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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  September 4, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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hours speaking of the digital divide. hear from the mom who had to send her kids to a taco bell for wi-fi. we are 18 days and counting under the spare the air alert. good morning and thank you for joining us credit september fourth. i'm anne makovec. like i am len kiese. right to mary lee with the forecast. good morning to you, tracking the smoke and tracking the heat. with the temperatures skyrocketing for the upcoming holiday weekend. checking for air quality conditions. many locations waking up to good to moderate air-quality come up unhealthy air for portions of the north bay and into san francisco. part of the east bay this
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morning as well. the spare the air alert is in effect once again today. a record 18 days in a row with the alert for the bay area, that continues into saturday and likely beyond. the normal daytime highs, upper 80s and close to 90 in concord. also for livermore comedy low 80s in san jose and the low 70s in oakland. the upper 60s for san francisco. we have heat advisories and excessive heat warning in effect for the holiday weekend. i will have details coming up. morning. as we check the roadways, we have a crash westbound 80. one car and felt of it might be blocking the left lane. the good news is there are not a lot of cars on the roadway. the traffic is pretty light. plus the three-day holiday weekend is upon us. things are moving after the limit. we will let you know if that changes but the left lane is blocked on the westbound side. past that there are no delays towards the toll plaza. traffic is moving at the limit. a place where we see a few brake lights is the nimitz freeway. we have construction northbound 880 near embarcadero. the traffic is backed up working into oakland. with the heatwave this
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holiday weekend, the big question, backyard or beach. officials urging people to be careful and not cause another search in coronavirus cases. we are live in pacifica where the beach is closing for the week weekend. >> reporter: it is hard to imagine that heatwave is coming our way in pacifica come up but certainly chilly. pretty much a typical morning in pacifica. this is a live shot of the pie. a gorgeous scene as we wait for the sun. this is the last day to get beach time before the holiday weekend in pacifica. the closure here begins on saturday. sunrise to sunset, and reopens on tuesday morning. for pacifica they are applying lessons learned from previous holiday weekends where they thought record crowds and pacifica says they are starting to see record crowds under weekday as well. from here, 13 miles to the south, to half moon bay. the beaches will actually be open. the city council met last night. they had a long meeting and they said it was too hard with 8 at different jurisdictions each having a say. half moon bay would just stay
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open. >> we could not make it work the wa tor to have the correct enforcement necessary. when we do not have the correct enforcement, parking lots are shut down. people park in the neighborhood and come down to the beaches. >> we do not want to see a search under any circumstances. particularly as we go on the other side of labor day and enter into the full we want to go out and with a running start in the right direction. we do not want to go into that with another search we have to turn around again. >> reporter: here is a little bit close. nuevo state park. cardoza creek. fitzgerald marine reserve. to mullis bay state park. port aransas. national seashore and all of santa cruz county. do not forget that goes the same for pacifica as well. kpix 5. taking a live look at the present go where mayor loaded breed will help distribute masks head of the labor day weekend. the mask giveaway is happening
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at noon at dolores park. a popular gathering spot in warm weather were people do not always adhere to social distancing guidelines. as the heatwave sets in the, the question this morning is, will we lose power again. the state has issued a flex alert and worried about potential rolling blackouts during the heatwave.>> is not that short. a fight was increasing the availability of generation. 5 to 10% could solve the challenge. >> once we get the word that we have to start doing rotating outages, have to conductor them within 10 minutes. select the alert is in effect from saturday until monday between 3 :00 and 9:00 am. a man has been arrested in san jose after a standoff with police last night. police say the man was seen brandishing a weapon on oliver north drive in ramblewood. some surrounding homes were evacuated for safety, but
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luckily nobody was hurt. happening in alameda county, salons and barbershops can reopen indoors. outdoor dance classes will be added to the list of permitted noncontact fitness activities. it comes just days after the county allowed salons and barbershops to open outdoors. it is part of the states new blueprint for a safer economy. right now, alameda county is in the purple tear. salons will be allowed to open at 8:00 am. to see what is open in york county, 02 reopening comes as the county hit a new high in daily death. the 21 reported yesterday brings the total to 295. the county also confirmed 157 new rotavirus cases in the past day. back to school in marin county. that is reality for students next tuesday. officials approved 15 applications from public and private schools to bring students back into the classroom. this as covid-19 case data improves. another 11 schools that applied
