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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  October 22, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live outside this morning over the bay bridge as we start this thursday morning together. good morning. it is october 22. i am len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. a new red flag warning and thousands of residents have begun losing power. >> the latest to go dark are folks in napa and sonoma. almost 3500 customers are impacted. an hour earlier more than 200 in santa clara had their power shut off. the first, a little over 500 customers in alameda and contra costa counties. here we go again, our second red flag warning of the week. it does look more extensive with bay area hills, mountains, higher elevations above 1,000
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feet under that red flag warning until 8:00 a.m. friday. north bay mountains, santa cruz mountains, san mateo county coast under that warning with gusts to 40 to 50 miles per hour and low relative humidity values. everything is just so dry out there. our temperatures as we go through the day are cooler compared to yesterday. about five degrees cooler compared to yesterday, 72 in san francisco, 77 oakland, 82 san jose, 84 for concord. we are still running above average for this time of year from three to ten degrees above average. but we are starting to cool it down as we head through the week. we'll talk about our next red flag warning or at least our next offshore wind event of the week, details are coming up in a few minutes. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. good morning on this thursday as we hit the
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roadways. so far so good, things are good right now. there is a lot of road work. you have cones blocked off still for overnight construction. there are no delays out of east bay into san franciso. you are moving at the limit with no metering lights. most bridges are checking in problem free. that includes the golden gate bridge. if you are headed into san francisco, no troubles. san mateo, about 13 minutes between 880 towards 101. we are starting to see crowding, brake lights forming as you head into the altamont pass for the ride out of tracy. so far your drive times are still in the green. in berkeley, police investigating an apparent drive by shooting that injured a woman. this happened around 7:00 last night on prince and harper streets. detectives were using flash lights to search for clues.
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investigators say the victim in her 20s was taken to the hospital. her condition has not been released. nashville, tennessee, president trump and former vice president joe biden will take the stage during the final presidential debate. >> natalie brand is in nashville with the latest on the campaign and what voters want to hear tonight. >> reporter: former president obama held his first major event for joe biden yesterday. >> hello philadelphia! >> reporter: his former vice president took a break to prepare for tonight's debate with president trump. >> with joe and kamela, you will not have to think about the crazy things they said every day. >> reporter: the current commander in chief brushed off the attack at a rally in north carolina. >> nobody campaigned harder for crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: the two will be in nashville for the second and final presidential debate. a poll found 69% of viewers felt annoyed by constant interruptions in the first
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match up. >> it was like two kindergarteners. >> reporter: many voters say their minds are made up but want to see a debate focused on the issues. >> rather than the personal attacks going on. >> reporter: president trump says he may interrupt biden less and hopes he trips himself up and is expected to bring up hunter biden's work overseas. >> bidens got rich while north carolina and our country got robbed. >> reporter: national security officials announced iran and russia obtained voter registration data to try to influence the election. >> great women and men of the intelligence community caught this activity immediately. >> you should be confident that your vote counts. >> reporter: they accused iran of imitating a right wing group and sending e-mails to democratic voters that threaten to come after them unless they vote for president trump. >> attempts to influence the election results don't seem to be slowing voter turn out.
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this was martinez last night. one vote after another going into the ballot box, registrar reassuring voters there has been no breach of the computer voting systems. >> scary. in general, you feel attacked. >> our system is not connected to the internet. we have an air gap. when we count ballots, there is no way anyone can interfere with the process. >> voters should not be distracted by the confusing debate over which candidate the interference helps or hurts. >> they're trying to create confusion, chaos, trying to undermine our confidence in the election. it's important that we try to preserve that confidence. >> director of national intelligence adds american people can be assured that the election is secure and votes will be counted. we may have a statewide mask mandate but mask less voters will not be turned away
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from the polls. counties cannot deny them the right to vote. those not wearing a mask should expect a longer wait possibly in a different area than masked voters. watch the debate tonight. we'll have full recap and analysis on special edition of kpix news starting at 10:00 followed by kpix5 news at 11:00. we have an eye on capitol hill where there will be a vote to advance nomination of judge amy coney barrett to supreme court despite a planned boycott by democratic senators today. republicans on the senate judiciary committee are confident they can push forward the nominee regardless. if they do, it would set up monday confirmation vote by the full senate. barrett would give conservatives 6-3 majority on supreme court. democrats on the panel during the boycott today plan to fill
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seats with people who would be affected by any sort of repealing of the affordable care act, trying to draw attention to one of the many issues that could be affected by a conservative court. we will keep our eye on that vote today. our coronavirus coverage. starting tomorrow more businesses will be able to reopen for indoor service in alameda. that includes restaurants, houses of worship, movie theaters, gyms. businesses will be able to operate at 25% capacity and must adhere to covid-19 guidelines such as case coverings and social distancing. in san jose the city will begin to reopen 290 playgrounds and facilities. for a full list head to a catholic high school suspending in person learning for two weeks. this is after officials
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discovered there was one large student party and several sleep overs. so far no one has tested positive but the school says it is not taking chances. developing, cities across bay area have taken or plan to take action to clean up encampments. a number of sweeps have been carried out in the east bay. oakland city council unanimously approved contentious new policy that will limit where unhoused can set up tents. homeless people won't be allowed to set up tents in parks or near homes, businesses, schools, some places of worship. similar actions have taken place in berkeley and pleasant hill. the policy is receiving heavy criticism from homeless advocates. >> a greater burden for the unhoused. is is not anything close to actually helping support nor is it towards permanent housing. it's a shuffling. >> oakland says it's seen a 63% increase in homeless population since 2017.
