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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  September 2, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are looking live from our exclusive salesforce tower camera as we look south this morning. good morning everyone, it is wednesday, september 2nd. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm len kiese. good morning. mary lee is standing by with your forecast this morning. and mary, you noticed it's a bit cooler out there this morning. a bit breezy too. it is. yeah, tracking that onshore flow. and it's the reason why we're going to see slightly cooler temperatures than normal. as we head through our afternoon. and with it, with that ocean breeze kicking in for us, we're looking at better air quality this morning. at least many locations moderate air quality as we start off our day and that's the yellow dots there but still some spots parts of the north bay dealing with unhealthy air. we're going to go even longer t rtunsohere's a hazy look with o mount hamilton camera from the
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lick observatory. in effect today with spare the air extended into tomorrow and likely beyond that as well. now going 16 days in a row with the alert and we have not seen that here in the bay area ever since records have been kept. we'll talk about what you can expect taking you through the rnliday weekend and we're ing t this morning, we're accident- free. that's the good news, so things are quiet from chp. however, there's still road closures in effect in parts of the bay area. starting off in the san mateo county area, highway 1 closures remain in effect between graph southeast creek road. highway 84 at highway 1 so closures remain in this area. highway 9 at 35. to pike. and 236 to highway 9. also in the north bay closures continue along 128 both directions between rag canyon road to pleasants valley road and parts of 121 as well. coming up in my next report a look at the altamont pass. anne?
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i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. and we are following breaking news in san jose right now. a person was found shot and killed in that city. it was on walnut woods drive and clements avenue just before midnight. officers made this discovery of this person who was found deceased and they found several shell casings along clements avenue as well. the body was found in-between two vehicles. lot of police on scene right now. they are speaking to neighbors and they're talking to a witness trying to figure out what might have led up to this. we are going to keep our eye on that investigation as it continues this morning. len? anne, thank you, also new this morning two women are recovering in the hospital after being shot in oakland last night. a gun was fired just before 9:00 last night. police are still looking for the suspect. this morning, a gilroy community college teacher is behind bars accused of
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threatening to kill the santa clara county health officer. investigators say ellen via rango is a firearms instructor and he had ties with the boy scouts and other youth organizations. but behind closed doors, he allegedly wrote 25 letters to dr. sarah cody which included threats to her and as well as pornographic images. also allegedly wrote threatening letters to other local officials as well as the widow of a santa cruz county sheriff's sergeant. >> to the effect of it's over, you are done, the good-bye. expletive, die. there were guns all over the place. just stacked up on bookshelves. >> investigators also found he has ties to the far right anti- government movement. his attorney tells us all of the weapons seized in his client's home were legally obtained.
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now to the fire watch where authorities have identified three victims who died in the napa county fires. the bodies were discovered on their property along 128 two weeks ago. the coroner's office confirms the victims lee yo mcdermott and his girlfriend mary hint meyer and his son tom. they were first reported missing last weekend and we spoke to her son shortly after who believes they got stuck in their bunker. >> it just -- i never get a hug her and i didn't get to see her you know what i mean? because -- it's just ain't worth it and i don't want other people to have to deal with this. >> in total a five deaths have been blamed on the fires including two others in solano county. we are also learning more about the firefighter who died in mendocino county. authorities say diana jones was volunteering from texas. she was killed in an accident on monday while trying to reposition her fire truck. >> there were people that watch
