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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 19, 2020 1:37am-2:13am PST

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now at 11, the new concern tonight for bay area families right before thanksgiving. >> just imagining with people traveling in and out for the
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holidays, cases will just go up. backlash governor newsom is facing tonight for attending a party at a napa valley restaurant. >> i don't think he is setting the best example, i think it is highly hypocritical of him. and the battle over big cold in contra costa county. >> they are trying to make the bay area coal country. we are following two breaking news stories, a house fire in berkley leaves one man dead. right now crews are working to put out hotspots. video shows that the area is blocked off. the cause is under investigation. in san francisco, shooting sent two people to the hospital in the city's bayview. video shows emergency responders on scene. it happened just before 9:00, no word on the victim's conditions tonight. now at
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11 and streaming on cbsn bay area, tonight some bay area college students travel plans have health experts of it worried. andrea nakano reports from uc berkeley where students are weighing the risks of going home for thanksgiving.>> reporter: this is a public health nightmare because not only can students potentially infect their loved ones at home, they can bring back the virus to the bay area.>> it is said thinking about the fact that things are on the rise area i just imagine with people traveling for the holidays that cases will just be going up. >> college students will be heading home for the holidays and some will be coming back to the bay area. >> i myself will get tested before i go down, when i get down as well is when i come
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back. >> epidemiologist worn the test can have flaws plus they can tell you if you are infected but they won't stop the spread. >> to just get a single test and say okay now we can bring the kid back from college in wisconsin and have him meet up with his grandmother on thanksgiving for six hours with no masks on, not a good thing. you need to be really careful about those sort of situations. >> some say with the spike in cases they are avoiding the risk altogether. >> in new mexico they just reverted back to a two-week full on lockdown.>> health experts are recommending that if you travel to an area with a high infection rate them a quarantine for two weeks in some countries require it from travelers from the u.s. many are hoping if they stick to the guidelines, going home for christmas will still be a possibility. >> if we had here to the guidelines, as miserable as it is, the faster we can get back
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to normal stuff. >> some students are considering to stay home since all classes are online this semester at uc berkeley, then returning went in person instruction begins. taking a live look at chase center, an ambitious testing plan to allow warriors fans to return has been shot down. players won't hear the roar of the crowd anytime soon. last week the team outlined a $30 million effort to test fans, employees and players ahead of every game. but in a letter today the health department rejected the idea saying "bringing thousands of individuals and households together, many of whom will travel from and return to other counties, creates too much of a risk of widespread transmission." the workers had this response "we believe the thorough reopening plans we've been developing will help us accomplish our goal of welcoming our fans and staff
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back when the time is right." while governor newsom is telling all of us to have thanksgiving dinner outside, he is facing some new fallout for that fancy birthday dinner party went to at french laundry. joe vasquez on the new photos and the new questions they raise. >> reporter: is covid-19 cases continue to spike, small businesses like this one continue to struggle. which is why the governor continues to catch grief for his recent dinner decision.>> i know everybody is imperfect. i don't expect him to be, but at this time, he really needed to step up and be that example. >> tricia is a private chef in san mateo and said was disappointed by the governors dissipation at a recent birthday party at the french laundry, one of the most expensive restaurants on the west coast. >> he implemented roles that we would gladly follow but i don't think he is setting the best example. i think it is highly
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hypocritical of him. >> fox 11 obtained these photos of the governor and his wife at a party in what the restaurant calls and outdoor section. it has three walls with one side open and no faces were covered. today we learned that two people from the medical association were also guests. the governor has been preaching something different in public, he's been asking californians not together with people from more than three households. >> i want to apologize to you because i need to preach and practice. to make a california committeewoman and attorney says business owners have been emailing her today, very upset about her husband's actions. >> i had people writing about schools being closed and businesses that are on their
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knees. and for gavin newsom it's like mardi gras or something. right now covid-19 is killing at least one american every minute. bringing us to another awful milestone. the u.s. death toll now tops 250,000. the highest in the world. the number of people hospitalized has doubled in just the past month to more than 76,000 as of tonight. here in california the state reported over 9800 new cases today alone. with the positivity rate of nearly 5%. tonight santa clara county schools that have been teaching in person will be allowed to stay open. on monday the county moved into the purple tear, the most restrictive in the states reopening system. meanwhile one northbay school district is showing how in person learning can be done safely. san rafael city schools have been separating students into morning and afternoon groups and so far there have been 48 in person school days with
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about 7000 students. the county says there have been zero suspected cases at its schools. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a new battle over big coal in contra costa county.>> i get that it's very bad for the environment. >> why opponents say kids are paying the price to export dirty fossil fuel to asia. the rain has moved out and now we are seeing some fog on the horizon. what's left behind for the storm system, few inches of rain around the peaks in the bay area but mostly half-inch to an inch of rain, we will take a look at the 7 day forecast, coming up. a little later in sports, the warriors make their
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the bay area and coal country, they seem worlds apart but we discovered that our bay plays a critical role in the export of coal to asia. and tonight, some people living in richmond tell us that they are paying the price. >> the insides of the classrooms are covered in coal dust.>> kpix 5 has been covering the big fight over big coal in contra costa county for years now. and tonight our reporter is
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live along the bay with more on the new battle in this original report.>> reporter: unbeknownst to most the san francisco bay is home to two ports on the west coast that export coal to asia. it's been the latest flashpoint in climate change. week after week they unload cargo at the marine in richmond. also driven to the nearby phillips 66, from here coal is transferred onto ships, headed to asia where they are burned feels. it's a thriving business that richmond residents say is happening at the expense of their health. dahlia and her mom were among the thousands of richmond residents that want to stop coal shipments through their town. >> these train cars travel through residential neighborhoods.
