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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  September 7, 2020 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00. breaking news pg&e announcing moments ago it will cut off power for public safety. the areas impacted starting tonight. >> it will be miserable. could be a huge hassle. more record high temperatures across the bay including livermore.
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i'll track when we get relief from the triple digit relief. the record streak of spare the air alerts now in the 4th >> we all had asthma and stayed indoors most of the time. a fast moving wildfire in mendocino. breaking news in the pg&e hours away from shutting off power as high fire danger ramps up in the bay area. good evening i'm allen martin in for ken tonight. and i'm cook could go. elizabeth ok. let's get over to joe for the latest. >> reporter: pge & wrapped up a news conference a few minutes ago. they report this gone to a maybe to, yes, they will cut
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off the power to thousands in napa and sonoma county as soon as 9:00 p.m. but a lot of people will see power go down at midnight. >> we don't take that decision lightly. we understand the impact on our customers and our communities. we've been working hard all year, learning from last year's psps events and making improvements. >> reporter: so the next question is when will the power go back on? pg&e says they are aiming wednesday 7:00 p.m. for restoring power. they got to go out and inspect lines and make sure everything is clear. this is not the first rodeo for folks in calastoga but it hurts. >> it's a part of the new norm. >> reporter: derek is general manager of the hotel in downtown and he got alert pg&e will shut off power sometime
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tonight. >> we've warned the guests and let them know what the situation is and what we can offer and not offer while power is down. >> reporter: temperatures went well over 100 degrees today. when it is this hot you don't want to hear you won't have air conditioning. >> it will be miserable. >> reporter: that's facing people in napa and sonoma county. they warned of a psps, public safety power shut down in napa and is a notice that county. ed i see one coming. >> reporter: a group of wildfires in the area is nearly contained but still lingering, the concern is that high winds will spark more trouble tonight . for many navigating school and work the possibility of a
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power shutoff is not welcome news. >> could be a huge hassle with online classes and everything. >> another gut punch to the community. you mentioned the school and businesses as well that started to reopen because of covid. and, joe, i see the calfire trucks in the background. they still on the ground because of the previous fire or in anticipation of shut office? ? >> yeah, no they're he because of the previous series of fires. it's mostly contained but staying at the hotel that now is in danger of having power out. i'll tell you a quick thing i just observed a little while ago. one firefighter was leaving quickly and the manager asked him what's going on, and he said i've got to get back to fresno county, that fire is approaching my house. so we have visiting firefighters here whare w in danger of thr homes >> no kidding. anr untyprty all righ joe thank you. for everyone else it's
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looking like we will not see rolling power outages across california right now. we're at the peak of energy demand and well below capacity. conserve energy until 9:00 tonight. >> it hits close to home. let's get over to paul heggen. the record high temperatures cooking fire furls and when the winds pick up that's when the dangerous conditions take hold. the warning comes from the santa santa cruz mountains where the wind gusts are the strongest. on top of the peaks with 30 to 50 mile an hour wind gusts and still hot temperatures a low humidity that's a bad combination. it was another hot day today. not quite record territory in the city or san jose and a new record of san jose 1610 and livermore checked
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forecast for parts of the area tomorrow but at least we back off a little bit. tomorrow's high temperatures and trouble spots in terms of fire danger in a few minutes. >> all right. paul, we'll look for that. a live look from the exclusive sales force camera. another day of the smokey hazy skies. spare the air alert is extended through thursday which would mean a record breaking 23 consecutive days. doctors are warning temperatures with dirty air can be dangerous for health especially children, elderly people with respiratory ll but at the end of the day i would like people to stay home just like any other day. keep masks on and stay cool. it will get really hot. >> we s with the two little boys they're bouncing off the walls. >> in antioch the temperature neared 110 degrees. moplwe met
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trying to stay cool. >> you kind of realize that it's best for us to go outside and play rather than be inside. we can work on the craft and get better day by day. i mean we're out here putting in work. >> it's like a saw nah and in every single room unless we have a air conditioner. we have resources to get through the heat including links to track the air quality in the neighborhood and a list of cooling centers all the website a new wildfire in mendocino county erupted tonight. it quickly exploded to 1,000 acres. new video showing helicopters trying to douse the flames and firefighters trying to create some kind of a fire line in some cases the fire burning right up to homes. hundreds of homes are threatened and 3,700 homes have been evacuated.
