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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  October 31, 2020 3:12am-3:42am PDT

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today, illinois recorded its highest number of hospitalizations since early june. according to an internal h.h.s. memo obtained by national public radio, i.c.u. beds are 80% full at nearly a quarter of u.s. hospitals. the midwest is still the nation's epicenter for now, due in part to covid fatigue and covid deniers, says minnesota epidemiologist michael osterholm. >> this is up to a third of the population that believes this pandemic is a hoax, and they believe that it will end next wednesday. and no public health messaging is having an impact on that population. >> reporter: in wisconsin, the c.d.c. found that a sleepaway camp was a super-spreader event this summer with one positive case leading to 116 infections. and south dakota is battling a positivity rate of an astonishing 46%, meaning nearly half of the tests are coming back positive. 57-year-old doug raysby was one of the people behind those
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numbers. he died from covid last week. nurse kathy james is his mother- in-law. >> there was a week of the 10 days of his stay that doctors said i want him to be in i.c.u. because he needs an extended level of care. >> reporter: right. >> and we don't have any beds. >> reporter: you didn't have any beds? >> they did not have any beds. >> reporter: how do you feel about that? >> i'm-- i'm livid. the final conversations that we had with him, he just cried and said he was scared and he was going to die and that he was going to die by himself. >> reporter: that south dakota hospital wouldn't comment on a specific patient but said they are providing appropriate care. and, norah, there's news tonight of a patient in california infected with both coronavirus and the flu. meanwhile, here in illinois, hospitalizations are up 85% in the last month. >> o'donnell: hard to deny stories like that. adriana diaz, thank you. this year's early voting data points to african american that
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could rival the records set when was elected. but tonight there are questions whether black voters and their ballots are being treated equally. here's cbs' major garrett. >> reporter: inside the guilford county elections building in greensboro, north carolina, early ballots are processed, sorted, and in some cases, rejected, if voters fail to fill them out properly. while the overall rejection total is relatively small, absentee ballots submitted by latinos and african americans in ned away thae three times more likely to be turned away than those from white voters. near the top of that list is guilford county, where dr. t. anthony spearman sits on the board of elections and serves as president of the north carolina n.a.a.c.p. >> african americans have not been cultivated to use the absentee ballot, and as such, it's their first time doing it.
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with that naiveté comes along some opportunity for them to not get right what needs to be right. >> reporter: in georgia, voting 0 hours andstretched as long as 10 hours and delays appear concentrated in the racially diverse atlanta area. nearly half of georgia's active voters live there, but according to one analysis, they are served b only 38% of the state's polling places. >> voters are tenacious but they shouldn't have to be. you know, we've been telling voters, stay in line. please don't give up. wear your sneakers, bring your lunch. >> v-o-t-e! >> reporter: back in north carolina, spearman other and activists are mobilizing people to early-voting sites to make sure their votes count. >> the motivation for voters to get out and vote this time around is higher, much higher than it was in 2016. >> o'donnell: and major joins us now. what can you tell us about lawsuits and other legal challenges that may affect the vote count?
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>> reporter: norah, it's a historic number. more than 400 lawsuits filed this election cycle, 44 states and the district of columbia. most have been resolved and that's good news. is legal experts saying that's clarifying rules, but one issue looms very large: how late after election day can absentee ballots be legally counted? the terminology is very important. i have four battleground states i want to highlight. if that ballot is post marked by election day, it can be counted nine days after in north carolina. three days after in pennsylvania. wisconsin and minnesota, those ballots must arrive by election day, and minnesota found out about that just last in case you're wondering, those four battleground states, 55 electoral votes. >> o'donnell: so hand deliver. >> reporter: in minnesota and wisconsin, absolutely, to be sure. >> o'donnell: okay, major garrett, thank you. tonight, at least 19 people have been killed in a magnitude-7 earthquake that struck today off the coast of turkey and the greek island of sameose. hundreds more have been injured. the quake rallied cities and unleashed a tsunami that flooded
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streets in western turkey. here's cbs' holly williams. >> reporter: the massive quake left this apartment block teetering, then crumbling. we still don't know how many people may have been crushed in their own homes in a country that's infamous for poor-quality construction. "be quiet," shouted the man filming this video. "we need to listen for survivors." duygu kati is a high school principal who told us she safely evacuated all her students. "the building almost collapsed," she told us. "it was like hell." on the coast, the quake triggered a tsunami, washing away yachts. and tonight, rescue workers are searching through the rubble for survivors, as well as bodies. holly williams, cbs news, london.
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>> o'donnell: the remnants of hurricane zeta combined with cold air from the north today dumped snow across upstate new york and new england. about three inches fell across massachusetts, an october record causing numerous spin-outs. today, actress lori loughlin reported to a low-security federal prison in california. she's serving a two-month sentence. loughlin and her husband admitted paying half a million dollars in bribes to get their daughters into u.s.c. as rowing recruits. "on the road": steve hartman on why so many people visit this cemetery after they vote.
