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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 30, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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reporting from los angeles, i'm jamie yucus. it is monday, november 30, 2020. this is the cbs morning news. dire new warnings. america's top doctors are sounding the alarm about a post thanksgiving coronavirus surge. their pleas to america's people and the latest of when we could see a vaccine. historic selections. continuing to break barriers with a series of all female appointments. cyber monday. online shopping was already booming. what experts say you can expect for today's cyber shopping marathon. for today's cyber shopping good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we are going to begin with fears
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of a surge on top of a surge in the coronavirus pandemic as people return from thanksgiving travel. americans want to get back to normal as we inch closer to a vaccine being approved. for now, the harsh reality is that cases continue to spike. yesterday, the u.s. saw nearly 139,000 new cases. since beginning of november, more than 4 million cases. more than double since october. debra alfarone, many people were warned. many people traveled anyway. what can you tell us about the new warnings now? >> they are saying if you traveled during thanksgiving, you should assume you have the virus and get tested this week. >> reporter: millions of americans are now home after a
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trip to see family and friends. >> everybody was nervous. >> health officials warned against gathering. many are getting tested for covid-19. >> we had a few people over just to be safe. >> hospitalizations are already at record high in 33 states. we may see a surge within a surge. >> officials say it will get worse. >> if your family traveled, you have to assume you were exposed and became infected and you need to get tested in the next week. >> los angeles, a three-week safer at home order goes into effect today. bans gatherings with anyone outside the household and new restrictions on businesses. >> the numbers are going up. we need to do that. >> the cdc meets tomorrow to decide who gets a vaccine. experts say elderly and health care workers will likely be first in line. >> if you are part of the
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public, it will probably be end. first quarter, second quarter next year. new jersey governor phil murphy urged the public not to relax yet. in the next two or three months, with err in the fight of our lives. >> in new york city, elementary schools will reopen in one week. students will be required to get tested weekly. >> experts are talking about that quote, surge upon a surge that could overwhelm hospitals more than they already are. a record now of 93,000 americans in the hospital with coronavirus, anne-marie green. >> unbelievable. debra alfarone in washington. thank you. overseas, showing infections fell in england during a month-long lockdown.
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with the report, protests against the lockdown. >> reporter: a crowd of mostly young protesters marched through the center of london. they are fed up with the restrictions that shut down businesses for more than a month. prime minister boris johnson. >> what we want to avoid is relaxing too much now and taking the foot off the throat of the beast. >> there are signs of holiday mood as many stores and restaurants will be a allowed to reopen in a couple of days. >> the past few weeks of covid lockdown measures have been painful. the good news is they are working. the infection rate is coming down almost everywhere and restrictions are being lifted. paris's main department store opened within a month with an ovation for returning customers. >> some will remain moth balled.
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ski resorts won't open until jan january. some in the swiss are bucking the trend. the traditional ice rink have opened on red square. skaters have to glove up and go through a disinfection booth. unlike urn yan europeans, russians are facing 30% growth in infections in november. compared to australia where a heat wave has packed the beaches. lockdowns, some ultrastrict have paid off. the virus is under control with only eight cases reported nationally in the last 24 hours. elizabeth palmer, cbs news london. president-elect joe biden is expected to get his first presidential briefing today and he continues to make history with his picks for his
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administration. officially named senior white house communications team which is made up of all women for the first time ever. jen psaki will lead the group. after being named white house press secretary. she was communications directingor under president obama. we have learned the president-elect received a hair-line fracture on a foot after playing with one of his dogs on saturday. he will likely need a walking boot for a few weeks. >> president trump faces another defeat over baseless claims of election fraud. yesterday, a recount in wisconsin's two largest counties reconfirmed that joe biden won the state. mr. trump gave his first television interview and wondered why the supreme court may not help him with his election challenges. >> i wanted to file one suit. donald j. trump, president of the united states. they said, sir, you don't have standings.
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i said, as president of the united states, i don't have standings? what kind of court system is this? >> pennsylvania's supreme court rejected a request that millions of mail-in ballots be thrown out. the president lost the state more than 80,000 votes. today, the u.s. supreme court will weigh president trump's plan to exclude illegal immigrants from the census. the arguments will take place by tefl because of the coronavirus. justices will decide whether mr. trump has the authority to remove noncitizens from the population count. the action would shift money and power away from states with large populations. an estimated 11 million people living in the u.s. el lilly. today is cyber monday when retailers offer holiday deals on
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line. this year, sales are forecast to hit $12.7 billion. according to adobe analytics. that's a growth of over 35% from last year. today, there are special low prices on electronics, televisions and appliances. postal service is telling people to take in their packages to avoid theft. >> if that package is out on the porch, there is no way for it to be stolen. off, the less time it will be there. >> fewer shoppers in store for black friday. plenty of online shopping spending $9 million on the web after thanksgiving. that is a record high. coming up, colorado's govern quarantining after being exposed to someone who tested positive. he embodied the dark side. we remember the man who played hollywood's greatest villains.
