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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 18, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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right now at 7:00. >> rushing to get tested to be safe for thanksgiving. the trend causing long lines and a false sense of security. >> just make sure we were healthy, and we plan to just stay with our own family. you had to go on at midnight three days before to book your appointment. if you waited until that morning, you weren't going to get an appointment. plus, new photos and new fallout. who else was at the fancy dinner party that governor newsom has been apologizing for. and we're live at the chase center with the decision just made about the warriors' plans for fans. and as the last of the rain showers are exiting the bay area, the snow is still flying in the high sierra. a winter weather advisory in effect there until 10:00 this evening. that's downgraded from a winter storm warning, but looking on i-80 right now, yeah, you can see the tire tracks in the snow, but it is slow going through the
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high sierra. around the bay area, starting to see a few cracks in the cloud cover. we'll talk about what's next in the forecast coming up. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. also right now on the kpix 5 news at 7:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow and right now some people are rushing to get tested before their big family gatherings. >> kpix 5's juliette goodrich is in pleasanton where people are having a hard time getting a test. >> there are many testing options, but getting a test seems to be the hard part these days. and when you do get your test and you get the results, doctors say that doesn't mean you're in the free and clear come next week. karma chang and her two sons got their covid test today in the cv s drive-thru line. >> no, we just wanted to before the holidays just make sure we were healthy. and we plan to just stay with our own family. >> reporter: but securing
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appointments meant booking them at the strike of midnight, and even then there was no guarantee. >> you had to go on at midnight, three days before to book your appointment. if you waited until that morning, you weren't going to get an appointment. >> reporter: or there is the hours long wait at the alameda county fair where testing was done by 10:00 a.m. because they'd reached a 500 patient limit. >> testing should be ubiquitous. that should be a major priority of the new administration. >> reporter: an epidemiologist has this warning. >> now we can bring back the kid from college in wisconsin and, you know, have him meet up with his grandmother on thanksgiving for six hours with no masks on. not a good thing. you need to be really careful about those sorts of situations.
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>> this is our bubble. >> reporter: as for getting your test results, places like cvs and even the alameda county fairgrounds say you likely won't get your results for the next 48 hours. and then beyond that, it's up to you if you stay in your bubble or not. in the east bay, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. let's take a live look at oakland tonight. a new covid crackdown is hitting many businesses in alameda county right now. they have been forced to shut down indoor activities now that the county is back in the purple tier. it's outdoors only at restaurants, gyms and places of worship. in napa county, health officials say the surge is being driven largely by household gatherings and between friends and family. now, that has a lot of business owners asking why are we being penalized with new restrictions? >> knowing that people are getting sick because they're gathering at home, with their families, going to house
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parties, so why are businesses closing? there's no way to control what's going on in homes. >> i feel badly for my neighbors who have restaurants, and then we suffer by not having the tourism coming into our shop. >> new fallout and new photos of governor gavin newsom attending a dinner party at the french laundry without a mask on. los angeles fox station kttv first published these photos of the governor snapped earlier this month. the governor was seen sitting at a crowded table of 12 people at the restaurant. indoor dining was allow at reduced capacity, but the governor insisted the birthday party was outdoors. we also learned today these two top health executives were among the guests seated near the governor. krar medical association ceo dustin corcoran and top lobbyist janus norman. the governor himself has warned against gatherings of more than three households. his own administration also claims private gatherings are
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fuelling the recent spike in cases. the governor has apologized for attending and said he made a mistake. looking live at chase center, the warriors had hoped to welcome fans back next month with a first of its kind testing program, but as kpix 5's andria borba explains, the team just found out tonight that the plan wasn't a slam dunk for some city leaders, andria? >> reporter: yeah, it got rejected by the department of public health here in the city and county of san francisco, ken. now, reminder, here at chase center, the warriors still have not played an entire season. that season cut short when the pandemic ally flared up here in the u.s. and it looks like it will be quite some time before it will be loud and rocking once again. three-point splash downs at chase center won't be backed by the roar of the crowd any time soon. operation dub nation a plan to bring 9,000 fans a game, inside the mission bay arena by testing them has been blocked by the
