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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  October 26, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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stay on track today. seeing red flags all over the bay area. when this dangerous weather will finally calmed down. it is monday, october 26 and i am michelle griego . >> i am len kiese and we have team coverage from the shutoffs. we begin with mary lee and how long this will last. and we are tracking the strong winds. the most powerful event we have seen so far this wildfires season. we need to get through today and tomorrow before we will see the winds sees. current sustained wind at 30 miles per hour in fairfield. 22 in santa rosa and 24 mile-per-hour sustained wind at sfo. wind gusts 43 in napa. 30 four san
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jose. a red flag warning for the entire bay area until 11:00 a.m. today. relatively low humidity values into the single digits and teens. the winds will ease in the lower elevations where you live but still strong winds in the hills and mountains with a red flag warning until 5:00 p.m. on tuesday for the east bay hills and the diablo range. a wind advisory for the bay area until 11:00 a.m. today with down trees and power lines. i will show you the wind gusts taking you through today and tomorrow with the dangerous weather conditions coming up. let's check in with gianna for a wendy's start to the day. we may be dealing with downed trees. this is over the scene of a
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tree down in the roadway at 580 at high street. chp is on the scene and the tree branches are in the right lane. they have called out a maintenance crew to clear this from the roadway. it's not a huge impact to traffic as the morning commute is just getting underway. as there are more cars, that could change. this is 580 near high street. we did have reports of a fallen cable line near 101. 101 northbound it's getting busy for that commute. and at all to mott pass, a wind advisory with a 40 minute drive time from tracy to the altamonte pass area and onto 580 where traffic is sluggish. and be careful especially in this area where we see high profile vehicles. spot fires popping up
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overnight in santa rosa. at illegal campfire started a grass fire. the fire department got a job on it and they tweeted out this video near summerfield road and sonoma avenue. no buildings were damaged. and egg grass fire with 11 units working to knock down the flames. there is no damage or injuries but with all of this wind, crews are staying busy. and the fire near the russian river. the fire can be seen here from the wildfire camera at mount jackson. at last check, the fire is contained after burning a few acres. in napa county, there are flare ups from the last fire. this as gusty winds are stoking the fire conditions. the fire was deemed contained just last week.
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and homes in this area where there is a triangle are in the dark. pg&e turned off power and will turn it off until the fire danger passes. emily turner is live at with more . the resource center has backup power if you need to charge anything or get water. in the last half hour three of the four signs have been blown over because it is so gusty out here. this is the reason why they have shut the power down. communities here have been dealing with wildfires and the power shutoffs go from napa valley to marin county. 23,000 customers just in sonoma county alone. one county resident is a fire survivor from the tops fire. he tells us he is ready for the
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worst. his house was in fountaingrove and it was destroyed in the 2017 fire. he has relocated to the oakmont neighborhood in santa rosa which was hit by the glass fire that is now sparking backup. it missed its house but oakmont is now in the dark. >> well, i will evacuate with my dog and i will find a hotel. >> we are ready to go in the cars are packed once again. i don't know exactly where we will go this time. >> reporter: in sonoma county there are extra firefighters on standby as well as law enforcement in case they need to jump into action. we have seen that in santa rosa with the homeless fire that you were talking about a few moments ago. the emergency operations center has been activated all night. if there is anything they learned from the 20 seat teen fires 2017
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fires is that you cannot be prepared enough. not just northbay, but east bay is dealing with darkness this morning. anne makovec joins us now . i concur with what emily was talking about. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. there have not been a lot of high wind gusts here in orinda as long as we have been here this morning. luckily caltrans just turned on the stoplights. it is for people commuting but otherwise the area is dark which is an inconvenience for a lot of people. the fire danger remains when the winds do have a chance to pick up. the purpose of this with pg&e shutting office equipment before it has a chance to start fires. many