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the policy was created to help. the council hopes the city can provide a temporary alternative on land and all seven districts in oakland. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a bay area company not just building homes but revolutionizing the whole process. the incredible technology coming out of this alameda county warehouse. looking live at the city of san francisco
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future construction in the area. >> a company promises it can build housing units in under 24 hours. it's created a massive 3d printer to build houses from the ground up an 8th of an inch. the secret is the building materials. the idea of hatched using a normal desktop 3d printer. >> what we have done is developed a unique technology that allows us to take this and hit it with uv light. it hardens it almost instantaneously. >> so far they have orders of 20 units but in the relatively small warehouse, they believe they can construct about 1,000 homes each year. if you are wondering the cost
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of the studio unit, it's $115,000. a two bedroom unit is going torr $169,000. add another 30 to 40% for foundation and site preparation. tesla reported 5th consecutive profit with video inquiries. one app shutting down after just six months online, today's money watch report. >> reporter: stocks fell on wednesday. dow dropped 97 points. nasdaq lost 31 and s&p 500 was down seven. investors are waiting to see if latest talks in washington will deliver a new relief bill. nancy pelosi and steven mnuchin expected to continue talks today. earnings season is rolling
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on and tesla continues to roll out more electric vehicles. elon musk company posted 5th straight quarterly profit earning, $331 million, and says it is on pace to hit the goal of half a million car sales this year. musk says deliveries of the cyber truck are expected to start late next year. six months after launching, quivys shutting down. the app attracted celebrities and big investors but failed to capture an audience. cofounders wrote it didn't succeed in part because of the coronavirus pandemic but also that the idea may not be strong enough for a stand alone streaming service. that's your cbs money watch report. head to at the cbs broadcast center, i am diane king hall. a live look where downtown
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restaurants can serve customers outside until midnight. some business owners complained to city hall. the city says service on closed off streets or parklets will be allowed to stay open until midnight. >> many are tethering on brink of a financial reality where they might just call it quits here. anything the local government can do to help them survive this. >> when there is a hiccough in the system, we want to make clear that we will do what we can to alleviate any kind of barrier. >> city council will address restaurants on private property next week. 4:45. let's get another check of weather. we are seeing cooler temps but that doesn't mean we are out of fire danger. that's right, michelle. we are looking at an extreme fire danger, even though we are looking at temperatures about five degrees cooler compared to yesterday. it's really those offshore winds, those northerly to northeasterly winds that dry air in place.
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here is a live look with our sales force tower camera, as we look east across the bay bridge, we are looking at temperatures in the 50s, upper 50s for concord, oakland, livermore, san jose, 56 in san francisco and 50 for santa rosa. our second red flag warning of the week is now in effect for all of our bay area hills and mountains. higher elevations are also looking at san mateo coast under the red flag warning. north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo until 8:00 tomorrow for the gusts up to 40 to 50 miles per hour and checking gusts so far this morning, gusting in the higher elevations 30 to 35 miles per hour. but we will continue to watch the strong winds as we head through the morning and early
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afternoon and low relative humidity values in place. that high pressure system is really locked in place here and we are looking at those winds increasing as we go through the rest of our morning and early afternoon. then tapering off a bit as we head through later in the afternoon and evening. then another burst possibly as we look to late tonight into early friday before finally easing. but we will still see very low relative humidity values as we go through the week, so down to the teens and probably even single digits with that very dry air. daytime highs today, we are looking at 82 in san jose, 81 santa clara, 82 cupertino as well as campbell and morgan hill. east bay, no longer talking about 90s. we'll be in the mid 80s later today, 84 pleasant hill, 85
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antioch, 86 brentwood. tri valley, low to mid 80s. 84 livermore. around the bay, looking at 72 in san francisco, upper 60s sausalito, 77 oakland this afternoon, 76 san leandro. north bay, low to mid 80s. 82 santa rosa, 82 petaluma. 82 san rafael, 84 windsor. we are going to continue to cool it down as we head through the rest of the work week and into the weekend. saturday and sunday, looking to be the coolest days out of our extended forecast. we are watching the winds. as we head through the weekend we will see another burst of strong offshore winds as we head to sunday into monday. that offshore wind event does look to be stronger than we are seeing now or even earlier in
