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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  October 20, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the brunt of the blackouts. >> and a reality check from the governor. when he says a vaccine could arrive. >> a lot to get to this morning. let's get right over to mary tracking fire weather this morning. and we are getting through this first round of winds hit behind that. a second round of off shore winds and that second burst looks like a stronger off shore wind event for us. critical fire weather conditions over the next several days. a red flag warning in effect. that's for the north bay mountains in red. that red flag warning in effect until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. already watching gusts up to 20 to near 40 miles an hour up in the north bay mountains. then our second round of winds for all of the bay area hills under a fire weather watch late wednesday through friday and that will turn into a red flag
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warning. really watching the gusty northerly to northeasterly winds throughout the entire workweek. looking at the daytime highs in to the mid-80s's. low 09's for concord and the mid to upper 70's to low 80's for around the bay and looking at mid to upper 60's along the coast. hour by hour on future cast as we go through the week tracking those winds coming up in just a few minutes. for now let's check in with traffic. i haven't got the confirmation that the meters lights are uno you but we are seeing brake lights as we work westbound into san francisco. the bulk of the delay around that 880 overpass and up the incline. a slow ride as you head westbound into san francisco this morning. we have a slow ride on the westbound side of 580 out of tracy in to the pass with your travel times now 40 minutes to go from 205 toward 680.
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i'm tracking brake light as long the freeway southbound near oak port as you head there. we had a trouble spot off to the side and looks like traffic is slow in that area. live news desk and breaking news on a possible federal anti trust lawsuit against google accusing it of rigging searches. this is all from a report this morning the wall street journal siting senior justice department officials saying that they are just about to file this suit. this after a long investigation into allegations that google engaged in anti competitive conduct to preserve monopoli es in search and search advertising. these senior justice department officials saying that google has been using an unlawful web of interlocking business agreements that basically shuts out competition. if this goes through this could have wide ranging impacts
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throughout silicon valley. we have been following over the last selfyears of congress talking about cracking down on some of these companies. its been sort of the wild wild west. we will see what happens next. back to you. thousands of houses and businesses could loose power. >> this as pg&e prepares for potential high winds and dry conditions across northern california. >> emily turner is live with who may be most affected. >> alameda county is the one that has the most effect to be felt. all of this though is in total 19 different counties in northern california. six here in the bay area. that leads to about 50,000 households total businesses as well that could go dark. alameda county could have the most customers affected. since yesterday customers started receiving the public safety power alerts. they got them on text, e-mail, even phone call giving them 48
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hours of notice. >> very a motor home. i fire that up if i have to. it has a generator. you know. i'm okay. you know, watch out for my neighbors. >> and now at this point we know that in alameda county it's 3,400 customers at minimum. this could go into effect on wednesday and then eventually on friday is when they would repower everything back up. pg&e promises that it's only about a 12 hour, 12 daylight hours turn around from when the power is allowed to come back onto when it actsly comes back on after they expect the lines. reporting live in livermore. to the coronavirus now. the sonoma county board of supervisors will meet to discuss enhancing its coronavirus response strategy. this includes doubling the number of pop up tests to
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benefit the latin x communities which are the most impacted. in san mateo starting today children ages five and older can get tested for coronavirus. drive through testing is available at the county event center on saratoga drive. it opens at one. a dose of reality about a coronavirus vaccine. the governor says don't expect to get one until 2021. the state will be running it's own independent review on the safety of any coronavirus vaccine approve bid the fda. that independent review will be done by an 11 person panel of experts and when treatment is available not everybody will be on the list to get the early dose. >> this is the reality. the expectation should not, cannot be this calendar year for the overwhelming majority of us to get to where we need to go as a nation.
