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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 12, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we distributed to the counties, and to ngos, not governmental organizations, nonprofits as well as state agencies to help support the vacation and support affordable communities. >> let's get to the meteorologist for a look at the weather conditions that could trigger those power shutdowns. >> it is one thing to talk about public safety shutoffs, the other term for this is red flag warning. and that comes in the national weather service in the lord brought us to stage i which is a fire weather watch. for wednesday, through friday. everywhere in yellow, on the map. take a look at the times on there as well. 5 am wednesday until 11 am on friday, the focus says north bay mountains which is up here. east bay hills which are here, and there is the santa cruz mountains, and just to show you why even though it is a pretty day here, we are still very much in fire season, perfectly clear here at home, look at the plume of smoke coming off the
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creek fire. that did not look like that yesterday. that fire has already taken off, thankfully right now the wind blowing the other way, so that smoke is not come in our direction but when we get into that fire weather situation, the wind will be blowing toward us, and it is not just the smoke. of course it is new fire starts that need to be concerned about and on top of that a major warm- up coming. we will talk about all of that and the complete forecast in a few minutes. fire evacuees are returning home in wine country. they are now facing the next challenge, that is cleaning up. john ramose, has their long journey ahead. been at the classifier in napa county is almost fully contained. but for those left in its wake, it is far from over. >> this whole length, with the living room. >> reporter: she looks at the remains of her home in the rural deer park community above st. helena. >> unreal. i mean, it's like all of our, what we work for all of our
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life. you know, everything, it's gone. >> reporter: she and many others face the heartbreaking task of clearing away all that is left of the places they called home. and that is not an easy process. county officials are dealing with not only the classifier but the lightning sparked hennessy fire from two months ago. with never had this situation exactly with fires of this significance back to back. the are formal rules about you with structure fire waste than there used to be. phase 1 involves inspections by hazardous-waste teams to identify possible toxins. that begins wednesday, it could last weeks or even months. then phase 2 begins where ash and debris are removed, either by government contractors or by private cleanup crews hired by homeowners. >> it is a very government at the state level regulated process because it is all about public health.
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and the disposal of the ash and debris in a safe manner. >> reporter: that means marianne is prohibited from taking anything from the site, even though, as she looks closely, she can see objects that hold special meaning. a flying pig given to her by her sister. the bicycle her 40-year-old daughter road in the third grade. this presents more than just debris to you, doesn't it? >> oh, yes. it's our treasures. they are mixed in with the ashes. >> reporter: as those who lost homes tried to console each other, those who escaped displays still cannot rest easy. the forecast for this or for this week is from a red weather which means they are not out of the woods yet. in napa county, john ramose, kpix5. >> napa county is having a hard time keeping up with all the disasters. just last week the county did get approval from fema for the free public cleanup program for the hennessy fire. they hope the same will be offered for victims of the classifier. a live look at capitol hill
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where judge amy coney barrett delivered her opening statements during the first day of supreme court confirmation hearings. >> i chose to accept the nomination because i believe deeply in the rule of law, and the place of the supreme court, in our nation. >> things are moving quickly as welcome the senate judiciary committee has already is controlled a first vote to approve judge barrett on thursday morning. a sunday for confirmation could come before the election. on the border has the prominent rules our senators will have in this confirmation. as a confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett , a former clerk of justice antonin scalia underway right now capitol hill. we have not one but two california senators sitting next to sherry committee. the first step to confirmation. telephone is to senators will be taking center stage this
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weekend confirmation hearings for seventh circuit judge amy coney barrett. center in vice presidential candidate, harris called a potential of the majority on the high court disastrous if the affordable care act is repealed. >> 23 million americans could lose their health insurance altogether. if they succeed, they will illuminate protections for 135 million americans with pre- existing conditions like diabetes and asthma, heart disease, or cancer. >> reporter: when the first cases she could potentially days is confirmed to the high court is on november 10, texas be california, a fight over the a's da. you have been critical of chief justice roberts for his five-for opinion upholding the law. stating that roberts pushed the affordable care act beyond its plausible meaning to save the statute. this well could mean that if judge barrett is confirmed,
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american stand to lose the benefits that the aca provides, so i hope you will clarify that. >> courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong in our public life. >> reporter: is just a law professor david levine says democrats steered her opening remarks away from her face, after that strategy backfired during justice cavanaugh's hearings. >> republicans trying to beat the democrats to raise the question of whether judge barrett stays -- faith would or would not affect the decision- making in the democrats this time around stay as far away from that as they possibly can. >> reporter: lindsey graham, sen. from south carolina says he believes that today's hearings in the judiciary committee or on the senate floor are likely to change any minds about judge barrett and expects a partyline