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>> reporter: how grateful they must be, the people, women, mostly, who flock here to mount hope cemetery in rochester, new york, just to stand in her presence. >> it was really amazing. like, i wasn't just reading from a textbook anymore. i was with her. >> reporter: emma mittiga came to the grave of susan b. anthony for what has become a rochechter tradition: showing the suffragist in a very tangible way that her work was not in vain. after anthony died in 1906, her grave went mostly unnoticed until four years ago, when about 10,000 people showed up to put their "i voted" sticks on her headstone, a gesture that came with unintend consequences. unfortunately, the gummy residue of all that infection was damaging the marble. so this year, they covered her headstone with a plexiglass sleeve, allowing for layers of tributes for generations to come. >> she worked so hard her whole life.
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>> reporter: sarah campagna brought her daughter, clara. >> she died not even know if it would happen. we're not going to have children that will take those next steps for us if we don't educate them now. >> reporter: karen moretti says we also need to educate a lot of adults, like her. >> yes. i haven't always been so passionate. >> reporter: it's almost like we took it for granted. >> were you in our car on the way coming here? because i said to her, "i can't believe i was so clueless for many part of my life, and now i am so passionate." >> reporter: during our day at the grave site... >> thank you, susan b. anthony. >> reporter: ...we saw that passion take many forms, from downright jubilation to overwhelming emotion. the only constant was the way people put on their stickers, all of them with such tenderness, as if rubbing lineament into the injustice. and it was healing, which is why i believe voting should also be a two-step process: first a
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ballot, then a nod to all those who made this sacred right possible. steve hartman, "on the road," in rochester, new york. >> o'donnell: you gotta love that. susan b. anthony said, "there never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers." we'll be right back. i can't believe it. what? that our new house is haunted by casper the friendly ghost? hey jill! hey kurt! movies? i'll get snacks! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. i got snacks! ohhh, i got popcorn, i got caramel corn, i got kettle corn. am i chewing too loud?
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to chew these foods and your teeth hurt and are sore. they don't want to wear a denture. they're looking for another solution. - and you talked earlier about the pain of chewing - sure. - i, from experience, have had that, where i'm afraid to go to the dentist because i have a little bit of a fear of pain, myself. - sure. - how does clear choice handle pain management? - every patient is unique, and so every patient needs a customized approach to being able to handle that. i can tell you in general, though, our goal is to minimize any kind of discomfort for our patient. we have pain management, not only for the procedure itself, but right afterwards. you have to remember, though, that these implants become part of your body, so that when you begin to chew and eat, you don't have a set of teeth that are moving around. they look, feel, and act like real teeth. there isn't any pain associated with them like you have with a lot of removable teeth. when you have a denture, it can move around and it can cause a lot of pain, and here's the worst part.
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a denture causes bone loss, where as the implants help to actually save the actual bone. - it sounds so wonderful, and it must be really gratifying to be a part of that. - i've been doing this for over 30 years and these patient's stories, the ability to be able to come in and help these people hit their human potential and really start to participate in life again. i'm so lucky everyday to be able to help these patients. - now, let's meet another special person who changed their life with their decision to smile healthy. (applause) - my name is randy, and this is my clear choice story. brisket cooked for two full days. my passion in life has always been serving some of the best barbecue you could ever serve. i had a motorcycle accident when i was 15 and had a bridge put in. my mouth was terrible.
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- oh, my gosh. (laughter) - we'll be right back. - i would come in sometimes as early as three and four in the morning to avoid people. when you've got 10 to 12 teeth missing, you can't hide that. - it really impacted a lot of his life, both professionally and at home with the family. - for years, i would dream of a place where i could go and one day come out and have all my teeth. - at clear choice, our responsibility is to educate you and facilitate so you are very comfortable with the decision you are making. - [tim] doing dentures just wouldn't work for me. it was a very collaborative and team approach to it. they've got a lab there. everything gets done in the lab. clear choice put together a very personalized plan and i've got the best smile i could ever ask for in one day. it is 100% transformation. (inspirational music)
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(upbeat music) - welcome back to smile healthy bay area. i'm lisa singer and here with prosthodontist dr. mark adams, and we've go some amazing stories of folks who are making the most of their second chance at life, thanks to dental implants. before we get into the procedure, i just have one simple question. what is the difference between dentures and implants? - lisa, actually, that's a great question. this is a denture, and here's the problem. if you look at this denture, first of all, it's not permanent because it sits on the gums, and because a denture causes bone loss, the gums are constantly changing, so it constantly has to be refit. it has this big piece of plastic, which covers the roof of your mouth, so you can't get to those taste buds, so when you're trying to eat that chocolate cake or you're trying to drink that coffee, that coffee
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can't get to those taste buds, so you lose a lot of your taste with a denture. it's also made from a material which is prone to being fractured broke, or chipped. now, if we contrast that with the implant bridge, you can see first of all, there's nothing in the roof of the mouth. you can taste that coffee, you can eat those foods. also, if you look at this, it doesn't sit on the gums. it sits on the implants, and the extraordinary thing is that it only takes four implants to replace an entire set of teeth, and it's made from a material, zirconia, that is very, very strong. it doesn't change, chip, or wear like plastic does. - now, dr. adams, tell me the steps that people take once they walk through the doors. - great, let's walk through those steps. first, it's the free consultation, which we've spoken about. our patient's going to come in and we're going to talk to them about what's your vision for creating


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