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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 23, 2020 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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who'sgovernor gavin newsom. the governor says prop 15 is, "fair, phased-in, and long overdue reform", that "will exempt small businesses and residential property owners." join governor newsom. vote yes on 15. who's supkamala harris.5? harris says, "a corporate tax loophole has allowed billions to be drained from our public schools and local communities. no more. i'm proud to support prop 15." vote yes.
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schools and communities first is responsible for the content of this ad. good lord not 11:00, half 1 million pg&e customers could lose the power, what you need to know to prepare. >> the most dangerous combinations so far this season beginning on sunday. members of an east bay community are taking a stand in response to a recent string of violent crime.>> we want to see the community members thrive and survive. a dire prediction tonight, the u.s. that's a single day record for coronavirus cases. good evening. i am ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook, on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay
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area, pg nd could cut the power to nearly half 1 million customers this weekend, including nearly 150,000 the bay area, the areas in orange are notice tonight, that they could be impacted. the dangerous conditions stirring up memories of the wine country wildfires. crews are getting a handle on a wildfire that broke out in napa county, 50 acres near lower child's valley road. team coverage from the extreme fire danger, let's start with the chief meteorologist paul heggen. >> midday sunday through midday on tuesday, including the entire bay area. not just the higher terrain, not just inland portions, the wind speeds were talking about, the highest rank, sustained winds up to 40 miles per hour, the gusts are going to be 60-70 miles per hour, approaching hurricane force winds, along the coast, even lower elevations, gusty winds, the
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high wind watch in effect as well, northeasterly winds, gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the fire danger index, ranking the index, 0-10, zero is when we want to be, and the north bay, what shall the color spread out now the numbers go up as we head through sunday evening. especially late sunday night into early monday morning, towards the top of the scale for parts of the bay area, you can see how widespread it is, not just the north bay mountains and the east bay hills and the diablo range, but widespread conditions throughout the day on monday, even once the winds start to relax. we will take a look at the humidity and wind speeds we expect beginning just a few minutes . the wind warning is so widespread, so lots of neighborhoods that don't usually face the threat of extreme fire danger are buckling up tonight. betty yu is in san jose for how to prepare for the worst.
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>> parts of the bay area have been in and out of red flag warnings all month, this sunday's wind event will bring winds we have not seen this year. the landscape is dry, the winds will be high, and the humidity low, maurice has already received a text alert from pg nd about the possibility of power shut offs in his neighborhood. >> 2 dogs, 3 children, 4 go bags, everything is ready, we are ready with water and food. >> reporter: owns grandview restaurant, a steakhouse that overlooks the santa clara valley, an area that might not typically experience red flag conditions. he is prepared to move guests indoors and close part of the outdoor dining patio. >> we have our generators and a plan for animals as well, we have a 50 acre farm across the street. and are water. >> reporter: cal fire is bringing more firefighters and
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equipment, including aircraft earlier in the day to respond. >> residence miles from wildland areas need to be on high alert. embers can travel oftentimes a mile past the head of the fire. >> reporter: in addition to getting documents together, a resident should have alternative evacuation routes in case trees or power poles fall onto the roadway. >> garages to today's standard, have easy access even when the power is out, but for those who may not be able to lift the garage door, park your car outside, and have it backed up for easy escape. >> reporter: josc thinking about the families plan. >> electric vehicles, do the we charge them of the night before, or maybe we are going to for the next few days. >> the strongest winds are expected overnight when many people are sleep. cal fire is stressing the importance of being prepared. in san jose, betty yu. a survival guide to help