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local fire departments have increased staffing and they have been patrolling the hills overnight. some have been pre-evacuated. contra costa county advised that yesterday and the city of burke lee sent out a similar requirement yesterday. >> we don't have any place to go unless we check into a hotel . we probably will not do that, but we will stay alert. >> reporter: there are 40,000 homes and businesses without power. they started turning it off last night around 8:30. if people are lucky, they have backup batteries or generators. it's the same story and so many people have come up with ways to get around it. it is certainly a difficulty and anyone who has to get up this morning and get rolling in the dark, we wish you luck. right now in orinda, i am anne
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makovec, kpix 5. we are learning wind has knocked over a tree and power lines in concord . it happened just before midnight near concord high school on birchwood court. and opening doors for marin county residents impacted by the shutoffs. it will be at old mill school in mill valley. resources include snacks, water, charging stations as well as a restroom. there will also be wi-fi. doors open at 8:00 this morning and will stay open until 10:00 tonight. pg&e customers impacted by the shut off. students are worried about having power for distance learning but they are figuring out ways to get assignments done. >> i took pictures of my assignments that i could do on paper. and to make sure we have the solar charges and to make sure
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that everything is already charged. >> reporter: 11 oakland schools could be impacted by power shutoffs. if students cannot get online, they are asked to work independently and report into teachers as soon as they get a chance. they are advising people to charge their computers, wi-fi hotspots, and cell phones ahead of time so they can work during the power outages. we will keep you updated on erin online as the power shutoffs play out. there is an uptick in the number of children impacted by covid-19 as more schools start to reopen. the journal of pediatrics found more than 80,000 new cases reported in kids which is at 13% increase. santa clara and santa rosa counties having one day covid- 19 tests. an appointment is needed and there will be tests
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from 9:30 a.m. until 4:00. more tests in sunnyvale and milpitas. meanwhile the city of free spain will be conducting covid test at the community pool . the tests are free but an admin appointment is required it will be open from 5:00 until 8:00. for more information, you can head to . the time is 6:10. and still ahead, a major east bay tourist attraction may be off-limits today. we will tell you what happened if you already have tickets to the oakland zoo. i am tracking current wind gusts. i am looking at strong winds across the bay area. it is 30 at hayward and 20 at santa rosa. at the mountain peaks, 80-90 mile-per-hour wind gusts. i will take you through more on
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today and tomorrow coming up. debris on the roadway because of the gusty conditions plus wind advisories for the ultima yeah, that's half the fun of a new house.
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welcome back. the time is 6:14. much of the bay area is close during the dark this morning. >> this due to extreme fire danger including tilden, clermont canyon, lake should bow and others. they are expected to over open together today. the zoo plans to post an update on its up date. people with reservations today and tomorrow can use their tickets later. the sierra bracing for freezing temperatures. looking at truckee, lake tahoe
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could see temperatures plunge to the teens and areas like truckee in the single digits. snow in colorado. snow is falling at rocky mountain national park transforming the area from red flag fire weather to winter in a couple of hours. warmer and drier weather could return midweek. it is 6:15, let's check the wind and the fire danger. mary. michelle we are looking at the strongest wind event we have seen so far this wildfire season. with the wintery conditions in colorado, it is impacting our weather and the bay area. the cold weather is bring in a northeasterly wind. you can see
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the camera shaking in the wind as we look east at the babe bridge and east bay. temperatures in the mid-50s to near 60 degrees. the wind disgusting near 90 miles per hour in the higher elevations. and hillsboro kills with mount the lot diablo at 72. the extreme fire danger continues for the rest of the day and into tomorrow. this is a big concern for us with the peak of the wildfire season with everything so dry. a red flag warning for the entire bay area. all of the bay area is in the red because 11:00 a.m.
