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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  August 6, 2020 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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right now on kpix 5 and ami
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more local news at 5:30, new bohomicide iestigation in arendeth fi spraying a car with bullets. >> we are in trouble. these businesses are going to go bankrupt and they will close up their doors unless we get help. >> gym owners pleading for city leaders to flex their muscle to keep them from shutting down. our original series project home. a landlord's nightmare during the pandemic. a fremont landlord found out his oper was being illegally rented out on airbnb. good evening. >> as susie reports, state and local eviction moratorium's are preventing him from getting his house back. truck since october of last year this home on gable drive in fremont has been considered a gem on airbnb. 209 guests have given linda a
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super host glowing reviews. she added extra touches like chocolates by the bedside and even advice on how to stay safe during the pandemic. this might all be charming if it was not illegal. >> i was furious. >> reporter: you see they own this home on drive she is violating their lease agreement by renting it out on airbnb. she is also violating fremont city law by allowing more than two people to stay here ath a month, which they have agreed to, and they now regret. >> they are of our house and not paying the rent. it is crazy in every which way you look at it. >> reporter: two weeks ago a neighbor informed them their house was being rented out on airbnb. >> it is not somebody impacted by covid-19 but somebody who is taking advantage of the situation. >> reporter: this is not her only property.
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we confirmed that linda has another listing nearby on bsn carlos, a similar model and each room is cemented individually and goes for about $50 per night. neighbors are unhappy that so many people have been coming and going during this uncertain time. by subletting this place linda is violating the lease which is grounds for eviction. but during the pandemic fremont has in place and eviction moratorium and so does the state of california so right now the courts are not hearing these cases even if the landlord can prove that the tenant is not impacted by covid- 19. >> this is a classic example of how hastily thought out legislation produces unintended and realunacceptable results. >> reporter: he is an attorney in san jose who helped landlords through the eviction process. he said cases like this are happening all across the state. >> i get more than a dozen stories like this every day and a lot worse. >> reporter: he is worried the
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eviction moratorium will have long-term unintended consequences for the housing market as a whole. >> the worst case scenario is that property owners abandon their properties and they can't afford them and they can't maintain them and they can't pay the property taxes so the government will be deprived of money. all of these impacts will occur the longer this goes on. >> reporter: as for owners, they want to get their house back. >> very difficult in these times. >> reporter: we ran into linda outside the home. she declined an interview and ee permission to rent out either home on airbnb, but she said she and her husband are having a hard time during the pandemic . she has since taken the ligs renters are still staying there. meanwhile, the owners are being forced to downsize. the lease stipulates they would move back into their home in september and with an expensive mortgage to maintain their moving their family of four to a two bedroom condo nearby. they hope that someday soon they will be allowed to move back into their own home.
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>> all nights we are awake and it is because of this. it is causing a lot of emotional stress for sure. >> reporter: i reached out to airbnb and a spokesperson sent me a statement saying that renting out anyone's place without the owner's permission is a violation of community standards and something they say they take very seriously. keep sending your stories and ideas to project home at our website and see all of susie's reporting on our website. our top stories at 5:30. the city of livermore's cracking down on people who don't wear masks in public. beginning this weekend kaw city workers will first offer a free disposable masks to those not covering their face, and people who refuse to comply will be issued a $100 citation. today the family of 22-year- old shawn monterrosa filed a wrongful death suit against the vallejo police. the suit claims that the
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detective who gunned down monterrosa and a walgreens parking lot on june 2, had a " shocking history of shooting his gun at civilians as a police officer. " . we verified today that the officer has been involved in four shootings in the past four years. new bodycam video of a deadly encounter with heyward police and a person of interest in a homicide. three officers fired their guns after that suspect rammed into a police cruiser. a warning that the video may be tough to watch. >> stop. >> this happened along wildwood street on may 20. police say they pulled up to a home while searching for 23- year-old stony ramirez connection with the murder of a homeless man. they said ramirez was inside a stolen white car and leaving he