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that will not happen until 2021. the real question is when in 2021. >> those who fall this to high risk groups will be priority. that includes health care workers, people 645 and older and essential workers. taking a live look at san jose where today there is a new effort to help small businesses. santa clara is considering a 100 million-dollar proposal to back low interest loans. details on how the program would work including partnerships with banks and interest rates would be worked out in the coming weeks. supervisors hope the county can back individual loans of $50,000 or more. >> we mare from the businesses that are operating at a fractional level of capacity and they are doing this because they are complying with public health orders and i believe that we owe a duty to them to help them weather this storm. >> a lot of clients are scared to come back. >> the proposal will be
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introduced today at the board of supervisors meeting in san jose. county administrators will come back with preliminary plans in november. a roller coaster of emotion for theme parks as they wait to hear if they can reopen. that announcement cominged to. park workers ready to get back to work. the president of one of the bingest unions representing disney workers sent a let tore the governor saying theme parks can reopen safely. >> we are going to have about 2,800 layoffs november 1st. our members want to go back to work. a prolonged closure into the yellow puts a lot of instability in a lot of people alives because they don't know when they will be able to go back to work. >> disney has last an estimated $5 billion. we will get an update at noon from the health and human services secretary. we will monitor it live for you
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here on kpix5. dozens of ballots in the hands of los angeles police after an official ballot box was set on fire. this happened in baldwin park sunday night. fire crew has to put a hose in the slot of the box to put out the flames. many of the wal-marts were damaged. >> right now is a time that people need to have their voices heard. to do something like this is just terrible. also decide to use this particular box. they voted already. we need to reach out to them. >> police are working with the la county registrar to contact people with damaged ballots. a celebration of life as we take a live look outside at oracle park where friends, family and first responders will honor firefighter paramedic jason cortes. the fire department said that the 42-year-old bay area native died after accidentally opening a high pressure water valve during a drill. he was a member of station 3.
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the busiest engine company in the united states. he leaves behind a wife and two children. happening today the alameda board of supervisors is scheduled to vote open a proposal that would lead to resignation or removal of all of the board of trustees by the end of the month. nurse negotiators say if that removal is a proved they will be able to continue contract negotiations directly with the board. still ahead, the tons of trash removed from a homeless camp and the plan to keep it clean. >> i'm tracking gusty off shore winds, especially autopsy in the north bay mountains under a red flag warning and this is just this start. i will have more on the high fire danger through the week. >> and your tuesday morning ride getting busy. traffic stacking up and a fog advisory for the golden gate.
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a look at your bay area bridges whether we come i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. nineteen limits taxes on seniors. it limits property tax on people like me. nineteen limits taxes on wildfire victims.
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it says so right here. if 19 passes, seniors can move closer to family or medical care. i looked at moving but i can't afford the taxes. will you help california's most vulnerable? vote 'yes' on prop 19.
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. happening today the san francisco school board will vote open a proposal that would shift from merit based admission to a lottery system. they said the district didn't give out grades for the spring. the proposed random lottery system would only last for a year. they believe most students who apply are hard workers but some parents worry that the board will make the change permanent. students back in the class after months of online learning. precautions in place at all 23 schools in the chico school district. class sizes are cut in half to better social distance. thousands of homeless in san francisco may soon get guaranteed shelter every night as we take a live look at the city. that's the legislation a pair of supervisors is a nouning
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later today. it is happening at the fulton street safe sleeping village. berkeley is taking action to clean up a homeless camp. the mayor said the site had grown out of control and is now a health and safety hazard. workers have take especially away 35-tons of trash and debris from the area. the city of berkeley has been able to move some of the residents but finding shelter space during a pandemic is extremely difficult. residents say they want to see a long term solution. >> there's people out there that have figured out a program. they need the support for that. >> something that's out of balance that needs to be though of in a systemic way. >> for now the goal is to address the immediate issues and then berkeley is counting on cal trans to take care of its property. we reached out to cal trans who said they can't comment on the issue. and in oakland city leaders
