coming up. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. and we are following some breaking news right now in san jose. reports of a shooting of multiple people. there is heavy police presence right now in the neighborhood. this is in south san jose. it's on snow drive just west of 101. so we haven't confirmed anything yet with police, but we're hearing that several people were shot and up to four people were taken to the hospital. so we reached out to police to find out a little bit more information on this investigation. as it is going on right now.
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and we're going to keep you updated throughout this morning. back to you. looking live now at atlanta. where later today the late u.s. congressman john lewis will be laid to rest. the funeral for the civil rights leader will be held at the historic ebenezer baptist church. three former presidents will attend the ceremony. cbs' laura podesta has the latest. >> reporter: it's been nearly a week of remembering john lewis. the body of the congressman has traveled from his hometown of troy, alabama to the state capitol. crossing over the edmond pettus bridge one last time. 5 years after lewis was beaten and bloodied by state troopers as he peacefully marched for black voting rights. [ applause ] he lay in state in the u.s. capitol in washington, d.c. and most recently in georgia's state capitol. the congressman represented the district encompassing atlanta since his election in 1986. the city's mayor spoke yesterday. >> so i don't think it was happenstance that in his final
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public appearance, he visited the black lives matter mural in washington, d.c. >> reporter: again and again, lewis has been referred to as an american hero who continued to fight for civil rights even as he battled stage four pancreatic cancer. a new memorial in atlanta commemorates his life. >> i drove all the way from covington, georgia to come out here just to pay my respects. this mural means survival. it means endurance. it makes me to be proud to be a black person. >> reporter: today, at his funeral, barack obama's expected to eulogize the congressman. the 44th president previously tweeted -- not many of us get to live to sew our own legacy play out in such a meaningful remarkable way. john lewis did. laura podesta, cbs news. happening today, the state is expected to grill edd leaders at the capitol. it comes after one million
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californians still haven't receirnt benefits. beginning of the pandemic in march when it was hit with 9 million unemployment claims. from day one, governor newsom has pledged to improve the system. the governor's office has now launched what they're calling a strike team to handle the mountain of unprocessed claims. >> i probably called edd 8000 times for real. 8,000 times. >> i'm tired of the excuses that say yeah, we just had this huge deluge. they were not prepared for even a slight uptick. let alone a deluge because they have simply not even gotten the technology right as a result of the previous audit. >> back in march, 88% of all claims were approved within two
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weeks. in june, that number dropped to 52%. this morning, alameda county has the most coronavirus cases in the bay area. more than 10,700. and santa clara isn'fand this mng, every ty now reportin cases of coronavirus with moe da county reporting its first two cases. the county reopened its economy may 1st way ahead of approval. with coronavirus cases soaring in alameda county, some people question if a second lockdown is on the way. a top county health official says cases have somewhat stabilized but all options are on the table. this graph released by the department of health shows the relationship between easing restrictions and the increase in covid-19 cases. each time another business sector is allowed to open, there's another spike. >> i'm really still very concerned about our hospitalizations. so until we see some stabilization there, i think it's too early to talk about
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reopening. i think it's not so much a story of any one particular sectors but rather any place where people have had to return to work where they couldn't remote. >> add social gatherings and that's how dr. moss says most of the community transmissions are occurring. >> it's greater than just one person. it's greater than just me. you know? you got to kind of like help everybody. with this situation. >> well, many of the staff members from san quentin live in alameda county, dr. moss says there is no evidence of community transmission stemming from that outbreak. and some startling numbers out of santa clara county this morning. we've learned the latinx population in the county is vid-19. county leaders announced yesterday every one out of two covid-19 cases is someone from the latinx community.