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was armed they tried to block that car. the driver tried to peel out of the driveway slamming into the police cruiser and the officers fired their weapons shooting ramirez to the window. a different angle was captured on this ring camera video with two officers standing with their weapons drawn behind the stolen car. but when the driver slammed on the gas and backed up toward them, the officers quickly fired their weapons and you see the smoke going up into the air. the alameda counties das office is reviewing the case. pittsford police are looking for suspects caught on camera committing a violent robbery this morning. it happened at a gas station. officer said the victim was nnt an online app. when he got to the gas station, the suspects beat him and took off with the xbox and the victims phone. police remind people to use the departments exchange zone to prevent these incidents from happening. a man who was sentenced to life in prison for double hoa sd
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his wife execution style in 2013 after browing money from him for pair of illegal schemes. an investigation revealed that he was a confidential informant and during his years at a china king, chinatown gang expert and he bribed them with lavish trips in exchange for help shielding his own criminal enterprises. he retired from opd in 2007 and went to work for the da and in 2018 he agreed to testify against him in exchange for a one-year federal prison term. he will be sentenced later this month. san francisco gym owners are launching a social media campaign to get back to work. this evening dozens of gymnasiums and fitness studios are putting up posts like this on social diho can help save sa
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francisco gymnasiums. the steps are wearing a mask and booking outdoor workouts th raise awareness that gyms are suffering. >> we ask all of you to go online today and be our voice g hearthe city and the e not city does not hear that we are all about to go out of business and something needs to be done. >> the san francisco independent studio coalition demands that classify them as a essential service and they want fitness businesses to be treated the same as physical therapists who are allowed to operate. this evening essential workers in the bay area of los angeles and san diego are demanding more protection at a few dozen of thaley are mostly janitors who work at bay area safeway stores and stanford who want layup protections, personal protective equipment and essential pay. >> we can't believe that safeway has offered essential
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worker pay, a hazard pay for all of its workers except for us janitors. it doesn't matter that the janitors are subcontracted but at the end of the day they are cleaning the safeway stores and putting their lives at risk, putting themselves and their families at risk of exposure to the virus. they deserve better. >> 51 workers at safeway distribution center tested positive for the coronavirus and one person died. we reached out to safeway for comment but not heard back. the city of heyward weekly no contact food distribution program is moving to a new location. the food drive is now happening every thursday at this college from 11:00 and 1:00 p.m. or whenever the food runs out. food boxes are assembled by the alameda county food bank and donations are also made by local businesses. that drive is open to all bay area residents. >> we are averaging about 380 vehicles coming through each week, and we are have evening
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and helping any family in need and it does not matter where you are, we will take care of you. >> the food boxes include fresh fruits and vegetables and dry goods. still ahead, a burglar came in through the ceiling, but his exit was not so smooth thanks to the owner's watchful eye. i in foster city where firefighters have a very special rescue. i will have the story coming up c
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torsnching vestigation into u.s. postal service delivery delays elinate for hundreds of thousands of postal workers. post offices must also keep mail until the next day if distribution centers are running late. democrats say the delays will be especially bad for americans casting mail in ballots ahead of the november election. choos online, there is one big question, is technology helpful or harmful? tablets and computers to give access to online instruction but there are downsides. our education expert said new technologies could also create learning barriers. >> sometimes when students seem
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to be struggling with the content they have been assigned it could be just a lack of understanding abou thee using or even with the online nature of the some of the curriculum. so it is important to understand and identify and is at the content knowledge the student is struggling with or are they having trouble interfacing with this new technology? >> the doctor said with new technology comes new responsibilities for children. the key for parents is set clear guidelines and stick to them and for advice on how u ca websiteƩlearn to access our exclusive home learning guide. tomorrow morning, how will this era of distance-learning impact your child's future? we will wrap up our special coverage right here on kpix 5 a big effort to help students today. secharies ed
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school supplies and food for families. volunteers handed out thousands ofk and meals and just four days before the start of the school year for oakland unified. for more good news happening in the bay area, and there is a lot, check out our better together page at
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>>now inoducshbubble. three themup right now in front of mint plaza and the manager tells us they were inspired but another japanese restaurant that started using these domes pre-pandemic to showcase the views from the the >> we thought it was a great idea and we had not seen any other restaurants doing it so we may as well jump onto it and make the first effort. >> the restaurant spent about 45 minutes a day cleaning and sanitizing the domes. we call that scrubbing bubbles. they hope to add more of them soon to accommodate even more guests. new video tonight, a man broke into a sacramento county smoke shop from the ceiling. the store alarm immediately went off alerting the owner who called 911.
