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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 1, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now, on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are looking at the beautiful, sparkling bay bridge. good morning, it is tuesday, september first. i am michelle griego. >> i am len keise. it is september now. let's look at the forecast with meteorologist mary lee. happy september. >> good morning to your, we're looking at another day of hazy and smoky skies and seasonal daytime highs. it is similar to yesterday. you can see the red dots that indicates unhealthy air for portions of the north bay and even semi-melting here for part of the north bay and unhealthy
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for parts of the peninsula this morning. because of that, we have a "spare the air" alert that continues for today because of that unhealthy air quality. daytime highs through our day are looking at the mid 60s in san francisco, low 70s in oakland, low it is in san jose and the upper 80s for concord. we are right around where we should be, if not a little bit cooler along the coast and right around the bay. we will talk about the rest of the week and that labor day weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. good morning, as we look at the roadways, we are starting to see things getting crowded for the ride into the allatoona pass, starting around tracy 205
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and mount house. you have brake lights near grant line. we have an accident blocking at least one lane, on the eastbound side. also, around the south bay, there are reports of a crash with possible injuries around northbound 880 north of 101, with one car facing the wrong lane. and other is stuck in the third lane from the left. we are not seeing a lot yet but we will keep a close eye from that. we will update you on some changes for the road closures and san mateo county due to the ongoing fires. that is a look at traffic. good morning, things were really hopping in sacramento over night at the live news desk you are watching reaction coming in about the coronavirus relief bill for renters. this is something that will allow an eviction ban to continue and that is something that will prevent a looming wave of evictions that could have started as soon as
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tomorrow. there is a look at some of the details of this bill and basically, provides five months of rent fully before some renters who have experienced the worst of covid-19 related financial troubles and an estimated 4 million californians were at risk of eviction because of unpaid rent checks. tenants will still have to pay 25% of their rent from today through the end of january to be protected from eviction. landlords will be able to sue tenants in civil court to get unpaid rent and then on february first, all of this expires and tenants would have to start making full payments unless this is extended at that point. a lot of mixed reaction when it comes to republians and democrats who did not get quite what they wanted with this bill but it was a last-minute reprieve for a lot of renters. we will keep following this throughout the morning. in a few hours, some
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businesses that have been closed for months will finally be allowed to reopen for limited outdoor services under new state guidelines. it marks a new phase for hair and nail salons, barber shops, and massage studios in the city but the announcement timed with the unveiling of its new tiered reopening system has led to false hopes for some. the state's website allows people to check what is open in their counties and shows that restaurant in san francisco can open indoors at 25% capacity but ultimately it is up to counties to decide when businesses can reopen. >> the city has said we are on a slower, more cautious train compared to the state and the way it was rolled out, again, i do not think there is any mal intent but i am dealing with it three days later. >> we have been experiencing how they say one thing and the county says something else. we have been ping-pong back and forth, never knowing what is going to happen next.
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>> they are expected to get an update on reopening in san francisco today at 11:30. it will be live on cbsn bay area bridges go to san mateo county business owners have opened their doors since being shut down twice during the pandemic. san mateo county was the last of the bay area counties to make the state's watch list but it had been just as some business owners began to finally gain momentum. >> it was working and then we had to close down. údefinitely had hours to stride and it felt like the new norm was kind of coming into the fold. >> and they got shut down again. >> yeah, >> and business owners say at will be tricky figuring out if their businesses can survive. one hair salon owner we spoke to says he plans to work 16 hours a day, six daa week,
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to do anything to keep his business open. for list of what has reopened in york county and across the bay area, go to our website, his less than two weeks until the start of the season, one of the 49ers best players has been placed on the leak scope of list. fred warner is the third player to go on the list since training camp began at that means either tested positive for the or he has been in close contact with someone who has. the 49ers are not allowed to say which category he falls in. this is the first time since august fourth that the organization has used the covid list and warner is easily the most prominent player to go on it and kyle shanahan says this is a wake-up call for anyone who was let their guard
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>> it can happen at any time, and we have to keep being aware of it. nothing changes with how we do things. our rules are set in stone. i think that it is safe but we are not in here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so this is bound to impact stuff. it will happen and continue to happen at times and we have to make sure we are on top of it into the best weekend. >> depending on exactly what happened to warner determines how much time he could miss. the worst case is 10 days or more. annabelle currently only has four players on the covid reserve list. good news for the open a's, no more positive telts after a member of a traveling staff tested positive sunday. and they will talk about when they will play again in sports. there is a coronavirus outbreak among workers at santa rosa county's largest hospital. santa rosa memorial hospital's authority says 17 employees have been infected and two other employees may have been exposed and since the memo was sent, hospital officials said
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four more workers have tested positive. through contact tracing of infected employees, they discovered the positive cases were primarily from one hospital unit. and at noon, california secretary of health and human services doctor mark galli will give an update on the situation currently and cases are over 700,000 but the positivity rate looks to be dropping. you can watch that live at noon, streaming on cbsn, bay area. looking at the white house, president donald trump goes to kenosha, wisconsin to meet with law enforcement and survey damage following jacob blake protests. the presiden tradingbas as they to pin the violence on each other. >> rioting is not protesting. looting is not protesting.