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are responding to the issue of homelessness by votingo many on a new set of rules it. would regulate where unhoused residents can and can't camp. it's an issue with residents collapsing about drug, violence and affordable housing. the city is discussing plans for google's proposed development. >> they want to transfor 80 acres into housing and office space. it's call the downtown west project. google said it's listening to those concerns. if you are preparing to head out we have you covered with traffic. >> we start off with the live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. again no official confirmation if they flipped the meters lights on but we are seeing brake lights. a few slow and go spots. especially off of the bay ridge
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bridge into san francisco. expect a few slow and go conditions as you make that drive out of the east bay in to the city and if you are going into san francisco we have a fog advisory in effect for the golden gate bring. limited visibility will be an issue. take it slow across the span and slow conditions continue along the pass. this is the slowest spot. westbound 580 off 205. have you a lot of slow and go companies. it extends over toward greenville and then have you a few brake lights. checking the drive times. officially in the red zone. had 4 minutes to travel it 2á 05 toward 680. the good news is there's still good news for your ride at westbound 80. highway 4 to the maze. no delays on highway 4. if you are commuting out of antioch, westbound 4, over toward the east shore freeway are you only going to need 28 members to make that drive. southbound 880. we have brake lights. have you the usual stuff as you head out of heyward and then it goes down to working in to
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union city. we are getting first reports of a trouble spot at that connector. speaking of bridges, live look at the san mateo bridge. your drive times aren't bad. 16 minutes to travel between 880 over toward 101 and a bart delay just popping up. ten minute delay in the dublin, pleasanton direction. high fire danger for the north bay. and this is really the last thing that we need. i know especially during this time it's a tough time for those in the north bay. we are in the peak of our wildfire season. everything is just so dry out there. watching critical fire weather conditions as we head through the week. here is a live look at the sales force tower camera as we look east and mid to upper 50's for concord, oakland, san francisco and for san jose. mid-40s's in santa rosa with some patchy fog along the coast and around the bay this morning. as we look to the north bay
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mountains and watching the gusty conditions, looking at cobb mountain, 38-mile an hour wind gusts this morning. mount saint helena35, pine flat, 29, napa and knoxville wind gusts up to 20 miles an hour. this first burst of off shore winds happening now through tomorrow morning and the focus is the north bay mountains. a second burst of winds will be happening late wednesday through friday morning. this second burst of off shore winds be in a stronger wind event for all of the bay area hills. really watching the northerly to northeasterly winds. that red flag warning in effect now through 8:00 a.m. for the north bay. all the areas highlighted in red because of the gusty off shore winds and low relative humidity and extreme fire danger. then we have that fire weather watch which will eventually
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turn into a red flag warning. that is in effect from 10:00 p.m., wednesday to 7:00 a.m. on friday for all of our bay area hills. the higher elevations. diablo range and santas are mountains. that second burst of off shore wind looks like a stronger wind event for us. that ridge of high pressure in control as we look to the rest of the week. the dry and gusty winds up in the hills and higher elevations over the next several days. pinpointing the north bay. looking at foot cast we will see the winds pick up through the afternoon. catching a bit of a break for wednesday morning and then again that second round returns by wednesday even. we will watch relative humidity values drop significantly as we head through the week. down to the single digits and the teens. a big concern for us. the daytime highs for the south bay. 84 for san jose.
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85 for copertino. temperatures warmer compared to yesterday. heating newspaper to the low 09's for concord, pleasant hill and brentwood. upper 80's to low 90's for the tri valley. 84 for vallejo. 73 san francisco, 79 oakland and for the north bay mid to upper 80's to low 90's this afternoon. here is the extended forecast. watching those off shore winds through the workweek. temperature wise we will be cooling down, especially as we look to the weekend. back to you. >> thank you. new, another banksy piece of art is hitting the auction block. it's inspired by monet. the painting is set to fetch between 4 and $6 million. >> you may remember the last one auctioned off in 2018. it was immediately destroyed after sold. the auction house doesn't expect that to happen again. >> you looking for a new piece of art. >> yeah.
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i can't ford that. like $50. >> may give you a deal. who knows. time is 6:20. help on tap. >> coming up, bringing up some they endorse yes on 25 to end money bail. governor gavin newsom. congresswoman karen bass. the western center on law and poverty. the dolores huerta foundation. californians for safety and justice. and the california democratic party. yes on 25.
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and the california democratic party. the pain is always around the corner.o
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uber and lyft are like every big guy i've ever brought down. prop 22 doesn't "help" their drivers-- it denies them benefits. 22 doesn't help women. it actually weakens sexual harassment laws, which are meant to protect them. uber and lyft aren't even required to investigate sexual harassment claims. i agree with the la times: no on 22. uber and lyft want all the power. so, show them the real power is you. vote no on prop 22.