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repair for the shut offs of the website, >> recording the highest daily number of covid-19 cases since the pandemic began. more than 82,000 new infections were recorded. 41 states reporting an increase in the average number, the heartland, the middle the country, that is where people are getting sick, 15 states have reported record hospitalizations in the last week. also tonight, researchers estimate the death toll back -- death toll could pass 500,000 by march, but university of washington study said hundred thousand lives could be saved through february if 95% of americans wear a mask, last month only about half of u.s. residents reported that they always wear a mask in
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public. east oakland residents are doing their part to take back their streets after a surge of violence. andrea joins us from oakland with more on the grassroots effort. >> reporter: here at city hall there been discussions about defunding police, as oakland faces a crime wave, they are making a plea to settle disputes with words and not weapons. operation cease-fire, in hopes of reducing gang-related shootings and killings. >> born and raised in east oakland, i love east oakland and i'm just hoping that again more and more people will show up and be present and let folks know that we want to see our community members thrive and survive. three back oakland has seen 80 homicides already this year, compared to 58 at this time last year, oakland police say an increase in gang activity and early release of prisoners due to covid are part of the reasons for the increase in
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violent crime. susan mannheim her points to kids being left to fend for themselves. >> these juveniles have no structure, no intervention support, mentoring from adult relationships. >> reporter: these members of cease-fire, who come from all walks of life, want to show that they are here to karen listen. >> people are struggling right now on a lot of different levels, providing a caring presence, to those who are struggling the most. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf also stood alongside cease-fire on 82nd and bancroft>> east oakland deserves peace on the streets. >> the mayor feels this shows how the partnership between the community-based approach and the police can have an impact on crime. >> i do believe that the defund the police conversation is about investing more in our values in a city like oakland, where we already have the lowest officer per crime
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staffing of any city in america, we must approach this conversation with that local knowledge. in mind. >> reporter: during a five-year period starting in 2012, oakland saw nearly a 50% decrease in shootings and the city says cease-fire played a role in the decrease in crime. in oakland, kpix 5. campaign 2020, early voting numbers are in top the u.s. elections project reports that 50 million americans have already cast their ballots, that is more than a third of the americans who voted in 2016. in the bay area, a big push to vote early, for starters, if you wanted to be tabulated in the first round of results on november 3, election day, return it now, get it in. another reason, if there are any issues with your signature, on your ballot, you will have time to resolve it before it's too late.>> why wait?
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why risk a fire or a power shut down. people used to talk about election day is the big event, the big deal, we should talk about it as the big reveal. that we reveal the results of all the voting this been going on for the last four weeks. >> a lot of businesses and media outlets are behind the push, launching the nation's first vote early day, tomorrow, aims to let all americans know their options when it comes to voting. kpix 5 is bringing you the tools you need to vote smart this election. on air, on our new kpix 5 app, and streaming on breaking down one of the most controversial measures on the california ballot, why opponents of prop 19 say there is much more at stake than hope for wildfire victims.>> what is behind that is a huge tax increase.>> tonight, investigators revealing connection between a riot and a
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minneapolis police station, and the murder of 2 bay area law enforcement officers. an unbelievable seen woman 1: get your vote-by-mail ballot?
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on the ballot this year kia proposition that says it will help wildfire victims and change state property tax policy. >> opponents call it cynical, saying he wrote images of firefighters are really a front for realtors to make more money. in our original series project home, susie breaks down what prop 19 will actually do.>> i get asked all the time why people choose to rebuild, and fire impacted areas. >> reporter: chris rogers is a survivor of several wildfires, a supporter of proposition 19.
