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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  October 28, 2020 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00. >> shifting homeless people from the city to the suburbs. the plan facing pushback from cities county leaders in the east bay. >> this was a ridiculous request.
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>> they are everywhere but it would not want to see more coming to pleasanton. plus a new plan to go back to school. we are live with the new timeline for one of the biggest bay area counties. is adding extra room for gambling the right way to increase revenue? the moral dilemma tonight over one south bay ballot measure. >> that neglect, domestic violence that results. >> it is going to add millions of dollars to our city budget. right now on the kpix 5 news at 7:00, streaming on cbsn bay area, a plan tonight to move dozens of homeless people from oakland to downtown pleasanton. some neighbors and county officials are saying, not so fast. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm kate cook. >> reporter: city council members in oakland want to use some open space at the alameda county fairgrounds for an organized encampment but as you can imagine, the idea is not --
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definitely getting some pushback. >> take a quick drive along the side streets near interstate 80 and oak street and there is obviously a problem. >> right now oakland's homeless population and house population is growing dramatically on a daily basis. >> reporter: the assessment shows about 4000 people living on the streets in oakland. the city is looking at every option to manage the crisis. >> we are in alameda county. and alameda county has greater open space than the city of oakland. >> reporter: that is why on october 14 the oakland city administrator wrote a letter to the alameda county administrator asking to use the fairgrounds for unsheltered residents. >> i immediately responded i thought this was preposterous and ridiculous on the part of the city of oakland. >> reporter: supervisor miley represents the district that represents the alameda county fairgrounds and he says this is not a case of not in my backyard
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but about best serving the needs of the on housed in oakland. he said a better idea is to create a large encampment in the parking lot of the oakland coliseum. >> we have 10,000 spaces there unutilized. >> reporter: that is what the alameda county administrator suggested in a letter sent back to the city of oakland yesterday. the site is jointly owned by the county and city of oakland but council member noel bio says it needs to be kept open for business opportunities like a new professional sports team. >> we have to create job so many of us won't wind up being on housed. >> reporter: pleasanton say they are not uncomfortable with moving homeless into the idea partly due to social issues and addiction. >> there are drugs everywhere but i would not want to see more coming to pleasanton because we are pretty peaceful community at the moment. >> reporter: as far as next steps, the letter from the county administrator nixes the idea but some council members i talked with do not want to take options off the table. the only problem is they don't have jurisdiction over the fairgrounds. in pleasanton, katie nielsen,
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kpix 5. right now the countries of france and germany are taking drastic steps to try to slow the virus . europe accounted of nearly half of cases globally last week. french president manuel ucon -- emmanuel macron has announced a second lockdown until at least november. people will only be allowed to leave home for essential worker medical reasons. the german government has also announced a four week partial shutdown, closing restaurants, bars and theaters. here in the u.s., a member of the white house coronavirus task force says this nation is at another critical point. the u.s. just recorded its worst week since the pandemic began with half 1 million new infections with an average of 805 people dying of it each day. tonight another outbreak of the bay area hospital. 12 healthcare workers at
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healdsburg district hospital tested positive for covid-19. that has prompted officials to test nearly all of the hospitals ' 320 employees. authorities say no patients are infected. sonoma county remains in the states most restrictive reopening tear. officials gave an update on the county's fight on the coronavirus today. >> we are already exceeding our goal of more than 1000 weekly tests. when combined with our rich from community partners, involvement of local businesses, and we commitment to individual safety protocols, we should see a decline in our testing positivity rates. >> the county will hold pop up testing sites this saturday at st. vincent depaul and petaluma and the rona park health center. in oakland we could see more students back in the classroom in a matter of weeks. this time, for middle and high schoolers both in alameda
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county and the berkeley unified school district unveiling a reopening timeline. kpix 5's andria borba is live. >> reporter: can, this is a framework to reopen schools in alameda county but whether or not your child actually goes back to the classroom all depends on where you live. parents and students, mark your calendar. november 9 is the day middle and high schoolers could go back to the classroom under alameda county's new covid-19 framework. the emphasis is on could. while plans must be approved by the health department in the county, questions must be answered on the district level. >> there are district school board to have to make these decisions. they have to look at reopening plans, consider all the stakeholders in their particular districts, for example. >> reporter: public high schools have had that's decision