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today. low humidity values down to 8-18% with extreme fire danger. through the day, the winds will ease in the lower elevations. in the hills, we will still see strong winds. a red flag warning until 5:00 p.m. tuesday for the north bay and east diablo hills. until 11:00 a.m. today, we can see down the trees and power lines with the strong winds. i want to show you the wind particles and the tight pressure gradient over the bay area. the diablo whens is when you see the northerly and northeasterly winds funneling down the mountain slopes. it is dry and didn't air as it races down the mountain slopes. you can get incredibly strong offshore winds which is what we are tracking this morning. hour
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by hour through the day, the wie lower elevations but strong whens in the upper elevations into tomorrow morning. easing through the day on tuesday. the problem is we will still have relatively low humidity values down into the single digits and teens. dangerous weather conditions today and tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s across the bay area for many locations with daytime highs near normal. through the week, we just have to get through today and tomorrow with the extreme fire danger. now let's check in with gianna and the windy conditions this morning . they are impacting the drive this morning. wind advisories for bay area bridges. there is a backup at the toll plaza and you will see brake lights at the incline and into the city this morning. things are getting busy for the morning ride as you work your way into san francisco. a wind
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advisory for the san mateo bridge where there are more cars on the road between 880 and over toward 101. they do not have an official advisory for the golden gate bridge that we are dealing with power outages through the robin williams tunnel. the lights are out in the tunnel, so be careful through their. there is debris in the roadway because of the windy conditions this morning. a tree down on westbound 580 near high street. it is blocking the right lane and chp is on the scene. they are waiting for caltrans to clear this one. it is early in the morning commute. you can use 880 in the meantime. 13 would work but there is a wind advisory on 13 this morning. also a large sign in the roadway toward mission boulevard and that may slow you down as well. lots of reports of trees in the roadway in the north bay. wanted atlas peak
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road and i'm getting the first reports of a tree in the roadway blocking the right lanes near the stony point offramp. keep your eyes peeled for that. a wind advisory in effect for the altamont pass where we see a lot of high profile vehicles traveling through. a 40 minute drive time from 205 and 580 over toward 680. a live look over oakland where officials plan to play out street and sidewalk sweeping in the area. the services are expected to begin november 9. it is 6:20. still ahead, proof there is no excuse to not get your vote in. it must be nice to play by a different set of rules.
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welcome back in. it is 6:23 on this monday morning. we are tracking strong wind across the bay area. 36 mile-per-hour winds out of the north in napa. 26 miles per hour in santa rosa . there is an extreme fire danger in the full forecast is coming up. time is running out to cast your ballot for the november election. there are not many excuses not to. a nasa astronaut currently aboard the space station for six months day was able to cast her ballot. texas law allows astronauts to vote from space. mission control relays the ballot to the county clerk. >> it's an honor to be able to vote from space. we fill out a form and we vote
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via absentee ballot. if we can do it from space, i believe folks can do it from the ground too. >> reporter: this wasn't her first time and she voted from space during the 2016 election. dangerous fire conditions playing out all over the bay area. the overnight flareups next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. tens of thousands are without power in the bay area and i have the story just ahead . it is a rough start for people all over the bay area. i'm in east bay where tens of thousands are waking up in the dark. i will have the latest conditions coming up next. this is a live look at the bay bridge as
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , thousands across the region are waking up in the dark. when the high fire danger will pass bringing the lights back. and new videos just coming into the newsroom and how it is impacting your morning commute. good morning, it is monday,
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october 26 and i am len kiese. i am michelle griego . the purple you see there is where the shutoffs are at this moment . pg&e turn the power off due to high fire danger. on the left is one near the russian river and on the right, flames are flaring up in the class fire zone in the napa county. fortunately both fires are out this morning. we have team coverage all morning long and we began with mary lee . we just have to get through today and tomorrow with the extreme fire danger. the strongest offshore winds we have seen so far this fire danger season. not just in the upper elevations, but lower elevations as well. when sustained at 36 out of napa. and 26 miles per hour out of the north at sfo. wind gusts with 30 miles per
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hour at hayward and 29 for santa rosa. a red like warning for the entire bay area until 11:00 a.m. today due to the gusty offshore wind and relatively low humidity values. there is an extreme fire danger. we are looking at the winds easing for the lower elevations but still strong in the foothills and mountains. this for the entire bay area until 11:00 a.m. with possible downed trees and power lines. we have already seen downed trees with the gusty conditions . i will show you futurecast through today and tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. for now, let's go live to emily turner to look at the power shutoffs in the north bay. there are wind gusts at 26 miles per hour where you are out there. >> we are feeling it and so
6:32 am
apparently are the signs in front of this community center. you can see how many have blown over. three out of the four of them in the last half-hour have been not over. the signs are the least of it. we're talking trees and branches and i even saw a fence and garbage cans blown away. this was an entire tree that fell down outside of the sonoma city limits. firefighters were on the scene to get it out of the roadway. it is not easy this morning because not only are the road star, but there is debris pretty much everywhere. this is just one of the trees that came down throughout the county. firefighters have been busy cutting trees and they would prefer this over fighting fires any day. there are extra firefighters and law enforcement on hand and the city's emergency operations center has remained activated overnight as well.
