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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 7, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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mike pence and kamala harris go head to head in the vice presidential debates. you did changes and the moments that had the internet buzzing. >> the american people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration. >> from the very first day, president donald trump has put the health of americans first. sorority sisters coming together in a show of support for senator harris. they are part of a powerful voting block . emergency responders morning tonight after a san francisco firefighter is killed in a training accident . was forced from their homes. the glass fire finally
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returning tonight. >> the firemen saved it. it is a blessing. government takeover of health care. the green mill deal. all government control. we are about freedom . >> let's talk about respecting the american people. respect the american people when you tell the truth. in a special edition of the kpix 5 news at 10:00. sparks fly as tonight's vice presidential debates. thank you for joining us. >> it was the only opportunity for voters to see the vice presidential candidates face off before election day. natalie brand reports from salt lake city. >> reporter: senator harris and vice president pence are known as skilled debaters. they were asked very direct questions but reed deflected. instead, pivoted to their preferred campaign
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talking points. with new covid-19 protections in place, the coronavirus remained front and center as president mike pence and kamala harris squared off in utah . >> the american people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration. >> from the very first day, president donald trump has put the help of america first. >> reporter: senator harris, a former prosecutor, what after the president's pandemic response . >> what ever he is claiming demonstration has done a clearly it has not works . >> when you're looking at over 210,000 dead bodies. >> reporter: mike pence, the leader of the task force, defended . >> job allowed the american people to make the best choices for their help. after last week, the candidates try to stay on message but often avoided answering questions from the moderator. >> thank you, i would like to go back
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>> i think we need to move on . >> i would like to go back. what would you want california to do? which one your home state to enact no restrictions on abortion? >> though by the night are people of faith, and it is insulting to suggest that we would knock anyone for their faith. >> reporter: at one point, a flight ended on vice president pence his head as he discussed police reform . >> the present with i stand with you. >> reporter: with the covid-19 diagnosis and both the president and joe biden in their 70s, this debate gave voters the chance to see how these candidates might handle the presidency ever called upon. >> joe and i were raised in a similar way. we were raised with values that are about hard work. stroke the vice president and senator sharply disagreed over the push to confront supreme court nominee amy coney barrett before election day. >> we hope she gets a fair hearing. i particularly hope that we did
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not see the kind of attacks on her christian faith that we saw before. >> let the american people build that seat in the white house. we will then fill the sea on the supreme court. >> reporter: the second is presidential debate is set to take place in florida. president trump has indicated he wants to debate next thursday in miami. joe biden has told reporters he would base it on what the doctors have to say and medical adviser to the commission on presidential debates. organizers will have to work and focus on this issue with about one week to figure out all of the details. in salt lake city, i am natalie brand. i spoke with melissa kane tonight on a debate was far more civil than the presidential debates. still, he did at times. this is what she said when i asked her who won. >> these were of both 11. their job, as vice presidential candidates, is to not embarrass
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the top of the ticket. in that regard, they both hit it out of the park. they both held their ground and defended their presidential candidates confidently and did not embarrass themselves or their presidential candidate. for that, they are each going home saying that was a win. >> do you think they change anyone's mind tonight? do you think anybody will flip their boat based on what mike pence or kamala harris had to say? >> i think that it could have. based on the performances that they gave tonight they were perfectly competent. they were each did a good job on behalf of their candidates and their parties and themselves. i do not think either of them did any damage to their parties potential. if you're undecided both are going into this debate you're probably an undecided both are coming out of this a debates. another candidate gave you a
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reason to vote against them. that is the decision that a lot of one decided voters are trying to make. >> there not any major gaps on either side, or any real knockout punches from either side. >> that is true. each candidate gave good, aggressive, more offensive statements. they absorbed the other side pretty well. or example, will harris of course, a former prosecutor went after mike pence on a number of issues. he, in his calm way that he does project, took those comments in and calmly responded. neither side was able to get the other side really riled. >> outside of the fly that ended on the vice presidents head, it was notable because his hair is white. something a lot of us have to
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do with later in life. that was almost like a distraction, it was like breaking the ice. it was funny. >> it was a good moment of levity. there's not much levity in the debate itself. these candidates, if nothing else, very serious about what they were doing in that moment. one there was even something, just a little funny, it became way bigger. the next presidential debate is set for october 15th. the president said that he wants to attend. joe biden says the debate should be canceled if trump still has coronavirus. kamala harris roots no only run deep in the bay area she has strong ties to a sisterhood at howard university. kpix 5 spoke to her former sorority sisters rallying behind her. stroke on the debate stage, kamala harris the backing of women who call hurt their sister, even though they do not share blood.
