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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 31, 2020 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00, breaking news. police shoot a suspect at a cvs in alameda county. what we learned just minute
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ago. plus a big new development in a controversial police shoot nothing vallejo. one legal expert tells us it's a big mistake. he's the last person that would instill public trust and confidence in this investigation. >> tonight, san francisco's health officer says the city's in a major coronavirus surge. the dire warning about the fall. and the mystery seeds sparking an fbi investigation tonight. you'll hear from a bay area woman who has been targeted. now at 11:00. >> let's get right to andrea nakano with the breaking news out of berkeley tonight. >> reporter: we are here at the cvs by rose and take a look behind me. an investigator here on the scene tells me this officer- involved shooting happened around 9:15 tonight.
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berkeley police have roped off the entire lot. here's what we know from lieutenant kevin schofield so far. shots were fired. there's still many unanswered questions here. we don't know what prompted the officer to start shooting, if any suspects were shot or if they returned fire. the investigation will be going on throughout the night and we will bring you more updates as we learn more. we don't even know how the officer ended up on the scene here in the first place, if she happened to stumble on the theft inning from or if there was an actual call made. >> hopefully a lot of those questions will be answered tomorrow as to whether the suspect was armed or their condition tonight. thank you. now to the latest to
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coronavirus.. we learned san francisco can open a temporary facility at the esthe rest of the facilities fill up with covid- 19 patients. there are currently a record 107 hospitalized with the virus and the public health director warns it's going to get worse. >> let me be clear. we are in a major surge of covid-19. the virus is moving fast and more people are getting seriously ill. >> the doctor estimates at the current rate of spread, the city's hospitals could be treating 750 covid-19 patients by mid-october. 600 more may die. and he shared more shocking statistics that mayor london breed later took to twitter. she posted: it took san francisco 38 days to go from 2,000 to 3,000 covid-19 cases.
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it took 9 days to go from 5,000 to 6,000 cases. the viruishere and is it spreading quickly. despite being only 15% of the city's population, the latinx community makes up roughly half of all covid cases city-wide. an alarming trend tonight state wide. >> the state has set three death records in just one week. the most recent 7-day average, more than 8500 cases per day. >> new state data also revealing tonight the majority of covid patients are between the ages of 18 and 49 years old. over 293,000 of them. however, 43,000 cases involve children and teens up to the age of 17. and tonight, dr. fauci is
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firing back after the president said this. >> young people are almost immune to this disease. the younger the better. i guess they're stronger. so we have to have our schools open. we have to protect our teachers. we have to protect our elderly, but we do have to have our schools open. there was a korean study that you remember that came out just a week or so ago that showed children from 10 to 19 transmit virus to adults as well as adults transmit to adults. now you get this study, which is interesting, that says younger children up to 5 years old has many many theil pharynx than adults do. 4 costcos in santa clara county will be back open tomorrow as investigators investigate the outbreaks among workers. 31 employees at four locations tested positive. the largest outbreak is in
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sunnyvale with 13 workers infected. san jose's center road has 8 cases, gilroy had 6, and mountain view had 4. health officials call the outbreaks clusters. employees appear to have contracted the virus wi safety orders and it is safe to shop as their investigation continues. >> the initial investigation appears to tell us that the cases have really been infected most likely in the community and outside the work place. although we're not done with those investigations. they're ongoing. >> costco has not released a statement about the investigations. new at 11:00, usc sorority and fraternity row is being hit ouak. the school says en cases inearlpart of july. one student who was subletting
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a room in a frat for the summer just came out of quarantine after she says a handful of people got it. >> it just took one person and the next thing you know, everybody had it. once that happened, people buckled down. >> tonight, usc says it hasn't seen a new positive case in more than a week. new tonight, in vallejo, the d adjust appointed a special prosecutor to investigate a highly criticized police shooting there after she, the da, refused to take the case. tonight a legal expert tells joe vazquez the move is a big mistake. >> reporter: nearly a year and a half after vallejo police shot willie mccoy to death in a taco bell drive through, the da announced she will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the case. able rams made the announcement
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on her facebook page. "we believe this independent review will be a positive step in rebuilding relationships in our community." as we reported this week, the da has recused herself from the case saying she has lost the public's trust. she tried to get the california attorney general to investigate, but he declined. ramos lost his 2018 bid for reelection. the former da had improperly deleted emails after ramos was -- kevin cooper, a death row inmate convicted of killing four people, including two children. but as cbs news' 48 hours reported, there's a mountain of evidence that shows cooper is innocent. still, ramos has insisted cooper is guilty and should be executed. >> looks like this
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quote, a scoundrel. she had with draw the appointment of this person and go find an independent person. >> he has just a terrible history and i can't imagine what -- she was thinking to bring someone in like that. >> reporter: legal analyst judge cordel. >> he's the last person that would instill public trust and confidence in this investigation. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> so far no word on what will happen with vallejo's other high-profile case. deadly police shooting involving sean monterosa. why some experts say seeds of trouble are up in bay area mailboxes. one bay area woman shares her story. >> it shows how desperate people are, that's the only way they can get business. it's a kind of desperation.
