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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  July 30, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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5:30 and one of san francisco's hardest hit neighborhoods for the coronavirus cases finally gets its own testing site and how some determined neighbors made it happen. the historic clip house restaurant is one of many businesses suffering in the pandemic and now it is headed to court to get its insurance company to pay up. hundreds of homeless seniors are off the streets of the bay area and into trailers the summer. good evening. the state announced back in january that it would donate the trailers that are usually on standby for emergencies to help house the homeless. in our original series project home, we take a look at how the experiment is working. >> i think it is beautiful. >> it is a good thing. >> reporter: what a difference a few months can make and when he first caught up with them they were living in a tent on
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77th street and had lost. a promise from a homelessness agency to place them in a mobile home had fizzled out and then a few months ago a different social worker came by. >> they came and asked us if we wanted to come over here. >> reporter: the couple and their dog were among the first to move into operation home base and a new trailer program for seniors. they now live in one of 67 brand-new trailers donated by the state. >> the trailer is nice. it has your kitchen and your bedroom and a little sitting room. it is running water and what we want and constant electricity and you don't have to worry about gas ra g r d don't have to go to the fire hydrant and get water in our water jugs. >> reporter: these trailers are part of a statewide push to house the homeless and governor newsom dispatched about 1400 of
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these to counties across california including san francisco which is having success with the own fleet. >> he really jumped on a bit. truck she is the interim director of the city's department of homelessness and housing. >> it is the department of emergency management and all of us working together to pull off this wild experiment which is helping to keep approximately 120 folks highly vulnerable folks from the bayview who work during covered. >> reporter: she said things to the port of san francisco that provided a land setting up the space to put the trailers on and hooking up utilities was smooth sailing. >> we were able to get them up and running in a matter of weeks. >> reporter: in san jose it is a different story. >> is is was offered 90 trailers, but the only place to put them ended up being the parking lot of the happto
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do something. >> reporter: not only that but many of them are used as emergency housing during last year's fires and were in bad shape. the city spent more than $1 million on repairs connecting water, electricity and sewage, but three weeks after opening the project was scrapped. dozens of homeless occupants were transferred to hotels. now, the trailer sit empty. those are not the only ones. 16 more donated trailers have been gathering dust unused and in this city is lot since january. >> without it would be a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to serve some more young people. >> reporter: he said oakland first promised that he could have them do serve the homeless youth that he served. >> we have 90 beds in the east bay and our waitlist is that 100 at times. >> reporter: negotiations on where to put them went on for months and the most recent plan to stage them and and a lot in west oakland is on indefinite hold but he is not losing hope. >> there is bureaucracy involved but agencies are trying to work together.
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rest assured, they will be used and we will be able to house 30 young people and give them an opportunity to be able to get on their feet and have an opportunity to pursue their dreams. >> reporter: for kimberly and len, trailer living is just a temporary steppingstone to what they really want. >> we want a front and a back door with the key. >> and the landlord that we can pay rent to. >> reporter: they left their elaborate tent on 77th street and the envy of their homeless neighbors to one of their friends. now they hope to leave their trailer to the next person in need. >> we want to get out of here so more people can get in. >> somebody can have our trailer. >> reporter: recently learned of the trailers that were meant for san jose are now going to go to imperial county and asked for the ones for covenant house, unfortunately, the federal highway administration now says highway parcels can't be used for homelessness
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services, which is something we will be looking at for another project home. keep sending your stories and ideas to project home at our website and see all of her reporting on her website. the director of the state employment development problem has set a goal of september to clear a master clogging the system and more than 1 million californians by some estimates are still waiting for the first check. at an oversight hearing today, the director admitted that despite bringing in thousands of temporary workers, applicants are still waiting up to six weeks for a call back. health officials are investigating 31 coronavirus cases at four different costco stores in the south bay. officials call the outbreaks clusters and cosco has complied with health orders and all of its stores remain open. leaders of her week church demand police investigate a suspicious fire as a hate crime. the way christian center on university said that somebody torched their trash cans 12
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hours after the they put up a black lives matter sign and police right now are only calling it arson. police say they have arrested multiple suspects in two separate violent assaults on officers. the first incident happened last friday when officers responded to a report of a dispute between neighbors on sunnydale avenue. two officers were sprayed and hit with a liquid chemical causing minor burns and temporary vision loss. the next day in a separate incident, a police sergeant's face was cut and two othe ce jure en ring to abou hbury hb. to stody and the officers injuries are not life- threatening. the cliff house restaurant in san francisco is suing its insurance company. the 162-year-old eatery announced it would close temporarily last week due to financial strains caused by the pandemic. they report its insurance
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company denied its business interruption claim and the cliff house is not alone in pursuing its insurance company. this restaurant filed a similar restaurant last week over rejected claim and insurance company a.m. co told the owner any financial loss caused by a virus is excluded from coverage. the state supreme court said public employees can't pad their pensions by putting in overtime and cashing out years of unused vacation and sick leave just before retiring. the ruling upholds a 2013 law intended to close a pension spiking loophole in 20 counties. the alameda county sheriff's union was among several public employee groups that sued to block the change. they argue whatever rules were in place the day of hire should apply. the decision impacts only those