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>> 30 million people. stroke on the debate stage, california senator kamala harris, oakland native, and number of a sorority had a woman virtually behind her. this is a photo of members of all for historically black sororities doing what they call the stroll to the poll's. >> it is wonderful to see that kind of solidarity. and that the statements. it make such a statement to say there are a lot of us out here. we are all going to the poll's. >> reporter: behind that photo there is a bloating block. biotech scientist and the member of the sorority says seeing harris on the stage is something she will not forget. >> people are excited to have representation. it reflects us and a lot of our ideals and our morals. >> reporter: another member is retired member kpix 5 anchor, barbara rogers.
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she never thought she would see an african-american woman nominated to the vice presidency. >> it is so strong that we are capable. what this says is we are quite capable and have been all along. they took a long time to notice it. >> reporter: dr. new this she was impressed with kamala harris's performances . >> she addressed all of the issues. she addressed the issues that needed to be fact checked. she represented us as people. she was very clear that she is a person representing the people. >> reporter: for another member, the senator displayed qualities during the debate that she wants for her daughter. >> i appreciate her perseverance, strength, drive. >> we asked the chairman of the san francisco republican party, john dennis, to weigh in on the
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debates. said one of harris's major shortcomings was quite apparent tonight. >> she did a pretty good job holding mike pence's feet to the fire. i think, when it came to foreign party see, especially middle eastern, i think it was evident that kamala harris is away in over her head. she did not have budget to respond to their. president trump life tweeted the debates. was back in the oval office for the first time since he was diagnosed with coronavirus. a marine was stationed outside the wes wing today the president was there, inside. white house official said isolation carts with ppe are set up for staff may have to interact with the president. earlier today, mr. trump released a message on twitter, touting the treatment he received from drugmaker regeneron. >> i know they call them therapeutic, but to me, it was
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not therapeutic. it just made me better. i call that a cure. i want everybody to be given the same treatment as your president. i feel great. i feel perfect. i want to get, for you, what i got. i will make it free. >> president trump doctors say he has been symptom-free for the past 24 hours. his vitals continue to be stable. right now, this emphasis: fire department is morning one of the rooms. 42-year-old jason cortez died this morning during a training drill at the fire department's mission disturbed facility. ,, colleagues, and other emergency first responders gathered at zuckerberg general hospital for a procession in his honor. >> he was a go-getter. he cared about people. he loved his job. he loved the people he worked with. he loved his family. >> he was assigned to station three in the tenderloin district
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, one of the busiest firehouses in the nation. he was behind a wife and two children. @coming up, as firefighters make more progress in the north bay, some people in calistoga finally got a chance to return home. the promise california governor gavin newsom is making to help combat climate change. hurricane delta slams cancun. it is a preview of what comes as a his united states? >> we also talked about our weather. it includes smoke and haze they do one of the most difficult jobs there is,
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even in normal times. our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us.
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on the fire watch right now, good news on the fight against the classifier in napa and someone counties. containment has jumped to 62%. in all, flames more than 60,000 acres. in calistoga, thousands of people who were forced out by the fire can return home tonight after officials lifted all evacuation warnings. kpix 5's don ford was there. stroke with a mandatory evacuation orders in california finally lifted, folks are starting to return home. what they see is the town is clfint ale e silveradtrail just outside town. mills is getting ice and cold drinks for the night. how long have you been out of the house? >> about two weeks. >> are you just getting back?