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the week. that's your look at weather. let's check for a look at traffic this thursday morning. good morning. we've already got crowding happening for that ride into the altamont pass. west 580, busy from the 580, 205 connector. we are seeing brake lights starting at about mount house. if you are headed to dublin interchange, it improves after altamont pass area into the livermore area. south 880 past 92 out of hayward, construction in the area is slowing things. it looks like you are backed up to about 92. so it is bearable. getting onto 92 is not an issue. things are easy at that connector. chp headed to the scene of an accident east highway 4 before railroad avenue on the right shoulder. we are seeing a lot of green on
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highway 4. east bound is the noncommute direction, so really no brake lights. just a heads up, know that it is out there. your travel time is still in the green. your ride along highway 4 is 25 minutes west from antioch to the east shore freeway. no delays along east shore. things are quiet so far at the bay bridge toll plaza. you see things moving at the limit at the toll plaza with no delays into san francisco. it's 4:50. that's a look at your morning drive. let's check in with dennis. hey everybody. coming up in sports, raiders hit by covid-19. 49ers hit again by injury bug. dodgers got hit by tampa rays in game two of the world series. that's coming up. let's take a look outside before we head to break. this is the city of san jose on
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this thursday morning. remember we want to bring you the good news happening. go to send story ideas to together@cbs.c
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4:53 on this thursday morning. a red flag warning in effect, our second one of the week. that's in effect now until 8:00 a.m. friday for north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys, santa cruz mountains, san mateo coast. gusting in higher elevations 30 to 35 miles per hour. we will continue to see winds increase to 40 to 50 later this
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morning. good morning. game two of the world series might have been must win for rays because the last 19 teams to fall into an 0-2 hole, only one came back to win world series. tampa bay didn't look like they were feeling heat before game two. top four, rays leading 1-0, former athletic wendel, two out double into right, two runs scored. it's 3-0. next inning, lowe hitting just over 100 this post season, connects for his second home run of the night, a two run shot, 5-0 tampa. snell had a no hitter into 5th but the dodgers chris taylor, two run shot, 5-2. to the 8th.
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it is 6-4. bowlinger representing highing run but luke struck him out to end the threat. rays win to tie the world series at a game a piece. >> i don't think anybody in our club house thought this series was over. it was one game and they had a future hall of famer on the mound. we had to show up and take care of business. we came out and played our game. >> if they win, we are down two games to none and it is a completely different outlook. now we have a momentum going. >> coming up, the best game of the year, 49ers still could not escape the injury bug. starting left tackle trent williams did not practice yesterday. he's got an ankle sprain. he is questionable for sunday's game against new england. meanwhile, more bad news, we won't see richard sherman for a while. he has not played since week one due to calf injury and
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yesterday kyle shanahan said they didn't expect sherman and deford back until after bye week at the end of notify. raiders track al brown has tested positive for covid-19. he practiced monday so the rest of the offensive line will need to undergo additional testing before they are cleared to return. vegas will host tom brady and buccs sunday night. while raiders deal with covid- 19 the browns receiver odell beckham jr says he doesn't have to worry about it. >> not in an arrogant way. i just don't think covid can get to me. i don't think it will enter this body. i don't want no parts of it. it don't want no parts of me. i think it is mutual respect. >> let me get this right. odell beckham jr and covid-19 has mutual respect for one another. no wonder cleveland browns never make the playoffs. see you tonight.
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>> that was a little shade, wasn't it? >> yes. a little shade. 4:56. >> a kpix5 original report, how cyber criminals gather hands on hundreds of millions of dollars meant to help struggling small businesses, next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> reporter: u.s. government says iran is trying to medal in our how do i use better than bouillon?
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, another round of lights out. overnight time line of switch offs. recognize this guy? police need your help catching a suspected arsonist.
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new clues from san mateo. buddy of mine shell announcement from fbi affecting voter confidence. why election officials say your vote is still safe. good morning. it is thursday, october 22. a new red flag warning is in effect and thousands of bay area residents have begun losing power. >> the latest are folks in napa and sonoma, almost 3500 customers impacted. an hour earlier, over 200 customers in santa clara had their power shut off. the first to be hit, a little more than 500 in alameda and contra costa counties. let's get a check of the weather with mary lee and that second red flag warning of the week. we are tracking the gusty offshore winds, that second burst of off show winds this week with a red flag warning in effect until 8:00 a.m. friday for


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