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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 17, 2020 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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now at 11:00, dueling protests turn violent in san francisco damaging three officers and sending several protester to the hospital. for the third day in a row now, we were in the 90s in the city. but, it was another record that we came one degree close to. that really stands out. i'll explain what we almost did coming up. and why some doctors say the bay area's rate of new covid cases could be faring better than the rest of the state as the country continues to see a surge in the virus. we start with a live look outside from our exclusive
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sales force tower camera on a warm night across the bay area. i'm juliette goodrich. brian has the night off. let's get to meteorologist darren peck on how long this heat is going to stick around. >> we're not going the 90s anymore tomorrow. this was the third day in a row. but it was 93 today in san francisco. the only other time we have been this warm this late in the year was just one degree warmer. it was in 2003. and that was when on october 27th , it was 94. that is the warmest it has ever been this late in the year. we came pretty darn close to tying that mark. we didn't do it. now we are not going to get there. let me show you how things will change the next few days. san jose the orange number, san francisco, the yellow number t. daytime highs for both cities was almost identical. 95 in san jose, 93 in san francisco. the way these numbers will change over the next five days as is so often the case will be very different. watch what happens for san jose. we will get you back down to
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the 80s . not average. that would be the mid 70s . we are not getting there. but, you will cool down to the low 80s . however, san francisco as it always does will feel the cool down a lot more. from 93 today, to 75 tomorrow. in the city. then 70 by monday. i hope you enjoyed the 90s if you like that kind of thing because as far as the city is concerned that's done. bill back with the rest of the forecast in a bit. i'll be back. we'll show you how this will play out for your part of the bay coming up. see you soon, darren. people are returning home after a grass fire broke out in vacaville. flames crepten on homes near vineyard hills court around 6:00. at least 100 homes evacuated but residents were able to return a short time later. the cause of the fire is still
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under investigation. with covid-19 cases surging in the u.s. tonight, the number of cases in california near those from june. and that's a good thing. less than 3,000 cases reported friday. but, we are not out of the woods yet. kpix5 reporter betty yu joining us live in san francisco tonight with more. betty? >> reporter: not out of the woods but the seven day average of new cases in san francisco is 29. and that is down from 37 the previous week. so that's a positive trend for businesses and people across the bay area. it was a full house tonight at sister restaurant's epic steak and water bar. it was a balmy san francisco night. others chose to eat at socially distanced tables indoors and the kitchens were buzzing with activity. >> it has been so warm. when is it ever like this? but, take advantage of it while
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it is like this. >> the measures that the city is taking to enable street dining has really made it much easier. and the weather is obviously a huge plus. >> reporter: today's high of 93 degrees tied for the second warmest temperature recorded this late in the year. >> we are probably about 40 to maybe 50% of what we were last year. in reality it is tough to make it sustainable as a business at that level. we are happy we are able to take care of the guests. >> reporter: they are encouraged that cases of covid- 19 have remained flat in california in october. >> what the bay area has done has been following the basic principles of how to prevent spread much better than other communities. >> reporter: outside of
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california, 17 states have declared record one day creases in virus increases. in wisconsin, one in four tests came back positive. in north dakota, there were only 22 icu beds left. >> we are in each other's social bubble. we are only interacting with one another. we are being safe. we are wearing our masks. doing our research before we go out. there is good ventilation coming in. so i would hope other folks would do the same. >> reporter: and restaurants are hoping that as winter approaches and the weather gets chillier, indoor capacity will increase and the covid cases remain stable. live in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. dualing rallies erupting in violence in san francisco this afternoon. several police officers injured in the mayhem. kpix5's da lin has more on the rally and the counterprotest. >> reporter: the trump
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supporters were outnumbered by counterprotesters. some footage and a picture you are about to see are graphic. paramedics took this man to san francisco general with right leg injuries. >> they chased me. they kicked me for no reason. i married a mexican woman. they kicked me for running. >> reporter: he was one of about 10 to 15 trump supporters who attended this free speech rally at 1:00. police formed a barrier to block roughly 200 counterprotesters from trying to storm the stage. as trump supporters were talking, counterprotesters threw bottles at them. >> two of them were black men which is really confuseing to see people brainwashed like that. >> reporter: the proud boys were supposed to attend but organizers said they didn't show up. >> i was hoping they would be like someone who was staying
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toe to toe with us. >> reporter: organizers said the event was meant to protest against twitter for banning certain tweets. the lead organizer phillip anderson tweeted someone knocked his two front teeth out. other said they were punched. >> hit me in the back of the head, knocked me down, i got up. the security guards ran him off. and they told us to go over here. >> reporter: some counterprotesters say violence is wrong. and voting is the best way to fight back. >> i would never say that you should hurt trump supporters no matter how much we disagree. that hurts our cause. >> reporter: we did not see any arrests or major injuries. in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix5. >> san francisco police say three officers were injured. paramedics transported one officer to the hospital for treatment. tonight, police say no arrests have been made. santa clara police looking for the driver who hit a
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pedestrian. this happened around 6:00 p.m. near kylie boulevard and prune ridge avenue. the driver of this rav 4 sped from the scene after hitting a woman leaving her with life threatening injuries. police say the suv willlikely have significant damage on the front of the vehicle. if you have any information about who the driver may be, contact the police. and it was a deadly night in san jose. three homicides in two separate crime scenes. first, a shooting around midnight last night at the nuevo villara restaurant. then a deadly stabbing in south san jose 3:30 a.m. three people were injured and two in the shooting. police combed the scene more than 12 hours and have not been able to pin down what led up to either crime or make any