6:33 am
>> we are aware of potential downed power lines as well as other fires throughout the city . we have firefighters on hand and the emergency operations center will be activated through the night to be prepared for needs as they arise . with the public safety power shut off, we are talking over 23,000 people without power . this community center opens at 8:00 this morning if you need to charge anything or get water. if you just need to sit in the light and have power for your kids to do their school work, it will open at 8:00 this morning. i am len kiese to with kpix 5. let's head over to anne makovec . i can tell you things are running pretty smoothly. there is traffic light behind me at camino prop low that his backup.
6:34 am
caltrans was out here to make sure that the commute goes well for those who are headed out and about. 30 without 34,000 people in alameda county and contra costa county are without power. they call it an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure because the region the that pg&e has is to make sure their equipment does not start a wildfire with some of the high wind gusts we have seen overnight. they shut off the power at 8:30 p.m.. shoppers and diners headed home . some were lucky enough to have backup batteries and generators. they are trying to conserve resources for as long as this outage lasts. >> i don't have phone or internet connection through comcast because their power supply is relying on pg&e. a lot of local fire
6:35 am
departments have been increasing staffing. some firefighters have been patrolling the east bay hills overnight and they luckily have not seen anything. some people pre-evacuated yesterday. contra costa county suggested that yesterday and some have already evacuated. the wind has not been bad so far this morning. i am anne makovec , kpix 5. more fire danger with the small grass fire. firefighters got a call just after 5:30 this morning. part of the fence is burned off as you can see. strong whens have taken a toll in san leandro where branches have snapped off the trees. some massive limbs falling to the streets below. the crews have their hands full
6:36 am
chopping up the downed trees and branches and there is no word of property damage just yet. and in concord it is knocked over a tree and power lines dangerously close to this house. this is on birchwood court close to concord high school. it is not just in the neighborhoods. >> trees are toppling even on the highways. chopper 5 was up earlier capturing this at westbound 580 near high street. chp crews are on the scene and they are waiting for maintenance crews to remove this. you may see break lights on westbound 500 80 as a result. sluggish conditions depending on how the morning commute continues. and as we jump to the maps in the north bay, there are reports of debris as you work your way on arbor avenue at riverside drive. there is a
6:37 am
lane blocked due to a fallen tree. also at old winery road southbound, that will impact your commute also this morning. also napa at atlas peak road near westgate, that is blocked as well. i will have more coming up in my next report. the governor's office of emergency services is now activating strike teams. >> they are standing by and emergency officials say if the fires start that they will burn quickly. they will deploy more crews as needed. >> it is one of those things we want to lean forward on. we are pre-positioning fire trucks and assets in the field so that if anything starts that we can get on it quickly and put those fires out. >> we will have continuing coverage on air and online as the shutoffs play out. judge amy coney barrett is said to be confirmed by the
6:38 am
senate. they cleared a crucial hurdle when republicans defeated a rare sunday democratic filibuster. for weeks, they have called on senate republicans to postpone the confirmation until after the election. judge barrett would solidify a conservative majority on the court for years to come. and an interview as we head to the home stretch before election day. joe biden discussed his next steps for tax reform in the supreme court but things went differently for president trump. >> the biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign. >> there is no real evidence of that. >> of course there is.
6:39 am
>> are you ready for tough questions? that is nowhere way to talk. i think we have enough of an interview here. okay, let's go. >> reporter: president trump walked out of the interview early and did not return. norah o'donnell said down with challenger joe biden who accused of the president's campaign trying to challenge the election. >> it is all designed to make people wonder whether or not they should go to vote. what has pleased me is the overwhelming turnout in the states with early voting. if you have not received a ballot, you have until tomorrow. after that the agency will not be able to register voters ahead of election day.