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to reopen all get an answer soon. this morning, for the first time, we are hearing from a salinas mom whose little girl touched hearts everywhere. a picture of the students connecting to wi-fi outside of a talk about went viral and then cash began pouring in. there was an outpouring of support after somebody discover they were evicted from their home. a gofundme, calling for help has raised more than $145,000. mom tells us that she hopes their story will bring help to others as well.>> to help me find a place to put all of my stuff, and now they helped me find a place to live even if it is just for a week.>> the nonprofit is helping the garcia find a more permanent home. we also learned the salinas city school district has offered the family food, clothing, and other essential products. some alameda county parents say their kids were given online lessons that were racist, and homophobic. th dist removed a learning program
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created by sls immediately from the curriculum after receiving complaints about some of the questions. >> when i thought there was something about what is considered a traditional family. there were two white parents and two white children and that was the right answer versus a black child. select teachers say this is a wake-up call to make changes in the district. psycho have curriculum that really comes from an ethnocentric base and we're really starting to change the way we adopt curriculum so iculs more culturally responsive.>> we have reached out and have not yet heard back but the district says the company did make changes to the program right away. it has been used over the years as a way for kids to make up credit to pass classes. the district said it is cutting ties with the company and they hope to provide information about a new program sometime next week. the national guard medical
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teams are helping out staff at the santa rosa memorial hospital in sonoma county. there has been a severe shortage of staff caused by recent covid-19 breaks among workers. the housing crunch from years of wildfires is not helping either. start developing this morning, i popular destination for a lot of us warning of a deadly disease and it is not covid-19. closure signs went up around tahoe and visitors of the plague. a couple of weeks ago a woman tested positive for the disease that wiped out half of europe's appellation during the middle ages. she was treated with antibiotics.>> abe is a big buzzword and it is scary but we do see it. you do see squirrels. they have plague and it comes up from time to time.>> public health officials say rodents in the area are carrying fleas with the plague.
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students paying for rent at apartment they will not live in. and the landlords are getting money from the government. why are they still charging full price? that is next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. have another spare the air alert in effect and extending into tomorrow, likely beyond that to come in today makes a record 18 days in a row with the spare the air alert. we are talking about the smoke and our extreme heat for the holiday weekend, coming up. we have a close look at the nimitz freeway. like a mid-construction. and then we checked drive times on the altamont pass. we are smelling the smoke outside. taking a look from our roof camera at the beautiful bay bridge. we are going to it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed
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it is 5:12 and the time for the original series project home. right now, lots of college students and parents are stuck paying rent for vacant apartments. >> because of the pandemic, students are studying at home, but there landlords will not allow them to break their leases. susie south found out the orders of several large apartment buildings are getting government money while charging students full price. like nobody is caring for the students at all right now and
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it is disappointing. >> reporter: just secured her lease at sacrament estate back in december. since june, she has been scrambling to get out of it.>> it will be a lot of pressure on me and my family considering my dad and i both do not have income. >> reporter: she wrote a petition and formed an organization to fight back. more than 1800 people have signed the petition, asking element to let students out there pre-pandemic leases. is filled with petitions just like it is from students all across the country. meanwhile, the company that operates element student living received a paycheck protection program loan to offset its financial losses due to covid- 19. ppp data shows element owner received anywhere from three to $50,000 up to $1 million. the owners of academy 65, another student living space near sacrament estate received
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between $2 million and $5 million. at the grad and san jose the owners received between $1 million and $2 million in ppp loans. >> we are scared, and we are afraid of what is to come. how will this effect is long- term. >> reporter: she lives at the grad. she is considering dropping out of school at san jose state to get a full-time job to pay for her apartment that she is not going to live in. it's like i'm i going to have to be a part-time student? to make up for the money that i will have to pay? >> reporter: students at the grad are also organizing. the position nearly hundred 1300 signatures so far. most students are still at home with parents, but some have chosen to move into the apartment because they cannot break their lease. at some have already complained that they move in here is not going well. students have complained to management that they do not feel safe during the ongoing health crisis. one wrote to management that during move and there was zero