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other people do things. and there are people that rather than stand back, go help people do things. and she was -- she was not one to stanckways ss them en they go off up there. but they always come back. only this time, i guess she's not coming back. >> the 63-year-old was here with her son. the two of them have been traveling to california for years to help during our wildfire season. firefighters are getting containment on all three lightning complex fires. this morning the two biggest in the north and south bays are now more than 70% contained we also got a look at some of the damage when the governor toured big basin state park in santa cruz county. the good news? some of the biggest redwoods are still standing. developing the morning assembly speaker reason don is apologizing to wicks for refusing the new mom a proxy vote on the final night of the session. after being told she didn't
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qualify to vote remotely, wicks brought her month old baby to the floor where she stayed until midnight to argue for housing bill. she tweeted this photo captioned "yep, i'm here and so is ellie." >> we are 3.5 million homes shy of where we need to be right new this state. and ellie agrees. it's the simplest way we can have density that is still adhering to neighborhood character. so please, please, please pass this bill. and i'm going to go finish feeding my daughter. thank you. >> in his apology, rendon never intended to be considerate adding inclusivity and electing more women into politics are core elements of our democratic values. nevertheless, i failed to make sure our process took into account the unique needs of our members. i commit to doing better. for the first time in months, some hair and nail salons are back open in san francisco offering services outdoors. but many bunessare chng wait un
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services are allowed. starting this week, malls are reopening and on september 9th outdoor gyms. in mid-september, tourism and outdoor religious services and in late september fitness studios and salons can open indoors all with limited capacity. archer salon on grant avenue in union square says it will be more than ready when a reopening date for indoor services is announced. temperature checks will be performed at the door and customers will be given warm and sanitized robes and extensive cleaning measures throughout will be part of the standard procedure. >> we were mandated to do six feet. we're doing 12. and i have seats for eight. i'm only going to do three. three stylists with space especially in the beginning. >> mayor breed says progress is being made regarding covid-19 rates but said she fears a possible surge in new cases and hospitalizations coming out of labor day weekend. indoor visit to a san francisco hair salon by house
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speaker nancy pelosi has some salon owners upset this morning. as of right now, no one in san francisco is allowed to go inside a hair salon and get their hair done. this surveillance video shows her inside e. salon on union street without a mask according to the owner of the establishment. video to fox news and said pelosi got her hair done at around 3:00 monday afternoon. her office issued this statement saying quote -- the speaker always wears a mask and complies with local covid requirements. this business offered for the speaker to come in on monday and told her this were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business. the speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by the establishment. >> it's infuriating but it's not surprising. i feel like people need to get their hair done and they're going to. >> pelosi was being heavily criticized by supporters of president trump on social
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media. with many people accusing her of hypocrisy. other republicans are weighing in this morning on speaker pelosi's hair salon visit. house minority leader mccarthy wrote in part quote americans have shuttered businesses and complied with local orders and sacrificed everything to defeat the virus. but nancy pelosi thinks the rules don't apply to her. to campaign 2020 now. the race for the senate in massachusetts sees a history making loss for one candidate. family member. cbs' laura podesta reports on the hotly contested senate primary. >> reporter: for the first time in history, a kennedy has lost an election in massachusetts. >> obviously these results were not the ones we reng for. epr:s t o's enn for 40 years prevaile in tuesday's primary against the 39-year-old joe kennedy. grandson of robert f. kennedy. >> thank you massachusetts. >> reporter: markey relied on young progressives to extend
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his tenure. touting his support for medicare for all and a green new deal and with the help of the endorsement by liberal fire brand congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, the senator cruised to a win. >> you are our future. and thank you for believing in me, because i believe in you. >> reporter: kennedy entered the race polling high but his campaign ran agrund when he struggled to articulate a motivation for running. he needled markey for skipping votes and not engaging with constituents. >> he missed over 50% of the votes in this critical came of covid-19, a public health and exhibition catastrophe. >> reporter: mail-in ballots and in-person votes could combine for record high turnout this primary season. he will face republican kevin o'connor in november in a race that is widely considered a safe democratic seat.
