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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 11, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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say they will continue to be out here supporting president trump until it is clear and determined that he is the president. in the east bay, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. new at 6:00, san francisco will ban natural gas in newly constructed buildings in the city. but as kpix 5's kenny choi reports, there are some questioning whether now is the right time to go all electric, kenny? >> reporter: liz, some are arguing that this transition to go all electric is not the smart move, considering all the power shutoffs we've seen recently. nonetheless, san francisco is among at least 30 city ace cross the state to implement this natural gas ban. the natural gas explosion on geary boulevard in february 2019 is one reason the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously voted to ban it in newly constructed buildings starting
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in june of next year. >> natural gas is dangerous. >> reporter: rafael, who sponsored the legislation. >> maybe most significantly, natural gas is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. >> reporter: since 2010, as hundreds of coal-fired power plants have closed, natural gas plants in many cases have replaced them. natural gas produces about 40% of u.s. energy needs. former san francisco mayoral candidate and activist richie greenburg doesn't believe california can make the transition from natural gas to all electric. >> the state of california does not have the ability to meet the energy needs, electricity needs and home heating through electricity at this point in time. >> we're not going to be relying on fossil fuels anymore in our buildings. there's huge greenhouse gas savings. there's huge public health savings. and cost of construction goes down because you're not needing to install a gas pipeline. >> reporter: groups like earth justice cite the wildfires as a reason to move away.
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>> the sky was orange earlier this summer because of all the fires. we have to do something. that means not using fossil fuels. >> reporter: greenburg blames transmission lines and not the climate. >> there's going to be, unfortunately, wind that's going to cause the transmission line to snap and cause a fire, that has nothing to do with a gas line. >> so kenny, what happens to the new buildings that could have restaurants using gas stoves? they're struggling right now too. >> reporter: yeah, so liz, developers would be able to apply for permits through the end of 2021 to build with these gas lines for commercial kitchens. after that, it gets a little bit more complicated. this is the fine print. developers would have to apply for a waiver arguing specifically for a restaurant if they want to build those gas lines into these mixed use buildings with the restaurants on the first floor. >> all right, see what happens. all right, kenny, thank you. now to a developing story out of benicia tonight where
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police are investigating an accident where an officer hit and killed a pedestrian. this happened about 2:00 this morning when the officer was driving his patrol car on east second street. the vehicle hit and killed 48-year-old scott hamers. police say the unidentified officer was not responding to any call at the time. >> obviously, it is a very tragic event for everyone involved. and you know, our deepest, deepest condolences go to the pedestrian's loved ones and friends and family. >> well, that investigation's been turned over to the california highway patrol and the solano county district attorney's office. bay area home prices just spiked even during the pandemic. the median sale price was $965,000 for an existing single-family home in september. that's according to dq news, the data there. it's near the peak set back in
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2018. contra costa county saw the biggest jump at 18%. only san francisco and sonoma counties had increases under double digits. retailers around san francisco's union square are hoping far decent holiday shopping season. the boards on some windows are coming down now, and decorations are going up. businesses are hopeful that despite the pandemic customers will return to the area. >> we really need them to be in union square. not only at our shop, but all the shops welcome them because we are struggling together. >> there could be some foot traffic next week. the annual macy's tree lighting ceremony is set to go on next wednesday night. now to the latest on coronavirus. a tracking group now puts california among those states where the virus is seeing, quote, uncontrolled spread. in fact, the only states not falling under that category are hawaii, maine and vermont.
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that's according to covid exit strategy, a project tracking state data. the u.s. surpassing 10 million cases on monday and hospitalization rates are on the rise. in just 24 hours, california saw more than 7,400 new cases and 69 more deaths. the positivity rate is up 3.8% from two weeks ago. in sonoma county, health officials are asking the state to recalculate its covid cases, taking into account thousands of unreported negative results. it's an effort for the county to move up on the state's re-opening tier. right now, sonoma county is the only bay area county still in the purple category. and still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, how cellphone gps technology is helping track covid outbreaks. plus, on this veterans day, a mission taking two special vets back in time. and coming up in sports, it
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was just a couple of months ago he thought his days were numbered. >> i packed up my stuff. >> boy was kevin wrong. and, let's hope bob meyers is better at the nba draft than he is at zoom. a pleasantly cool evening across the bay area. not seeing the fog moving in already as we look towards the golden gate bridge. we've got some rain chances headed our way in a couple of days. we'll track those hour by hour coming up in your forecast.
