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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 18, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PST

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. live from the cbs barry studios. this is kpix5 news.
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>> right now, giving you a live look from the sales force camera. looking at the city of san francisco. good morning to you. it's wednesday, november 18th. >> it is rainy out there if you are going on the road you want to be careful. we will check in with mary. it was tricky getting across the bay bridge this morning, mary. >> i bet. yeah. we are dealing with more wet weather as we start off our day. as we head through the afternoon, just keep the umbrellas handy as we look at that unsettled weather for the bay area. here is high definition doppler. you can see the showers lighting up our radar screen. zooming in, and you can see especially for the east bay, some light to moderate rainfall right over san leandro and heyward this morning. right over the san mateo bridge and along the coast by half moon bay and over the peninsula over wood side. putting this into motion you
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can see the showers pushing through the bay area overnight and this to this morning. we are really looking at that low pressure system bringing enough instability for a few more showers as we head through the day. could see isolated thunderstorm with a little bit of sun as well as we look to the afternoon. clouds, temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. as we head through day looking at 61 in san francisco. 63 oakland. 65 san jose and 64 for concord. i will take you hour by hour on future cast, what you can expect as we head through the rest of today and the rest the week coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in with traffic and it is wet in spots. yeah. be careful on the road. we are dealing some slick surfaces and flooding. right now i want to start off with a traffic alert as you work on the lower deck of the bay bridge. if you are going out of san francisco. noncommute direction this to
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the east bay area over toward oakland, emoryville. we have a crash. they have issued a traffic alert with the number four and five lanes open, leaving the three left lanes shut down until further notice this is at that fremont exit. it's very early. not a lot of cars on the road. we are seeing a back up starting to build behind this incident. about 45 minutes ago it'll be out for just a little bit longer. the other side of the bridge. the flip side we are doing okay with no delays out of the east bay into the city. some breaking news this morning here from the live news desk. this is on that coronavirus vaccine. the one from pfizer. the new results show it's 95% effective. this is very good news for anyone hanging onto hopes for a vaccine coming in later this year or 2021. it showed that the 95% was across all ages, races, and
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genders. we will hear more about that throughout the morning but certainly good news there. also new news from england. it turns out that the woman who was in charge of contact tracing has been told herself to self quarantine for coronavirus. she is responsible for the app that alerts users if they have been near people who have been infected. that program is being used throughout england and wales. a potential game changer in the fight against coronavirus this morning. an emoryville company has gained approval for the first at home testing kit with rapid results. the test has received emergency use authorization from the fda. it takes about 30 minutes for the results. for now the test kits will only be available with a prescription. a new wave of panic buying
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is coinciding with a new surge. same story at another target a few miles down. paper towels are also going fast at a whole foods in san francisco. >> it's ridiculous. i think, you know, if we are, you know, that's what we are after, toilet paper? that's insane. >> the california groc, rs association said the supply should be plentiful and there's no reason to over buy or hoard. the governor in california has strengthened the state's mandate to require masks at all times when outdoors. here is why. the state reported 8700 new cases yesterday. the rateof positive test is at nearly 5%. right now a record 73,000 americans are in the hospital
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with coronavirus. in someplaces that shunned masks rules are now being tightened. the iowa governor who once dismissed masks as a feel good measure has announced this will be mandatory. alameda county is back in the purple tier forcing many like gyms to close again. mariner square athletic club has been hoping to celebrate it's 40th anniversary next february but now management doesn't think that the gym will make it through a second shut down. >> we have gone from 80 employees to 20 and now we are going back to i don't think we will have bare bones because the monogahelay is dried up. >> before the most recent restrictions the 50,000 square foot facility said it did everything it could to reopen safely, staggering reservation times, spacing out the fitness equipment, even converting the racket ball courts in to private fitness pods. officials say that the only thing that may help the gym
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stay open is if the federal government can agree on another stimulus package. santa clara is offering a two for one testing deal. get screened for coronavirus and they will throw in the flu four free. it's also expanding testing hours at the fair ground site by adding shifts. >> we anticipate high demand for testing next week. among those who are -- who are engaging in thanksgiving plans but we want to make sure we have capacity for those who have symptoms, those exposed. >> with thanksgiving around the corner there are concerns college students around the country could unknowingly bring the coronavirus home to their families and neighborhoods. laura podesta said how some students are trying to stay safe. >> there are a lot of thing that i wish that i could be doing this semester. >> stella is making the best of her sophomore year and said she and her friends are trying to stay safe. students are also tested regularly for coronavirus. >> i definitely feel a lot
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more comfortable know that everybody is getting tested once a week. >> with thanksgiving almost here experts are concerned as college students plan to come home. research shows more than half of transmissions in the united states are from young people without symptoms. a doctor with the yale school of public health. >> what we don't want to have happen is for thanksgiving to be an event where a lot of silent spreaders, ticking time bombs get unleashed on the nation's air force and train stations and thanksgiving dining table. >> prevent that from hamming varies from college to college. some require tests, offer voluntary tests or rely on quick symptom checks. >> if i'm positive i won't be going home. i wanted to get tested. >> some colleges will have students finish the semester remotely. others will bring students back after the holiday by could be