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my guess. >> how has it been? >> a has been crazy. it has been smoky and scary. >> reporter: by this afternoon, the smoke cleared. or the first time in a long time -- >> a blue sky. >> how does that feel? >> amazing. >> reporter: the gratitude for the first responders is evident. signs of all flavors. some fancy and some simple. all our heartfelt. one family just drove into town. >> i thought there would be a lot more damage inside the city of calistoga. it is all around the hills and the wineries and the houses in the hills. i guess we are lucky to be saved down here. >> reporter: arvid just moved here two weeks ago from san diego. >> i could not believe how close the fire came. thousand feet. it does not seem a lot but when you see the fire it is very close. stroke while this was a close call for calistoga, the town is
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trying to get back on its feet. some businesses are reopening. this weekend, the farmers market plans to open at 9:00 until 1:00. >> the firemen saved it. it is a blessing. stroke in calistoga, don ford, kpix 5 . 370 pound air injured in a wildfire in butte county returned to the wild today. like disaster network treated his burned paws with tilapia skin. that is right, fish skin. was released about 25 miles away from where he was first found. experts say that the new area was not touched by the fire and will still be familiar to this bear. for the latest on the northern california wildfires you can go to our website, newsom has announced a big pledge in the fight against climate change. he wants to make california the first state to conserve 30% of
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its land and 30% of its coastal waters by 2030. he signed an executive order erecting state agencies towards healthy soil management, wetlands restoration, active forest management, and boosting green infrastructure in urban areas. nearly 60,000 people are under evacuation orders in louisiana as hurricane delta herald and crossed the golf of mexico. the storm slammed into the yucatan peninsula. check out the heavy downpour. palm trees knocked right over. in cancun, the light revealed downed power lines, massive debris, and trees toppled onto two cars. say what you want about wildfires, those hurricanes have been fast and furious in the golf this summer . >> this is been a lot. it will be the 10th storm to make landfall in the united states. with the fifth hurricane. it is a record.
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it is headed for louisiana. as 90-mile-per-hour sustained winds. that is significantly weaker than it was. its interaction with land across the yucatan planes it is the cause for much. the wind have been taking the storms in different directions and keeping it from getting organized. that will not be the case over the next few days. it is still impressive. let's switch over to the forecast and track this as it approaches landfall. likely in southern louisiana on friday. it will reach category 3 hurricane, which is a major hurricane. it will happen by tomorrow. it will hold onto the strength as it gets closer to the coast. there is cooler water offshore and that should we can start at least slightly before it makes one fault late friday. they'll be a category 2 hurricane. this is really close to where hurricane laura made landfall, which is right here. that was just six we could go. some of the helicopter footage coill shows a lot of blue tarps
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were completely removed by hurricane laura. this is the part of the country that cannot take another direct hit from the hurricane. that is what they will get. the den the threat becomes flooding rain. it then becomes a tropical depression of the weekend. it will be producing a ton of rain through louisiana into arkansas and mississippi. around here, have her own parade of disturbances. the overall effect is a drop in temperatures. we will remain dry. the first wind that snuck in did bring cloud cover yesterday. it brought cooler temperatures today. the next one will be having down and missing us to the south. that means we will be seeing lower rain chances compared to what we have been talking about. they are not zero. we could see coastal drizzle. we could see coastal drizzle early sunday morning. the best chances are friday and saturday. it will not amount to a whole lot. the forecast models have backed off in terms of how much moisture they are anticipating. barely more than a trace.
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there is still a chance for showers, especially saturday. it is nothing to get excited about. the goodness, cooler temperatures and better air quality in the forecast. right now, we are in the 50s for most of the bay area. 54 in santa rosa. 60 is the warm spot in concorde. not bad at all. the fog desperate out as we heard towards early tomorrow. it will be slow to retreat. a lot of low cloud cover through late morning. once the low cloud cover does backup towards the coast there will be clouds further up in the atmosphere to block the sunshine. more clouds and sun for most of the day. temperatures will not warm up. will start off in the 50s early tomorrow. we will warm up, even inland, into the 60s and 70s. some of the coolest weather we have seen since all of the thick smoke was here in early september. our air quality will improve over the next couple of days ago the temperature dip is temporary. is significant chance of above average measures as we look to
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the 8 to 14 day outlook. enjoy the october weather through the weekends. we are back into the 80s inland through much of next week. dennis is here with the sports. with the catch in the postseason, you have to see it. enough to save the dodgers against the padres. we have that. for the third time in a week, check it out. in the bay area, we believe in science. traffic and air pollution will be even worse after the pandemic. that's why we support measure rr to keep caltrain running. which is at risk of shutdown because of the crisis. to keep millions of cars off our roads,
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to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. and measure rr helps essential workers like me get to work and keep our communities healthy. relieve traffic. reduce pollution. rescue caltrain. [all] yes on measure rr. when you take a it all begins to un-ravel. ann ravel's no reformer, she's backed by big corporations who've poured hundreds of thousands into her campaign. and she opposes ballot measures to make the economy more fair for working people. only dave cortese is endorsed by the california democratic party. he's helping us battle the pandemic with a science-based approach. and expanding health services and child care to those in need. for state senate, democrat dave cortese. they do one of the most deven in normal times.s, our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share.