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accused of rape. accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail. got out the same day. the senior citizen could not. forced to wait in jail nearly a year. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail. . one brewery is doing its part to help firefighters. >> they have a new brew called the frontline lager. the proceeds will benefit volunteer crews. a firefighter who spent two weeks working the fire has joined the line. >> we all do fire. it's important that the community supports each other. we have to lend each other a
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hand. we are neighbors. >> too to do as much as possible for first responders and military through the brewery. >> the company said that many of its customers are firefighters who jumped at the chance to pitchn. playing dirty. the race for a contested council seat takes an ugly turn. that's in the next half hour. >> it's not the first time and it probably won't be the last. it could be (garage door opening) it is my father's love...
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. live from the cbs bay studios. this is kpi, and 5 news. >> right now on kpix5. abuse of power, the new lawsuit against google. >> and fire danger and possible power shut offs. the big warning for thousands of bay area residents. >> 14 days until election day and two days until the next presidential debate. the any rules to keep the candidates in line. > we are watching wall street as the stimulus deadline looms. those numbers live. it's tuesday, october 20th. > first the fire danger, we have you covered with this. >> and this is a big concern
6:30 am
watching those gusty off shore winds, especially up in the higher elevation was the focus in the north bay mountains with the first round of off shore winds and we have a second off shore wind event behind that. a red flag warning for the north bay. that's in red until 8:00 a.m. wednesday. this is the first round and then a second round from late wednesday through friday morning for all of our bay area hills under a fire weather watch. really over the next several days, watching that exprime fire danger. checking temperatures. warmer compared to yesterday with that shun in 73 san francisco, 84 for a high in san jose and 91 for concord. four to 15 degrees above average for this time of year. ly take you hour by hour through future cast. epecially with future cast wind gusts. now let's check in live with emily turner in livermore with
6:31 am
more on potential power shut offs. > it's that wind and all of the dry weather. that red flag warning means that there have potential public safety power shut offs. they could start as early as wednesday night. customers have started getting the notices from pg&e about this psps. the alerts started going out yesterday on text, e-mail, phone calls, giving everybody 48 hours notice. pg&e anointed that it expects to shut down the power to 19 counties including acception of them in the bay area and about 50,000 could be affected. the psps could impact over 3,000 cheers here, more than 2,000 in napa and 6262 sonoma. alameda could have the most affected they say it's become a reality of life here. >> we will two shut offs.
6:32 am
we weren't prepared. didn't have a generator. it was off for almost two days. we have freezers full of food. >> those generators are pretty important, especially when you have a lot of food that's frozen which is what happened to me last year. when it comes to getting power on that red flag warning set to expire friday morning. if that point pg&e said they they hope to have power back on with in 12 daylight hours. the traffic center taking a look at your tuesday morning drive. we have a murky conditions here at the golden gate bridge. it's a bit foggy. fog advisory is in effect through the golden gate. limited visibility may be an issue. we are looking at the bay bridge, you are backed up to almost the foot of the maze. with restarting to see the brake lights on the east shore freeway. a slow ride as you head in to
6:33 am
the pass this morning. the delays starting on 205 right around mountain house or just beyond that. extending east to greenville and to the dublin interchange. looking toward san francisco, city hall. right now -- nearby investigating the shooting. this happened in the last few hours across the street from city hall. the main public library. we are learning one victim was taken to the hospital. we will bring you more information. breaking news. the justice department now deciding to charge google with anti trust violations. according to the wall street journal and associated press the feds say the tech giant is engaged in anti competitive conduct that helps it keep a monopoly in search traffic and advertising. the doj also alleges that the mountain view company tries to shut out competition through
6:34 am
agreements and large payments. all eyes on the stock market this morning after futures were up all night long. the dow is showing newspaper that positive direction. you can see it is up 140 points and this is as we approach a deadline on the stimulus talks in dc taking a live look at capitol hill this morning where tonight is the last chance to show progress in a congressional agreement in order to pass a bill by election day. some of the issues being fought over when it comes to that potential stimulus bill. funding for state and local governments, language on health care spending, testing small business funding. at least word yesterday house speaker and treasury secretary had a big phone call where they came to some sort of agreement but we will see how the weather meets the road. radical left. will you shut up, man? >> that clash should not
6:35 am
happen again when the two contenders meet on stage thursday. the debate submission is muting mics for the final debate for the candidate not answering a direct question. >> we will be able to hear both of the men this time around. the president and joe biden will go head to head in nashville. >> and crews busy prepping the delate hall. >> new video shows their progress with just under 72 hours left. the debate commission said that everything will be in place by tomorrow and then they will move into practices. >> there's a lot to do. we are right on track and we are thrilled to work so closely with belmont university. >> the trump campaign has objected but the president will take part. this is the last chance to reach a large time prime time audience before voting ends. a major ruling out of the view premium court on voting rules in pennsylvania. it'll allow the battleground state to count ballots received
6:36 am
up to three days after the election. that's even if they don't have a clear post mark. republicans and the trump campaign tried to block it. another voting record broken. this time in florida. they shattered its opening day record for in person early voting yesterday. only 350,000 people cast their ballots. so far more than 2.5 million ballots have been collected in the state. back here in the bay area a race for a seat on the oakland city council is getting ugly. more than 100 of a councilmember's signs have been stolen. she said someone sent her photographs of the thieves and she posted to them to her social media page to publicly shame them. she wants everybody to play fair. >> i have never heard of anyone doing this. i certainly have never engaged in it. my supporters haven't engaged.