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social distancing and packed elevators with 10+ people.>> right now we do not feel that we are cared for. we do not feel like you have put our health in any sort of importance at all. >> reporter: she is being asked to sign a liability waiver saying she acknowledges it is possible she might become sick, and that she agrees to hold the owner harmless and release the owner from any and all claims related to physical or psychological damages resulting from covid-19. she will not find it. it's like i feel like our health is they do not care for their residents. they just want to make money. living in california is already expensive. i cannot afford a vacant apartment. just for the benefit of a company who is already getting financial aid from the government.>> we did reach out to the grad academy 65 at the element, and they did not respond to our request for comment for the story. susie steimle, kpix 5. >> keep sending your stories and i to project home at
5:16 am you can see all of the reporting from susie steimle on our website. in a fire watch comedy czu complexes more than 50% complaint it evacuation orders have been lifted around bonny doon and the santa cruz mountains. at the lamarr area of san mateo county. there is a new problem. no fresh water after the fire melted a part pipeline. this morning the areas are under a boil water and no drink advisory. one fire victim in santa clara county are learning they may not get help from the feds. santa clara is one of the bay area account is not approved for a presidential disaster declaration. supervisor dave has had an urgent request to governor newsome asking for help, getting his county on the list to receive fema disaster assistance. without federal aid comedy supervisor says that many will struggle to get back on their feet. for any changes to evacuation orders, warnings, and information on the relief efforts, go to
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the bay area firefighters need all of the help they can get these days with so many wildfires. on thursday, the garrison east foundation provided hundreds of meals prepared by the cisco big jim's barbecue.>> they literally worked their butts off. i am here to make sure they have a good meal after the end of the day. >> long, long work shifts. some of these guys -- we normally start out with a 24 or 40 hour work cycle. what happened this year, you're getting 7296, and longer. >> the foundation has distributed thousands of meals to first responders across the nation. 70 minutes after 5 :00. let's check in with gianna to find out how our friday commute is. any lighter this morning than normal? in some spots it is. especially at the bay bridge toll plaza. not the case for the nimitz for you do it file. we have roadwork moving things
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down northbound 80 around 23rd. you can see on the maps there is a line of red building and getting busier. if you're headed out the door w lights. i would use 580. it is wide open and both directions with no delays. no word as to when delays will open. we will keep a close eye on that. south of there, here is a live look near the colosseum on 880. traffic is doing pretty good. you will just see the brake lights heading into oakland. also, slow traffic is building westbound 80 and air pinole valley road. we have a crash blocking one lane. one cars of all. crews are the scene and backup traffic is ed fr report 280, it might be a little slow as well. once you pass that point and no brake lights headed towards the bay bridge, traffic is certainly lighter for the commute from or heading into the city. the rest of the bay area bridges are checking in problem free. a live look at the golden gate bridge. not a lot of cars going a
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southbound. traffic is moving after the limits with an easy drive time on 101. the same story for the san mateo bridge. a 30 minute drive time. a nice drive between 880, over towards 101. a quick look at traffic heading towards the altamont pass. coming out of tracy. no delays westbound 580, mostly in the green. we see a little yellow popping up on the sensors right as you approach the exit. overall, definitely friday light working through there. a three-day weekend is upon us and it will be hot. here is mary. we are watching the temperatures climb for the holiday weekend. we are talking about excessive heat warning, heat advisories in effect for the bay area. i will talk about this in a moment. here is a live look at the treasure islancamera. its a fog the day. we are in the 50s this morning and even a little bit of drizzle in spots. oakland catching the patchy
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drizzle this morning at 57. also for livermore at 5759 in concord. also for san jose. 56 in several cisco and 25 for santa rosa. buly for the north bay, ity and right around the several cisco area, still dealing with the unhealthy air. that was the case yesterday and it is the case today. you can see moderate air for the peninsula, down through the south bay from redwood city to san jose. for the east bay, dry valley waking up to the moderate air- quality this morning, and also for concord, walnut creek comedy and fell looking at moderate air. also for oakland. you can see the red dots for parts of the san francisco area this morning. also up through the north bay, sausalito and for clarksburg, dealing with unhealthy air. also for richmond as we start off our day. looking better for the air quality in san rafael and novato. because of this unhealthy air, we have the spare the air alert
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remain in effect for today. this is a new record. we are cord 40 days in a row set back in 2018 during the camp fire. the longest stretch happening now. it will be extended at spare the air alert for saturday and likely beyond that as well. let talk about the heat. heat advisory in effect saturday through labor day for the coast and right around the bay due to this dangerous heat. excessive heat warnings in pink. that is for the rest of the bay area for the holiday weekend due to this dangerous heat. for saturday, we come close, if not break records. that will be the case on sunday and into monday. now let's show you the reason why the ridge of high pressure is in control. the smoke trapped at the service and the bridge only build and expand looking to the holiday weekend. inland topping out in the triple digits. 80s around the bay and 70 for the coast for labor day.