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vote both in committee and on the senate floor. >> we mentioned the pulmonary vote on thursday but what happens next during these confirmation hearings? >> reporter: today we just had, elizabeth, we only had the opening statements from senators from judge barrett. tomorrow we get the question from her. first a 30 minute round of questioning, starting in order of rank and precedence on the committee. then another 20 minute round of questioning's, of course expect to vote this committee on thursday. camping 2020 is a live look at tampa, florida were president trump just wrapped up a speech that is rally. it is his first and he was sidelined with his covid diagnosis. >> does give you a good feeling when you can be something, and now they say you are immune. i don't know for how long, some
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people they for life, some people say four months. >> debra alfarone is at the white house with more. this week marks president trump's return to the campaign trail stops plant in four key states, beginning with florida. >> it is great to be back in my home state, florida, to make my official return to the campaign trail. i am so energized, by your prayers and humbled by your support. we've had such incredible support. >> reporter: less than two hours before the rally the president stopped released a memo saying he has tested negative for covid on consecutive days using an added test and that he is not infectious to others. credit nominee joe biden blasted president trump's campaign trip as reckless behavior. the former vice president hit the trail in ohio. times are hard. unemployment is way up due to the pandemic, and the terrible way which is been handled. vote, ohio, vote to reelect
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president donald trump. >> reporter: vice president mike pence also traveled to the buckeye state. the way to cbs2 news battle ground tracker poll shows ohio as a tossup with healthcare expect to be a major topic during this week supreme court confirmation hearings, resident trump is getting out ahead of the conversation number tweeting promises a far better healthcare, and coverage for pre-existing conditions. the president has yet to deliver on his 2016 campaign promise for an alternative to obamacare and his democratic challenger argues his supreme court pick, amy coney barrett, would vote to strip away the affordable care act. >> let's keep our eye on the ball. this is about whether or not, in less than one month, americans will lose their health insurance. >> reporter: is "will your arguments challenging the affordable care act one week after election day. debra alfarone, cbs2 news, the white house. >> the former vice president headed to a couple of campaign events in florida tomorrow president trump heads to
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pennsylvania. 5, traffic is still recovering after a nasty crash on the bay bridge. have been shortly before 2:00 this afternoon on the upper deck. just past treasure island. according to chp a black sedan was reportedly driving at a high speed, and collided with four other vehicles. the multicar crash closed several lanes of the bridge, simon traffic. all lanes were reopened, about 3 pm but there was still a significant backup of cars. we are hearing that there were reports of minor injuries in that crash. him and was shot and killed overnight. investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened. the shooting occurred about 2 am at story and king roads. the dissection closed for hours this morning. the victim, an adult male, still no suspect description yet. the city says it is the 33rd homicide this year. >> right now we are investigating suspects, motive, we don't have anything right
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now. also is in is a people in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. after the suv crashed into an outdoor dining area yesterday. police a the driver of a white we would accidentally accelerated while trying to park at the grand century mall. the same thing happen to a woman on story road just a few hours later. police a shoestring to park in a lot but instead, she hit the gas, drove into a man, killing him. it is the city's 30 a deadly collision of the year. more local news still ahead on kpix5 streaming on cbsn bay area. coming up, remembering a baseball legend. what leaders are saying about the late joe morgan. covert cases still surging across the globe tonight. california leaders say the state is on a good track.
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baseball hall of famer and oakland hero joe morgan passed away last night at his home in danville. joe morgan grew up in oakland during his legendary 22 year career in the major leagues. he played for both the a's and the giants but of course joe morgan best known for his run with the cincinnati reds. and is one of the greatest second baseman ever to play the
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game. >> oakland and the world lost a legend today. in joe morgan's passing. an amazing star athlete out of deep east oakland, proud graduate of castle mod high school, golden knights, who made us all proud. not just as an athlete but as a humanitarian, as someone who always gave back to his community and never forgot where he was from. >> he played oakland city college i believe, as well. only 5'7", he would remind baseball fans the player, small since stature on the field could be the most impactful. he certainly was. joe morgan, 77 years old. gov. newsom tattered estates progress against the coronavirus, especially efforts in testing and contact tracing. the state just tried to 3400 new cases, that is slightly higher than the seven day average. our test positivity rate is at
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2.6%. in california is averaging over 125,000 test per day. the governor says the quick turnaround for results has been key. >> we are getting the test results back within 24 to 48 hours, in fact 90+ percent of all the tests that are being conducted are getting back within that timeframe. it is a consequence of the timeliness, to test results, that enables our local contact tracers to get to work immediately. >> he says moore county's could move to less restrictive tiers tomorrow. he also emphasizes the new guidelines for private outdoor gatherings. no more than three separate households for two hours, or less. new outbreaks overseas have different countries on the offensive against coronavirus. european countries reported more than 450,000 cases in just the past week.