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highway 101 is closed in both directions north of will lites because of the fire. firefighters are having a tough time battling a wildfire burning out of control in the sierra national forest. you see behind me several buildings burning in the creek fire. evacuation orders are in place near shaver lake. the fire scorched more than 78,000 acres and 0 containment. from people camping over labor day weekend. they were trapped surrounded by the flames when the fire blocked the only road out of mammoth pool reservoir. a military helicopter helped get them to safety. >> winds going 40, 50, 60 mile- per-hour and we kept going under okay are we going to die from the fire or drowning? >>reporter: closer to homes are crews are nearing containment on the lightning fires the lmu
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complex in the north bay and vzu santa clara county reopening. new health orders will take effect tomorrow and nail salons are hoping that means they'll be allowed to come in from all the heat and smoke. >> reporter: nail salons have been hard hit in santa clara county and forced to stay outdoors when other personal care services like hair stylings were allowed to move indoors. they hope that's about to change. kim is tied yeeg up the nail stations in hopes of finally being allowed to reopen indoors tomorrow. >> we don't know when. until now i wasn't able to work in the shop. not fair for client or us >> ra allowed to briefly reopen in july but shut down by health officials after two days and hair styling was allowed to
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reopen inside last week but nail technicians were still shut out in brutal conditions. >> they have to deal with, you know, light the weather, hot, dust, you know, noisy, so -- they're looking forward to coming in to see us for to relax. >> reporter: santa clara county is expected to move from purple to red under the four tier color coded system al roug nail salons to come back inside. there are safety concerns inside and out because of the heat and smoke. >> inside more safe than outside. i hope we'll be open soon. >> reporter: under a red condition, restaurants and theaters would also be allowed to reopen for indoor service at 25% capacity. officialrvill remain restricted to outside for the foreseeable future. >> i just think we're fully equipped to serve people really
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safe distance in here. >> reporter: it doesn't make sense to this restaurant owner who has 77,000 square feet of indoor space going to waste. >> we could certainly serve people inside and i think it would be healthier to them than outside amidst a raging forest fire over the last few weeks. >>poreer santa cruz beaches reopened after being shut down for the holiday weekend. did the closure actually keep visitors away? ease accused of hitting a police officer with his car and driving away. the arrest out of santa cruz county.
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on-demand glucose monitoring. on. anlifeng no fbeabe bo us. so you don't wait for life. you live it. well you can lounges at the beaches in santa cruz which reopened hours ago. ac during labor day weekend but
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that didn't stop a select few from showing up. many greeted by officers telling them they had to go. it's a time for people to be weather aware, either heat or fire, all of it. >> it plays together with a several days in a row of 110- degree temperatures inland that cooked all the vegetation, the dryness of the fire fuels is one of the things we evaluate when looking at the fire danger. we put it together with the fire index which goes to 0 to 10. the relative humidity, how dry the air and how fast are the winds and how often gusting stronger and what are the temperatures going to be? still hot tomorrow. factor all those together and here's where the fire danger index was earlier in the evening. everything below 5. we want to be as close to 0 or as far away from 10 as possible. as winds gust tonight before the sun comes up tomorrow, the fire danger index will b
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cl ithe north bay and solano county topping out close to the top of the scale mainly in the north bay. red flag warning includes east bay hills and santa cruz mountains but north bay mountains i'm most concerned about with the most dangerous combination of strong winds and dry air and dry vegetation plus there are existing fires in place as winds fan. as they die down a little bit, the fire danger index goes fraction naturally by late tomorrow but red flag warning through early wednesday morning. what's causing this? the buckle in the jet team. stream. it will bring snow to denver two days after 100 degrees. talk about whiplash. queezed a forcing air through a relatively small space. 32 mile-per-hour sustained winds with gusts in the 50 mile-