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laura podesta, cbs news. time now 4:41. >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the new video of the police shooting in berkeley. what the camera shows as a robbery suspect tries to make a getaway. and before we head to break, let's take a live look outside at the city of san francisco. it is 4:42. we'll be right back. ♪
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new video of a police shooting in berkeley now and an officer opens fire as a robbery suspect drives from the scene. surveillance video from inside a cvs store shows the suspects running out with a cart full of merchandise. you can also see employees chasing after them and cell phone video shot by witness shows the suspects and workers also struggling over the shopping cart. it also shows the moment berkeley police arrive at the scene. >> turn the car off now! >> okay, okay. >> turn the car off now. >> okay. >> turn the car off. >> what are you doing? >> get that -- >> turn the car off. >> turn it off for me, i can't do it. turn it off. [ sound of gunfire ] >> no one was hit in the shooting despite hearing all theshots. the incident lapped back in july and police arrested 19- year-old brandon owen asks still looking for the other suspects. manufacturing in the u.s. continues to surge. and the one item helping to
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save san francisco retailer gap. naomi ruchimbreaks it down for us today in the money watch report. [ bell dinging ] >> reporter: stocks started september on a high note. the dow gained 215 points, the nasdaq rose 164. the s&p 500 added 26. u.s. manufacturing continues to rebound after a rough start to the year due to the pandemic. according to a survey from the institute for supply management, american manufacturing surged in august to its highest level in nearly a year and a half. that marks a third straight month of growth for factories. the bad news though, jobs are still being lost. as manufacturers adjust to stricter safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. and face masks may not only be saving lives, but also bottom lines. gap and its subsidiaries including old navy sold around $130 million worth of masks in
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the last quarter. the company's ceo says masks helped contribute to a big bump in online sales during an in- store slump caused by the pandemic. online marketplace etsy also reported helping more than 100,000 vendors sell almost $350 million worth of masks. watch report. for more, head to from the cbs broadcast center, i'm naomi ruchim. if you are thinking of heading to the beach for labor day weekend, pacifica says think again. the city announced it will close all of its beaches and beach parking lots from saturday to tuesday morning to try to limit the spread of covid-19. santa cruz and monterey counties plan to do the same. úcheck on our weather right now with mary lee. good morning. >> good morning to you michelle. and we are looking at that onshore flow and with it, slightly cooler temperatures as
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we head through our afternoon. here's a live look with our treasure island camera and you y. see that gray start to our rength cond as well. ing our atures. e upper 350s to low 60s. so concord, you are at 61. 60 in san jose and upper 50s oakland and livermore and san francisco as well as for santa rosa. here's a live look with our mount hamilton camera from the lick observatory. you can see that haze as well this morning. and checking air quality conditions. it does look a little bit better in many locations with moderate air quality but still, dealing with unhealthy air in spots. let's zoom in and you can see the unhealthy air. moderate air quality for the south bay in san jose as well as for milpitas. in fremont as well as for union city for the east bay and also for the tri-valley, moderate air quality for you in concord
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and. walnut creek, danville, as well as for oakland and san francisco. around the bay. as we look to the north, looking at good air quality. good to moderate for san rafael and you can see those red dots in novato. also for napa this morning. that spare the air alert continues for today and now going on day 16 in a row with the spare the air alert in effect for the bay area. that's a new record. the previous record was 14 days in a row set back in 2018 during the camp fire and that spare the air alert extended through tomorrow and likely beyond that as well. so that strong ridge of of high pressure building in for us as we look to our weekend, triple digit heat inland expected. .temperatures are really going to skyrocket and because of that an excessive heat watch infect saturday through labor day for the areas highlighted in yellow. so this afternoon, for the south bay, looking at 79 in san jose and 78 for santa clara and for the east bay, 84 for concord and for pleasant hill. around the bay, looking at mid
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60s in san francisco and low 70s in oakland and into the mid- to upper 70s for the north bay. here's the extended forecast and what you can expect. as we are looking at temperatures a little bit warmer thursday and much warmer on friday and there we go with the temperatures soaring into the weekend. now let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic on this wednesday morning. good morning. as we take a look at the roadways we start off with drive in the altamont pass. if you are a supercommuter and you are getting ready to hit the roads we're already starting the see brake lights kind of building within the last ten minutes here. westbound 580 getting slow over to grant line. traffic looks like it's originating all the delays out of tracy. kind of the usual stuff there. you work your y westbound. 205 on to 580 at0. however part of 680 where we are seeing some slow and go speed is south 680. as you work your way into walnut creek. we've got some brake lights there likely due to road work and i'm not seeing any specific
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accidents or incidents reported by chp. there's some debris in the roadway but 24 is moving at the limit but a little slow this morning for your start of your commute along 680 into walnut creek. the bay area bridges a great start. no delays across the golden gate bridge. and right now no metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is actually moving at the speed limit out of the east bay as you head into san francisco and the san mateo bridge an easy 12 minute commute to travel between 880 over to 101. right now 880 the nimitz freeway problem free as 101 -- as well as 101 along the peninsula. take a look at the closures due to the wildfires coming up in the next report. a great series between the nuggets and jazz comes down to one thrilling final play in game seven. and coors field is known for a lot of offense but alex dickerson trying to make history in colorado last night. sports is coming up. and here's a live look outside in san jose on this
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wednesday morning. remember, kpix 5 wants to bring you the good news happening in the bay area. just go to you can also send your story ideas to we'll be right back.