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20 counties subject to the 2013 law. the court rejected a bid from some business groups to apply the ruling statewide. a santa rosa man was arrested after shooting his bb gun into a neighbor's window. police say 56-year-old larry davis is accused of shooting to bbs and do a child's bedroom window from his backyard and officers found several of these weapons including two rifles, a handgun and a crossbow and a bb gun in the man's home. he was detained and arrested on suspicion of child endangerment and negligent discharge of a bb gun and other charges. baseballs coronavirus outbreak spreads to another team. the new disruption to the le how oprah is making history with this magazine cover. coming up, all know at 6:00, the bay area e
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philadelphia phillies have tested positive for covid-19 just days after the team played the virus stricken miami marlins. they say so far no players have tested positive, but their ballpark is closed until further notice. the teams upcoming series against the toronto blue jays has been postponed. the fda now says it can approve a coronavirus vaccine in a matter of weeks as long as it is deemed safe and 50% effective. >> we would consider using an emergency youth, use authorization if we found that the risks associated with the
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the chp officers being called a hero after saving a six week old baby from choking. >> we spoke wifairfield family. >> reporter: was started off as a normal saturday running errands quickly turned into a nightmare for this brand-new mom and her six-week-old daughter. >> i looked over and i noticed that she had started making faces as if she was choking. >> reporter: her mom who was driving on i 80 at the time quickly pulled over. they tried to clear her airway but her trouble persisted.
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>> we were not getting a response. >> reporter: she called 911. >> we responded to a call of a medical emergency which involved an infant was choking. >> reporter: it was an emergency call unlike any other the chp officer had been on in his three and half years with the department. >> i immediately assessed the baby and saw she was unresponsive and immediately turned her over to deliver five back close to help her dislodge whatever was blocking her airway. >> i did not know if i would need to be in the emergency as well with my baby but i was out of it. >> you could see she was panicked and concerned. >> reporter: within minutes she let out a loud healthy cry. >> the next thing i know my baby was back reading again. >> reporter: it was an overwhelming sense of relief and gratitude. >> this is my first child and this is my best friend and the best thing that ever happened to my life. i am thankful for that quick response to my situation with my baby. >> we are so excited for her to be here and she is most definitely a blessing to our family. >> reporter: for the officer who happens to have a five month baby boy at home, this emergency call is one he will never forget. >> for me every life is precious especially because i
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have a little one at home now. i just thought of the child as somebody who is part of my family that i absolutely need to take care of. >> i am blessed my baby is okay. >> blessed indeed. for the first time, oprah is giving her magazine cover to somebody else. the august issue of o magazine will feature breonna taylor. her keucky home back in march. now oprah said we can't be silent and we have to use whatever megaphone we have the cry for justice. another big announcement from the magazine is the december issue will be its last monthly print edition and the parent company said it will focus on its website. with homelessness up in santa clara county over fod eslying the pandemic. today west valley community services called for more
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funding to expand its food pantry and the executive director said it is so small that people can't socially distance. >> we are now just $300,000 away from raising the $2 million we need to do all of the things that expand or pantry and build a new custom mobile pantry throughout the west valley and expand our program space. >> they serve 22,000 people in cupertino, los gatos, saratoga, and west san jose. paul, we can see the weekend from where we are sitting. we can't wait. hopefully, it will be a good one. it does look like a good one and i don't think the fog will be quite as stubborn over the weekend. it won't be absent, but it will back off a little bit. the fog has been helping out in terms of the fire danger is the low cloud cover sneaks in but it doesn't drop any precipitation but it moistens things up enough to help limit the flammability of the fire fuels and it will creep up a bit. tomorrow the fire danger indices which is a scale from 0 to 10 creeps up about three or four around fairfield and you see at higher there near the altamont pass and it will go
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down tomorrow night and saturday temperatures will reach into the 90s and most inland locations so far eastern alameda county the fire danger will be and 5 or 6 in a few spots in between that and at the midpoint and nothing crazy at this point in the season but still something we will keep our eyes on. the good news is it won't be overly breezy, but it will be breezy this evening for the gie at6:45 and they take on the padres coming off that walk off win and a few degrees warmer tonight than it was the past two evenings. the high temperatures climbed up into the low to mid 60s around the bay itself and upper 60s on the east side of the bayr and 90 inlivermore and 89 in pa ful dain the santa clara valley and 63 for the high temperature in san francisco but that is actually
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the current temperature downtown. 66 at sfo and 70 in oakland and the hottest temperatures have been east here and around 90. that is her temperatures will be the hottest as we head into the weekend. upper 50s right now at half moon bay so it spread from 59 to 91 and that means we get to use the full pallet of all the skittles colors on the map. on the satellite perspective you can see some clearing here along the coast of marin county and not so much along the coast in the city and further down in the san mateo county but i think the fog will have more of a chance to back up a bit as we head into the weekend and that marine layer will get squashed a bit. tonight and early tomorrow the fog spreads inland as we head into fridamorng and it backs up to about were at the today around the golden gate which means along the coast it will be tough to shake and maybe some sunshine peeking through but a better chance if you can wait until saturday. temperatures down into the mid- 50s by early tomorrow morning and up to around what is normal for highs and one more time for
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the last day of july within a few degrees on either side of our july 31 averagw g 80fo the santa clara valley and the hotspots will be east of the diablo range and low to mid 90s and upper 80s and low 90s for the tri-valley and mid-to upper 60s and low 70s and warmer for the north bay and mostly in the low to even mid 80s with a subtle shift in wind direction means temperatures jump three or 4 degrees and of course it will be harder to the north were temperatures this weekend are likely to approach 100 degrees but not inland portions. we will be in the 90s but back off as we head into next week in the weekend looks nice and the fog will retreat faster and even clearing along the coast with highs in the mid 60s. coming up we will check out this evening's dog walking forecast. an apparent downside to cleaning up san francisco's tenderloin.
