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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 22, 2020 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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ur ex-fast. cause wendy's has your new breakfast love with a fresh-cracked egg on every sandwich and crispy oven baked bacon. you'll be telling everybody about the new breakfast you're seeing at wendy's. hurry in for the breakfast of your dreams today. now at 11, strong winds have fire crews on high alert tonight and thousands of bay
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area residents on the verge of losing power. foreign governors are trying to interfere with the election once again. the disinformation campaign and the potential impact. plus a federal program meant to help small businesses full of fraud. we examine how scammers got a hold of hundreds of millions of tax payers dollars. >> who was minding the store? i really wonder. several east bay cities are enacting plans to address a growing homeless population but tonight their motives are under question read good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> now at 11 on cbsn bay area, and just a couple of hours thousands of bay area residents will be losing power. pg&e is scheduled to turn off
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the power to a little over 500 customers and then over 200 customers scheduled in santa clara county two hours later. the bulk of the shutoffs will come at 4 am when almost 3500 customers in napa and sonoma counties will lose their power. paul heggen is tracking the winds and low humidity making this all necessary. >> the wind is just in the process of beginning to pick up a little bit. i think later tonight into early tomorrow morning will be the first window the potential higher fire danger, but we will be in the red flag warning through friday morning. the winds sustained in 10 to 25 mile-per-hour range, but gusts up to 40 miles per hour combined with humidity levels lower than 30% and that's dangerous fire weather conditions. the good news is for the moment, you don't see anything on the fire weather tracker heard all the circles are blank on the 363 reporting stations, zero are red flag conditions
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right now hurried and zero are even close to red flag conditions right now. that will change later on tonight. early next week we are tracking another system of stronger offshore winds . developing using berkley police are investigating an apparent drive-by shooting that injured a woman. it happened around 7:00 on prince and harper streets. detectives were on scene using flashlights to search for clues. investigators say the victim was in her 20s and was taken to the hospital and her condition is unknown. onto campaign 2020, tonight an urgent running from the fbi that russia and iran are trying to influence u.s. election results. authorities say they hatched a plot to cause chaos and confusion. but as joe vasquez shows us, it doesn't seem to be slowing down voter turnout in the bay area.>> reporter: the international threat comes as
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folks are already casting their ballots. that has election officials trying to reassure the public that in fact their votes will count in martinez tonight, one vote after another is going into the ballot box. some are just learning of a threat from the governments of iran and russia.>> pretty scary, i mean, just in general you feel attacked. >> the director of national intelligence announced some details of the threat and some how these countries got american voters personal information. >> we have confirmed that some voter registration information has been obtained by a run and separately by russia. >> the fbi says they used it to send emails to voters claiming to be from the proud boys. here's one example, "we are in possession of all your information. you will vote for trump on election day or we will come after you. the proud boys say it was not them." why would anyone do this, the director says the tactic is somehow intended to hurt the president's chances in the
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election. >> your ballot will be treated securely and it will count. sporadic registrar debbie cooper says voters should know there has been no breach of the computer voting systems. >> in contra costa, our system accounts the ballots is not connected to the internet in any way. when we count the ballots there's no way anyone can interfere with that process. >> don't get distracted by the confusing debate about which candidate this interference helps or hurts. this is not what this is all about. they are trying to create confusion and chaos and try to undermine our confidence and it's important that we reserve that confidence and that we go forward. >> that confidence was on display tonight as we watched three generations of a family cast their ballots insisting they will not be distracted. >> some people think oh, it's broad and it doesn't count. no, you are actually doing in action at the end of the day
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whatever the result is, it is, at least we are doing our part. >> you won't let anyone intimidate you? >> no, this is your right. >> the presidential candidates where often their final debate tomorrow night. you can watch it starting at 6:00 right here on kpix 5 . we will have a full recap and analysis on the special edition of the kpix 5 new starting at 10 and on the kpix 5 news at 11. a live look out at capitol hill tonight were democrats are planning to boycott tomorrow's senate judiciary committee vote to advance supreme court nominee amy coney barrett. the republican said they can still hold the committee vote even if the democrats boycott proceedings, if they advance barrett it would set up a monday confirmation vote by the full senate. >> senate cities across the
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area are planning to take action to clean up and cabins like this one. just this week a number of sweeps have been carried out in the east bay. tonight homeless advocates in oakland told kpix 5 that the timing is a bit peculia.>> reporter: just this week we've covered the homeless encampments in berkley being cleaned up, pleasant hill took similar action and the oakland city council voted unanimously to limit where the on house could set up their tents. it is a policy that is receiving heavy criticism from homeless advocates. >> the city is supposed to pick up the tress trash twice a week and they don't. >> tonight nina was delivering bad news. >> it tells you where you cannot exist. it doesn't tell you where you can exist. >> she is referring to a policy that the oakland city council voted on to keep the on house from setting up tents and parks near homes, businesses, schools and places of worship. >> it creates a bigger burden,