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to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us. everybody, just one week ago we were talking about the five straigatios w they ha won thre ight ges with r line. the way to a four-to legally. houston with a two-run shot on
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the fifth. it the game tied. later in the inning, 6-4 astros. the cap of a vibrant inning. houston has a three run lead. >> opposite field, a three run jack. three hits and four runs batted in in the game. or one cord twice. the closer, william struck out. one player snapped his bat in frustration. it is a three shot at winning. phase 119-7 two stay alive and play game 4 on thursday . >> we talked yesterday about how the momentum, when we score, it seemed or bk. the punch that fact. we had not been able to respond. had too many good things happen throughout the season.
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did not want to leave here, getting swept. we have to keep getting to the next day. >> we are excited. we have our backs against the wall. hopefully we can knock out the next two. watching game three between the braves and yankees. randy is hitting. a solo home run in the fifth. eight hits and three home runs in the series. just won. lead the series 2-1 . in the national league, fernando jr. and the padres looking to tie up their series with the dodgers. seventh inning, the player looked like he had a home run, a big one for san diego. cody belanger makes a home run. words exchanged after. what a catch.
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up with the bases loaded, the padres have a run. l.a. hang on to win 6-5. they take a 2-0 series lead . jimmy garoppolo is back at practice tonight. has missed the last two games with an ankle injury. kyle shanahan has not committed to a starter for sunday's game against miami. the running back was also back at practice. everybody talked about the quarterback and jimmy. if the running game gets going, the passing offense follows close behind. both players could play against miami on sunday. >> that would be great news. coming up, we are breaking down more of tonight's vice president debate, including what each candidate said about the united states has said about handling the coronavirus . the impact that stimulus
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talks are having on bait taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take. doordash prop 22. they do one of the most deven in normal times.s, our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need,
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that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us.
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>> we can choose our supreme court, you can church the separation of power. you need to reject the biden/harris tickets, reelect with and donald trump. we will standby the separation of powers. >> let's talk about pack in the courts. let's talk about that. >> please . >> i'm about to . we are breaking down more of the vice presidential debate, including some mildly heated comments about that they could supreme court seat.
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a look at who is being hit hard as more stimulus relief talks are now on hold . dozens of california mail- in ballots stolen, where they were recovered. : tonight i am came to speedo . i am elizabeth cook. mike pence and debating on a variety of hot topics tonight, including something that is on everyone's mind, the coronavirus pandemic. >> they knew and they covered it up. the president said it was a hoax. minimized the seriousness of it. they still do not have a plan. joe biden does . china is to blame. president trump made that decision before the end of the january to suspend all travel from china. joe biden opposed president trump's decision to suspend all travel from china. >> reporter natalie brand joins us live from salt lake city. senator harris said the covid response was a great failure
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while the vice president blamed china and defended the administration's response. which they believe resonated more with voters? >> reporter: this is such a polarizing issue and has because such a polarizing issue that it really depends on which candidate a filter supports. interesting to note, we spoke to some undecided voters here in utah. tonight, they were really looking for details and specifics about how either ticket would handle th ining s the coronavirus. a lot of direct answers from either vice president pence or senator harris: they repeated the deflected on a lot of these very specific questions. one interesting strategy we saw senator harris use a few times tonight was looking directly
10:33 pm
