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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  October 23, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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right now on kpix5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live you can see the bay bridge on this friday. that's your dose of pretty as we start the day. good morning. it is october 23. i am len kiese. here is your other dose of pretty. >> oh you are so nice. he's lying. >> it's the truth. >> good morning. i am michelle griego. let's get a check of our weather with meteorologist mary lee. it's friday. >> so glad it's friday. love you both. love friday. we are looking the at a bit of a break from our fire danger thankfully so. i am watching relative humidity values rise with the on shore flow. we are looking at cooler temperatures with that pacific ocean breeze kicking in for us for today and for tomorrow and then looking at a stronger offshore wind event that arrives sunday. this afternoon, looking at highs around 64 in san
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francisco, 70 oakland, 76 san jose, 79 concord. five degrees cooler in san francisco and a few degrees above average as we look to oakland, san jose, concord. talking about those gusty offshore winds with extreme fire danger starting on sunday, a fire weather watch will be in effect from 11:00 a.m. sunday through 11:00 a.m. tuesday for the areas highlighted in yellow. we will talk more about this with these strong winds expected by the end of the weekend and early next week. that's your look at weather. let's check in with gianna. good morning. happy friday. there is one trouble spot to contend with. a few lanes are blocked. a vehicle hit another vehicle. one is facing sideways in the road. east bound 237 great america, expect slight delays. west bound is the commute direction and is moving at the
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limit. golden gate bridge, no delays. we are not seeing a lot of cars. there is road work on 101 north of here. around this time they typically run traffic breaks to ease traffic as they move the cone configuration around. bay bridge toll plaza off to a great start. >> thank you. the presidential campaign is in a sprint to the finish line. it was a more traditional debate between president trump and former vice president joe biden. after a chaotic first debate, each candidate had his mic cut off for the first two minutes of each topic and there were far fewer interruptions throughout the entire evening. >> here are some of the big take aways. >> reporter: the finalment chalcedony debate of 2020 started with the coronavirus. >> we are learning to live with it. >> people are learning to die with it. >> reporter: as the virus has killed more than 220,000 americans, former vice president joe biden made the
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pandemic the central focus of his campaign against president trump. >> anyone is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the united states of america. >> we closed up the greatest economy in the world in order to fight the horrible disease that came from china. >> reporter: candidates clashed over healthcare. >> what i am going to do is pass obamacare with a public option and become biden care. >> i'd like to terminate obamacare and come up with a brand new beautiful healthcare. >> reporter: the moderator asked the two about racial inequality in america. >> the exception of abraham lincoln, nobody has done what i have done. criminal justice reform. obama and joe didn't do it. >> abraham lincoln is one of the most racist presidents in modern history. >> reporter: on the topic of climate change biden wants to move away from fossil fuels. >> it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. >> will you remember that texas, pennsylvania? >> reporter: president trump made closing argument about the
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economy while the former vice president said the character of the country is on the ballot. >> success is going to bring us together. >> we're going to choose hope over fear. >> reporter: with 11 days until election day, 47 million americans have already voted. natalie brand, cbs news, nashville. all the honking the scene at san francisco's first drive in debate watch party at fort mason. it was put on by manny's restaurant. it was projected onto a big screen usually used for drive in movies. on the east bay voters attended socially distant watch parties in pleasanton. voters seemed to agree this debate was civil and had much more substance. >> i think they're both doing pretty good. i like the idea that they tamed it down. >> i am trying to confirm what
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i hear and read because i am a real political junky. >> he loves every one of us, even the people that don't agree. >> trump doesn't. trump cares about himself and it is time for him to go. >> according to the mixed crowd, the winner of last night's debate in itself is debatable. the power of the mute button seems to be what it took to stage a reasonably civil debate. our political analyst with more on the new format to tone down a scene of interruptions. >> really helpful that there was the mute button. the moderator did a great job under any circumstances. but having that stick behind her ready for a party to use it during the debate seemed to keep things in line. >> kpix5 is bringing the tools you need to vote smart. on air, on our news app, also
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streaming on cbsn bay area at i am anne makovec. uber and lyft are sweating it after a court decision yesterday. they could have to turn their drivers into full time employees by late january unless voters turn the tide here. the subject is prop 22 on the california ballot which would allow ride hailing companies to keep drivers as independent contractors. yesterday an appeals court ruled they are subject to ab5, california's gig worker law which would force them to make drivers employees and give benefits. that can mean fewer freedoms as well when it comes to schedules and hours. if prop 22 passes, that would mean the companies will likely argue that the law takes precedent over this court decision that just came in. so it is really all going to come up to what all of us have