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risky. the cdc has not issued any specific recommendations for the holidays for college students. doctors don't want students to go home without a flu shot. a live look at san francisco now. a quieter scene on market street this morning where yesterday police shot a man outside of the westfield mall. officers responded around five last night to reports of a fight between two men. when they arrived a man hopping a knife reportedly advanced toward them. >> he was a -- like a pretty big knife. pretty big knife walking around with it. cops just tried to get him away from the public and other people around him. they got him away and not moving he was still being sporadic. investigators say that several different weapons and tactics were used on the man including a taser but police say it's not clear which weapons were used in what order or how many officers fired
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their guns. >> we know that an officer involved shooting happened. the time frame of when weapons were used, at what time during the contact are all under investigation. >> the man survived is the shooting and was taken to a hospital. no word on his condition this morning. a live look at the white house now. the president continues to claim widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. he has now fired a top election security official who pushed back on those claims. the president elect is moving forward with the transition. deborah has the latest. >> two weeks after election day supporters of the president rallied in central pennsylvania to cheer on the latest legal attempt to overturn the results. >> i just want to help support the president and what he is doing to make sure all the legal votes get counted. >> the president lost pennsylvania to joe biden by more than 80,000 votes. experts say the legal effort to overturn election results is a
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long shot. >> every single legal vote that has been cast and reported has been upheld by the courts in every single piece of litigation nationwide. >> the red fired the administration's top elections security official. he has been vocal disputing claims of voting fraud. >> all unverified claims with skepticism, to seek trusted sources of information and that will be your state and local election officials. >> with the president refusing to concede the president elect has been block from receiving intelligence briefings usually given during the transition process. he has had to find other ways to prepare for the white house. >> defense, intelligence, the whole thing. >> yesterday he spoke to former national security officials who served in republican and democratic administrations. >> no presidential responsibility more important to protect the american people. >> also prohibit from speaking to federal health officials the
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biden transition team will meet with pharmacies this week to learn more about the coronavirus vaccines. cps news, washington. time now is 4:42. >> coming up and streaming on cbsn bay area. who is releasing a new dessert flavored drink. what it may taste like and how you can ♪
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. from the latest retail quarterly reports to the company venturing in to the dessert sector with a new case. diane king hall has a new report. wall street fell on tuesday. the dow dropped 167 points. the nasdaq lost 24 and the s&p500 was down 17. the major indexes pulled back from their all time highs that were powered in part by promising vaccine developments. rising correspond expect case across the country are leading to new lockdowns and business restrictions. investors will get insight into how the retail sector fared. among them target, lowes and victoria secret. a sign the recovery may be slowing. retail sales rose just .3% last no. the slowest pace since may. pepsi has a new dessert
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flavored drink. pepsi apple pie. it contains cinnamon and apple flavors. for now it's only available through a context. with thanksgiving around the corner. the first 1500 people to submit a photograph of a failed baking attempt will receive a free two liter bottle. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the cbs broadcast center. on the storm watch now iota considered the strongest storm in history to hit nicaragua. fierce winds and strong waves hit the coastal areas. it made landfall with sustained winds near 155 miles an hour. at least six people have died, entire cities have lost power. more than 62,000 have been moved in to shelters. closer to home there's snow in the sierra right now. take a rook at this video from near donner pass coming down pretty hard last night. chain controls in effect. some ski resorts plan to open friday so there's no doubt this
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is good news for them. fresh powder for the skiers and boarders. here in the bay area, we are dealing some rain. and a lot of it. >> we are michelle. we are looking at more showers through the bay area. keep the umbrellas handy. you will need it as we head through the morning and possibly the afternoon. here is high definition doppler and you can see scatters showers, lighting up our radar this morning and snow up in the sierra. let's give you a closer look at the radar here. especially for the east bay. looks like san ramon and heyward. looking at light to moderate rain pushing across the san mateo bridge. redwood city. even along the coast at half moon bay, getting that wet start to the day. here we go with the mark hopkins hotel cam a. the temperatures in mid to upper
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50's at this hour. current winds, southerly winds at half moon bay. 13 in napa and ten in livermore and for san jose. we have this low pressure system bringing this unsettled weather for the bay area. more showers as we look to today. let's take you hour by hour on future cast and what to expect, stopping the clock. here we are just before noon. you can see some spotty showers, especially for the north bay by your lunchtime hour and as we head through 3:00 p.m. may see few more spotty showers. we will see the chance for a few more showers as well as sun. maybe isolated thunderstorms as well. that is a possibility just enough instability in our atmosphere. as we look to thursday, we dry out and we are going to stay dry over the next several days. starting thursday into the weekend and likely into thanksgiving week as well. as we take ever hour by hour on future cast we will see the winds continuing to late up as we head through the day.