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luke, i am your father. >> the movie world is paying tribute to the man behind the mask. actor david prowse died saturday at 85. the character was voiced by james earl jones. prowse stood at 6'6" and was a weight lifting champion before getting the part. colorado's governor is self-quarantine and a former trump advisor is suing. those are some of the headlines on the news stand. usa today reports that carter page is suing the fbi and
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james comey over surveillance during the russia investigation. he claims he was the victim of unlawful spying. he said his constitution and other legal rights were violated. he said he was targeted by the fbi because of his work for president trump. denver post says colorado governor jared polis tested positive. he and his partner marlon reis both tested positive. he started quarantining on wednesday after he said he was exposed. polis said he will continue to work remotely. last week, wyoming governor testing positive as well. boston harold reports police are asking for the public's health. releasing this video saying they
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believe he's responsible for 10 separate nighttime attacks. one victim suffered a fractured skul and internal bleeding both to our boston station through a translator. >> translator: i came smoke in the back and someone behind me hit with with something. something heavy. joo >> the victims have been alone and were hit with a blunt object. >> still ahead, a kick for the record books. a woman soccer player makes history over the weekend. 99... save on cuisinart air fryer... and get 40% off lego! plus, free store pick up. kohl's. ♪
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the nba says the laker's great will take his place in may after the pandemic delayed the original ceremony. bryant died in a hospital crash in january along with his daughter and seven others. on the cbs money watch now. the high cost of delaying the olympic games. the croods return to the big screen. naomi ruchim with more. good morning, naomi. >> stock futures are pointing to lower openings after setting records last week. today, we'll hear from zooum video as it reports third quarter results. labor department's november job's report also now on friday. the dow jones closed up 37, nasdaq gained 111 points closing to an all-time high. s&p up 8 points to also close as record high. airbnb and door dash are
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pointing to hire than expected valuations. airbnb is targeting a range of $30 to $33 billion when it kicks off investor road show tomorrow. doordash plans a range of $25 to $28 billion. both are expected to go public before the end of the year. japanese media are reporting that organizers of the tokyo games say postponement will cost almost $2 billion. the games were postponed in march as the pandemic spread. the costs include staff payments as well as introduction to new systems to refund tickets. the committee said it would contribute about $650 million to cover some of those costs. the games are now set to open in july. not even the pandemic could stop some cave men from taking over the box office. >> we are the betterman's.
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>> better man? >> emphasis on the better. >> the animated sequel did better than expected taking in $14.2 million. it did do well for a pandemic smash, not doing so well compared to other movie openings. it has been so long since i have gone to see a movie in the theater. i am enjoying this stay-at-home movie watching phase where all these shows are being released online to stream them. we don't have to go to the theaters. >> me too. and i don't have to get a babysitter. it is a lot cheaper on my couch. >> thank you, naomi. up next, a fiery turn at the grand prix. a car bursts into a fire ball in the first lap. what happened to the driver?
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100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious. here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. that is certainly damage and a big fire there. >> incredible video you have to see to believe. formula one driver romain
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grosjean kroshed in bahrain. his car burst into flames. he was able to escape with just burned and is recovering. after making history as the first woman to play in the power five conference football game. vanderbilt's sara fuller says she wants to stay on the team. fuller is the goalie on the women's soccer team was added to the team after coronavirus. the 41-0 lost to missouri on saturday. >> i just think it is incredible that i am able to do this. all i want to do is be a good influence to the young girls out there because there were times like i struggled in sports but i am so thankful i stuck with it. >> fuller helped women's soccer team win sec tournament last weekend.
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our top stories this morning. as millions of americans return home from thanksgiving weekend, health experts warn the coronavirus will get worse in weeks ahead. yesterday, nearly 139,000 new cases. tomorrow, the cdc meets to discuss who should get the vaccine if it becomes available next month. president-elect joe biden is making history after announcing the first ever senior white house communications team made up of all women. jen psaki will be mr. biden's president secretary. she was white house director during part of the obama administration. wilton gregory has made
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catholic church history as the first black-american to be named as cardinal. we have more are from the vatican. >> latin for wilton daniel gregory. you are looking at history. due to the coronavirus, there were more masks than fanfare but that didn't take away from the profound significance especially for african-americans. >> how important is it for them to see you now become a cardnal? >> the first individual achieves a certain public recognition, the entire family celebrates. i think that's what is going on with the african-american community right now. >> his ministry has been marked by welcoming diversity including the lgbtq plus community and crisis management last year becoming arch bishop of washington, d.c.
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the same year, another was defrauked for sex abuse. >> let's be honest, it revealed some awful events and huge mistakes on the part of church leadership. >> if you've heard of gregory recently, it might have been in june as black lives matter protesters marched through the capital and violently push add away so president trump, bible in hand could possess in front of st. john's episcopal church. the next day, gregory called it reprehensible and bafling. >> he tells me, he hopes his relationship with president-elect joe biden will be marked with conversation and not condemnation. >> and he was the only new cardinal to wear a mask from start to finish. reporting from rome.
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coming up this morning, we speak with health and human services secretary alex azar about a vaccine and how soon americans will be able to get it. and part of our commitment to stop the stigma of mental health. we'll meet a mother and daughter raising awareness through book donations. and gayle talks to matthew mcconaughey about his new book, "greenlights." s that that's it for cbs news this monday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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was alive from the cb is the area studios, this is kpi? news. >>


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