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he says many people in his district choose to rebuild in at risk areas because high property taxes offer them few options of another place to go. >> insurance requires folks to rebuild where they lost their homes, once they have rebuilt their homes, they have almost the golden handcuffs of the lower property tax values that are there.>> reporter: when californians buy a new home, the property taxes usually go way up, they are based on the value of the home when you bought it, if you bought a long time ago, you're paying a fraction of what new owners would pay. right now property owners of the age of 55 can transfer their current property tax rate to a home of equal or lesser value one time. that they can only do so in the same county are one of 10 counties. lewelling homeowners to keep
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their property tax rate for up to three moves, and victims of wildfire or natural disaster to transfer their property tax rate one time. >> we have a crushing housing problem in california, you have so many seniors that been looking to downside, into smaller places, there locked in because the property tax values. >> reporter: 19 really is a property tax break swap, over the age of 55, who has low property taxes, you can keep those and transfer them to other properties for up to three moves, the increase for anyone who is inheriting properties from mom and dad. unless you plan to live in the home, your property taxes will go up. >> a billion-dollar tax increase on california families, it talks about wildfires, that's what's in the can -- commercials but what is behind that is a tax increase on family transfers of property. >> reporter: the howard jarvis taxpayers association, opposing
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prop 19. >> thousands and thousands of dollars on a family that has just lost a parent. literally people will be opening the sympathy cards, and one of them will be a new tax bill. >> keeping tax rates low for children who inherit their parents homes even if they don't live there, prop 19 would force the children to move into the home or pay higher property taxes. >> this is just a cruel thing to do to california families, especially when it is not being fully disclosed in the commercials that this is what it would do. >> reporter: predicting it would bring in tens of millions of dollars in state revenue each year, some to schools and local government, the rest would go to a wildfire prevention fund, supporters project fire districts could receive up to 99 million dollars of the first years and up to $6 billion over 12 years.>> a tax break that encourages people to move more often or raises their taxes so they are forced to sell, both
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of those things generate more commissions for realtors but isn't good policy for california. >> providing some level of flexibility, fire victims or seniors, or whether folks who are disabled makes a lot of sense for california.>> reporter: kpix 5. >> keeps any your stories and ideas to project home at, and see the reporting on the website. a link between a right eddie minneapolis police precinct in the murder of 2 bay area law enforcement officers, arresting ivan harrison hunter, a self-described member of the boogaloo movement, according to charging documents, he fired shots into a minneapolis precinct during the george floyd riots in may. the fbi alleges that he was also associated with stephen korea, another boogaloo follower. he was charged with killing two
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other law enforcement officers in the bay area in june. a 14 and 15-year-old are charged with attempted homicide for a shooting in san francisco. it happened yesterday, craig smith and the two teenagers, all from oakland, robbed a man at gunpoint in the tenderloin and then opened fire after he chased after them. the bullets struck and occupied car but nobody was hurt, the rest of the suspects inside the civic center bart station. two of the largest fires in colorado's history are threatening to merge. one has already burned an area larger than the city of chicago, thousands of families are forced from their homes, crews are trying to form a containment line, and right now they're hoping that the snow this weekend, forecast, snow, will help team the flames. i'm not sure i'm betting on the weather. with that kind of a fire. >> they are likely to get plenty of snow, it's just a
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matter of how strong the winds will be before the snow arrives, spreading it before the snow puts it out. the same storm system, gusty offshore winds will kick in late sunday and continue through early tuesday, the windiest timeframe will be late sunday night into early monday morning. extremely low relative humidity levels, a dangerous combination, any fire that manages to get going will spread rapidly, a situation where a tossed cigarette can go from rude littering to a life- threatening emergency in very short order. this talk about the humidity first, 11:00 sunday morning, that's when the red flag warning goes into effect. we don't worry about the human the levels until they get below 20%, but there they go, single digits by late sunday as the offshore winds drag the dry air in. and the downslope wins dry out even more as they travel downhill or sunday evening and sunday night, single-digit relativity levels, which is
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very low. and the sun comes up and he's up the atmosphere the humidity drops even more on monday, relative humidity in the 3%-6% range for most inland portions of the bay area, even for the bay, 10%, that's extremely low. this is forecast data, not a guarantee, but it gives us a good idea of what to expect. in terms of the winds, those are going to kick in after midday on sunday, you can see the gusts up to 35-45 miles per hour, by late sunday evening, and this isn't the windiest timeframe, that will be sunday night into early monday morning, when gus in the valleys in the lower elevations approaching 50 miles per hour, the peaks, 60-70 mile-per-hour easily achievable and that is the dangerous part. anything that gets going will spread so fast, they will continue through late monday morning, and they don't lit up a lot as we had to later monday