into the camera and seeming to make a direct appeal to the american voters. and arguably, undecided voters on this issue and the economy. >> it was a similar tactic that we saw joe biden to add his debate just last week. the vice president attacked senator harris's record as san francisco's da, former da. you have been doing some fact checking on the vice president claims. what did you find? >> reporter: let me tell you first about this claim. the vice president said that when senator harris was district attorney in san francisco, when she left office, african-americans were 19 times more likely to be prosecuted for minor drug offenses compared to whites and hispanics. our cbs fact checking team found that this claim was inconclusive but also misleading. our team found that it appears
10:34 pm
to come from a 2012 report from the anti-incarceration group, the center of juvenile and criminal justice. it still appears to be a bit murky because the stats were not readily available online. we are doing a little bit more digging on that issue. senator harris also interjected to defend her record and defend programs in california that she said should be a model for nationwide, citing specific body cameras on officers and implicit bias trading for law enforcement. >> supreme court was also a big topic, especially since senator harris is on the judiciary committee. however, she did not answer questions about whether she and joe biden support adding more seats to the u.s. supreme court. >> reporter: right. that is a hot topic right now. given the trump administrations and senate republicans push to
10:35 pm
confirm their supreme court nominee, judge amy coney barrett. as you know, senator harris sits on the judiciary committee. those hearings scheduled to begin on monday. this is going to come into sharp focus. she did not answer that question about court packing. she also did not specifically answer a question when asked about abortion and the potential of overturning roe versus wade, the moderator asked essentially if that were to happen, what would you like to see for your home state, california? she did not answer that question. neither did the vice president when asked that same question. >> natalie brand in salt lake city. meantime, in washington, one day after calling off stimulus talks president trump wants congress back at the
10:36 pm
bargaining table on a set of standalone bills. report that while politicians of battle over the specifics of a stimulus package, the deed is growing for many bay area families and cities. >> reporter: food banks like this one have been busy during the pandemic, according to the labor department. more than 26 million people are receiving unemploymeefits . many of them were counting on that second $1200 check to help them get by. >> for me, it is about giving people quality food. >> reporter: this meant started feeding his community in may out of his garage. he now runs the mission to have. >> force in dimaio, we started with 500 families. by the end of may it was 300 families. now it is 7000+ families a week. >> reporter: winds up roadblocks as people struggle to feed their families. one lady spoke through a translator.
10:37 pm
>> bring the time she has not worked in the past seven months. being able to put food on the table has been especially difficult. stroked the anxiety for him is has risen after president trump tweeted he will hold talks on a stimulus package with democrats until after the election. while he has softened his stance, the repercussions have already been felt in the retail sector and within local governments. >> if we get money, it will be a total surprise. >> reporter: one mayor was not counting on getting a bailout from the federal government. any extra funding would have helped. instead, they have a hiring freeze and layoffs may come in the future. the loss of tax revenue from covid has impacted the city's ability -- the mayor says that a number of officers on the street has dropped by 20%. >> people are talking about defend the police. we do not have to plan to do it.
10:38 pm
it has already happened. stroked many people are hoping their jobs come back, as these businesses start to reopen, local governments have propositions on the november ballot that aim to bring more money into the cities. registered voters in l.a. county should be receiving their ballot this week. some will have to wait longer tonight after a number of ballots were found stolen and discarded. a handful of mail in all its work found on the ground at a drive through atm. to all the ballots are addressed to people who live and an apartment complex less than one mile away. the thief was caught on camera breaking into their mailboxes and swiping th. >> is this intentional? is it meant to suppress the vote? i do not know. >> how will you vote? some people might be waiting for the ballots thinking they will come later and the not get them. >> the registrar's office says that if someone a pallet receives a ballots not addressed to them they should contact the office immediately.
10:39 pm
the ballot will be suspended and the voter will receive a new one. more local news coming right up . history being made in the east bay. what makes one nobel prize- winning team different from the rest . a video shows home at a they do one of the most difficult jobs there is,
10:40 pm
even in normal times. our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us.