6:37 am
we don't want it to be more aggressive. >> five challengers are trying to unseat her. should he is running for her third term. earthquake. >> check out this video from a mom hiding under a table with her children during yesterday's 7.5 earthquake in alaska. the nelson family lives along the alaska peninsula in cold bay. that's near sand point about 60 or so mile from the center. the quake triggered a tsunami warning which was later downgraded to an advisory. happening today game one of the world series. the rays are taking on the bay area's biggest rival, the dodgers it. will we a grand final, like no other. amid the pandemic. fans can take themselves out to the ball game. at the new globe life field in arlington, texas but only 11,500 ticket also be sold for each game. big 10 football is back. each team will try to play eight games in eight weeks. there's not much wiggle room
6:38 am
for any delays. fans won't be allowed in to games but that's not stopping students from heading in to the weekend with a lot of hype. >> here in the bay area we are used to seeing some movie sets and people all round. this time it's the newest marvel flick taking over the bay area. >> you may have seen some crazy stunts, maybe car chases. or at least heard it. that was the screen. they are filming for a new marvel production. they have been filming in australia but parts being shot in san francisco. pretty cool. >> i know. november is rounding the corner meaning the holiday season is almost here. >> already. i know. it's crazy. like everything else in 2020 it's sure to be different. next, some tips for how you can celebrate safely. >> and the dow is up in the
6:39 am
green. about 145 reports. diane king hall breaks down the numbers after the break. >> and a reminder kpix5 has a new app with easy 4-7 access to cbsn bay area and the newscast. you knead to delete the old one and download the new one. it's
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. i'm tracking critical fire weather conditions, red flag warning in effect for the north bay mountains. i'm watching the winds pick up this morning. ly have your full forecast coming up. a vaccine progressing and stocks opening in the green. diane king hall has a money watch update from new york. >> good morning. trading has been underway for a little less than 15 minutes. investors in a buying mood in the early action. we saw that yesterday. things reverse course. we will have to see it holds.