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arrests. incidents are being blamed on stress from the pandemic. >> i could probably understand the stress that people are going through. not enough to justify doing that. >> the new deaths make 36 total homicides in san jose this year. an exorcism was performed over a vandalized statue of father cera. about 150 supporters watched outside the saint rafael catholic church in san rafael as san francisco archbishop performed the ritual intending to drive out evil and defend the image of sarah. protesters had toppled the statue leaving just the feet attached to the base. sarah was an 18th century spanish missionary priest. critics point to the darker side of his legacy converting
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native americans to cathole similar catholicism. a san mateo family woke up to a surprise guest roaming around their backyard. guess who? it was this mountain lion spotted roaming the neighborhood this morning. there is new surveillance video that shows the big cat lurking through a backyard on alameda around 6:00 this morning. officers searching for the animal but still, couldn't find it. coming up, why any east bay fire station is considering dissolving its departments. plus, why this year's women's march is more meaningful than years past. and the unhappy employees rallying outside the happiest place on
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during the recession in 2009, the fire district in east contra costa county began closing fire stations from 9 down to only 3. and that's where it still stands. now as kpix5's john ramos reports. the district is considering drastic action. >> reporter: this community outside of oakley is served by the east contra costa district. and they are concerned by how long it takes firefighter to
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get here, they are considering voting themselves out of existence to change that. from the time a call goes out, firefighters get ready to roll in about a minute-and-a-half. the rest of the response time is driving to the incident. >> we should be no less than four minutes in response time. we are pushing anywhere from eight to ten minutes at this point in time. >> reporter: that's a constant problem for people living in the remote summer lake development. they have a new fire station provided by the developer but east contra costa fire has never had the money to staff it. >> we have a very large retirement community out here. like i said, if someone has a heart attack or a medical emergency, there is no one to help. >> reporter: now, the fire district board has begun looking into the possibility of dissoeverring itself. and consolidating the existing
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resources into the county's largest con fire district. and right now, there are more questions than answers about what that proposal might do. >> if we do consolidate with the money that we already currently have, does that mean we can open up additional stations? does that mean we can put more firefighters on the street any given day of the week? >> reporter: that's what an independent evaluator will be testing. the district is wondering if it join it is county, if they can finally benefit from tax measures approved by voters county wide. >> if these local initiatives come about, what does that mean for the district? does that mean that we have some sustainable reoccurring funds that we can count onto be able to increase those levels of services? that's everything that we are trying to evaluate now as well, too. >> reporter: of course, this is a two-way street and the county would have to approve it as well. no one is sure if they would be willing to take responsibility for that much territory when many residents don't seem willing to pay anything extra
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to support it. in east contra costa county, john ramos, kpix5. currently, contra costa stands to benefit from two tax measures on the ballot. prop 15 and measure x. but because east contra costa fire is a special district, it will not get any more money. even if one of those passes. well, it was a somber anniversary in the bay area. today, exactly 31 years since ├║struck. prieta earthquake it violently struck the bay area. 63 people were killed. 12,000 homes and over 2,000 businesses in oakland, san francisco, and santa cruz were damaged. a section of the bay bridge, the embarcadero freeway also collapsed. we have compiled a number of stories from that day on our social media pages an on as of tonight, more than 26
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million voters have cast their ballot ins early voting according to the u.s. elections project. that is nearly 20% of all votes cast during the 2016 election. on the trail, president trump just left wisconsin making a final push in a state he won in the last election. thousands turned out to janesville in rock county. >> frankly, you have to open your state up. you got to open it up. you got to open it up. get back to school. >> reporter: meanwhile, joe biden is off the trail today, but last night in michigan, the democratic challenger continued to blast the president's response to the pandemic. >> you know what's really sad about all this? the president knew. he knew back in january how dangerous this virus was and he hid it from the american people. >> both the president and biden will face off in their final
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debate on thursday. in nashville, tennessee. meanwhile, from coast to coast and right here in the bay area, thousand of demonstrators took to the streets for the women's march protesting president trump and his supreme court justice nominee amy coney barrett. many marched with signs honoring the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. the bark is the second one this year. it started after the president's inauguration in 2017. and kpix5 is committed to helping you vote smart this november. just head to our special section on for links to voter information. well, disneyland employees have had enough. and now, they are calling on california governor gavin newsom to reopen the happiest place on earth. those employees have been out of work for seven months now ever since the shutdown orders. and today, some employees and disney fans gathered at the
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theme park with signs demanding it reopen. >> i just think i got so frustrated. i have friends who have worked with the company 50 years and they got laid off. they have spent their entire life investing in this company. >> right now, there is no clear time line on when california's amusement park will reopen. hopefully, 2021. we'll see. do you have that forecast for us? i don't have that one. >> that's a toughy. >> i would be happy with the time line for a reasonable cooldown. and, we have it. well, by the seven day you'll see some numbers that looked more like you think october should. it is 11:18 at night and it is still 70 in san francisco right now. that's what happens when you break a record and hit 93 for the daytime high. 71 san jose. santa rosa, 71. concord at 70. if that's where the numbers stand now and those are our currents, let's see how this
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plays out. first thing we need to do is turn the on shore flow back on. we were talking fire weather for much of the last couple of days. today, that changed and you can see that. watch this on shore surge in the wind that gets us into tonight. brightener color, the stronger the winds. look at the streamlines. this is how you start a cooldown, but today this was mild. watch how much brighter the colors get. we will go from 93 to san francisco today. down to 75 tomorrow. now, san francisco is on the front lines of this. in order to get everybody else in on the act, we need anarch an even stronger on flow surge. the marine layer gets drawn back into the immediate bay.