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in the east bay, moderate for concord and walnut creek and oakland and for san francisco. july of 2019 was a good month for the giants. they went 19-6 partly thanks to the arrival of alex dickerson's bat. last night he was putting on an offensive show once again. and here is former giant kevin poll lard acquired monday by colorado saying hello to the former teammates. second batter of the game, dickerson absolutely crushes one into the upic de. it's measured at 480 feet. later in the inning he doubles over his head. solano was 4-6 with six rbi in the game. next inning dickerson again. two run shot that went only 426 feet. and it gives the giants a 5-0 lead. and jumped to the 6th. 10-2 san francisco. brandon crawford with a three run homer and crawford finishes 3-6 with six rbi. still in the 6th. dickerson goes. opposite field for his third
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home run of the game. he added two doubles and also drove in six runs. the giants become the first ory have three players with six rbi in the same game. they win 23-5. as the final in this one. it's the most runs they've scored in 30 years. well, the a's reportedly had no additional positive covid tests for the second straight day. they are now set to start playing again on friday at the coliseum. major league baseball postponed thursday's game in seattle out of caution. so they will make up the three games with the pair of doubleheaders. one in seattle and one in oakland. the a's will finish the season with 26 games to play in 24 days. well, the nuggets jokic getting a little soccer practice in before game seven against the utah jazz. 30 seconds left and tied at 78. he spins and he gets the one- handed shot to give denver the lead. he finished with 30 points. ten seconds left and utah down two. here's the wild finish.
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>> nuggets come up with a defensive play. murray. they missed the layup. gobert got it and mitchell hanging at other end. two seconds to go. for the win! and it rims out! denver hangs on. >> so close. the jazz's mike conley came this close to winning the series. but it's denver edging utah 80- 78. they overcome a 3-1 series deficit and advance to face the clippers in the second round. and believe it or not, this was not the most impressive thing marcus smart did yesterday. boston trails toronto by as many as n second half. but smart turns into steph curry-like player. knocks down five threes in the fourth the last of which gives the celtics the lead. they win and now lead the defending champs 2-0. and that's your morning sports, i'm andrea nakano. time now 4:56. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area --
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>> a shocking discovery for fire victims. their insurance canceled. in our next half hour why they say they were never notified of the change. >> reporter: and we are well into the reopening of salons and barbershops on the sidewalk. but what else is open? i have that just ahead. right now, we could all use some comforting words, so here it goes: melty, melty, tasty, grilly, juicy, sizzle. mmm, that should feel better. the sourdough patty melt is back. make it a combo meal for just $5.99... melty, melty.
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, september will be a month of reopening. this morning we're digging into san francisco's new timeline for getting back to work. a teacher behind bars accused of threatening a south bay public health official. this morning, the suspect's ties to both the boy scouts and a right wing extremist group. touring the damage. the governor visits the santa
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cruz mountains. the good news surrounded by path of destruction. smoke sticking around again today in the bay area skies. but will it clear up for the holiday weekend? mary has all the answers. and we also just got new information in a fatal overnight shooting in the south bay. anne will have more on that in just a moment. good morning everyone, it is wednesday, september 2nd. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm len kiese. good morning. a lot to get to this morning. mary lee will start us off though with a check of our forecast. all right, so we are looking at another spare the air alert that remains in effect today. extended into tomorrow. likely beyond that into the upcoming holiday weekend. some good news for you, at least our g little better and you can see many spots in the good to moderate category. but still unhealthy air for portions of the peninsula and as well as for the north bay. here's a live look with our mount hamilton camera and you can see the hazy start. the


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