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this is not anything goes helping to support or toward permanent housing. >> the council hopes that they can provide temporary alternative on land, the former city administrator is to some disappointed that oakland has not come up with a better term solution. she says it's no coincidence that the cities and the elective officials in the area are taking action now. >> this is related to elections. we have a number of councilmembers facing reelection. >> there has been a 53% increase in the homeless population since 2017.>> during the virtual city council meeting, protesters could be heard as this issue came up for
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a vote.>> the important thing is marginal housing. we all know the most important solution for helping homeless people is a home. >> they will start removing people from the encampment areas in 2021. stomach still had, we investigate how cyber criminals got their hands on hundreds of millions of dollars meant to help struggling small businesses. i'm getting letters with my social security number on their. it is getting shopped around
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tonight a kpix 5 exclusive, a pair of audits of the small business administration are said to be released tomorrow. we've learned that they found significant evidence that the sba approved hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for potentially fraudulent loans. kpix 5 investigation revealed just how easy it was to apply to the sba paycheck protection program. we discovered a south bay man registered for companies in may at this address in an affluent south bay suburb and a month later got more than $1 million in ppe loans. he did not want to talk to us
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and the sba did not either. the ppa program is no longer accepting applications but tonight another lesser sba program is still open with billions to award. in a kpix 5 original report we discover that the fraudsters are applying in droves.>> reporter: we learn cyber criminals are stealing hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars and for small businesses. the crime spree also leaving millions of americans struggling to deal with a identity theft.>> that was craig franklin's reaction when he received a package in the mail from the unemployment office. >> i haven't been to new mexico since 1963 buried so i sent back of faxing this is fraud, do not process. >> then he went to check his credit report got more disturbing news. >> i applied for a small
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business loan for $5000 to open up my own deli in texas. i can barely make peanut butter sandwiches let alone open a deli . >> he says the small business administration was not surprised to hear from him. >> for the last two months we've just been day and night working on fraud cases. >> tamika walker is an attorney with the federal trade commission. >> it can take years to entangle yourself from identity theft that is not your own doing. you've got to go through all of the steps to try to recover. >> nationwide they received close to 224,000 complaints related to covid-19 and stimulus fraud peeking to 1190 in a single day in may. >> the complaints have mention words like stimulus, pandemic.>> the fraudsters applying for a loan in craig's name were trying to steal from sba programs called the
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economic injury disaster loan. it turns out that craig is not the only victim. >> our findings are significant. >> the sba office small business subcommittee says that the program currently funded 374 billion taxpayer dollars is under assault by fraudsters.>> they lowered the guardrails for that idle program and we know for a fact that those actions increase fraud risk. >> the sba repeatedly ignored red flag such as account holders attempting to transfer funds to foreign accounts, applicants changing bank accounts just before receiving funds and multiple applicants using the same email address and bank account. >> who is minding the store? >> i was really shocked with the inspector general's report because he said that nearly 440
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financial institutions called their office regarding cases of abuse that was very evident to those financial institutions read and yet, the sba had no ability to take that up and do something about it. >> the sba turned down a request for an interview but sent a statement saying evidence of waste, fraud and abuse with any of sba's loan programs is not tolerated and should be reported. back in san francisco craig franklin guesses they are just overwhelmed. >> i guess there are more scammers out there than there are government workers to be able to keep track of them. it's really a cockroach situation. >> he still can't get through to new mexico to stop the fraudulent claim but was able to stop the $5000 sba loan in his name. now he is bracing for what happens next. >> i'm getting letters with my social security number on there.
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so if those letters are going anywhere else my social security number is getting shopped around and exposed and available to more scammers. >> congresswoman chu plans to hold another meeting soon to make sure the agency is listening to the inspector general's warnings.>> despite warnings of major fraud, as of october 1 the sba had not initiated any loan reviews. that is according to the inspector general. starting friday more businesses will be able to reopen for indoor service in alameda county. that includes restaurants, houses of worship, movie theaters and gyms. those businesses will all be able to operate at 25% capacity and must adhere to covid-19 guidelines such as facemasks and social distancing. in san jose the city will begin to reopen over 290 playgrounds and outdoor facilities. officials say it will happen in phases beginning on friday.