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and how trader joe's is defending some popular international food labels that critics say are racist. plus a tropical storm upgraded to a hurricane just within the last couple hours. when it's expected to hit the u.s. then in sports, the message of solidarity from nba players tonight before bricking their hiatus. >> you
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well, by all accounts, a pretty strange scam that is growing across the nation right now. mysterious packets of seeds have been sent to all 50 states, including here in california. >> kpix 5's maria medina spoke to a bay area woman who says she is a victim. >> reporter: investigators say the mysterious seeds are all part of a brushing scam, sending unsoliitan then using the recipient's name to write glowing reviews of the products. >> it was like oh, my god, how widespread is this? >> reporter: janet brewer says she received this package in the mail last weekend. >> i thought it was weird the
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package said wire connect around it. >> reporter: instead was a packet of seeds. >> i saw your news article and basically said oh, my god, that's exactly the same address as on my package. >> reporter: janet is one of thousands across the united states who received the mysterious packages. the fbi believes this is a brushing scam. >> a brushing scam itself is not new. it's one way for sellers to boost their rating on sites like amazon. >> reporter: cyber security expert says scammers easily find names and addresses on the dark web. they then send mislabeled envelopes and stuff them with items without any value. the names of the victims are then used to write positive reviews for the product. >> how are we supposed to rely and trust these reviews then? >> that's a good question. the key thing they have to have multiple factories, not
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just the address. that is associated with credit card, with name, with purchase in the sa coincidentally she was actually waiting for seeds she had ordered from amazon. >> if that's the only way they can get business, it's a sign of desperation. >> reporter: investigators say do not plant the seeds if you receive them. the usda plans to plant the seeds to see if they're dangerous to our environment. >> if you receive a suspicious package, investigators say don't open it and contact your local agricultural commissioner's office. new details tonight about the arrest of a chinese researcher who was hiding out at the chinese consulate in san francisco. new court documents show that juan tang became hysterical upon learning that there was an
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arrest warrant in her name. the fbi arrested her last week when she left the consulate to see a doctor about her asthma. former researcher at uc davis is accused of lying on her visa about her military experience. she is currently being held in the sacramento county jail. 11 says its ethnic food labels are here to stay. trader jose's and trader ming's perpetuated racial stereotypes. the grocery chain said the practice is meant as a fun way to show appreciation of other cultures. >> on marketing and economic standpoint, it's a great idea, but on an ethical way, in an ethical way, it's super bs.