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to say about this. we'll keep an eye on it. back to you. to the coronavirus, alameda county enters a new phase of reopening. now restaurants, worship houses, theaters, indoor retail, malls can welcome customers. restaurants will operate at 25% capacity or 100 people, whichever is less. social distancing will be enforced and masks are required. all outdoor seating remains available. in san francisco infection numbers are dropping as the city moves into the yellow tier of reopening but progress still lags in the latino community. according to health officials it is still the case that latinos make up after the positive cases in san francisco. activists say latinos are vulnerable, working indoors in cramped conditions and going home to large multi generational households. >> latinos are front line workers. guess what? those at home are going to come
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out. if they're infected they're going to pass the virus to our community. it's important that we all work collectively together and continue doing this work and not think it is over. >> in july our positivity rate among people who identified as latinos testing was 13%. that has gone down to 7% in september. in early october it is now down to 3%. >> the city increased testing and contact tracing but administrators at the mission food hub say now is the time to increase it even more. an update out of berkeley where we are learning a woman shot wednesday night has died. she was hit in a drive by shooting on prince and harper, about a block from ash by bart. detectives were back at the scene interviewing neighbors and searching for clues. a witness tells us he and his wife dismissed the sound of gunfire thinking it was something else. >> my wife heard some noise,
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some shots. we didn't know if it was fireworks or something else. she sort of dismissed it as background noise. >> we don't get a lot of shootings around here. the neighborhood feels safe. >> no word yet on a motive. a 41-year-old mystery is solved. police identified the body of a wood land woman who disappeared in 1979. police say a body that washed up decades ago is a match todelores wolf who vanished that year. she left four children. one provided investigators with a dna swab to make the positive match. her killer has never been found. 4:40. >> the owner of the 49ers called out for pouring millions into politics. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the fight at the ballot box, taking team
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it's 4:42. a new fight in the years' long battle between santa clara mayor and 49ers. >> the mayor says the owner jet york is pouring millions into city council elections in an attempt to buy candidates to benefit the team. >> new york is spending $3 million to pick his city council members and buy and control city of santa clara. >> allegations that the 49ers
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owner is trying to buy elections came out during a news conference at city hall yesterday. mayor gilmore was joined on the steps of city hall by the police chief. just then some city council candidates accused of being on the take crashed the news conference. >> again, political theater to try to make it look like we are owned by the 49ers. we are not owned by the 49ers. i have not taken a dime from the 49ers. >> the $3 million comes from 49ers' independent campaign expenditures which candidates have no control over but benefit them in media messaging. the mayor and candidates she supports were accused of getting similar but smaller benefits from police officers association and developers. 49ers called out a mayor. her hypocrisy knows no bounds and we will not shy away from supporting diverse representation and upholding voting rights. big spending by pacs isn't
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new for santa clara. the campaign to build levi stadium spent over $4 million. here is diane king hall with the money watch report for today. >> reporter: wall street moved higher on thursday. dow rose 152 points. nasdaq gained 21. s&p 500 added 17. green light for remdesivir. food and drug administration approved it as coronavirus treatment sending shares of gilead sciences higher after the bell. it is found it can quicken recovery time by patients in the hospital by about five days. nancy pelosi says she believes both sides want to reach agreement on coronavirus relief. she and steven mn uchin have
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been negotiating a spending bill. it's unclear if a deal would have votes to pass the republican controlled senate. santa won't be in macy's this year. macy's is putting christmas world online. through computers children three at a time will be led through virtually ending with time to share the christmas wish list with santa and take a selfie. that's your cbs money watch report. head to a dangerous situation in oakland, a grass fire started near 580 burning close to homes. it started along the 580 freeway before 5:00 p.m. yesterday in a homeless encampment above west bound lanes. it spread to the brush and even lapped at the edge of a gas
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station and nearby apartment buildings. >> the homeless encampments, they have a lot of stuff at the homeless encampments. i am not surprised. it's not the first time this has happened either. >> firefighter in his oakland got a jump start on putting the fire out because there was a strike team prepositioned around the neighborhood because of red flag conditions. no injuries were reported. let's get another check of our weather. mary. thankfully, we are watching higher relative humidity values, winds easing especially in the higher elevations. we are getting a bit of a break from our high fire danger for at least the next couple days before another offshore wind event, a stronger one, arrives back into the bay area. a live look at the sales force tower camera as we look right around the bay. we are looking at temperatures that are in the 50s right now.
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51 concord and livermore, 56 in oakland, san francisco, san jose, 50 for santa rosa. checking relative humidity, you see it is quite high thankfully so due to on shore flow and ocean breeze kicking in for today and for tomorrow. that stronger ocean breeze for cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity values but as we go through at least by sunday and early next week, some big changes. low pressure system close enough to us as well as that strong ridge of high pressure to our west with those features so close we have a tight pressure gradient and packed iso bars. that's why we are looking at strong wind gusts as we head through the end of the weekend and early next week. an extreme fire danger sunday through tuesday. a fire weather watch which will be upgraded eventually to a red flag warning from 11:00 a.m.