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for today, thing at the height of 81 and san jose. 80 for santa clara. the upper 80s for concord, as well as pleasant hill. around the bay, to upper 60s for san francisco. low 70s for oakland. the upper 70s and low to mid 80s for the north bay. there is the extended forecast, as we see daytime highs skyrocketing for the holiday weekend. triple digit heat inland saturday through labor day, and even for tuesday. a tangled mess. the distressed deer that one ca
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a community in sacrament of county is trying to save a young deer that's got himself into a bit of a bind. slightly animal somehow got a hammock stuck on his antlers while roaming the woods. a couple spotted the deer several times from the deck and they could tell that he was struggling. >> he looks really tired, like he had gone through a lot. like it is clear the object on his head is frustrating. seconding everybody wants a happy ending for this creature. he is magnificent. everyone is invested. like a local rescue group is tracking the book with trail cameras but only the department of fish and wildlife can
5:26 am
authorize and perform a capture. neighbors are asked to call authorities if they see the deer staying in the same place for a while.>> i hope we can report a good update very soon. the next half hour, white 1000 bay county is using the slow approach for getting back to business. i
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming , the holiday weekend warning. stay home. what experts say could happen if bay area residents relax. a man who killed president trump supporter over the weekend in land is now
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dead. we will hear his vital interview before he was killed by police. president trump on the defense. a new article claims he called dead soldiers losers and suckers. his response, overnight. the august jobs report is out in a few moments. we will bring the new numbers you live. good morning and thank you for joining us. friday september 4th. i'm anne makovec. like i am len kiese. it is a holiday weekend. let's go to mary with a smokey and hot forecast. a lot to get to, as i'm talking the smoke, i am tracking the heat. let's get to it. the air-quality conditions this morning are looking at unhealthy air with the worst of it for the north bay, as well
5:31 am
as into several cisco and part of the east. they spare the air alert in effect extended into tomorrow and likely beyond that as well. a record 18 days in a row with the spare the air alert. temperatures today near normal for this time of year. enjoy it. looking at 67 in san francisco. oakland 71. 81 for san jose. close to 94 concord. as we look to the upcoming labor day weekend the temperatures will skyrocket. we have the heat advisory and excessive heat warnings that will be in effect saturday through labor day due to this dangerous heat. we will talk about what you can expect to, how high the temperatures will get where you live this weekend, in just a few minutes. a good morning. our hotspot on the freeways is the nimitz freeway commute northbound 880. brake lights heading into oakland as they do roadwork in error 23rd, and 29. you have slow and go conditions. no word as to when the lanes will reopen. we see a bit of relief. i am seeing break in the traffic just past the area. it looks like it is in the clearing status. in the meantime you might want to try 580. it is wide open with no delays.