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>> joe biden condemned the violence and destruction that sometimes followed peaceful protests around the country. at a speech in pittsburgh, the former vice president blamed president donald trump for fanning the flames. >> donald trump has been a toxic presence in our nation for four years, poisoning how we talk to one another. >> biden's push back against his claims. >> no one will be safe in his america. >> and what is there proof, the violence we are sighing. >> president donald trump argued biden will look at the rioters. >> they have been on the side on the radical left. >> biden said that is not true. do i look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? >> president donald trump goes to kenosha to meet with law enforcement officers who responded to protests following the police shooting of jacob blake. >> they could increase the love and respect for our country and that is why i am going because they did a fantastic job. >> wisconsin is a key battleground state that president donald trump nearly won. >> i want to feel like i feel more safe and i personally do not feel that way.
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>> president donald trump is not expected to meet jacob blake's family. cal fire says the big wildfire burning in the santa cruz mountains is now 41% contained. national guard crews are helping firefighters on the front lines, where 85,000 acres have burned. cal fire says that the bayer is two other big wildfires, the lnu and the scu are about 55% contained and the scu and the south bay is the second largest fire in state history. it should be a fully contained by thursday. firefighters from israel are helping battle those flames and it is the first time in history they have been deployed to the u.s. for this. 10 of them arrived over the weekend and they will be here for two weeks then we have all the latest information on the fires plus evacuation orders and research centers .
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police raided an oakland establishment that calls itself the church, seizing drugs and money. they show a drug raid and progress. police bust open a safe and seized valuables, drugs, cash. the property called the zide door church of entheogenic plants is in east oakland. police say this was an illegal business that was selling hallucinogenic mushrooms and cannabis. officers conducted the raid based on a neighbor's complaint. the leader of the church says police went overboard during their raid. >> did they have well over 20 oakland pd officers out there? they had eight firefighters break into our safe. really, i'm surprised they did not blowdown the building. >> they said magic monk rooms are part of their experience and they are not saying they believe it is legitimate house of worship and say that will be up to the courts to decide. also, a bizarre murder
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arrest near clear lake. they say wynonna anderson, who is 29, killed macleod on sunday. they found macleod dead in a car that had crashed into a pole. after an investigation, they say macleod died prior to the crash, during the fight with anderson. they had a relationship but police did not go into details and anderson is being held on a million dollar bond. in money watch, they want to lure customers back plus they want to deliver your package right at home. >> reporter: stocks were mixed on monday. the dow fell 223 points and the nasdaq gained 75 and the s&p 500 lost seven. shares a video conference zoom fell after a report that was
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solid. they have seen their popularity skyrocketed, and put out better- than-expected guidance for the rest of the year. it also reported that revenue quadrupled compared to the same quarter a year ago. shares of zoom are up more than 360% since the start of the year. amazon received faa approval to deliver packages with drones. the shipping giant still needs to test fly it's drones for you can start making deliveries to customers and has not given a start date for the program. ups and google owned wing have gotten approval to use drug delivery.
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american and delta are following united airlines moved to drop a $200 fee for most people who change a ticket for travel within the u.s. united was the first to announce the change on sunday with the other two following suit yesterday. the airlines are still trying to lure customers back to the skies typically more than 2 million people pass through tsa checkpoints but that number has not eclipsed 900,000 since the coronavirus pandemic began. that is your cbs money watch report for more, go to it is back to school and some parents say they are seeing a trend with kids who are learning online. ophthalmologists called the distressing side effect digital eyestrain. risks include possibly inducing nearsightedness or causing kids to need glasses sooner rather than later. >> it should take a 22nd break and look somewhere far away, like 20 feet away you anreeverh come right back to it. >> some are using glasses that block bluelight to help their
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kids and experts say does not hurt to try but right now, there is not enough research on the benefits. looking outside, "spare the air" alert remains in effect. hazy, smoky skies can be expected once again. navato has some of the worst are in the bay area. they have opened a clean air station. the ac is on. visitors are required to wear masks inside and the space will remain open today. let's go to mary with a check of the forecast. we are glad people have that option with the smoky air out there. >> yeah, definitely for sure because it is just so smoky with that unhealthy air. it is good to see that. please be safe because we are still dealing with that unhealthy air quality today, likely beyond that as well with that "spare the air" alert in effect. here is a look with the golden gate bridge camera. it is a foggy start to the day along the coast and bay, once again, with that onshore flow.