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nobel prize winners for chemistry making history tonight. @ as john ramos explains, one of the winners is a you see,. we scientist and trailblazer whose work may change the very blue print of life on earth. >> reporter: dr. jennifer doudna is a research scientist at uc, berkeley's innovative genomics institute. she has a new title, nobel laureate . >> we are confirming that jennifer doudna is the first woman on our faculty to ever win a noble prize. >> reporter: c and friends scientist, emmanuelle
10:42 pm
charpentier , are the first all women team to win the nobel prize for chemistry. >> i would say i am proud of my gender. >> reporter: they won for developing what is known as crisprcas9 , a method of fighting genetic disease by using a targeted enzyme to find mutant dna and cut it right at the spot where it is now functioning. after that, they can sometimes insert the correct version of the gene for the cell to work properly again. the innovation could aid in everything from ng to one day reading the human world of genetic disease. jennifer remembers the moment she and her lab associate, martin, realized what they had discovered. >> looking at his data and each other and think, wow, if this works. if this can be deployed widely this will be incredible. in that sense, i guess i had a feeling that it would be a big deal. >> reporter: there also feels
10:43 pm
that technique will be abused to create genetically engineered designer babies, something that is already happening in china. the dr. says she shares the concern and advocates transparency. she says, like all tools, it holds the power to do good as well as evil. 's ability to relieve human suffering is too powerful to ignore. >> human beings have the ability to rewrite the code of life. to do that, in essentially all organisms, including ourselves, is quite extraordinary. the break for research was only published in 2012. recent event by snowball standards. many recipients waited decades before having their work finally honored. a new sign popping up in the hollywood hills. >> the controversy surrounding the letters that spelled out trump. downtown san jose could
10:44 pm
soon look a whole lot different. a glimpse at what is to come up. a part of how downtown san jose and the rest of the bay area will look different with better air quality. not quite yet tomorrow. still moderate. when you take a look at her record, it all begins to un-ravel. ann ravel's no reformer, she's backed by big corporations who've poured hundreds of thousands into her campaign. and she opposes ballot measures to make the economy more fair for working people. only dave cortese is endorsed by the california democratic party.
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he's helping us battle the pandemic with a science-based approach. and expanding health services and child care to those in need. for state senate, democrat dave cortese. the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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the big, white trump sign in the hollywood sign in california had people talking tonight, even after it was taken down. >> we are in los angeles tonight and have both sides. maximum he wanted to get attention. putting a sign near a major california freeway is a good way to do it. that huge sign still has people talking. some had trouble with the site itself. >> it is nerve-racking, especially in california. others are upset about how good
10:48 pm
it was taken down. call trance said they would likely put overnight and they swiftly brought it down after noticing it tuesday morning, telling it a distraction and a safety hazard. some on social media saying the removal was about politics. , i would sue the city for not allowing freedom of speech. it is no different than a hollywood sign. if it had red by then it would have been left up. stroked another says, what is due in california? so typical. seeing a reason why i cannot have my trumpet flag in my neighborhood. by plugs over, there are two bill evans signs that we are all respectful of. >> you are a child support in california you are aware that you are the minority. from supporters may figure they need to take extraordinary steps to get attention. someone put a trump sign up in alabama, it would not be a news story. in california, which accounted for hillary clinton's popular vote margin, it gets some attention. that was probably the point.
10:49 pm
>> reporter: for many people do not support the president, they are happy it was taken down. some admit it would be okay with it staying if it was biden. >> it comes down to what you believe and what you support. that truck stop is not it. >> i personally would be okay with it. >> so far, the owner of the property has not released a statement. some 10 moments for a los angeles police officer after a suspect attacks and steals the officer's gun. surveillance video from inside the police station in the san pedro shows the suspect, identified as jose --. the officer falls to the floor. body camera audio shows the suspect got in the officers got out of his holster and hit the officer on the head with it. to the subject took off. as assistant watch commander came out, but not before firing a shot. fortunately nobody was hit.
10:50 pm
>> he has got my gun. [ sound of gunfire ] >> the suspect took off but he was taken into custody after a short police chase . men held in 14 in south korea? by digging a hole under a wall. the man entered south korea on a sailor visa and began his 14 in seoul. get this, he only had one day left in quarantine. police are now looking for him. a little closer to home, hawaiian officials are hoping to reboot tourism by easing the travel restrictions put in place after the start of the pandemic. previously, all taurus had to be quarantine for 14 days after arriving on any of the islands. now, hawaii bound travelers who test negative for covid-19 within 72 hours of their trip can skip the quarantine period.