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santa clara county cracking down on businesses that don't follow covid health guidelines. right now the county is in the orange tier with concern it could slide further back during the -- due to the rising covid cases. now a county business compliance team is following up on
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complaints and finding offenders. meanwhile, new research from stanford using cellphone gps technology shows -- more rapidly at crowded places such as restaurants, gyms and cafes. the study has been published in the science journal nature. daly city police are trying to help the owner find these two french bulldogs. they were stolen from the backyard of their home on east vista avenue on november 3rd. anyone with information is asked to call police. new at 6:00, a ride of a lifetime to honor a couple of world war ii veterans. they took part in a special flight across the bay area today. kpix's don ford was there. >> reporter: that aircraft is taking two more world war ii veterans on a ride to honor their service on this veterans day. on the left, 100-year-old teeterman. on the right, 105-year-old al. both flew for the army air corps
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in world war ii. today they will fly again in this magnificently restored c-47 that used to secretly fly weapons and ammunition through the himalayan mountains into china. he flew c-47s in europe. >> load up with recruits, take them to the battle of bulge and then return to london with a full load of wounded. >> reporter: he says he still hears the sounds of the wounded on their return trips. ordering his crew chief to help. >> screams, screams, screams, and i said, you got to help us some way. i said you help him. give him more pills to put him to sleep. he said if i give him more pills, he's die. >> reporter: a b-17 navigator, al was 27 years old, a senior officer at the time. >> we had to make a forced landing in belgium. the only scare i had was landing that -- getting that landing into a small air field that the
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germans had bombed a lot of the air field when they were leaving it two days before. >> reporter: today their service is honored with this flight across the bay area. del flew over the golden gate bridge. he said the flight was beautiful, and he's grateful to be able to, at 100 years old, feel the controls of the aircraft once again. joe anderson and his wife mary co-own the plane. >> he had the time of his life, and so did we. i mean, being able to recreate this stuff, you know -- >> you're a very, very generous man. >> if you're given a lot, you got to give a lot. >> reporter: two world war ii vets, a plane and a generous owner. veterans day is special here. don ford, kpix 5. >> joe and his wife say they are honored to share the gift of flight with these special men. and we're honored to wish them a
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happy veterans day. on mare island in vallejo, they honored veterans by bringing a cemetery back to life. the mare island naval cemetery is the oldest on the west coast and had fallen into disrepair. the 801st engineers reserve unit got to work and rebuilt it, unveiling it today. on our storm watch tonight, tampa, these are some live pictures trying to come in of hurricane eta. it's just off the florida gulf coast. see, there's so much wind and rain going on right now it actually scrambled the signal. we lost it. >> it's hard to keep television equipment up and operating when you're dealing with 75 mile an hour winds, torrential tropical rainfall. this is a storm that will not go away. it's tropical storm eta. 70 mile an hour sustained winds right now, which is just barely below hurricane strength as it's swirling up just to the west of tampa right now, but bringing
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tons of rain throughout the tampa/st. petersburg area. i've seen cars trying to drive through water they shouldn't try to drive through. this is going to make landfall to the north of tampa and then across the florida peninsula as we head through the next 24 hours. around our neck of the woods, clearing skies and chilly temperatures later on tonight, especially for inland portions of the area. dry weather thursday, just a little warmer thanks to the additional sunshine. it's going to peek through those clouds we see early in the day. rain chances back on friday. we'll look at those in just a second. first, a look at current temperatures. a nice view of downtown from treasure island. 53 degrees downtown. 52 in livermore and concord already. 51 in santa rosa. still holding on to the mid-50s in san jose and oakland. temperatures are several degrees cooler than this point yesterday. again, the legacy of the cloud cover that stuck around for so much of the day and without the blanket of clouds overhead, temperatures are going to drop down into the 30s for most inland portions of the bay area.