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>> i get that it's very bad for the environment, not just pollution of the town, it's basically pollution of the world. >> the pushback resulted in a new city ordinance that phases out the storage and handling of coal. kpix 5 has learned that the terminal along with the utah coal company that exports the call and phillips 66 have all gone to court looking to overturn the ordinance. they claim among other things, that it violates the constitutional right to free commerce. >> the fossil fuel industry decided they did not like the ban and challenged in court. so now all of us are in court defending the ban. to make the executive director of san francisco bay keeper, along with the sierra club is supporting the city of richmond in its legal battle. the beekeepers patrol boat has been monitoring the terminal water for years to make sure the coal dust is not polluting
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the bay. >> the coal industry is trying to get more than 11 million tons of coal out of bay area ports. what they are trying to do is basically make the bay area coal country. >> data from the u.s. census bureau shows that coal exports through the richmond terminal skyrocketed from 120,000 metric tons in 2016 to 738,000 in 2019, 615% increase. from the air you can see why richmond residents are at risk. train tracks run right next to neighborhoods that have been designated by the environmental protection agency as disadvantaged because of the many sources of air pollution they are exposed to. that includes two freeways in the chevron oil refinery. >> this is a huge deal. >> a pediatrician in richmond also pushed for the ban and now is speaking out to defend it. >> we know that the particulate matter released into the air
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from the coal dust of petroleum coke dust is toxic in making people sick. >> many of her young patients attend school just half a mile away from the terminal. >> the insides of the classrooms are covered in coal dust by the end of the day. if that is what is inside their classrooms and on their cars, it is in their lungs. it is just the reality of it. >> a spokesperson for the richmond terminal told us they cannot comment because of the lawsuit. our cameras were not welcome outside the facility in richmond. the richmond mayor had plenty to say. >> it is costing the city a lot of money.>> is at the sierra club drafted the goal ordinance but now won't cover the city's cost of defending it. >> the sierra is a dollar a year organization. but once the ordinance passed
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they cut the city loose. >> he said he was ready to settle with levin, and is ready again.>> it might take seven years to work through this lawsuit.>> back in richmond lauren and hurt daughter hope the owners of the leaven terminal will just back off and leave the ordinance standing. >> i think it is obvious, the writing is on the wall, that we need to make these changes to make california livable for our kids. >>, 13-year-old girl, please, please, please, think about our generations future and how everything you are doing affects us. >> the sierra club flatly denies that they've ever agreed to pay the legal fees. and phillips 66 says they cannot comment at this point. and the utah coal company never got back to us.
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>> we are talking about the deepwater terminal in richmond, but did in oakland just go through a similar situation not long ago? >> that is correct. the city passed an ordinance to stop a new terminal being built at its port. that has been taken to litigation as well. and the people behind the coal terminal and their project managers and packers have just won an appeal this summer.>> thank you andrea. a ruling in the case of a former uc berkeley employee known as the norcal is now facing life in prison for a string of crimes. a jury convicted him of 46 counts of sexual assault and kidnapping. prosecutors say henine women and six northern california cities between 1991 and 2006. every assault had the same mo,
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women tied to a bed for hours with their eyes taped shut. one of his victims was attacked in her vallejo home in 1992 but she fought back. she stabbed him in the four head. >> there is something that will never go away. but he's going away. it was good to stare at him, before i couldn't. >> 29 years of waiting, what a great day. >> investigators used a genealogy website to break the case, the same technique that captured the golden state killer. you at 11, a mountain lion severely burned in the bobcat fire is back in the well tonight after being nursed back to health. about a week ago this cougar was seen on this trail camera thriving in her natural habitat. she was in grave danger in september when she was found with severe paul burns in southern california.