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afternoon, 30, 40, 50 mile per hour wind gusts by evening, we will watch it carefully, a red flag warning through midday on tuesday. in the meantime, it's nice outside, temperatures in the 50s and 60s for the most part right now, mostly in the 50s, 60 degrees oakland, 48 in santa rosa and the weather looks really nice for the first half of the weekend, it goes up on sunday, temperatures tonight drop down into the low 50s and some locations dipping far down into the 40s, 41 in santa rosa in nice weather on saturday, a mix of clouds and sunshine early in the day, plenty of sunshine the rest of the day, good looking weather, and a shady spot in the grass they can enjoy. high temperatures tomorrow exactly where they're supposed to be, 60s-70s, a little below average for sam cisco, only 60 along the coast, further inland, the first normal high- temperature's we've had in
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quite a while. warming up early next week, but not overly hot, temperatures are not the problem, it's the dry air and strong winds that are going to pose the greatest fire threat for us, we will be here throughout the we can keep an eye on things, and we will have updates as more information comes in, which is all the time. >> straightahead sports.>> guess he was a teammate of tom brady, and the eve of bay area college football in the world series. anybody thing this is goin
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baseball up top, the world series, la in tampa, back-and- forth ago, how critical will game for be? huge. after tonight's game 3. look at tampa's kevin kiermaier, 0-2 against the dodgers, his kid got to see justin turner, the third batter of the game go yard, opening the scoring. and the same 1-0 score the third, and max muncy, the one- time oakland a, two out in to run hit, 3-0. plenty of support for walker buehler, kept them off balance, 10 strikeouts,
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allowed just one run on three hits, the dodgers won 6-2, and 2-1 series lead, a critical game saturday where tampa will need to respond. checking into a bus no tell, plane the patriot sunday on kpi -- kpix 5. without their starting two safeties. they have enough game possibly to beat cam newton and new england, the patriots are a slight favorite, we will have the fifth quarter show after the scheduled 1:25 pm game. receiver antonio brown, signing with the tampa bay buccaneers, he played last season with tom brady in new england. after a bizarre training camp, he had served an eight-game suspension for conduct but expected to make his debut in a couple of weeks. struck college football, tomorrow, inside spartan stadium, san jose state opens 2020 bay area play where the
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host air force, they had to take the team to train at humboldt state to get ready, because of covered restrictions at santa clara county. coach says his guys are so ready.>> the best part of the day. there days suck, there stuck in a dorm, looking at a computer screen, they can't go to a party, they can go out on a date, they can't go to the movies, the can't go to class right, and the student union. footballs the best part of their day.>> fans on the left, beautiful putting surface on the right, let's see how tiger woods negotiated second round play in southern california, and -6, 66, 12 shots behind the leader justin thomas, a runner- up five times, tiger woods, and allie mcdonald leads the field
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by one, and 7 shots in the bay area, we believe in science. traffic and air pollution will be even worse after the pandemic. that's why we support measure rr to keep caltrain running. which is at risk of shutdown because of the crisis. to keep millions of cars off our roads, to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. and measure rr helps essential workers like me get to work and keep our communities healthy. relieve traffic. reduce pollution. rescue caltrain. [all] yes on measure rr. but i can't say i expected this. because it was easy. rescue caltrain. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple. for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes.
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so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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a new hotel in washington dc, about powerful women.>> the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote, the moment you walk into hotels enough, it's not an ordinary hotel, immediately immersed in art, many tributes can be found honoring a number of influential women, including ruth bader ginsburg. look at that. artists from all over the world contributed to the unique design.>> pretty cool. we will be right back.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thank you for watching, news
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continues streaming on cbsn bay area, it's going to be windy, be carefu and have captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ >> comedy. it's no laughing matter, especially when it attempts to derive humor from the american political process. there's nothing funny about it. except for when that fly landed on mike pence's head. that was pretty good. and yet for reasons unknown, week after week, stephen colbert has taken to "the late show"" and brazenly attempted to make jokes in the run-up to the 2020 election. you crazy bastard.


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