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snow, more snow up in the sierra. with the winter storm warning in effect. we are looking at more heavy snow, strong winds, could see another foot, possibly two up in the higher elevations up in the searchy. travel still difficult over the mountain passes today. daytime highs we are looking at mid-60s's. santa clara 64, 65 san jose. 64 campbell. across the south bay as we look to the east bay, 64 concord, pleasant hill, low to mid-60s's for the tri valley. around the bay. looking at 61 in san francisco. 63 in oakland. 6 # for alameda. for the east bayshore line and for the north bay. upper 50's to low 60's. 60 santa rosa and 61 for windsor. there we go with that extended forecast as we are looking at a few who showers.
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into the weekend. in fact the longer let's check with a look at traffic on this wednesday morning. it's wet and slippery. there's a cash involving a couple of vehicles and a large truck. they may have to close the fremont off ramp all together. at least two plains are completely shut down until further notice. it's counter commute. we aren't seeing much of a back up. certain a big problem due to this accident with injuries as well. it may take time. the other side looking okay. the slick surfaces may be a problem. be careful as you work across
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the span. taking a look at traffic elsewhere. if you are working eastbound 24, first reports of a new crash here. that right lay is blocked. chp just going out to the scene. that will affect your drive off 680 there onto 24. there's flooding on northbound 101 in the roadway just before 580. expect extra slick surfaces as you head through there. the rest the drive along 101 in marin doing okay. no major delays toward the golden gate bridge. everything clear near the tunnel and you have an easy ride across the span heading in tos. that's a look at traffic. good morning. kyle shanahan makes the statement on jimmy's future and the nba tips off for their nba draft later today. who the warriors will take. we are up next. >> and here is a live look outside in san jose on this wednesday. remember, kpix five wants to
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. welcome back. here is heiden mission doppler zooming in. you can see especially for the peninsula and the coast, you can see light to moderate rain pushing through, half moon bay as well as right over the san mateo bridge into the east bay. light to moderate rain. the tri valley getting that wet weather. we will talk about what you can expect as we head through the afternoon on future cast coming
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up. good morning. never before in the warriors history have they drafted second overall. the nba draft is later today and the pressure of the moment doesn't seem to fade. the general manager. >> you have to operate not out of hear. hopefully we get it right. if you don't you deal with that. that's the life i chose. >> of course he is never picked in the top three but the warriors haven't done well this that range. there are last was 2002. joe smith at 95. penny which turned in to chris webber. chris washburn in 86 and joe in 1980. that is not a good list folks. if they don't trade the pick they are projected to select james weissman who played all of three games at memphis or
4:55 am
ball who opted to play in australia. the move was considered a gamble by some. >> you can say it was a gamble. for me i already figure out what was tony to happen. what i was getting myself into. it wasn't a gamble for me. looking -- probably think it's a gamble. >> he had critics. from his team's own broadcasting crew. >> showed amazing performance in offense but i think everybody will be forgetting one thing. they suck at defense. hopefully he is better if the warriors sec slim. even jimmy has a chance to
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play in 2020. >> i expect jimmy to play with us next year. we are not out of the playoffs yet. i.e. the earthquakes making their first playoff in three years. the league's all time goal scorer has thought about retiring and at 37 teammates remind him of his age. >> i remember the games. they are like i was seven in the stands. i think okay, yeah. >> what better way to end his career by winning the cup. if he does retire. time now is 4:56. >> next and streaming on cbsn bay area.
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winter break-in the time of coronavirus. the fears for college students heading home for the holidays and why experts call them silent spreaders. . >> and if you are running low on toilet paper you may want to just slow your roll. you may not be able to get some. i will tell you this is the season we come together and make our own holiday magic. because a gift for home brings joy to all. find holiday decorations, gifts and great deals at ♪
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another life-changing technology from abbott, abundant wind and solar energy, we have the power to take on climate change. use less from 4 to 9 pm to keep california golden. . right now, here we go again. another wave of panic buying but this time its right before thanksgiving. why experts are telling shoppers to just relax. >> and a first of it's kind testing kit approved in the bay area. how quickly you can get your results. >> and not in the clear yet. another round of rain set to soak the bay area.
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it's wednesday. november 18th. i have to say this is probably the most rain i have seen since i have been here in the bay area. >> yeah. beneficial rainfall for search. we picked up yesterday from a 10th, to as much as a half inch to an up much of rain in spots for the bay area. this is a welcome sight for sure. we are in a drought across the bay area. with this rain we can also say good-bye to our fire season thankfully so. here we go on high definition doppler. you can see that wet weather for parts of the barry this morning. let's head first to the east bay and tri valley. you can see light to moderate rain. dublin and san leandro and near the heyward area. over the san mateo bridge and across the peninsula and parts of -- along the coast at half moon bay. you can see the showers lighting up the radar. that unsettled weather for us for today. a few more showers are possible aswe


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