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also i wanted to get you updated on the traffic along the eastshore freeway. westbound 80 we had a crash. we saw a pretty big backup to highway four. that is diss iso thoulder oroff the mplely. ths ok morning drive. >> reporter: we are live in pacifica where it is windy and foggy and the city is getting ready to shut down the beaches ahead of the holiday weekend. if you try and limit the spread of coronavirus. however, there will be many more beaches open in the bay area then close. let's begin in pacifica where the beaches will be closed from sunrise to sunset, starting saturday morning, and ending on ey as ned from previous holiday weekends they thought record crowds. the city says in pacifica they are starting to see record crowds on the weekday as well. 30 miles to the south and half moon a comedy beaches will be open. the city council decided to write a long meeting last night
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and it was too hard with 8 different agencies and jurisdictions each having a say, that half moon bay would just stay open. >> we could not make it work the way that we needed to in order to have the correct enforcement necessary. when we do not have the correct enforcement, the parking lots are shut down. people park in the neighborhood and come down to the beach anyways. slick everybody needs fresh air. nobody wants to stay at home anymore. slick it is so important that we remember that in the family and friend at gatherings that occur, that is what we are seeing through our contact tracing efforts where they spread happens. where we run into problems. >> reporter: here is a list of what is closed on the nuevo state park. gaza was a creek. fitzgerald marine with her. unitas creek. to mullis bay state park. reyes national seashore, and of course, all of santa cruz county and do not forget that
5:34 am
pacifica will be closed as well. live in pacifica, kiet do, kpix 5. the city of vallejo has reportedly reached a setts initlly pulled ovr frruright ge. befoshnd lled she outragedbut the ed mcmahowas justified in using deadly force. according to the mercury news comedy city settled for $5.7 million. a year after foster was shot, officer mcmahon was involved in another fatal shooting. this one involving willie mccoy in a talk about drive-through. last month we learned the vallejo police chief recommended that mcmahon be fired. we got new video in from snap map showing a protest at the mission police station in san francisco late last night. the crowd calling for justice, demanding and police funding cut. police said there were no arrests but there was property
5:35 am
damage, and graffiti left behind. and out to portland. law enforcement agents have shot and killed an anti-fat supporter. the man was a suspect in a fatal shooting of a far right activist who was part of a pro- trumpcare of him. investigators say the man was killed last night as police tried to arrest him. an officer opened fire after he exited an apartment and got into a car.>> there was a confrontation between the officers on the scene, and the subject. the subject was armed, and the subject fled from the vehicle, at which time, there was an additional shot fired.>> speaking device news, the man admitted to killing a supporter of resident from last weekend, and insists he was doing so in self-defense.
5:36 am
>> i had a choice. it would have sat there and watch them kill a friend of mine, of color but i was not going to do that. had i not acted, i am confident that my friend, and i'm sure that i, would have been killed.>> the man described himself as 100% anti-fascist. he had been a regular presence at antiracism demonstrations in portland which had been ongoing since the death of george employed in me. a chaotic scene in the heart of new york city. a car ramming into protesters in times square. the chaos broke out after dueling protests converged. one for president trump and the other for black lives matter statement. no injuries were reported. to campaign 2020. both candidates are eyeing swing states. with less than too much until election day. president trump and in pennsylvania is rejecting
5:37 am
claims that he made disparaging remarks about american soldiers killed in action. an article in the atlantic that he canceled a visit to a war cemetery in france over peers in the rain with the shovel his hair. referred to dead soldiers as losers and suckers. the associated press has confirmed parts of the article. it's like i would be willing to swear on anything that i never said that about our fallen heroes. there is nobody that respects them more.>> the trump campaign put out a list of staffers who refuted the claims and said the secret service made the call to cancel the secret service trip because of>>spt the dain e form thwith jacob lake, who was partially paralyzed after police shot him in the back seven times, nearly 2 weeks ago.>> he talked about how nothing would defeat him.>> joe biden is expected to deliver remarks on the economy later today.
5:38 am
santa clara county might be on the verge of getting the green light to reopen more of its economy. this morning, county leaders are saying, not so fast. officials say santa clara county moved from the purple, to the red tier 2 weeks ago, which means as soon as next tuesday comedy state could allow the county to reopen indoor personal care services, restaurants, and churches. movie theaters, jim's, and fitness studios, as well as schools, could also reopen. all of this would come with modifications.>> as a teacher, it is frightening. i have a givit tshoube mistific ntin community. slick even with the state okay county leaders in santa clara county say they will stick with the restrictions and keep those places closed. u.s. job growth slows while unemployment drops. diane king hall of cbs money join us from new york with new numbers. that morning.