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for a full list of what is open in your county had to a catholic high school in marin county is suspending in person learning for at least the next two weeks. the news comes after officials at marin catholic high school discovered that there was at least one large student party in several sleepovers. so far no one has tested positive for the coronavirus but the school says it is not taking any chances. haunted houses may not seem socially distance friendly but at least one venue is finding a new way to bring the thrills. operators of the screen park in the sacramento area are dubbing it a museum of horrors to get around the county's health orders. museums are allowed to be open in the county but theme parks like haunted houses are not under current health orders. face coverings are required at screen park and groups are kept 25 feet apart. county leaders plan to visit
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the park this week to evaluate operations. well, we are going to check with your weather right now because we've got some warnings up and we are waiting for the wind to start blowing. people are already having power out. >> yep, part of the problem in addition to the wind and low humidity is all the vegetation. the fire feels have really been cooked by the above average temperatures, at 15 degrees above average. we will start to drop a little as we head toward the weekend. right now it is very nice out there, temperatures anywhere from 57 degrees in santa rosa to 67 in san jose and concord. those temperatures will drop down into the 50s across the board by early tomorrow morning. very similar temperatures to what we woke up to this morning. it will be a nice day overall again on thursday despite the potential red flag conditions. we've got a great name for the
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dog walking forecasts, a fine day in the city for his lordship, in the 70s, still a little above average and not expecting much fog to make an appearance him even around the bay and the coast on thursday. i will start to change on friday. and by the way, there's my email address, we still have some openings for any halloween themed dog pictures. i temperatures tomorrow will climb up into the 70s around the bay, so still above average by about 10 degrees instead of 15 degrees. the warmest spot should be below 90 degrees. then we will drop again as we head into that end of the work week and weekend. early next week things get complicated. in this area of high pressure, it's been dominating our weather and giving us bursts of offshore winds. there will be a storm system dropping down out of canada by
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late in the weekend and early next week. part of the influence of that is to drive the cooler temperatures down the west coast and into the bay area. but it won't bring us any rain. it's coming from the wrong direction to tap into any moisture. and the atmosphere is going to get squeezed between the pacific high and the low pressure of that storm system which will really kick in the offshore winds, looking increasingly likely early next week. so i think more red flag warnings are likely at this point and it increasing likelihood of high wind warnings possible for the lower elevations. so that is something we will definitely going to keep an eye on as we head toward early next week. it is still several days down the line, but it's got our attention. temperatures will be above 5 degrees normal by friday and a degree or two below normal by saturday and sunday.
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everybody got hit tonight. the raiders hit by covid-19, the 49ers hit by the injury bug and
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game 2 of the world series must've felt like a must win game for the raise. of the last 19 teams to fall into 0-2 hole, only one team came back to win the world series. tampa was nervous, they sure didn't act like it. top of the fourth, leading 1-0, joe window, to write sender, 3- 0, with three runs batted in. next inning, his second homer of the night, that made it 5-0 tampa, blake snell had a no- hitter in the fifth but chris taylor ends that no-no and the shut out with a two run homer
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cutting la's deficit 5-2. in the eighth, 6-4, belanger representing the time, but the raise when game 2 and tie the series a game apiece. >> i don't think anybody in our clubhouse thought the series was over. it was one came in a future hall of famer on the mound. >> if they win tonight we are down two games to none, and it's a completely different outlook on the series. right now we've got a little bit of momentum going. >> nfl, the 49ers could not escape that injury bug. trent williams did not practice today with a sprained ankle hurt he is questionable for sunday's game against new england. meanwhile more trouble, richard sherman won't play for quite a while.
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he hasn't played since week one since he had a calf injury. kyle shanahan said they don't expect to have sherman and d4 back until after the bye week at the end of november. trent brown has tested positive for covid-19 and he practiced monday and the rest of the offensive line will have to undergo testing before they are cleared to return. vegas will host tom brady and the buck sunday night. now while the raiders have to worry about covid-19, apparently brown's receiver odell beckham jr. does not.>> no, not an arrogant way, i just don't think covid can get to me. i don't think it will enter this body . i don't want no parts of it and you don't want no parts of me, i think it's a mutual respect. >> mutual respect? what's that? there's a reason the browns have not made the playoffs in 18 years, back to you. >> he's wearing a mask, to.
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when you humble yourself under the mighty hand of god, in due time he will exalt you. hi, i'm joel osteen. i'm excited about being with you every week. i hope you'll tune in. you'll be inspired, you'll be encouraged. i'm looking forward to seeing you right here. you are fully loaded and completely equipped for the race that's been designed for you.
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>> tonight in honor of breast cancer awareness month, the contra costa fire protection district is celebrating cancer warriors in the community. >> fire crews launched an effort dubbed project wheels weird and failed the newest addition to its fleet heard the
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pink fire engine designed to show support for those in the community touched by cancer rate for those currently in cancer treatment the project wheels engine will be available to transport them to first or final treatments. >> we just want to show the community and those that are battling cancer that firefighters are thinking about you, this is just a way of showing and giving back to
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