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kpix 5 brings you what you need to know before the election on our news app and on our app as well as there is still hope for the stimulus deal. the talks expected today on capitol hill. the market opened about 10 minutes ago . the dow is way down about 340 points. and our money watch reporter, diane king hall breaks it down after the break. and easy 24/7 access. you need to delete the old in the bay area, we believe in science.
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86:43. the stock market starts with a slide. diane king hall has the money watch from new york . it's not
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looking too good. >> reporter: there is still hope for a stimulus deal before election day. house speaker nancy pelosi said she is optimistic about a coronavirus relief package. is she is expected to continue talks with steven mnuchin. that includes plans for text testing and tracing. it has been underway a little less than 50 minutes. right now the down it dow is down more than 400 points. the nasdaq is down 53. what has been weighing on the market today is concern about coronavirus cases and what it could mean for the broader economy as well. for the tech sector you have stay home things like netflix. and that is diane king hall
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with money watch, thank you. tropical storm zeta is on track to become a hurricane by tomorrow. it could make landfall along the gulf coast by wednesday. that is not the biggest problem with rain expected to flood inland areas that is already been hit hard by extensive storms earlier this year. and now in the bay area we look at the fire danger. mary. a big concern with the strongest offshore wind event we have seen so far this wildfire season. not just the higher elevations, but the lower elevations where you live as well. the camera is shaking this morning. temperatures at 50 to 60 degrees with clear skies. peak wind gusts with the strongest winds. hill's berg
6:46 am
hills. and the oakland airport. and here is what you can expect this wildfire season. the extreme fire danger today and tomorrow. with record try vegetation, this is a big concern for us. until 11:00 a.m. today with gusty offshore winds , we are talking dangerous fire weather conditions. and strong wind is expected for the mountains. a red flag warning for the east bay and diablo range. a wind advisory until 11:00 a.m. today for the bay area. i know john is tracking the
6:47 am
downed trees across the bay area this morning because of the gusty conditions. the i want to show you the wind particles and the tight pressure gradient. this offshore wind event because of the diablo whens. with the winds funneling down the mountain slopes, the air compresses and becomes dry and dense as it races down the slopes. with the downsloping wind, you get incredibly strong winds which is what we are tracking this morning. as we take you hour by hour, the winterfest will ease in the lower elevations but we will still have strong winds into tonight and tomorrow morning in the higher elevations. it will finally ease through the day on tuesday. we have low relative humidity values in the single digits and teens today and tomorrow. we are looking at extreme fire
6:48 am
danger. 70s for most of us through the afternoon. here is the extended forecast. again, we are watching today and tomorrow and we have to get through the next couple of days with extreme fire danger before we see the winds ease and the onshore winds fire danger. now let's get to gianna for a look at the traffic and the fire danger. we have debris in the loop lanes it with trees down. the caltrans crews are busy trying to clear the tree limbs out of the roadways. there is a tree blocking the right lane and chp is still waiting for the caltrans crews to arrive. traffic is light but there is slowing in the area. we are seeing break lights along the nimitz freeway at 880 at high street. there's a two-
6:49 am
car crash in the area. south of their along 880 near el dorado. this crash in the number two lane which is causing a backup out of hayward this morning. keep your eye out for that near the san mateo bridge this morning. there is a tree down at riverside drive and also old winery road southbound. there are lanes blocked in the area. a tree down westbound 12 at stony point which will impact your drive this morning. in the altamonte pass, windy conditions. already busy toward the 680 and dublin interchange. in this at mission boulevard at the 262 exit. the bay bridge,
6:50 am
you will see more brake lights across the upper deck with a wind advisory for the bay bridge as well as san mateo and other bridges in the area. an elderly dog in a tough spot. oakland animal control called in fire crews to save a pup that had fallen down a hill . they wrapped them tightly in a tarp and hauled him up and showed him plenty of love when he got to safety. >> i hope he is okay. >> yes, i hope he's all right. and new videos capturing local fire crews keeping busy all night long. that is next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. tens of thousands of people in the dark without power and windy conditions. i have that i had from sonoma. it is same here in east bay 's people are waking up. i will tell you what people are facing.
