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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  October 5, 2020 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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trump as he walks out of the hospital and later, a salute, as he returns to the white house, and says this. >> don't be afraid of it. you will beat it. we have the best medical equipment. contagious and not wearing a mask. tonight the backlash from health experts. plus most californians is upcoming election will vote by mail. coming up we tell you why some are showing up early to vote in person. i do not have any hesitation coming in person, i don't trust a mailing in the ballot. mainly because of everything that has gone on with usps. >> reporter: the family of oscar grant still demanding justice just as they were speaking out, what of an investigation and his fatal shooting by bart police. > right now, in the news at
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seven and streaming on cbsn bay area, taking a live look at the white house, the president back tonight after spending four days at walter reed medical center, for coronavirus treatment. skyler henry joins us. the presidents new comments are raising more concerns tonight. >> reporter: good evening to you. as you can imagine, certainly some criticism there but as the president returns back to the white house, his doctors have said that he is going to keep a watchful eye on the president at least for the next week, then he will be a little bit people not toronarus dominate t lives. president trump emerge from walter reed army medical center wearing a surgical mask. he flashed a thumbs up sign then walked to his motorcade
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without assistance. after a short flight aboard marine one the president climbed the southmont stairs, then removed his mask, and record a video message. >> i learned so much about coronavirus, and one thing that is for certain, don't let it dominate you. don't be afraid of it. you are going to beat it, we have the best medical equipment, we have the best medicine, all developed recently. >> reporter: the doctor says he will continue to undergo treatment at the white house. he may not entirely out of the woods yet, the team and i agreed that all of our evaluations, most importantly, his clinical status, support the president safe return home. >> reporter: he said the president d mostly monitored for the next week. >> if we can get through to monday, with him remaining the same or improving, better yet, then we will all take that final deep sigh of relief. >> reporter: at least 19 people with ties to the white house
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had tested positive for the coronavirus including to republicans on the senate judiciary committee. next week it is a stick at the supreme court nomination for amy connie barrett. >> this body will not cease to function is because democrats are afraid they may lose a vote. the supreme court hearing will go forward as planned. again dr. say that they will keep a watchful eye on the president, they say they will feel a lot better if his diagnosis continues to progress or, i should say, if he continues to feel better by next monday or tuesday. she also mentioned this, the president says that he plans on participating in next week's debate. the street from the president also drawn criticism, feeling really good, don't be afraid of covid, don't let it dominate your life. we have developed under the trump administration some really great drugs and knowledge.
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i feel better than i did 20 years ago. avenue some had this response. >> that is a political season so it does not surprise me or anybody but certainly, it has impacted the presidents life quite directly and quite in the vacantly to minimize, to negate, to dismiss, this pandemic as anything but what it is, i don't think advances collective cause for bringing this country back together. meanwhile their doctors are deeply concerned, for the president's comments. >> people are going to see okay, he is fine now, so why should we worry. doctors also continue to say the president is not out of the woods yet, have seen patients have seemed to get better only to later get much worse. the election, officially underway, balance are showing
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up in mailboxes, bay area voters are going to the polls but as devin fehely shows us, from san jose, early voting looks a little bit different this time around. >> reporter: actually move those early voting operations outside. now starting today, all registered voters in california will receive a mail-in ballot. that is how most are going to deal with this election, either putting the ballots in the mail, bringing them to a drop box like this one here, but some of the people who showed up from the early voting centers sank coming in person or early gives some confidence that the vote will be counted. for some it was the responsibility. >> my mother taught me to vote as infected 18. >> reporter: for others, concerns about the integrity. and for others still it was a desire to make sure their vote and boys were heard. in a hugely consequential election.