10:51 pm
the new plan is set to launch next thursday . tonight we are learning the city of oakley has a big tenant moving in. amazon, a ribbon-cutting sermon it was held in front of the new government center. the facility will occupy a 150,000 square foot building at the logistics center complex. oakley city leaders say the facility will create about 800 jobs. >> today is a special day in the history of a relatively young city. just over nine months ago, we were here with north port development, shovels in our hands, breaking ground on this facility. we're transferring is with significant opportunities. >> and amazon the spokesperson says the center will have a mix of part-time and time jobs that pay a minimum of $15 an hour. in san jose, city leaders sharing what downtown may look like in the near future if
10:52 pm
another tech giant moves forward with a massive project. these are renderings of google's 80 acre downtown west project. the mayor says that it will catalyst the revitalization of the city's core and transform a city built for automobiles into the city built for people. the city council will make a decision on that project in the spring of 2021. i am checking in with paul right now and finding out what tomorrow will look like. we do not have to jump to the spring yet. let's hope we have a more active rainy season then we had last year between now and spring. will talk about the short term rain chances first. i talked about the parade of storm system's they have been affeinweathe mp already today. next in this parade will dive further to the south. that is a problem in terms of our rain chances. that path means it will not be able to steal any moisture from
10:53 pm
the other storm system further to the north. it means lower rain chances for us ready and saturday. were cautiously optimistic. we did the light showers for the end of the work. that optimism is fading. future cast shows a lot of cloud cover as we head into tomorrow. this is a lot of fog. as it slowly backs up, and it will be so, there will be cloud cover further in the entrance fee. partial clearing tomorrow. temperatures will be cooler than they were today. him of the coolest weather. it will be the coolest three districts for inland portions of the bay area that we have seen since early june. the clouds phil buck and as we head to early friday morning. we will see plenty of gray, indicating the intermittent cloud cover. you do not see much green to indicate shower chances. that is what our hopes are fading. northern california might pick up in a little bit. that would be good news around the august complex. all hope is not extinguished but it does look like we will
10:54 pm
be mostly dry. even the lower humidity levels are a help for the fire crews, especially around the glass fire. equality is only going to improve. the onshore flow will get a little bit deeper in the atmosphere and push more smoke away. not yet tomorrow but it should be noticeable friday and saturday. right now, temperatures are mostly in the 50s. san jose and concord checking in at 60. otherwise we are in the 50s. that is where we should stay for the rest of the night. the valleys and north bay dip into the 40s. most of us will be in the low to mid 50s. might stay in the 50s along the coast, with the clouds and fog being stubborn. upper 60s and 70s around the south bay. mid-70s for the santa clara alleys. excuse for the east bay. 70s further inland. mid-70s for the warm spots. everybody stays below 80. most spots will be at or below 75. around the water. the fog will be tough to shake.
10:55 pm
temperatures will only reach up into the 70s around the glass fire. that is great news for the fire crews. the cooler temperatures and higher humidity levels and a better chance to boost the containment bubbles. the cool temperatures stick around for the weekend. even if the rain chances fades, the below average temperatures will stick around through saturday. we warm up as we head through next week. will not talk too much about that just yet. >> coming up, the east bay they do one of the most difficult jobs there is,
10:56 pm
even in normal times. our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us.
10:57 pm
here is a cool story, and alameda county teenager wants to bring her neighborhood
10:58 pm
together. >> and she is getting some help from the warriors.>> reporter: one dublin high school student wanted to come up with a way to unify people. not a town involved, it caught the attention of domination.>> this is who we are, this is dublin and this is what we represent. >> meet dublin high schools diversity ambassador. distance learning did not keep her from starting her diversity and unity t-shirt project. >> i wanted a shirt that would represent strength, resilience and coming together. they are all different colors and races. >> she raised $14,000 to create a scholarship program and provide these t-shirts to celebrate diversity and unity heard the front of the shirt features raised fists of different skin tones. >> in total we've handed out about 1000 shirts. >> they were passed out to
10:59 pm
dublin students and teachers but the idea also caught the attention of domination. they asked for the shirts and then sent her this video. >> i'm steve kerr from the golden state warriors. >> i'm from the golden state warriors. >> we are showing everyone this video, it was awesome, amazing. >> strength in numbers means our dublin. we got our shirts, now go get yours. the time is now. >> i was screaming around the house, i was shocked finding out they could do it. >> on the back of the t-shirt -- >> it's a quote by a best selling author saying your voices matter, your dreams matter, your lives matter.>> thank you for watching.>> kpix 5 news at 11 starts right now
11:00 pm
. the american people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country. >> looks a little like plagiarism. which is something joe biden knows a little bit about. >> we've never seen a vice presidential debate quite like this, separated by plexiglas. we have a live wrap up from salt lake city and reaction here in the bay area.>> the vice presidential debate featured far fewer interruptions than last week's presidential showdown but both candidates were still able to score some points against the opposing campaign. the event came amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak out the white house, which is dominating discussions in recent days. it was an interesting debate to say the least. a lot of people


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