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san jose, you'll stay just barely above 40 degrees. upper 30s for the tri-valley and low to mid-30s for the valleys of the north bay with 40s around the bay. temperatures tomorrow close to normal for this time of year, which means low 60s around the central bay. mid to upper 50s along the coast, and mid-60s farther inland. should see, again, a nice amount of sunshine in between. a few fair weather clouds before those clouds thicken up and give us the decent chance of rain on friday. it's not an all day rain event. we start the day dry on friday. very low rain chances in the morning. they'll start to ramp up through the afternoon. it looks likely that around this time on friday, those rain chances are going to be spreading out across more of the bay area. so if you're someone who typically does still do a commute, even during the pandemic, you're going to have to contend with wet roads for that friday afternoon and evening commute. in terms of how much rain, not enough to cause major problems on the burn scars left over from the wildfires. no debris flow worries at this point. a tenth of an inch to a quarter
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inch in most locations. some of the higher spots in the north bay and along the coast could pick up a little bit more as the terrain squeezes more moisture out of those clouds as they pass through. the rain chances should be gone in time for the weekend. and temperatures will warm back up. near normal temperatures on saturday, and above normal by sunday, monday and tuesday. even near 70 degrees inland by monday and tuesday. the next chance of rain, we're still trying to pin that one down. it's going to head our direction some time around the middle of next week. could be as early as tuesday. could be as late as thursday. that's something we'll continue narrowing down as we head through the weekend and into next week, liz? >> paul, thanks. time now for sports, and the giants were able to hold on to a key member of their pitching staff, dennis? >> yeah, i think christmas came a little early for giants fans. you know, the president has a knack for turning castoffs into
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players. how about kevin gosman? good news, he's sticking around next season. he has elected to forego the open free agent market and has reportedly accepted the giants' contract offer, which is one year worth almost $19 million. he revitalized his career in 2020 and could be, could be, the giants next season. baseball award season is upon us, and indians pitcher bieber was the unanimous choice for the american like cy young. he led the bigs in wins, era and strikeouts. trevor bauer won it for the national league. believe it or not, he's the reds' first cy young winner ever. nfl now, the forty-niners don't expect raheem to suit up or play sunday against the new orleans saints. more bad news, tartt, the safety, has been placed on injured reserve. he's got turf toe. nba draft is one week from
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tonight, which means the warriors' front office finally gets to do something after eight plus months of doing nothing. general manager bob meyers will virtually select the second overall pick. he probably needs to sharpen his zoom skills. the media was quick to point out his lousy shot today. >> you got to turn it sideways, bob. >> i got a little one of these stands. i propped it up. but i can change it. i can't really byance it. >> welcome to 2020, man. >> right there? >> welcome to 2020, you know. and the masters tees off tomorrow, and that man is a clearcut favorite to win his first green jacket. bryson dechambeau dominated the field at the u.s. open with massive drive, and many think that's his key to victory at augusta national. his first masters in 2016, and check out the difference.
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lots of time, lots of hard work has gone into the added bulk. >> over a year now, i guess you could say, every single day was two, three hours of time spent trying to figure out the body. you could -- i mean, that was a sacrifice. that was a sacrifice. instead of going to dinner and doing something with friend or whatever, i was in the gym working out. well, nobody on our anchor team is going with bryson. i got to change my voice. matthew wolff, finished second to dechambeau at the u.s. open. i'm going with him. he's never played augusta national, but i like his chances. webb simpson, of course, who went to usc, that's liz's choice. jon rahm. >> he didn't go to usc. >> always going with the favorites. i like the pick, paul. >> i think that was a picture of me in 1980. >> that's better than mine.
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>> heavily photoshopped. >> thanks, dennis. still ahead on this veterans day, an iconic remnant of world war ii in need of some help. good evening, ken and liz, good to see you, coming up after kpix 5 news at 6:00, it's here, the wave experts warned about. over 40 states now are considered to be in the covid-19 red zone. cities in wisconsin and texas reach
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the uss hornet facing some money trouble on this veterans day. >> the historic warship has lost # 0% of its revenue after being closed for five months and now open with only limited access. >> we've got a covid battle flag. we're going to fight this. and it may -- that was a decision we made. going to go full speed ahead. we're not going to go run. >> they're asking for donations to avoid a winter shutdown. >> and on this veterans day, many of our viewers shared pictures of loved ones who have
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served our country. take
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it's been a while, but is now the right time to take a cruise? >> royal caribbean is offering free trips, but there's a catch. you'd be a volunteer testing the cruise line's new safety protocols. the free short trips will take passengers to royal caribbean's private island cocoa kay near the bahamas. these test voyages will help determine when traditional passenger trips can resume. in san francisco, homeless hotels have been tied to an increase in emergency calls in a controversial concept that will be expanded under a similar program statewide tonight on project home we take a look at the impact the shelter in place project has had on neighbors. >> we have a look at the statistics from the price tag to the 911 calls. watch project home tonight at 11:00. and thank you for
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watching tonight at 6:00. the cbs evening news is up next. >> we'll be back here on the kpix 5 news at 7:00 p.m. have a good night.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the coronavirus surge around the country, considered nsored by cbsle," as the u.s. breaks another record-- more than 130,000 americans testing positive in a single day, and the highest number of covid deaths in three months. all the numbers pointing in the wrong direction, as several governors across the country plea with residents to stay home, and issue new restrictions. and the c.d.c. changes its guidance. masks protect the wearer, too. plus, the human toll tonight-- a covid widow's grief. >> i can't sleep in our bed. because he's not there anymore. >> o'donnell: president trump >> o'donnell: president trump attends his first public event in nearly a week as his campaign


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