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>> i just in september, it is the first time ever voted. >> reporter: for the reasons very, early voters who reunited in showing up at the very first opportunity to cast a ballot at polling places across the bay area. >> i wanted to make sure i got my voting and wanted to make sure that i was not going to wait for my palate just in case something happens. >> reporter: she brought her family to the registrar of voters office in san jose. where a line formed before the polls officially opened at eight. voters say they came early to make sure that nothing prevented their vote from being counted. >> i wanted to make sure that my vote got in before it was too late, and actually luckily i came early, and found my registration had been canceled by the state. >> reporter: while early voting has opened across the bay area there is still a chance to register to vote before the october 19 deadline. the turnout and interest was strong, san francisco formed long before the polls opened. and oversized tent outside city hall. >> more air circulation, people
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are gathering indoors in large numbers. morris is for social distancing, it just is more room for people who are moving around. >> when having the polling stations open on weekends make it any easier for folks? >> reporter: the short answer is yes. right now, the early voting centers are open monday through friday from eight in the morning until five at night. they're going to open on the weekends as well. there helping he vote smart, and you want to get your election questions answered. they can share them using kpix vote smart on twitter, facebook or instagram. natural bombshell in the oscar grant case, more than a decade after he was fatally shot by a art police officer the prosecutors are reopening
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the case. juliette goodrich reports on the second officer, at the center of the investigation. >> reporter: oscar grant's family is now focusing on officer tony perrone. they want the case reopened. and today, there which was granted. >> it has been 11 years. >> reporter: the family said they are still waiting for justice. >> justice delayed is justice denied. >> reporter: he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. by an independent investigation released last year revealed new details about what happened and now the family is calling on the da to charge officer tony peroni. >> his last words were i to breathe. anthony peroni, the officer who created a climate of violence, pinned oscar down with his knee on his neck , with his hands on
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his face. >> reporter: the news conference, a statement had been issued by the das office, and read out loud by the family. >> we are reopening our investigation. >> reporter: nancy o'malley said i have assigned a team of lawyers to look back into the circumstances that caused the death of oscar grant. we will evaluate the evidence, and the law, including the applicable law at the time in the statute of limitations, and make a determination. >> we are not holding our breath. but we definitely will be praying that she sees the truth in this issue. >> i think it is a start. >> murder has no statute of limitation. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix5. evacuation order was reduced to a warning for areas in st. helena, by the numbers the glass fire has burned about 100 mi.b2, twice the size of sa francisc
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ly s ve en destroyed, thousands are still friends. that fire is currently about lo francisco from atop the salesforce tower. fox has been rolling in the we have had some decent air in the city of san francisco for a while but not other places around the bay area, where it was terrible today, paul. >> and improved a lot yesterday but treated from the good air quality especially for the north and inland in east bay in that is the direction we are looking here, he can still, even of the sun is going down, you can see that layer of smoke is kind of hugging the horizon. the air quality is the worst right now in the north bay, inland in the east bay and some of the poor air quality has been sneaking for the south into the santa clara valley around san jose. it is okay, run the city and down the peninsula, and we should see better air quality as we head to the day on tuesday. the trouble spots will still be the north went into solano county just because
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of your proximity to the glass fire and the way that the mid- level wind will be blowing. farther down the line in the cast, we actually have rain chances heading our way by friday and saturday. more details on that. coming up in a few minutes. still ahead, i am dennis o'donnell. ace and astros, highs in reaction, straightahead. santa clara county getting ready for more reopening's. the restrictions that could lift as soon as next week. a uc berkeley student vanishes, the search for the young woman and where she was
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the eighth had their ace on the mountain early 3-1 lead but it would not last in los angeles. sports director dennis o'donnell joins us now with the where it went to wrong for
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oakland. and talk about the weather, i think, if you love homeruns, guys, you will love this baseball series. the a's and astros will play all day games at dodger stadium with the ball carries much better than at night. astro skippered dusty baker shared his reaction during get in game interview. sean murphy second home run of the playoffs, it gives them a 3- 0 lead. chris cassidy allowed two runs in the entire month of september, but it was hit hard today. he gave up a pair of home runs in the fourth, the two-run shot by carlos correa tie the game at three. bottom for, matt holsen, hitless in the wildcard series emma skies and the center for a solo shot to put the a's back
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on top. he cannot believe that paul actually went out. top six, in error by mark to simeon, extended the inning and the astros, boy, they cashed in. jose altuve, a two-run single, to give houston a 65 lead. they rallied for four runs, all after two were out. and then in the eighth, it is korea, his time again. it went out for a second home run. the astros pounded out 16 hit and take game 110-5. what a game in the stadium is going to be a shootout,'s no yeah, i mean, the ball flies, any mistakes, there is no potpies really here. pop pfizer homeruns. >> nfl, patriots and chiefs. start for cam newton, it did not go well, it was mentioned the third quarter after two turnovers and only three points on the board.