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city. here's how warriors' president rick outlined the $30 million testing plan just last week. >> everyone from our employees to all the part-time workers to every fan will be tested for the coronavirus with the highest quality test available within 48 hours of the event itself. >> reporter: warriors' owner joe, a trained epidemiologist, offered to foot the bill for the testing plan himself. in a letter, the health department rejected that idea today. in the present circumstances, bringing thousands of individuals and households together, many of whom would travel and return from other counties, creates too much risk of widespread transmission in transit and while visiting san francisco. the warriors responded with a statement of their own. we believe the thorough, detailed and adaptive re-opening plans we've been developing over the last eight months will help us accomplish our goal of welcoming our fans and staff back to chase center when the
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time is right. now, the nba's season was set to kick off on december 22nd. any splash downs from steph curry, however, seem to be met with silence at this point until the pandemic is under some bit of better control. live in san francisco tonight, andria borba, kpix 5. >> just bad timing right now. andria, thank you for that. >> despite a spike in covid cases, one north bay school district says in-person learning can be done safely. san rafael city schools have been separating students into morning and afternoon groups to minimize mixing. so far there have been 48 in-person school days with close to 7,200 students attending each day. tonight marin county's health department says there are zero suspected cases of in-school transmission. >> that's a pretty powerful statistic. when people say to me, how can you open with the country, you know, having this revisiting these super high cases, but at least in schools, so far, things
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have been going really, really well. and i think that's because we have safety procedures. >> we feel like schools are, in many cases, the safest place to be. >> about 300 students are bussed from around san rafael into different schools which have more space. the district says buses are disinfected after kids are dropped off. stay with kpix 5 for all the latest on school re-openings and fall backs to see what's happening in your district, head to up next, the warriors' star injured during training today just about a month before the start of the season. plus, the despicable excuse one suspect allegedly used to get away with more than 20 bay area robberies. and a huge breakthrough for one bay area company. the exciting news behind their do-it-yourself coronavirus test kit. >> it is generally accepted as the most accurate test that's out there. these are gloves and masks, much more styrofoam and plastic
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from the take-out food. >> and how the pandemic mixed with the wet weather is creating a new problem tonight in the water. and all new at 11:00, the coal industry is dying but not by the looks of it at one bay area port. the terminal in richmond is one of two deep water ports on the entire west coast that still exports dirty fossil fuel for burning in asia. >> so the coal industry is trying to get more than 11 million tons of coal out of bay area ports, and what they're trying to do is basically make the bay area coal country. >> watch our original report battling big coal again. that's tonight on the kpix 5 news at 11:00, and we'll be right back. bay area homeowners,
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hold-ups told store clerks he was robbing them to help his sick child. police say 40-year-old union city resident nelson ramirez was responsible for robberies at convenience stores from newark to los altos. bay area detectives teamed up to arrest him and say they found clothing used in the robberies in his car along with a replica handgun. after his arrest, police say ramirez admitted he didn't have a sick child or any kids at all. well, the heavier rain yesterday has created a new kind of unforeseen problem tonight. but with the pandemic this year, officials are seeing face masks, gloves, other ppe that were not properly disposed of washing up on shores, and officials are asking people to make sure to throw your ppe in a trash can and not flush it down the toilet. >> this year the problem's even worse because there's so much extra trash being generated
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because of covid. these are gloves and masks, much more styrofoam and plastic from the take-out food. >> and union square in san francisco was a whole lot brighter tonight. check out that beautiful tree all lit up. the lights just went on for the holiday season about an hour ago. 3,300 lights to be exact. that tree, by the way, is 83 feet tall. put a few lights on it so you wouldn't miss it, paul. >> it's good, otherwise, i would have run into it on my jog this evening. be cruising along and then a face full of fir. thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow. the weather is looking good. i know folks want to get together and do it as safely as possible. people planning family gatherings where you don't gather too close and have dinner outside. highs in the upper 50s with more clouds than sunshine on the coast. some sun peeking through. low 60s around the bay with
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mid-60s inland. this is the eighth day of the seven-day forecast, so we're talking about something that's pretty far down the line. right now we still have a couple of lingering sprinkles out there, mainly in the diablo range right now, and a lot of what you're seeing is ground clutter. some mist and drizzle around mt. hamilton. we have a few blips on the radar around the central bay. a few showers crossed over the bay into oakland and tried to make their way into the tri-valley earlier this evening. it's not moving, just parked there. that's not real shower activity. still snowing in the sierra, and thunderstorms in the foothills earlier today. that activity has calmed down. and you can see that we're not looking at rain clouds, just some regular old cloud cover over the bay bridge. almost 4.5 inches on top of mt. tam. that was the big winning spot for this rainfall event. the higher terrain picking up a lot more rain. santa rosa picked up more than 1