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-- private schools have had the decision whether to open but only one has. elementary school students will get to go back to the classroom only on four campuses on november 9 but on all schools and not the older kids. >> meanwhile using january 13 as our target date to reopen elementary schools and we will start by opening pre-k transitional kindergarten grades kindergarten through 2 on january 13. >> reporter: the problem of middle and high school is constantly moving from classroom to classroom is the challenge in getting students back to berkeley high. >> we have early thinking about how we might be able to accomplish that provided only half of the students come on campus at once. >> reporter: alameda county superintendent karen monroe says school is where kids belong if it can be done safely and particularly for those students who simply have not logged onto zoom school and are falling further and further behind. >> it is definitely what keeps
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me up at night. it is the kids that we have not seen. >> reporter: of course this is all contend jen contingent on counties staying on course with no outbreaks. andria borba, da lin -- kpix 5. new numbers for early mlm voting across the area. contra costa, san mateo and sonoma counties already have seen more than 50% turnout of registered voters. san francisco, napa and alameda counties all say more than 44% of voters have turn in their ballots early. a live look at san jose where a new measure could put more taxes on cardrooms. manager h would increase the gross revenue tax for a 101 casino and casino metrics by more than 1.5%. the tax would generate roughly $15 billion annually to the city's general fund however san jose mayor sam or karo opposes the measure. >> the childhood neglect,
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domestic violence that results that we know in social science has found is directly linked to gambler activity and gambling addiction. >> those are monies the city can utilize to pay city services, police, fire, road maintenance, parking enforcement. >> reporter: kpix 5 want to devote smart. for more information about voting in the key races across the bay area, head to our website, coming up next, white top tech ceos face tough questions today from u.s. lawmakers. >> and a new federal ruling on some ancient artifacts inside one san francisco are museum. why they now have to be returned to the country they came from. >> the warning for us was that the museum took a position that they were not stolen and -- >> reporter: also he tested positive for coronavirus and started hugging his teammates. new questions surrounding the new world series champions.
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>> reporter: the east bay teacher doing everything he can to keep students learning. even during power outages. >> welcome to california, guys. i'm teaching from my car. and i am hacking starbucks' wi- fi. i love you, starbucks. >> looking outside this evening, looking towards downtown. remark from treasure island, nice temperatures, in the bay area, we believe in science.
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♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. a little arm twisting tonight to get a san francisco museum to return some ancient artifacts that were possibly stolen decades ago. the fight is over two decorative cross pieces from thailand. they had been on display at the asian art museum since the 1960s. the museum acquired the 10th century artifact from europe decades ago but whether they got to europe legally is still
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a big mystery. now the u.s. attorney for northern california is stepping in saying those pieces need to be returned to thailand. >> the warning for us was that the museum took a position that they were not stolen and the statute of limitations to prove they were stolen had run. that was what was concerning to us and prompted us to take the next step. >> they are assistant works of art. they are beautiful but after the research, it becomes clear to us that the right thing to do is return them to thailand. >> reporter: the pizzas -- pieces have been a point of contention since 2017 but it is unclear when they will be shipped back to thailand. a live look outside, my favorite shot of san francisco because of all of the colors that pop up. this is from center tower. >> i love that picture. the only thing that would make it better would be if it were raining. >> -- >> that would be better. >> that would be better and
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yes, maybe there is a chance way down the line in the forecast for the first rain of the season but it is an outside chance for now so the fire danger remains elevated for the next several days. humidity is not as low, but something we have to keep in the back or the front of our minds, above average temperatures for at least the next seven days into early november. maybe a chance for the first rain of the season by next week. the first week in november but the forecast that far in advance is very tricky to pin down. here is another view for suture tower. temperatures cooling off nightly, still 61 degrees downtown, 61 in livermore and santa rosa otherwise mid 60s lesson conditions out of this evening. we will continue cooling off with clear skies overhead. upper 40s this time of year is normal for a crossed board, cool spots dipping into the low 40s but temperatures will warm
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up tomorrow about 5 to 10 degrees above average once again with temperatures in the 70s and a few spots cracking 80 degrees on thursday. mid to upper 60s along the coast. a subtle onshore influence right along the coast but not going to make its way far inland yet tomorrow. meant upper 70s around the south end of the bay with upper 70s and low 80s in the santa clara valley. low 80s for inland parts of the east bay, low 80s for the tri- valley further into the low 80s east of the diablo range and around the city, temperatures low 70s. mid 70s east bay with upper 70s and low 80s jumbled in the north bay. all of these temperatures above normal for this time of year and that will be the consistent theme as we head into the weekend into early next week so little bit warmer for parts of lake and mendocino county's tomorrow afternoon. looking ahead halloween, if you have stuff to work within all of the pandemic protocols and had fun with the kids for spoke