5:39 am
>> reporter: good morning. all eyes are on the job market this morning. new numbers out minutes ago, according to the labor department. the economy grew by 1.4 million jobs in august. that was in line with the expectations. a touch better intimations and implement rate text it down to 8.4%. that is better than expected in july. the implement maintenance rate was more than 10%. the expectation was for default to 9.8%. it was a reversal of fortune on wall street a fortune at one of the best days for stocks in months and yesterday was the street worst since june. the tech sector had not been hit this hard and march with major companies like alphabet to come in the parent company of google, amazon a, and at apple leaving the selloff. at the white house democratic lawmakers have stuck a deal to avoid a government shutdown at the end of the month. house speaker nancy pelosi and ee of any extra policy deal is proposals that have come located previous legislve any n
5:40 am
funding. and apparently, wrapper travis is saying i am loving it. and a new deal with mcdonald's. what is the deal with this new deal. >> reporter: that is right. it turns out that scott loves mcdonald's quarter pounder with cheese so much, the company decided to partner with him. it will sell the travis scott meal for a limited time included the quarter pounder with cheese, bacon, lettuce, medium fries with barbecue sauce and a sprite with for six dollars for the last celebrity be a was with michael jordan in nearly 30 years ago.>> a few years ago. the scout scott special. i think we need a diane deal. that is ne>>eporr:wi. i kethe w diane king hall, thank > s in t the search for a team targeting the stores across alameda. that is next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. we start off the day with foggy conditions. hazy as well and patty drizzle.
5:41 am
this morning we talk about the heat and smoke, coming up. we have so you're a small business,
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welcome trcu quality conditions the spare the air alert extending into
5:44 am
tomorrow. and likely beyond that. the record 18 days in a row of the spare the air alert. we will talk about the heat for the weekend, coming up. the clock hit 5:44. mobile up over house speaker nancy pelosi bought at a san francisco salon. protesters other outside of her home. some wearing hair curlers and hanging blow dryers on a tree. all of this after video was released of pelosi getting her hair done inside of a salon on a monday which right now is not allowed. >> it is just another example of how politicians make rules and expect us to follow the rules, but they do not have to follow them. celexa got caught and she played the victim card. this is unacceptable. our politicians and our leaders should lead. slightprters belie pelosi through the salon owner under the bus by claiming she was set up. president trump had something to say about that at a campaign
5:45 am
stop.>> she said, i was set up. i was set up by the salon owner. i was set up. and i said tell me she did not say that, please. i just put out that if she was set out up then she should not be leading the house of representatives.>> the white house is saying pelosi owes an apology to the american people. new video out of alameda shows a group of suspected thieves and action. look at them. you can see a woman and two men having products from a store shelf and shoving as much as they can in their back. here's a closer look at the suspects without the facemasks. if you recognize these people, police wanted to hear from you. alameda police say they have seen several brazen thefts from retailers across the island recently. they believe those suspects caught on camera may be linked to many of those crimes.
5:46 am
police in moffat los angeles are grappling with a big jump in paintball shootings. some of the incidents are recorded on video with the innocent bystanders basically ambushed as the attackers laugh. it looks like this is a social media trend. the shooters might be trying to put the attacks on mine. so far this year there have been 90 paintball shootings in l.a. reported. the majority on the south side of the city. police have made several arrests. they say the victims were out and about in the neighborhood. >> is if there is not enough to worry about right now. just in time for a road trip. gas prices this labor day are set to be the lowest since 2004. according to gas buddy, they are predicting a national average price of $2.19 per gallon. in 2000 for the average labor day price was $1.82 per gallon. it is 5:46. gianna is checking traffic. you need to do more research because i never see prices in
5:47 am
the twos. if you know, let me know. i was thinking the same thing. i did not pay two dollars last week and i filled up my take. taking a look at the roadways. 880 northbound looking better. the roadwork we were dealing with for most of the morning so far is now completely cleared. things are moving better. northbound 880 through oakland. you should be good to go for the most part in both directions. the roadwork is clear and all lanes are open. all of the nimitz freeway is pretty much at the limit. here is a live look at conditions at the coliseum. traffic is moving nicely in both directions. we are hoping for friday lights, especially with the three day weekend upon us. found 37, traffic is a little crowded. once your past the island you're at the limit as you work towards marin county and we are
5:48 am
starting to see a few more brake lights and the altamont pass. traffic is starting at grant my moving westbound as you get into the past. once you are past the area heading towards 680, things are okay adding onto the dublin interchange. definitely getting busier heading onto the 580 commuted westbound into the livermore valley. a look at the traffic in the south bay. this is one of the bright spot. i'm not seeing brake lights 101 northbound out of south san jose. south out of morgan hills, traffic is moving nicely across 101 with the travel times mostly in the green. included the eastshore freeway commute. we had a crash near pinole valley rd.. that is off of the freeway. westbound 80 from highway for over to the macarthur maze, 18 minutes. that monday is a holiday, there are changes to public transit . caltrain will be on a holiday sunday schedule, and no service for ace rail on monday. it will be hot this weekend. here is mary. i am tracking the rising temperatures for the upcoming holiday weekend. also, the smoke. a lot to get to this morning. as we start of the day it is a foggy start. hazy skies. we also have patchy drizzle.