6:43 am
the dow is rallying triple digits. gains in the tech sector as well. better by 67 points. fueling that optimism is just -- over progress on potential new stimulus measures. we will see if it happens this time. update on the race to create a coronavirus vaccine. maderna said the government sad give the green light for emergency use of the vaccine. the mop ceo gave a cave at saying the sufficient trial results take longern then authorization may not take until next year. back on the coronavirus coverage with the election and pandemic the holiday season is maybe more stressful. >> experts say that you can celebrate but with the physical and mental health in mind. doctors say that it should be a
6:44 am
priority. gathering with more than three holds are prohibited. they discourage sharing food or singing which increases the transmission. officials say multifamily gathers should take place outside subpoena masks mandatory. >> not permitted in side with members not in your house and for good reason. we are becoming aware of how much easy interest is to transmit the virus inside. >> if you plan to get tested before family gathering it's best to test about 48 hours prior. happening today, nasa will attempt a historic land grab. it'll touchdown on an asteroid after orbiting it for two years. after landing will extend a robotic sampling arm to the surface and try to get a sample. if all goes well it'll return
6:45 am
the sample to earth in 2023. it's pretty cool. >> that is a good description of that. we have another check on traffic. >> there's probably a number of ways to describe all the brake lights. it's a slow ride as you go out of the east bay. metering lights on and you are backed up to the foot of the maze. starting to see brake lights on the approaches from the east shore freeway and that 880 connector. in the maze you will see things slowing down. it does slow down across the upper deck as you come off the highway. elsewhere we have a foggy spot here at the golden gate bridge. fog advisory is in effect. as you work across the span and mass transit delays. we are dealing bart delays. there is about a 30 minute delay on the san francisco line in the dublin, pleasanton direction. this was due to the earlier
6:46 am
equipment program. again, problem solved. things will start thinning out here hopefully soon. the rest of public transit not dealing any problems. traffic, it's a sluggish ride southbound 880. we are seeing a lot of red on the sensors. slow speed from that 238, 880 connector from the castro valley. with very a slow ride into union city and also northbound 101, another one of our slow spots. you have brake lights starting around that 286 connector toward that 880 connector but the good news is once are you past that point, say you are working up toward the approximaten have. traffic is moving better. it's a slow ride as you head out of san martin. on the northbound side of 101. checking the drive we have a broken down vehicle at greenville blocking lane. that the adding to a busy ride. 41 minutes, 205 to 680. that's a look at traffic. and watching the winds ramp
6:47 am
up. especially for the higher elevations in the north bay mountains. ly show you this in just a moment. here is a live look at the tower camera. a beautiful view as we look east and mount diablo with the golden colors in the sky. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's from concord, oakland, livermore. with patchy fog along the coast and around the bay this morning. looking at 46 with clear skies and santa rosa. checking wind gusts, especially up in the north bay. looking at winds gusting up to now 40 miles an hour. the wins have been increasing this morning, especially up in the higher elevations. pine flat road, napa at 24-mile an hour gusts. 18-mile an hour winds for the hills. this first burst of off shore winds now through tomorrow morning and the focus, the north bay mountains.
6:48 am
under a red flag warning now until 8 al tomorrow. then a second round of winds will arrive late wednesday into friday morning and this second burst of off shore winds will be a stronger, wind event for us and that will be for all of our bay area hills. the higher elevations a big concern. fire weather watch for all of our bay area hills late wednesday through friday morning which will upgrade into a red flag warning. that ridge of high pressure that remains in place and that's the reason why we are looking at dry and gusty off shore winds especially in the higher elevations. with the two weather feat ears we have that low close and then the ridge of high pressure out to the west. that is a tight pressure gradient. it's why we will see the strong winds through much of the week. taking you hour by hour, pinpointing the north bay. we will see the wind gusts as we head through the day. catching a bit of a brake by
6:49 am
tomorrow morning. then that second round hits as we look to late wednesday and friday morning. we will see relative humidity values drop significantly. a dramatic drop. single digits to teens critical fire weather conditions. daytime highs for the south bay looking at 83 in santa clara. 84 for a high in san joyce. 85 for cooper, ino. temperatures warmer compared to yesterday. for the east bay, 91 for concord and pleasant hill. looking at upper 80's to low 90's for the tri valley. around the bay, 73 san francisco, 79 oakland. 75 for alameda for the east bayshore line. 77. and mid to upper 08's to low 09's this afternoon. here is the extended forecast. what you can expect as we are looking at those gusty off shore winds through the workweek.
6:50 am
really over the next several days, temperature wise we will be cooler as we look to the end of the workweek and into the weekend. back to you. >> all right. thank you. make a wish, a meteo, r shower will light up the sky tonight. the peak of the shower won't actually happen until early tomorrow morning when up to 30 shooting stars an hour will pass through the sky. we have been following developing news on a possible federal anti trust lawsuit to be filed against google any time now. what we know about this. >> and a potential public safety power shut off again. lots of customers in the bay area could be affected. are you one of them? i will tell you just ahead. . >> good morning. ahead on cbs this morning at america's crossroads, continues today with tony. where is he? the buckeye state. also known as ohio. ohio, by the way, has picked the president in the last 14
6:51 am
elections. their record is pretty good. how locals are staying friendly by taking to the gridiron as the campaign rhetoric heats up. >> and children feel the stress of the coronavirus pandemic. how learning to manage emotions can help students feel and preform better. >> and ashley mcbride joins us today. we will discuss her co hosting tomorrow's cmt music awards and how she has turned to music to cope. whatever gets you through. looking forward to meeting her. we will see you at seven on the dot. let's take a live look outside. look at this beautiful shot of the bay bridge there. >> and today on the drew barrymore show, june diane rafael joins drew and how to whip up healthy cooking. that's all today at two.