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stronger on shore flow then and we will cool down more. let's see how this plays out across the bay area. tomorrow morning we come down to 60 in most spots. 56 in vallejo. let's get the daytime highs. redwood city, 85. after breaking a record today. 88 milpitas. 89 in san jose. concord and livermore still both going to 91. it is still a hot day here. it is a couple of degrees cooler than today was. but still hot. as far as the immediate bay goes, you certainly notice a big drop tomorrow thanks to an on shore surge. 81 in oakland. 87 san rafael. santa rosa 89. the numbers here start to cool down a bit for far northern sonoma county and mendocino. in the seven day forecast,
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there's the cooldown. we will warm up a little bit wednesday, but look at next weekend, the numbers are average. mid to upper 70s inland. it will feel like it does outside your door right now. that's where daytime highs should be coming into late october. vern, over to you. i feel like we have been doing this since the 50s . it's two-fer saturday night. one segment not enough. we always give you two. and ahead, two baseball league championship game sevens. national leagues, that's the be played on sunday. american league? it's in the books. how did it unfold under woman 1: get your vote-by-mail ballot?
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big league baseball up top. what a 2020 playoff run. huh? how the american league pennant was won. two teams, a game seven. one winner. let's go to san diego, dusty baker, astros manager ready to go. they battle tampa. bottom first, randy played the long ball. a two run homer. he is hot with seven big flies. bottom second. lance with a breaking back. upper deck at petco park. top eight. carlos correia cut tampa's lead. but pete fairbanks and that 100 miles an hour pitch ended it all. tampa won the series seven games. they are going back to the world series for the first time
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since 2008. as dusty baker and the astros fell one game short. >> a lot of people didn't even have us making the playoffs. most people didn't have us beat minnesota. nobody had us beating oakland. this team is a bunch of fighters. one thing's for sure, we will be back in this position again next year. >> and let's join mookie betts and the dodgers. they needed a force with a win over the braves. dodgers second batter on the braves. corey seager swung on gone. that opened the scoring. two pitches later, dustin turner just got enough of it. by the end of the inning they led 3-0. marcel ozuna, deep. look at betts go up and get it. a catch like that deserves a sec look. wow. that was a big league grab.
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to the 9th inning. pablo sandoval represented the braves' last chance. and the big fellow lined out. and the dodgers won it 3-1. so, this series is even. game seven is sunday. first time since 2004, both league championship series have gone to seven games. not done yet. from here on, we play with our imaginary eye black on. it is football the rest of
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back with the nfl and the 49ers. which niner team are we seeing sunday night? the rams comeing to levi stadium super confident. three-point favorites, too. so what's in store for the quarterback? benched a week ago. questions ability his ankle. mobility. but, he is all go. and, he has never lost to the rams in three meetings. but there's that number. 0-3 at home. players responded to that, today. >> we are all headed in the right direction. i know we haven't played our best football the last two weeks. but like i said, we did take a huge step forward this week i believe. >> this whole week, there is a
11:30 pm
sense of urgency around the building that you feel. you definitely feel with the guys, with the coaches. and when we get on the field, guys have been locked in. >> alabama head coach nick saban on the sidelines after three negative covid results. they put up the points on third ranked georgia in white. burned them with a 90-yard play. matt jones. jalen put the second ranked crimson tide up 27-24. then they got the ground game going. that meant naji harris. the antioch product. scored on a 143-yard rushing night. the crimson tide, boy, they just took care of business. beat georgia final of 41-24. i can't wait for sunday. niners nature's bounty unleashes something exciting. say hello to a drug-free way to ease stress. stress comfort, a gummie supplement with lemon balm


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