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third stringer, was not much better, he threw two interceptions, this was a pick six, get well soon, cam newton. they 126-10, 4-0, new england is 2-2. after the a's, cannot make a lot of errors against the astros, a team with that much power pitching the game to for the a's. back to. let's see some action in terms of cooler weather. maybe some rain around this week. all sorts of stuff to talk about the forecast, the he don't that brought us the return of 90s and the 100 latah
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st. is in the process of weakening.& moving in from the coast will bring us cooler temperatures, little cloud cover by wednesday and thursday, to be storm system moving in from the pacific, mainly toward washington and oregon but it is going to be close enough to send rain chances toward us will let's start with that ensure you have the two longer-range forecast models are handling this. none of these models are perfect, these are the to the farthest into the future, made very famous by how it handles super storm sandy back in 2012, and american forecast model, both in motion starting thursday morning, but keep us dry on thursday. the european model sends a wave of rain through thursday night and early friday morning, american forecast model sends it in just a little bit later, and be closer to what we would usually call rush-hour on friday morning, i guess that is more the case now that people are going back to physical offices. >> reporter: chance of rain on friday. their pain forecast models ends another round of rain what is on saturday, the american were not so optimistic. keep that range ise north, we'l keep you updated but is the first decent chance of rain
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that we have seen around here in a couple of months. great news in terms of the fire conditions around the glass fire and other fires burning around the state as well. for now just and fog started spreading to the city, only 56 degrees downtown, 5060s, 70s and 80s on the map, just a typical bay area temperature map, if you right now livermore is the warm spot, the savings pops come to us from san jose. the only other very handsome but they are named after varieties of scotch whiskey so these are my favorite dogs. temps have dropped off already, going to end up in the upper 60s by later on this evening so they can get out for a decent walk. their quality still somewhat of an issue this evening as i mentioned earlier, that will improve as we head into tomorrow. fog not to widespread tomorrow morning, not going too inlanditp qukly an should see nttomorrow afternoon but again some of the cloud cover will be here already by wednesday and thursday, and then we see more of that with the rain chances by friday and saturday. temperatures tomorrow morning, and up in the 50s in most spots
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and we will warm-up, same friday temperatures we had steak maybe a couple of degrees cooler for the inland, hotspots along east of the tri-valley in the low to mid 90s, 70s around the bay with most the 80s for the north became a beginning on wednesday but then only 70s inland. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday and those rain chances down the line for friday and saturday. we'll keep you updated on that as we head to the rest of the week. santa clara county could reopen indoor dining rooms starting october 14. if the county moves from red to orange tomorrow. as we open up we create more risk and where there is risk, it really requires us a ittobeonsive d doesnot it apart. atilou aurantand chto open indoors at25% capacity. uc berkey student from s se
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chrissy held in san francisco on wednesday. she is likely wearing dark shorts, slip on vans, it has her hair in a ponytail. she is 5'10", 19 years old and weighs about 130 pounds. of mcgavin is the name justice marching into california supreme court in a briefing today. if confirmed to be the first openly justice, and third african-american on the bench . he would fill the vacancy left by associate justice ming chen who retired in august. still ahead, how a makeup en a wild police chase and into labor. plus, feet week is here but don't expect to hear the war of the blue angels anytime this year. new at 11, california employment development department reopens for business this week. promising major security upgrades turns out there was
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organized crime behind millions of fake claims nationwide that is gridlocked the application process. i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. nineteen limits taxes on seniors. it limits property tax on people like me. nineteen limits taxes on wildfire victims. it says so right here. if 19 passes, seniors can move closer to family or medical care. i looked at moving but i can't afford the taxes. will you help california's most vulnerable? vote 'yes' on prop 19. to wear a mask out in public around other people. sure it'll keep you healthy. but more importantly, i won't have to see your happy smiling face. ugh. and if you don't want to wear a mask, i've just got one thing to tell you. scram, go away. ugh.
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the sentences columbia are accused of a wild crime spree near sacramento, it all started at a walgreens when they allegedly stole thousand dollars worth of makeup. police say they led officers on a chase and ended up crashing into a car with a pregnant woman inside and she went into labor. mom and baby are both okay. fleet week here
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taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take.
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