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wednesday the county reported 9612 confirmed cases and 188 deaths. in san jose and south county or gilroy are being hit especially hard. >> they're usually front line workers and you know from my understanding is they're just exposed to so much more. >> we see more latinos that are working in the front line and because of that, because of them their work and helping us and serving us, they pulse themselves at higher risk. >> county leaders also say half of the covid-19 cases are in those under 35 years old. in sunnyvale, at least nine belows at the costco have tested positive for coronavirus. the santa clara county health department told us the location is still open but it's working with the retailer on ne investi reported single day. 197 on tuesday. that's along with more than 8700 new cases confirmed. for a second day in a row,
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florida is reporting a record number of coronavirus deaths with 216. now state run testing sites are closing in preparation for a potential tropical storm this weekend. >> it is absolutely essential that the community begin to start to prepare for it. >> we're fearful the people won't -- because we've been telling them now for months stay at home. >> and in rhode island, the governor is blaming an uptick in cases on too many parties. looking live at cape canaveral in florida now. where nasa's newest mars rover will be launched in the next 20 minutes. the mission looking for signs of life on the red planet. cbs' chris martinez looks at work site leading up to the big launch. >> reporter: nasa's newest rover is about to embark on a critical mission that could answer an age old question. >> it is very hard to imagine that we are alone. >> reporter: project scientist
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ken farley says a main goal of the latest launch to mars is searching for evidence of ancient life. the perseverance rover will drill into the planet's surface to search for signs of long dead microscopic organisms that may have thrived on mars billions of years ago. >> there are environments that have been found especially by the curiosity rover that by every characteristic that we know of, look habitable. >> reporter: searching for evidence of life isn't the mission's only goal. the latest rover will also study the climate and geology of mars. this first of its kind mars helicopter capturing aerial views of the planet's surface. perseverance will also collect samples of martian rock with plans to one day return them to earth. >> to really be sure that we're seeing signs of ancient life on mars and the rocks there, we have to bring samples back to earth to check. >> reporter: researchers say the mission is ready to go thanks to nearly all work on
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the project
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today's money watch report. >> reporter: a rally on wall street wednesday. the dow rose 160 points. nasdaq gained 140 and s&p 500 added 40. investors were optimistic after the federal reserve said it will keep the record low interest rates unchanged. the central bank says the economy has recovered some ground from earlier this year but the coronavirus pandemic is still weighing on economic activity and employment and inflation. the heads of alphabet. amazon, apple and facebook were grilled by washington lawmakers yesterday in a remote hearing over allegations of anticompetitive practices. critics say they have become monopolies. they defended their companies against that charge and all four companies report quarterly earnings after the bell today. snap is promising to make
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its work force more diverse. the parent company of snapchat released its first ever diversity report yesterday. black and hispanic employees each make up less than 7% of the company respectively. women make up nearly 33% but only half are in technical roles. snap hopes to double the number of women and racial and ethnic minorities in its work force by 2025. watch report. for more, head to i'm diane king hall. as the pandemic drags on for longer than expected, there's been a surge in people installing pools in their backyard. cbs' ryan hill takes a look ren we -- actually can't keep up a e with all the demand. >> reporter: the better business bureau says the market research group is seeing pool purchases nationwide surge 161%
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over last summer. >> seems like they're spending a lot of time at home and they're -- they're really looking for activities or something to do at home they're getting bored and need a pool. >> reporter: john and his family planned on getting a pool before the pandemic. and say it couldn't have come at a better time. >> really difficult with kids right now. really limited places for them to go. for the kids they're counting the days. what day is the pool going to be done? >> reporter: while the demand is high, supplying the desire has been a challenge. murphy tells me cement is like liquid gold right now. >> some of the manufacturers stopped production and the material and the equipment is not here for us to get. we can only do so much. there's only so much work we can do. >> reporter: the deep desire to dive into something different in our stay at home world is definitely there as customers like john and his family look for a refreshing change. >> i think it'd be a race to see which kid jumps in the pool first. mary lee as a check of weather and warm enough for the pool today, mary? >> you know, inland for sure.