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she was rescued, treated by vets at uc davis and ended up being the first in the states history to be successfully caught, rehabilitated and then released. pretty cool story. a nice follow-up to fire season opposed all the other stuff we saw over the past couple of months. a little bit of rain yesterday to bring down the fire danger. things are looking pretty good heading into thanksgiving. there is some dense fog right now that will spread out as we head through the rest of the night. a calm weather pattern continues into next week and likely into the holiday. the futurecast shows the fog spreading out around the bay and also shows a couple of sprinkles trying to make a run down toward the north bay. i think those will fall apart on the way in. mary will be here starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning keeping an eye on the radar.
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the fog will dissipate but that will be replaced by clouds are the rough in the atmosphere streaming in from the west. they will be high enough that they will not block the sunshine entirely but they will filter it to a great extent. a mix of sun and clouds for most of the day than sunshine breaking back through right before sunset tomorrow evening. then it should stay with a mix of clouds into friday morning before the sun takes over in the afternoon. temperatures already dropping into the 40s in livermore and santa rosa. seeing some fog developing in oakland and santa rosa, otherwise temperatures in the low 50s for now, ending up in the 40s by tomorrow morning in most locations. some low 40s in the valleys with upper 40s to around 50 degrees right around the bay itself. i temperatures tomorrow will be right about where we should be for this time of the year, within a degree or two. let's assume around and take a
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look, mid to upper 50s around the coast, low 60s around the south end of the bay with mid 60s for the santa clara valley including 65 in san jose. low to mid 60s for the tri- valley, fairfield at 66, mostly low 60s around the central bay with a few upper 50s on the north side of the bay and low to mid 60s further inland. the coolest part will be and lake mendocino, with highs in the mid 50s. saturday looks like the sunnier and warmer half of the weekend. and thanksgiving is still looking dry, too. hey everybody, roller coaster day for the golden state warriors.
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an injury on no warrior
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star put a big damper on draft night. >> it certainly did. you know, we waited for months to find out who the warriors would draft a play alongside steph, tremont and clay. it turns out claim may not be on the floor for a while. thompson suffered a right leg injury while working out today. he will undergo an mri thursday morning to determine the severity of that injury. but initial reports about clay's achilles do not sound good for thompson who missed all of last season following an acl tear to his left knee. >> clay doesn't like missing five minutes of anything. he was probably bummed out he had to leave. we are hoping to hear something good. until then i'm going to try to keep his spirits up, support him, hear what we hear tomorrow and go from there. >> rob myers and the warriors
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didn't have a lot of time to dwell on the thompson news, they have the second overall pick in tonight's nba draft. >> with the second pick in the 2020 nba draft, the golden state warriors select james wiseman.>> good get further warriors, the 7'1" center got emotional after his name was announced. he was the 2019 high school player of the year but late in only three games at memphis last season after being suspended. but now the 19-year-old is just excited to play with golden state's golden crates.>> it's a great feeling. this draft process has been the longest for me. i'm just so grateful, there's a lot of great players on the team. i can't wait to get in there and just be in my role as a player. >> the warriors had to other
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picks, they have just from boise state, he will play professionally in australia for the time being. just add, the team was select guard anthony edwards with the number one pick. edwards played one year at georgia and was the ncc freshman of the year. romello paul went to charlotte with the third nfl pick. they claim defensive lineman mckinley off waivers, the former first-round pick was released by the falcons after he ripped the team for not treating him before the deadline. and the big news is klay thompson, mri tomorrow. we will find out if the warrior
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fans of will keep their fingers cros james brown and bill cowher welcoming you back
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3300 lights to be xact. looks like more. that tree by the way is 83 feet tall.>> and check this out, very tiny animal accomplished a big feet, this little guy traveled 170 miles from upstate new york to new york city. but he didn't have to do much flying. he stowed away on the branches of the rockefeller center - [announcer] the following program is sponsored by
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