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day, temperatures are going to warm up to the low 80s in land which is well above normal for halloween. around the bay, highs in the low 70s but then cooling down in the evening. along the coast, highs in the mid 60s saturday. the warm temperatures in the evening become more of a dominant theme over the past 50 years or so with since 1970 the beginning of the satellite era, nighttime temperatures especially in the city have warmed up by an average of over 4 degrees which is the tiscali significance what keeps getting warmer and warmer for fault nighttime temperatures. the warmest halloween on record in san francisco, 83 degrees. we will not be close to that around the bay though in parts of the bay area we are going to get into the low 80s. the rainiest, we will not threaten that either, one quarter inch of rain. temperatures backup sunday monday, low to mid 80s in the, and mid 70s around the bay with upper 60s along the coast and we cool off slightly by election day into the middle of next week. >> here's a look at your top headlines. less than a week before the election president trump tonight campaigned in arizona and pitch a new economic land to help hispanic americans. the white house released the
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plan as a two page point summary talking ambitious visions for the future. meantime, vice president joe biden stated home in wilmington delaware to cast his ballot and slammed the president's response to the pandemic. >> this comes through our relationship because of criminal reform and all the other things with the african-american community. i used to say what did you have to lose and they agree with me. the american dream plan will bring more than 2 million new jobs to hispanic communities, create over half 1 million new hispanic-owned small businesses. >> he leaves everyone else to suffer the consequences of his failure to make a responsible plan. it seems like he just doesn't care much about it. >> several text -- tech ceos faced capitol hill today over the way companies handle online
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speech. some republican senators accused tech companies of anti- conservative bias on social media. at one point ted cruz lashed out against twitter ceo deck jack dorsey. >> mr. dorsey, who elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the american people are allowed to hear? >> we are not doing that. this is why i opened this hearing with calls for more transparency. we realize we need to earn trust more. we realize more accountability is needed to show our intentions and show the outcomes. the pandemic is already impacting sporting events next year. organizes for the boston marathon postpone the race and 2021 today. the annual event is usually held in april but due to the pandemic it will happen next fault at the earliest. and the organizer said the exact date of the next boston marathon will be announced by the end of this year. >> an american tradition.
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thank you, elizabeth. coming up next, he was pulled out of the game but joined in on the celebrations. why a dodger player is under a big investigation tonight. ny an east bay teacher taught students from his car. >> this is a never been done before as far as i know. but you know, it is a challenge some of us are really excited to be part of. >> later, one bay area city has said their halloween fe uber and lyft are like every big guy i've ever brought down. prop 22 doesn't "help" their drivers-- it denies them benefits. 22 doesn't help women. it actually weakens sexual harassment laws, which are meant to protect them. uber and lyft aren't even required to investigate sexual harassment claims. i agree with the la times: no on 22. uber and lyft want all the power. so, show them the real power is you. vote no on prop 22.
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tonight, mlb is investigating one of the dodgers players after last night's big world series win. third baseman, justin turner. if you haven't heard, he was removed from the game during a thinning after pet testing positive for coronavirus earlier but after the team's win, turner made his way to the field to celebrate. and he removed his mask for photos. he hugged his teammates. tonight, we are learning turner's test from monday came back inconclusive at first, this according to the dodgers, then they did lab tests and gave him another test. that one came back positive. >> when someone is getting sick and they got infected and the virus starts replicating, there is virus but not enough so the
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first test is inconclusive and the second test comes back positive because between the first and second test, the virus has multiplied. the recent power shut off posed a challenge for distance learning but a bay area teacher is turning it into a teachable moment. hogan middle school pe teacher, jason -- decided to take the leo students on a virtual road trip. students were surprised to see where their teacher ended up when they logged onto their online class. >> i went to starbucks, pulled up, got the signal on my district laptop and away we went. >> so welcome to california, guys. i'm teaching from my car and i am hacking starbuck's wi-fi. i love you, starbucks. >> i was laughing because i have never seen that before. >> this teacher is a fabulous
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teacher with a fabulous attitude. jason says he hopes his ordeal will teach students about determination. >> teaching them to think is what it is all about. coming up it must be nice to play by a different set of rules.
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we are expecting big crowds at bars and restaurants for halloween in santa cruz. the county into the orange chair which means those will be open to more customers. the chief there says if you come to the party make sure you bring a mask and obey though covid who's supporting prop 15? joe biden. biden says, "every kid deserves a quality education and every family deserves to live in a safe, healthy community. that's why i support prop. 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the contents of this ad.
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who'sgovernor gavin newsom. the governor says prop 15 is, "fair, phased-in, and long overdue reform", that "will exempt small businesses
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