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sunday through 11:00 a.m. tuesday for north bay mountains and valleys, santa cruz mountain, diablo range, gusts 60 to 70 miles per hour as we go through the end of the weekend through tuesday. that is a big concern for us as we are looking at likely some of the strongest offshore winds that we have seen so far this wildfire season. we'll be seeing relative humidity values drop considerably and plummet as we go through sunday, monday, and tuesday down to the teens and single digits. daytime highs for today, of course we are talking about cooler conditions. looking at 76 in san jose for a high, 75 santa clara, 78 campbell. as we look to the east bay, 79 in concord and pleasant hill, upper 70s for tri valley, 78 dublin, 79 livermore. as we look around the bay, topping out at 64 in san
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francisco, 63 for sausalito, 78 sonoma and napa. the extended forecast as we are looking at cooler temperatures for tomorrow and for sunday as well. again, watching gusty offshore winds beginning sunday and into early next week. you see temperatures are on the rise into next week as well. that's your look at weather. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic on this friday morning. good morning. if you are hitting the roadways and taking 230, good news to report, they cleared a crash east bound 237 at great america blocking at least three lanes. tow crews are getting everything out of the way. we saw slight delays moments ago and it looks like those have dissipated. there is still some activity to the shoulder. we had road work popping up on 84 but it looks like they've
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cleared that and things are moving nice across the span as you work to the dunbar ton bridge. there are slow and go conditions south bound 880 not far from there. fairfield near air base parkway, a couple cars tangled up. this is not causing delays. only slight delays into the altamont pass. it is certainly friday light for your commute out of tracy, working towards that dublin interchange, things are moving nicely. i am getting reports of chp and fire activity east bound 580 past north livermore exit. no impact to traffic. 24 minutes from 205 towards 680. >> thank you. uc berkeley has given green light for in person classes. a pilot program launching monday is allowing the university to hold in person
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lectures. outdoors students and faculty will meet in small groups and will be required to wear masks and maintain physical distance. they'll have to show a negative covid test before participating. coming up, covid-19 sacks raiders in primetime. how does a great play turn really, really ugly so fast? we're up next. here is a live look in downtown san jose on this friday morning. remember kpix5 wants to bring you the good news. go to you can send story ideas it's rising.
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the pain is coming.
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good morning. raiders placed the entire starting offensive line on covid list after trent brown tested positive earlier this week. good news, no players tested positive yesterday. however with the uncertainty surrounding the game, nfl has moved sunday's name from primetime to 1:05. the sunday game will be seattle and arizona. that's really not that bad a match up. five players were added to the covid list for contact with trent brown at practice. the earliest they can be cleared to return is sunday. not good. the league is investigating brown and the team to see if he or the club violated protocol. this sunday for the first time since he was traded to the 49ers, garoppolo faces his old team the patriots. jimmy spent three seasons in new england mostly as tom brady's back up but did make
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starts in 2016 going 2-0. unfortunately, that's not the most memorable moment of jimmy's starting stent. >> did you see the two starts he made for brady? >> he went undefeated, right? i am not going to lie. i am pretty sure the only thing i remember is him getting hurt because he fell on his shoulder. i will eliminate those bad vibes. >> see sunday's game at 1:25 on the big five followed by the 5th quarter, myself, lo neil breaking it down. hosting rival giants third quarter philadelphia leading 10- 7 daniel jones takes off. ers' got nothing but green grass in front of him, should be an 88-yard touchdown but he trips and falls inside the 10. final minutes giants leading 21- 16, drops a perfect pass to
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scott, game winning 18-yard touchdown, eagles win 22-21. at 2, 4, 1, philadelphia is in soul possession of first place in nfc worse. pga southern california andrew landry doing his best jones impression. tiger woods won this event last year. not going to happen this year. woods shot a four over 76. 12 strokes behind the leader, tiger is in second to last place. don't forget the masters starts in a couple weeks. tiger is the defending champion. i don't think he is going to be champion in 2020. that's the latest in sports. have a great weekend. 4:56. >> next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, help is on the way for bay area cities hit hard by recent wildfires. the county set to receive
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federal aid. that's coming up. >> reporter: alameda officially is in the orange tier. sections are reopening beginning today. we'll have
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, welcoming back customers in time for the weekend. new reopening rules in alameda county. pge facing fire trouble again. the new lawsuit just filed. a break from fire weather but not for long. mary breaks down your friday forecast. friday. let's keep saying that. we've been looking forward to this day. >> i love it. >> it is friday, october 23. good morning. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. thanks for joining us. the weekend is in view.
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how is it looking for us? good friday morning to you. we are looking at higher relative humidity values and also a bit of the on shore flow, cooler temperatures for today and for tomorrow, thankfully so, catching a break from the high fire danger today and tomorrow. here is a look at relative humidity values. as we go through the rest of the weekend we are looking at stronger offshore winds. with it we are going to see high fire danger for later on in the weekend. here is a look at temperatures this afternoon. it is cooler, 64 in san francisco, 70 oakland, 76 san jose, 79 concord. here is a look at the fire weather watch from 11:00 sunday through 11:00 tuesday for the areas in yellow, likely one of the strongest events


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