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through the afternoon, we are looking at that hazy sunshine for many of us inland, and right around the bay, with the cloud cover and fog sticking around along the coast. let's check the temperatures. as we start a new day on this tuesday, we are looking at mid to upper 50s, 59 in concord, oakland at 58 as well as for san jose, 57 in livermore, 56 in san francisco and for santa rosa. here is a look with the mount hamilton camera, just to show you the smoky start to our day on the map from the lake observatory. taking air quality conditions, especially along the peninsula, looking at unhealthy air quality and you can see those red dots indicating the unhealthy air over redwood city, moderate air quality, which is nice to see, from mountain view down through san jose and the south bay at milpitas. we're looking at moderate air for concord, walnut creek, and danville and around the bay,
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moderate along oakland and san francisco and across the north bay, you can see the purple dots that indicates the unhealthy air from novato and for petaluma. because of that unhealthy air, that "spare the air" alert is in effect and will likely get extended as we look to the rest of the week. we are not seeing a lot of change. that pacific high is building all week and the heat dome returns and temperatures will skyrocket by the weekend to the upper 90s, to triple digit heat inland. here is the satellite what you can expect for the future cast and we are looking at that clearing for most of us except for the coast and that will be the same case as we look to tomorrow.
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for the south bay, looking at 83 for san jose and he denied for morgan newell and for the east bay, upper 80s for pleasant hill and concord, and around the bay, mid 60s in san francisco, mid-70s in oakland and up to the mid-80s in the north bay. here's the extended forecast temperatures are similar, to continue with the haziness and smoke wednesday, thursday and then temperatures will warm-up for friday and especially by the weekend and labor day weekend with triple digit heat inland. let's check in with gianna for look at traffic on this tuesday morning. >> good morning, as we look at the roadways we are starting to see some traffic as you go into the allatoona pass area on westbound 580. it is getting busy. down coming off of 205 and around the mount house area, over into the grant line exit area. eastbound 580 at grant line has a trouble spot but it is
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blocking one lane. you might see some slow traffic because of that as well. and we have reports of a new crash on westbound 580 at isabelle. it is blocking one roadway. south bay and north end 880 are seeing a few brake lights and that is where we have reports of an accident and activity to the right shoulder and a couple of lanes blocked in that area. along 680, right around sunol grade, there is a crash and one lane has been blocked. chp is just arriving on scene. it is getting a little busy. we will look at the golden gate bridge, where we have closures in effect due to the wildfires as crews make progress. closures between highway 1 and highway 9 to santa rosa valley high school. that is a look at traffic. the oakland a's are
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someone was possible for the weekend but there are no more cases. the soonest they will play is thursday pending more tests. they run up. they have a left-handed pitcher that they got before the trade deadline. meyer has struggled in his 0-5 but he was an all-star last season. the rumor mill was churning for the giants but they made a little at the deadline.. rodriguez was playing and they
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acquired a lefty. he likely will not end up on the major-league roster to start. the giants president explained why he avoided that blockbuster deal. >> i think we recognized that we are in a bit of a transition organizationally but at the same time, respecting and appreciating and valuing where we are in the current playoff pitcher , you know, it was a pretty important part of that trade-off for us. >> the nba is allowing families into the orlando bubble which could have gone sooner. one guard and his kids were there. >> who isdaddy. >> they have not seen them since father's day. he had the day off so we could
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spend time with them. the rockets and thunder game ended the first half with one shot knocked down at the buzzer. oklahoma city lives to see another day, thanks to 35-year- old chris hall, who scored 50 in the fourth quarter. the thunder won two straight to force a game seven. they honored one head coach john compton, who passed away at the age s e rsan ncaa look championship. and this is the first time that this has been held without fans in new york. with nobody cheering, she made a quick exit, losing three sets . both the defending champions men's and women's have withdrawn because of covid concerns. the giants are scheduled to play and they will be in colorado to face the rockies.
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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning. right now, on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , late-night moves in sacramento, the new bill signed into law just before midnight that will help thousands of california renters. reopening with confusion, surrounding one bay area cities plan to get back to work. rethinking wildfire prevention, the multimillion dollar plan for south bay fire crews to step up their strategy. smoke fills the skies again today. mary shows us the best time to go outside. good morning, everybody.


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