6:51 am
and the covid cases hits a record in the u.s. and the white house faces another outbreak. there are eight days left before the election. and the road to the vaccine looks at whether the country is ready for coronavirus vaccine. why so many americans are hesitant to get the vaccine. and bill nye the science guy will teach you how to keep your kids curious and if you dare, a do-it-yourself experiment your family can try today. you had better make time for it, we will see you at 7:00. it is 6:51 on this windy monday morning. it i didn't choose this job because it was easy.
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i am emily turner in sonoma county >> where 22,000 people are in
6:55 am
the dark. they are also facing windy conditions. take a look at the community center behind me where the signs have been blown over thanks to these gusty winds. the community center opens at 8:00 this morning if you need a charge or power, for whatever reason. i will tell you that getting here this morning was not easy. there is debris all over the roadways. there are garbage cans and fences and dad to stop outside the city limits of sonoma to cut it down to ensure it was passable in the roadways . we know again that 23,000 people in sonoma county alone are without power. it goes from napa to the marin county coast. sonoma has extra firefighters and law enforcement on and peered the city's emergency operations center remains activated throughout the night. outside of sonoma city limits,
6:56 am
this community center will open for water, power as well as community resources. in the meantime, live in some moment county, emily turner, kpix 5 . i am live in orinda right now where thankfully they got the stoplight turned on. it's a dark morning in the east bay as well. we have not seen any strong wind gusts here in the last couple of hours. that is frustrating for people who have been without power since 8:30 last night. people who were out and about at that time headed home to do what they could in the dark. some are using backup generators and batteries and trying to conserve those resources for as long as the power outages last. pg&e shutting down its equipment before it has a chance to start fires out of an
6:57 am
abundance of caution. many local fire departments have increased staffing and firefighters have been patrolling the hills overnight. some people pre-evacuated in case it would get bad in contra costa county. the city of berkeley sent out the warning as well. and hoping that the winterfest stay calm as they have been here in that we can return to early as soon as is possible. i am anne makovec , kpix 5. and new flareups from the glass fire perimeter. activities barking overnight as a full response team worked to get access. the glass fire was deemed contained last week. this is at 500 80 where 11 fire units are working the blaze. the cause of the fire has not been given and there are no
6:58 am
reports of damage or injuries. and a fire can be seen here from the alert wildfi on mount check, the fire is contained after burning a few acres. and strong winds taking a toll in san leandro. massive limbs falling onto the streets below and no word of property damage just yet. if you are headed out the door, treats are down on westbound 580 in oakland. it is a windy commute today, so drive safely as you head out the door. did you feel the 3.6 magnitude quake in napa county? it struck about 15 minutes ago. checking traffic right now on southbound 800 80 with brake lights out of hayward. and blocks due to a crash with another crash south of 92. and
6:59 am
a crash at southbound 880 at high street. and also at high street there is a tree down in the roadway there. the crews are on the way and hopefully they will get that out of the way quickly. there are also high wind warnings at several bridges. and a high wind warning until 11:00 a.m. today because of the onshore winds and low humidity values with dangerous fire conditions. there are strong whens in the hills and the mountains with a red flag warning continuing until 5:00 p.m. tuesday. this is been a historic wild fire season and we have to get through today and tomorrow with that extreme danger. thank you and thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. the news continues all day on
7:00 am
cbsn bay area. have a great day everyone and stay safe. ♪ good morning to you, our viewers in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's monday, october 26th, 2020. i'll gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. the coronavirus crisis dramatically worsens. u.s. daily cases surge. more than 225,000 in just three days. and now there's another outbreak at the white house. the furious final push with just eight days until the election. americans across the country wait in long lines to cast their votes. how both candidates are getetti out their messages on the campaign trail and on "60 minutes." were u.s. troops sickened while serving their country? a cbs news investigation reveals new details about toxic materials at a military base overseas that may have made hundreds of american troops


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