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per-hour range especially spots above 1,000 feet in elevation. later this week back to a normal weather pattern. unfortunately strong winds not pushing bad air quality out of here. okay in some spots. worls air quality extends from the north bay into east bay and tri-valley and with fire burning around the state air quality is unelty for sensitive groups across the inspire bay area. 92nd straight spare the air day and hanging out in the atmosphere. sn't sterrible. atands a100 in concord and 103 in santa rows and downtown in the upper 60s but temperatures do anything about the air quality. dropping further into the 60s t much. it 60s ac the board early for thtir 70along the coast. low to mid-90s along the south end of the bay with mid to upper 90s for santa clara
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valley. they are 15 to 20 degrees above average instead 25 to 30 degrees above average like recently. triple digit heat for most inland locations. bay, upper 80s to 90s and breezy conditions and low relative humidity levels and same for lake and mendocino counties as well. temperatures back down closer to normal by the end of the workweek. enough. tomorrow, hot and breezy and dropping to a greater degree by wednesday and thursday. another update coming up at 11:00. >> all right. thank you paul. here's what you missed. president trump and presidential challenger joe biden attended separate labor day events today. biden appears to be in limbo when asked if he would get a vaccine once in became a available while trump continues to suggest a covid-19 vaccine could be ready next month. >> it is so dangerous for our country what they say but the vaccine will be very safe and
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very effective. >> i would want to see what the scientists say. if i could get a vaccine tomorrow, i would do it if it cost the election i would do it. we need a vaccine and we need it now. meanwhile latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows joe biden leading the president amongst registered voter and president trump has the edge on who voters think who would handle the economy best. overall voters see the economy as the biggest factor in the election. back here in california, you have until october 19 to register to vote for more information on how to do so online just go to our website 2020. a rally taking over the golden gate bridge today. dozens gathered on the pedestrian walkway calling for support for the black lives matter movement. some people did spill out onto the roadway forcing chp to close down at least one lane. and in santa cruz county police arrest this had man
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accused of hitting a capitola police officer with his car and driving away. it happened saturday. the man was under the influence when he hit the officer's motorcycle. the officer sustained minor injuries. allen. all right, liz, coming up a gender reveal party takes a disastrous turn after sparking a fast moving wildfire. the charges the family could can now face. >> you don't have time to carry your stuff let's go. common. plus an intense escape. new video an officer saving homeowners. and a new app for 24/7 de e are challenging times...
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and with summer here, energy bills are rising. together, we can save energy and money...inless. keep safe and keep it golden.
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start sfart now to fire watch in san bernardino county where a couple could face charges for this destructive wildfire. they were using a smoke machine for gender reveal party when it sparked. they tried to put out the flames but only had water bottles. it quickly grew. the soon to be parents could be liable for the cost to fight the fire and the losses and on top of that, they could face criminal charges. some new video of the heart pounding race to evacuate
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people during the lnu complex fire. >> no, you got to go now, let's go. now. >> right whined your house. >> you don't have time to carry i can't really stuff. lets go. >> reporter: police officer races against the growing fire. he's going door-to-door to make sure everybody gets out of their home. the officer is even seen helping people pack bags into cars. in all, the lmu lightning complex fire forced 15,000 people from their homes. could be a scene out of a funny movie what happens when a hungry goat ends up head- butting a cop for a snack next.
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chewing down on the paperwork. took her effort to get him out of the vehicle and to show his thanks, he head butt her but at least it was under the upholstery. >> they will eat anything and everything. >> looking for chips. >> whatever. >> maybe papers. >> opinion 80ed goat. thank you for watching at 7:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. we'll be back at 11:00. enjoy the rest of the evening. good night. give you my world ♪
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