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uk prime minister is introducing new alert levels for when cities will see tighter restrictions and testing is underway in the entire city of tsingtao china. that is 9 million people after 12 new cases were found there. per capita the fastest-growing outbreak in europe is in the czech republic. firefighters battled a three alarm fire. he broke out along mount canyon drive about one mount canyon drive about 1:30 pm. they eventually were overhead. officials say seven residence potentially displaced, no word on the cause. two professors have just won the nobel prize in economics. >> it's bob wilson. you for the nobel prize. and so they are trying to reach you but they cannot. they don't seem to have a number for you. >> we gave them your cell phone number. >> that is the moment paul found out he one, at about 2:00
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this morning. the nobel prize committee could not reach him, so his fellow winner and his neighbor knocked on his door. and it was all captured on his ring doorbell camera. today the world which academy of science is announcing milgram and robert wilson as this year's winners. recognize them for improving how auctions work with new theories and formats. it said their research has benefited sellers, buyers and taxpayers around the world. >> it has been a very pleasurable, exciting past for me. and i think a lot of pride, by the way, in the students of mine, who have done so very well come you know, paul represents the third of my phd students to win a nobel prize. >> they will share a cash prize of more than $1 million. when his phone visit to in the morning, he answers that telephone. >> if the nobel committee calls you and wants her personal
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cell, you don't know me. i will get the email in the afternoon. with a big issue to talk about in terms of the warm-up coming our way. i mean, today was already about 10 degrees above average. probably did not even notice because it is kind of what we have been doing. a look at what is about to happen. i'm going to use a couple of are presented it lots around the bay area as my examples. concord, 77, and daytime high, it was 88 today, but we're going to hit 97 by the time we get to thursday and friday. that is the peak, that is exaggerated warm-up. let me show you what san jose is going to do. we will go to 95 by the time we get to thursday and friday. average is 76 right now. it is going to be 95 on thursday and friday. if you look at oakland. to go to the low 90s, average is 70, it will be 93 in oakland, and that is one of the things about this warm-up. this
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will be one of those fall warm- ups, that is able to get all the way to the coast so yes, even in the city i will switch this from oakland and put san francisco's numbers up and will be just shy of 90. that is not all that unheard-of in october but this is well above average, and when you consider what is driving this, here come the offshore wind. the part of the colors, the stronger the wind, and the streamlined shows it is coming down from the north and blowing out through the golden gate. that is wednesday. so that fire weather watch which starts on wednesday and goes through friday, the real focus is going to be wednesday night into thursday morning, so if you're coming for a closer look at thursday morning, that is when we are seeing some of the stronger went over the north bay hills and look down here, down to the diablo range and mount hamilton come also include in the fire weather watch, which was outlined in that map off the top of the newscast. morning lows tomorrow, in the mid and upper 50s, daytime highs tomorrow, back in the 90s. if you are inland, 91, concord, and livermore. in seven-day forecast, we were recovered that warm-up, good
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news is by sunday and monday, we will cool back down into the low 80s, so it will not last forever but it certainly will remind us that we are still right in the heart of fire season. unfortunately in. i tell you what, if the 49ers banks their starting quarterback for the second straight week. only this time,
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taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22 to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave.
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jimmy garoppolo's return cut short yesterday, he was bench in the second have as the dolphins blew out the 49ers at dennis o'donnell joins us now with the latest on jimmy g and where the team goes from here. >> that was an ugly football game, indeed. the 49ers have now lost two straight games and what was supposed to be the easy part of
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their schedule. the next four games against teams with a combined record of 15-3. >> river stretch right here that is, if you play like that, it will not be very fun month for us, so we have to get it turned around quick. >> to do that, they will need a healthy jimmy garoppolo among other things. garoppolo returned yesterday after missing the previous two games with a high ankle sprain. he was bench the second half after throwing two interceptions late in the second quarter. kyle shanahan knew he had to protect his quarterback. >> i know his sore from the first half, i think his ankle is a little bit sore in his body a little bit from some of the hits he had but nothing that made it worse. it was like you expected after the game, nothing too bad happens, got him out of there before that date, so we will see how he is on wednesday. i expect him to be at least the same if not better, so
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hopefully we get out there sunday night. >> you know, if you are talking about protecting jimmy garoppolo, the rams come to town on sunday night, there pass rusher leads the nfl in sacks with 7 1/2, 10 qucbec hits and two forced fumbles. a big task against the rams on sunday night. back to you. coming up in 5:30 want to make sure you vote smart the selections is in. coming up, police reform, and the biggest issues on san jose's ballot. a look at the changes measure g would make if it is passed. plus the push for higher taxes on big
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the unfair money bail system.
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he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. right now, our special coverage of campaign 2020 and
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the one of the supreme court nominee hearings in the book. what we can expect the rest of the week. one local groups is prop 22 take advantage of right to workers will another says it is essential to help save more lives. we begin in san jose where voters are already going to the polls and marking their ballots on an important police reform measure. good evening, i was with cook. and alan. it seeks to expand powers of the independent auditor when it comes to deadly force and brutality cases. len ramirez has more. >> reporter: in cities all across america there is growing concern about officer involved shootings. or cases of excessive force where citizens are seriously hurt and people want to be sure they can trust their police to be accountable and transparent windows cases are investigated. >> i like the police and i want to be able to call on them but


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