5:49 am
here is a live look at the treasure island camera. we are in the 50 starting off the day. upper 50s in concord, oakland, livermore, san jose. mid-50s for san francisco and santa rosa. check the current air quality conditions. looking at the good to moderate air quality this morning, but unhealthy air for the worst of it for processing north bay into separate cisco parts of the east bay this morning. let's zoom and for the peninsula. it is a moderate start to the day for the air quality from redwood city as well as the south bay and san jose. also looking as of the unhealthy air quality for the tri-valley and east bay. we will try to get the air quality sensors going. looking at moderate air quality for the east bay as well as for the oakland area, unhealthy for san francisco, of the larkspur and sausalito. looking at the spirit of the air alert remaining ineffective
5:50 am
today, as well as tomorrow, likely extended into the rest of the weekend, and next week. the longest stretch of spare the air alerts we have gone a record of 18 zero. with the alert to the previous record set back in 2018 for the campfire. looking at heat advisories and excessive heat warning support saturday through labor day due to this dangerous heat. for labor day, we're looking at the triple digits heat. for tomorrow we will see near record highs if not breaking record high temperatures saturday likely sunday and into monday. the strong ridge of high pressure into place. the smoke trapped in the heat building. the tribbett triple digit heat in the. it is around the bay and 70s for the coast for labor day. this afternoon, the normal daytime highs before we skyrocket with temperatures. anyone in san jose.
5:51 am
84 santa clara. for the east bay, upper 80s and close to 94 concord and pleasant hill. 90s for antioch and brentwood. around the bay, 67 in san francisco. 71 in oakland. the upper 70s and low to mid 80s for the north bay. here is the extended forecast, and what you can expect with triple digit heat. saturday, sunday, and monday labor day inland looking after the heat continuing into early next week. oakland a is back tonight after a player tested positive for covid-19. the team gm says the diagnosis is especially scary. that is coming up next on
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5:54 am
we have a spare the air ehlert in effects for today once again. a record 18 days in a row with the spare the air ehlert. heading through the weekend either advisory and excessive heat warnings are in effect saturday through labor day. the a's are back on the diamond, but because becomes with a bit of bad news. it is the teams last game in houston because i covid-19 positive test result. this morning we are learning that it was a player on the team. picture daniel minton tested positive for covid-19 last weekend when the team was in houston. he last pitched on august 18. this waunakee remains a systematic and has isolated in houston. the gm made it clear that he did nothing wrong.
5:55 am
like there was no breaking of protocols that is frankly what is so scary about the virus. we do not know where he got it. m since and he the day after. continues to be a systematic and feel-good. sector have not been any additional positive test within the traveling party. the a's will host the potteries at the coliseum. a rare silver dollar coin is likely to fetch millions of dollars in the upcoming auction. if you have money to burn, the coin dates back to 1794. it features a portrait of lady liberty on one side and an eagle on the other. the last time it sold was in 2013. it went for 10 million cool 150 new auction is set for october 8th at the venetian hotel in las vegas. it is 5:55. fire evacuation orders lifted. now a new problem. the latest advisory for people
5:56 am
finally returning home. next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. i am a kiet do. we are live in pacifica. where the speech and other beaches around the bay area will be closed to limit the spread of coronavirus. kpix 5 has a brand-new app. it gives you easy 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and the kpix 5 news . ladies... check it out.
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streaming , and ready for a hot holiday weekend.
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it will be a beach bummer for at least one bay area town where you are being told to stay away. all of the heat threatening our power supply. the concerns of a bay area blackout.>> we are afraid of both what is to come. how will this effect us long- term. distracts student stuck paying the full price of for rent while their landlords cash in. how they are fighting back. we are talking about a new job numbers. it is friday, september 4th. thank you for joining us. i'm anne makovec. like i am len kiese. smoke come a atd extend sparle checking it all for you. we are looking at the spare the rday, d likelybeyond to that. the currenr quality ions, looking at good to moderate for most about. unhealthy air for the north bay se


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