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how clearing out a majority of the homeless encampments is causing new problems for the city. with less than 100 days from the federal election, state and counties are gearing up for a largely absentee ballot election. we break it down. a cathol this isn't about today. it's about the next 10 years. but this is something you can do today. you can make a difference today. by completing the 2020 census. the census impacts hospitals. schools. public transportation. and most importantly, our representation in government. it g uopportunity to ber go20cens and comple tsuday.asy.'s onlue
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what are you waiting for?
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thanks to a community lobbying effort, san francisco neighborhood with a high rate of covid-19 positive cases finally gets its own testing site. how they're working better together to survive the pandemic. >> it is exactly why they wanted it to happen. >> reporter: jonathan german got good news. he came out negative for covid- 19 at a new testing site steps from his home. >> it doesn't matter. we got to know that if you are sick and passing it around and
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you are clean we don't know if it is going around. >> reporter: they have had one of the highest concentrations of covid-19 cases in the city. >> it was so nervous. >> reporter: it finally got its own testing site on july 6 at the health center and according to nurse manager devito mullins. >> the community felt like they were out of the loop from testing. >> reporter: a coalition of community groups like community awareness resources entity, care, thought for the opening of the covid-19 testing center. >> the symptoms, place the call. >> reporter: he said it was desperately needed near public housing projects were physical distancing is nearly impossible. >> you have a house that has a two-bedroom, but there are nine people living there. >> reporter: many neighbors refuse to travel across town to test for the virus. >> there like i don't have it i will get it and in the process of finding out if i have it or not. >> reporter: once the testing site opened, the jeep wilson ju
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>> everybody should go get that testing done. >> it is very convenient to have it here and a lot of people don't have cars. >> reporter: up to 50 people a day walking for free testing with next-day results. >> i do see a lot of the community really taking advantage of it. entire families coming in. >> reporter: access to testing was not the only problem. people became more isolated when several bus lines stopped serving their area once they sheltered in place. >> they help us all lot and right now we are going a ituatis and some people are not currently working. >> reporter: so some groups have joined forces to feed hungry families. >> it one time it was 50 bags short and then 30 bags short and we made it work. >> reporter: they joined several food pantries and the
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housing authority to give away free groceries several times a week and the need has doubled to 300 households. >> the husband is an essential workers we goes out every day. >> reporter: volunteers are getting out ppe since many neighbors serve essential roles from nurses to drivers. the community leader said the pandemic is producing critical new partnerships. >> there are a lot of good things that are happening. >> reporter: neighbors are working better together. in san francisco, kpix 5 >> that is it for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 begins now. really, no other choice and nobody is doing what he is doing. >> now, fear and faith. how some catholics are defending their pastor's controversial message on covid- 19. the cities massive effort in the tenderloin appears to be enough to avoid a lawsuit but what about the neighborhoods beyond the tenderloin? we will have this trash and it
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looks like they're running a bicycle -- and the complaints from the city and supervisor who acknowledges the problem is spreading. first our top story and streaming on cbs and bay area, president trump calling vote by mail a looming disaster and even suggests delaying the action. the real question is can local election officials handle the crush of mail-in ballots. we sent andrea to preview what could be the largest absentee ballot count ever. >> reporter: around the county 150 polling locations like this here in lafayette will be open on election day but all registered voters will be sent mail-in ballots as well and they are being urged to use those and counties say they are prepared for the crush. >> if you got an email like this one from the california


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