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. live news desk after this developing news on a possible anti trust federal lawsuit against google accusing it of basically rigging its searches. this is after a long investigation. wall street journal report that the justice department is about to file this lawsuit. google is being accused of engaging in anti competitive conduct creating monopolies. they site senior justice officials saying they are have been using an illegal web of business agreement that shut out competition. this has the potential to shake up silicon valley. we have reached out to them for comment and haven't heard back. this shopping center is just one of thousands of pg&e customers that could loose power as early as wednesday. that is all due to a public
6:56 am
safety power shut off. customers received all of the notifications for those on monday on text, e-mail and phone call giving them about 48 hours of notice. being announced yesterday that they expect to shut off power to 19 counties including six of them in the bay area with about 50,000 customers affected. the psps could affect 3,485 customers in alameda. of course alameda being the one with the most people affected. it's become a regular reality of life here. this is all due to the high fire risk and the conditions that are set to arrive wednesday, expire friday morning and then from that point pg&e is promising about 12 daylight hours before the power comes back on. reporting live in livermore. emily turner. time for a look at this morning's other top stories. >> police are investigating a shooting near city hall. this happened in the last few
6:57 am
hours across the street near the main public library. one victim was taken to the hospital. we will bring you more nags as we get it. wall street opening 30 minutes ago. let's take a look at the numbers. final look for you. the dow is up in the green. negotiators are facing at i deadline to reach an agreement on a new stimulus package. if a deal on the roughly two trillion package is reached would still have to pass the senate. the governor said that the state will be running it's own independent review on the safety of any coronavirus vaccine approved by the fda. that will be done by an 11 person panel of experts but not until 2021. california theme parks anxiously awaiting a new set of rules to reopen. that announcement will likely happen today from the governor's office. more than 28,000 disi any workerns have been furloughed in california and florida. the president goes head to lead with joe biden thursday
6:58 am
night but the second presidential debate will have a unique change. both candidate also get muted when it's not their turn to speak. and taking a look at the roadways. it's still a busy ride as you work westbound at 205 in to the pass. that trouble spot in greenville in the clearing stages with the drive times about over to 680. things starting to get busy along highway 4 through bay point. we are still backed up beyond thatl 80 over crossing south 880 the ride out of heyward. all the way this to union city. we have a trouble spot just south 92 and bart delays continue. it's recovering in -- on the sf line in the dublin and pleasanton direction. about 30 minute delays right now but things getting better and the fog advisory continues. and tracking foggy condition around the coast and around the bay. our extreme fire danger. especially up in the higher
6:59 am
elevations. a red flag warning in effect now until 8:00 a.m. wednesday for the north bay mountains. already tracking winds up to 40 miles an hour up into the north bay mountains this morning. then right after that we have a second off shore wind event for the second half of the week. a fire weather watch for the rest of your bay area hills and mountains from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. friday and that will be upgraded in to a red flag warning as well. daytime highs, warmer compared to yesterday. mid to upper 80's. around the bay mid-70s to low 80's and along the coast mid to upper 60's. watching those off shore winds as we head through the workweek. temperature wise cooling down through the workweek but we need a good rain and it doesn't look like that's coming any time soon. >> we need some of that relief. all right. thank you so much. thank you for watching the news this morning. don't forget the news continues
7:00 am
all day on cbsn bay area. cbs this morning is up next. have a great day. ♪ good morning to you, our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." it is tuesday, october 20th, 2020. i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. president trump takes his feud with dr. fauchy to a whole new level. mr. trump is now calling him a disaster and worse. what set the president off and dr. fauci's response. >> an exclusive look inside a hospital grapple with the coronavirus surge. doctors and nurses in wisconsin tell us about their desperate struggle to save patients. how many are showing worse symptoms than earlier in the pandemic. >> undecided voters in ohio at america's crossroads. we're here tng


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