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inch of total rainfall. almost an inch in danville. almost a half inch in san francisco. san jose, the good news is it was measurable, the bad news, barely. less than a tenth of an inch in santa clara county. rain chances are very limited as we head through the next several days. this 10% chance basically covers the potential for maybe one one-hundredth of an inch of moisture to add up. we'll see fog tomorrow morning. near zero visibility around the bay and spreading into the inland valleys. it should head back up quickly tomorrow, unobstructed visibility expected by a late morning on thursday. right now, good look downtown from the top of the mark hopkins hotel. some of that lingering cloud cover out there. we're waiting for that to settle down to ground flefl the form of fog. temperatures in the 50s across the board. anywhere from 51 in santa rosa to 58 degrees downtown and in oakland. temperatures retreat as the clouds break up farther up in the atmosphere and before the fog develops at ground level,
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mostly in the low to mid-40s with upper 40s to around 50 around the bay. high temperatures tomorrow are almost exactly where we're supposed to be in mid-november, within a degree or two on either side of what's average for november 19th. low 60s around the bay. upper 50s along the coast with low to mid-60s farther inland and very little change to our temperatures as we head through the next several days. low to mid-60s inland. low 60s around the bay with mostly mid to upper 50s along the coast. no rain in sight for at least the next seven days. and as i mentioned at the beginning, thanksgiving day is also looking dry at this point. we'll keep you updated, liz? >> thank you, paul. here's a look at your top headlines. president-elect joe biden praising health care workers during a town hall today. he's also expressing concern about the lack of cooperation from the trump administration as his team works to craft a pandemic response plan. >> there's a whole lot of things that are just -- we just don't have available to us, which unless it's made available soon,
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we're going to be behind by weeks or months being able to put together the whole initiative. a live look at capitol hill. earlier congresswoman nancy pelosi was reelected to house speaker. she says it will likely be her last term at the post. >> so i'm thrilled. i'm excited, and i can't wait to be elected -- working with the new president of the united states joe biden and kamala harris. i'm sure we all share that view. the faa just gave boeing's 737 max jets the green light to fly again. they've been grounded since march of last year. a 20-month review of the jets addressed a design flaw in the plane's anti-stall system which played a role in two deadly crashes. united will fly the plane as soon as december 29th. >> sounds good. thank you, elizabeth. coming up next, things get heated over the hiring of a bay area police officer. the meeting that ended with some
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people going to jail. >> they didn't say you need to leave. they didn't say anything. they just straight up arrested me. also next, the bay area company that just cleared a huge hurdle with its new do-it-yourself home coronavirus test kit. and then later, the warriors welcoming someone new and very tall. who they just chose in the ernest hemingway wrote the old man and the sea at 52 satchel paige was still dominating batters at 59. celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come
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city council chaos in fairfield. nine people arrested at a city council meeting last night protesting the hiring of a former vallejo police officer involved in a fatal shooting. it's been months since community members began voicing their concern over the hiring of officer dustin joseph. he was involved in a deadly officer involved shooting in vallejo in 2012. officer joseph is also part of a third party investigation into allegations of badge bending in which officers allegedly bend the tips of their badges to mark fatal shootings. >> they didn't say you need to leave. they didn't say anything.
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they just straight up arrested me. the fact that the police force hired him. >> we've asked for, you know, answers about anything about the investigation. and they gave nothing. >> according to the fairfield police chief, the department wasn't aware of the badge bending investigation before the officer was hired. the start-up company lucira just got authorization for its groundbreaking covid-19 all-in-one test kit. you do it yourself at home. insert batteries into the provided device, swab your nose, stir into a tube of solution, and place your sample into the unit. 30 minutes later a light tells you if you're positive or negative. the tests cost about 50 bucks but are only available to sutter health patients. lucira hopes to have it available to everyone by april. >> it's the holy grail here. it's something that acts like a pregnancy test, which you can self-administer at home. you can actually do the
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laboratory test at home, and you can interpret the results at home. >> it is generally accepted as the most accurate test that's out there. the idea that we're going be able to have an additional test to help us in the battle, it's going to be very helpful. coming up next, warriors' new addition. a seven footer they just picke
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well, just over a month until the nba season starts, warriors' star klay thompson suffered some kind of right leg injury while working out in southern california today. it's 2020, right? he'll have to undergo more tests to determine the severity, but it does not seem good for thompson who missed all of last season following left knee surgery. of course, we'll keep you posted. james wiseman at his home in nashville, tennessee. >> but it's not all bad news for
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dubs fans tonight. this big man, james wiseman, just joined the team as the second overall pick in the nba draft. wiseman is a 7'1" center who is just 19 years old. he say he's excited to go to golden state and learn as much as possible. excited to have him. well, thank you for watching at 7:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. >> we'll be back at 11:00 with more local news. until then, have a good night.
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