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a burglar attempted to break into the safe and cash register but came out empty-handed. deputies showed up and ultimately made an arrest. >> the mission impossible stuff never actually works. >> it is always better in the movies. >> they don't make their duct the size of a person. >> and no they don't. it only works for tom cruise. >> yes. go ahead. make the short joke. say it. it is a fact. >> i was thinking more you know special effects. >> i was thinking the today's temperature warmed up significantly more than yesterday because the fog backed up more quickly and the area of whether is mostly a great pattern falling apart and another one is on the coast but it won't have the same effect. we see the usual back and forth fog pattern and it dissipated for a while this morning and early this afternoon it came
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back and the second wave has been trying to dissipate and this will fill back in and move inland as we head through the rest of this evening and mainly overnight and it won't be as widespread and as thick and it should do the same backing up process it went through today and right there there is some of the fogs we catomade up to 9 santa rosa and i don't think it will be quite that warm in the rth bay because instead of wind from the west it will be southwest and will drop the temperatures back by five or six or 7 degrees and 87 for a dehelow 80s d upper 70s jose in fremont and rated 70 in san francisco and a few degrees warmer than we thought but i am h on the cool side and 64 is the high temperature at half moon bay. stire 70 at sfo but downtown into the low 60s. still some 80s in the east bay and santa rosa at 89 for the hotspot and 88 right now at fairfield and 78 in san jose. through the rest of tonight, there is the fog spreading out into some of the inland valleys, but if you mentally think back 24 hours what it looked like, it was gray across
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the bay area. it won't be the case in the morning and what fog there is inland dissipates rapidly. i think we will see a little bit of clearing along the coast tomorrow afternoon before the fog reforms and tries to spread inland by early saturday. but i think it will have even less success and we will see even more sunshine of the weekend and saturday warms up above 90 degrees for inland portions of the bay area and temperatures around the bay should make it up to around or above 70. low temperatures into the mid- to upper 50s and a nice warm-up tomorrow with similar temperatures to what we had today which means in the city temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s and the onshore breeze kicks in earlier so below 70 for the high temperature. but pretty good weather for day 2 of the pga championship. we will check the harding pad-s 80s in the afternoon with plenty of sunshine and severe clear for concord as well with temperatures reaching up to where they were today and may
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be a degree or two warmer and we won't see much variation and and i mentioned the wind more to the south and southwest instead of straight to the west and it does not sound like a big change but a big difference in terms of the warm. low 60s along the coast. upper 60s and low 70s around the bay with upper 70s for the south end and low 80s in the santa clara valley and mid 80s for the tri-valley with hotspots east of the diablo range and upper 70s the low to mid 80s from north bay. harding park, up to the mid-60s and that is not bad for august and a similar pattern to today were early morning fog and cloud cover dissipates leaving us with a mix of sunshine and clouds but even more sunshine on saturday with temperatures a little warmer so it means the course will dry up and some scores may go up. 90 for inland portions of the bay area on saturday and right around there again on sunday. we drop off a bit next week near normal for most of the
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second week of august. coming up i will have the hour by hour dog walking forecast. new at 6:00, california lawmakers have an idea to encourage every american to wear a mask. but will their strategy work? the pga tournament lands in san francisco and the galleries were trying to make the most out of bad circumstances and what can and can't be seen out here. tonight a vigil in the bay area for
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we uits fr trees. and we show you there is one special rescue that hit very close to home for a peninsula fire department. >> reporter: firefighters are trained to perform technical rescues but this one was different. san mateo consolidated fire chief robert cook points to where it started. >> it was right appear in the
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hose bed and had about it halfway in. took five kittens embedded deeply with the fire hoses and this is a training truck and the hoses were about to be yanked out. >> that is not a good spot for them. if we had been in the academy when that was going on and they were up there they would've like the come out and a rapid fashion during one of the drills. >> reporter: they could have been crushed if the hoses were deployed and they would not have come out so the humane society responded and with the help of the firefighters were finally removed. they are called fire cats and now need a home. >> this is barry. he is a black cat. we do know that mostly black cats tend to have a harder time getting adopted >> reporter: why is that? >> sometimes it is superstition. >> reporter: this cat has cheated death once already and eight more lights to go and all are healthy, playful and
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friendly. >> reporter: the humane society says they handle more than 5700 cat rescues every >> tmom cat was nowhto be found. as well but they were really young and they could not have survived in their own. >> we have grown up with the adage of rescuing cats from a tree and now we could add fire engines to that. that one had a look. that is it for the news at 5:00. our news at 6:00 begins right now. it is humbling that people have nothing to do with my country are just coming together and trying to help out. >> the bay area community banded together to help friends, relatives and people of beirut recover from that deadly explosion. >> why the second wave of layoffs is more punishing than the first and now some workers trying to find a career change. >> we will have more of the pj championship and tiger woods is in contention and he is not in the lead. the latest from that coming up.
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good evening. >> we have team coverage of the pj championship going on right now at san francisco's harding park. let's begin with our sports director dennis o'donnell. >> reporter: how are you doing? round 1 is almost in the books of the pj championship at harding park. in fact, there is the course and we will zoom in right across from the olympic club and this is where 10 golfers are currently within one shot of the lead. tiger woods went out early this morning and shot a 2 under 68 and he is just 3 back of the lead and he will go back out tomorrow at 2:00. jason standalone it 5 under par and the former number one ranked player in the world has not won


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