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>> personally myself i don't take any offense to it. >> many have taken to social media to praise the company for not changing the names. trader joe's added: we do not make decisions based on petitions. we make decisions based on what customers purchase as well as the feedback we receive from our customers and crew members. oakland schools are scheduled to open for distance learning in less than two weeks, but kpix 5's andrea nakano reports teachers and the district can't seem to agree on how that will exactly happen. >> i have to say it is very disappointing that the district took the time to disrespect the work of educators yesterday. >> reporter: oakland education association president keith took offense to this labor negotiation's update released by the oakland unified school
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district on wednesday. >> ousd's update to families that attempted to blame hard- working teachers for the failure of leadership in the central office was outrageous. >> reporter: the update takes aim at teachers wanting to do the state-required minimum. it centers around daily instruction time and how much of it will be live and the proposed workday. oea wants a three hundred minute workday. the teacher's union also wants time to put together an improved distance learning program together. >> it is time to put our students first and reach an agreement with the educators of oakland. >> reporter: for the first week of school, oea proposes spending just an hour with the students and using the rest of the time to plan and prepare. the oakland unified school district released a statement saying we will continue to work with oea to reach a compromise
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to make sure the students and oea members are positioned for success. >> oea wants to reach an agreement by next monday. a union representative told t t that's being discussed now and the priority is providing quality education for the students. on our storm watch tonight, about two hours ago, isaias officially became a hurricane. the storm is currently nearing the bahamas and could come close to florida on saturday. the state has already shut down some covid-19 testing sites and is working on a plan for social distanced evacuation centers. here's the scene storm trig mud slides. nearly half a million homes and businesses on the island are without power tonight. and we've seen these things
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come ashore lately. paul heggen has been tracking the storm's path. this. is looking like it'sing to avoid direct landfall in florida. hurricane hunters found hurricane force winds. it's going to track toward the bahamas for the next couple days. the national hurricane center shows it just maintaining its strength as a category 1 hurricane and weakening slightly. problem is it's going to be traveling over warm water. that's the fuel for these storms, and into an area where the upper level winds are prtro i wouldn't be surprised as it strengthens further. then it brushes along the east coast of the u.s., but the cone of uncertainty still includes
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much of the eastern seaboard. around here, it's just fog. 57 degrees in the city. 58 oakland. otherwise temperatures, it's a mix of 50s and 60s. 65 is the warmest spot on the map in concord. we'll see the fog spreading back into the inland valleys tomorrow morning. it doesn't last too long. it backs up quickly. visibility at 10:00 a.m. just fine inland, but still reduced along the bay and the coast. along the shore, it's going to be tough to shake. very normal for the last morning of july. and near normal temperatures for highs tomorrow. mostly low to mid-80s for the santa clara valley. the hottest spots east of the diablo range into the middle portion of the 90s. mid to upper 60s and low 70s around the bay. into the low 80s for the north bay. a few degrees warmer the north bay as the winds suddenly
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shift direction. and hotter farther to the north, into the finds in lake and mendocino counties. into the 90s inland, up to around 70 degrees around the bay. all right, thanks, paul. >> straight ahead, coming up, just a couple minutes, 9 innings, not enough to settle the giants and the padres. and the nba ran the floor tonight to
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a pair of gems inside the bubble where all the new orleans pelicans and utah jazz players, coaches, referees took a knee during the anthem in orlando, florida. and give me the virtual e rst b
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down, he scored 22 points. lonzo ball. new orleans led by 16. zion scored 13 in 15 minutes. brandon ingham, no, no, no. and the jazz held 106 to 104. lakers and clippers in white and on attack mode. down three late. paul george bucket from deep. tied the gate at 101. he scored 30. lebron james, just give me the ball and get out of my way. he put the biscuit in the basket. the lakers outlasted the clips 103 to 101. baseball, the a's were off, but there was a little bit of magic at third and king streets until the spell wore off. evan longoria, welcome back at
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third base. brandon bell back at first from the injury list. two-run homer for the former oakland a. by the 8th, the giants came back. last night's hero continued to swing the bat. his triple got them within a run and the giants tied it at 6. padres, they just kept the line moving. greg garcia's hit brought on two runs. they put 6 on the board. padres are legit. the giants' record 3 and 4. the entire blue jays series in philadelphia has been postponed. the phillies lasted -- they last played the marlins, who now have 19 individuals who tested positive for the virus. back to the giants, the
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great thing about tonight's game, there's another one tomorrow when the rangers come to town. >> look forward to that. still ahead, a legendary e
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