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yeah, temperatures will be a little bit warmer especially inland compared to yesterday after a cooler day yesterday. and we're looking at seasonal temperatures and i'm going to show you exactly what you can expect. it's really all about the bay area microclimates once again so heating up inland and mild around the bay and cooler at the coast. here's a live look with our treasure island camera. and you can see the bay bridge and it's a gray start to our day. so tracking low clouds and areas of fog. along the coast and right around the bay and even some of the inland locations as well. concord, you are seeing clear skies right now at 60 degrees and oakland 57 with those low clouds. livermore, looking at mostly cloudy skies at 57 and san francisco 56 and san jose at 61. with those clouds and mid 50s for santa rosa. stretch of visibility and you can see low cloud cover really spreading from the coast around wefor current
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visibility in petaluma. 2.5 miles at the moment. now let's check the winds. tracking still the on shore wind flow. westerly wind at just 7 at sfo and 5 in oakland. 12 napa and looking at 30-mile- per-hour winds out of the southwest in fairfield. so definitely another breezy start to the day in fairfield with the delta breeze kicking in for us. here's what you can expect. that typical late july weather pattern continues and as we look ahead to the end of the week especially into the weekend, this ridge of high pressure over the desert southwest will be building in. that means it will be even warmer by the end of the week with those hotter temperatures especially inland saturday and sunday. as we take you through the day on futurecast, taking you hour by hour and you can see that sunshine inland and we're going to see that sunshine around the bay with that cloud cover along the coast. could see some clearing along the coast. then as we he through tomorrow morning, the clouds come back. and we are looking at clear skies for tomorrow for most of us. now let's talk about the launch. because really quickly, i want
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to get to this. because perseverance, mars rover is launching. this is extra special. very cool sight here. launching from cape canaveral. months for the perseverance mars rover to travel to the red planet. its mission, to search for signs of life and explore the planet's geology and check it out. there it goes. as it lifts off. very cool. coming up on 30 seconds into flight. it's throttling down as expected. engine response looks good and it's now supersonic.
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and passing 45 seconds into flight. vehicle is now passing through max q. maximum dynamic pressure. and passing one minute into flight. the rd 180 is throttling back up as expected. engine response looks good. at this time in flight the srb chamber pressures remain nominal and they are responding well to demands on the engine. standing by for srb burnout shortly. and we have burnout on all four srbs. >> all right, how incredible to see this? this is nasa's mars 2020 perseverance r lifrcanal th
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seing for signs of fe on the red planet and exploring the planet's geology. so cool to see this. i remember month ago that students -- around the country had a contest to name the mars rover there. well, our anne makovec will have more on this mission later on in our show. let's check traffic this morning with michelle. good morning to you. well, good morning to you. how do i follow that? that's so cool. we'll see if they find any signs of life on the planet of mars. all right, we are tracking an accident right now in now. but there is still some slowing in that area. so you see speeds down to about 26 miles per hour. taking a look at the supercommuters. always a slowing there. usual slowing this morning. but not too bad over the altamont pass. once you get over though you are looking at speeds at 18 miles per hour.
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taking a look at the main travel times, at 4:52 on this thursday morning, and everything in the green except for that westbound 580 because of that accident. your south bay travel times are looking pretty good. everything in the green le alio nicely even in the commute direction. and the san mateo bridge, take a look at that. you can see a lot of brake lights but not too bad heading into foster city and a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. not looking bad. all right, now to an unusual story of how a bay area filmmaker managed to escape a cult in korea and is now putting her life on the big screen. cara jones is the director of blessed child just released in san francisco and new streaming across the globe. she was a bride in this mass wedding in the seoul olympic stadium in 1995. and just 20 years old, her parents arranged iage to a man she did not know and a ceremony which included thousands of other couples.
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>> so there was an excitement to it. but i remember feeling some of the earliest seeds of doubt as i held the hand of a man that i met just a month before. this is something that i have grappled with my whole i t prenfollower. >> her brother beau the cinematographer. in the documentary, cara shows how she and her siblings feel their parents have chosen the so-called moonnies over them. she asked her parents some tough questions. cara long since divorced and left the church. it's playing here at the theater and you have to watch it online. pretty fascinating. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area -- a dog owfor n rescuing others ed
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4:57 right now. a st. bernard has been safely rescued from england's tallest mountain. >> the poor pup was too exhausted from a big hike. we've all been there right? ce the 120-pound dog showed signs of distress and luckily a mountain rescue team responded to carry daisy down the mountain of a stepper. she's doing just fine after the evacuation. bay area da county has pulled counties for coronavirus cases,
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a heavy poceswarming a santa clara county neighborhood. the new details coming in overnight. plus, an east bay county topping the most coronavirus cases across the region. the question a second lockdown looming? this morning, the health director weighs in. and relief in the form of $5 billion. how the massive funding is set to help california's schools. good morning everyone, it is thursday, july 30th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm len kiese. let's get right to your forecast this morning with mary lee. good morning mary. good morning to you len and michelle. happy thursday. almost friday here. and we're lookattees a little b rmer compareto yesterday so seasonal for this time of year, a live look with our south bay san jose camera in san jose right now it is 61 degrees. with cloudy skies. so low clouds and areas of fog
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