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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 2, 2020 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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we're going to find the perfect tree. we're going skating. we're going to nana's. wherever you go this holiday, chevy can help you get there. which is why we're making our chevy... ...employee discount available to everyone. the chevy price you pay... what we pay. not a cent more. so wherever you go, happy holidays from chevy. use the chevy employee discount for everyone to
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get over six thousand eight hundred dollars below msrp on this equinox. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. at 11, new travel advisories that could put a damper on your christmas plans. what you need to know before you fly. >> the reality is that december, january and february will be rough times. moore it's the season of giving but nonprofits say donations are not pouring in as usual. more and more san francisco apartments are sitting empty but our property owners being upfront about just how many are unoccupied? >> nobody should be scared of information or transparency. now at 11 and streaming on
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cbsn bay area. a live look at the bay area airport where the cdc is extending the travel warning for the upcoming christmas holiday. since>> andrea nakano joins us now from alameda as residents try to keep up with the changing guidelines this holiday season.>> reporter: here and christmas tree lane the holiday spirit is on full display with a view minor changes to deter large crowds from gathering here. many say they have ruled out holiday travel but they admit that it's been hard keeping up with the guidelines since they seem to change daily. doug mckenzie grew up on christmas tree lane and now he is carrying on the family tradition. >> we are decorating more to bring happiness. >> they have been closely following the local and federal guidelines and have not left
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alameda county since the pandemic began. >> we miss going on vacation and seeing family. but what are we supposed to do?>> across the street mattie and hannah were also getting ready for the crowds expected this year. >> it feels a little different this year. i'm kind of excited to see people at least socially distanced but walking past. >> hannah had to fly from college in virginia. >> on-the-fly people were wearing masks down here and at the airports especially. >> hannah was especially concerned about the flight back to the east coast, and sure how long she will have to quarantine as the cdc director issues and alarming warning for this holiday season. >> the reality is that december, january and february will be rough times. i actually believe they will be the most difficult time in the
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public-health history of this nation. >> so it's pretty loud and clear what the cdc is recommending, stay home. but what about individual counties in the bay area?>> that is the confusing part. while the cdc seems to have adjusted their quarantine time in half from 14 days to seven days. the alameda county health department is still encouraging people to orienting for 14 days. but the cdc says in all cases listen to your local health department. new at 11, a couple traveling from san francisco to hawaii facing criminal charges after allegedly testing positive for the coronavirus before hopping on their hawaiian flight. police in hawaii say that the couple were detained and an airport checkpoint. they work traveling with a four- year-old child and they have
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since posted bail. california is shattering a record today for the most coronavirus cases in a single day. nearly 21,000. the state also reported 113 new deaths. the 14 day positivity rate is up to almost 7%. and it's not looking good in santa clara county. hospitals are at 80% capacity and there are only 44 icu beds left in the entire county. meanwhile the demand to get tested is at an all-time high in alameda county. sites like this one at the fairgrounds continue to reach capacity every day and tests are running out by midmorning, forcing the site to close early. we spoke to a nurse who has symptoms and is trying to get tested but had no luck. >> at the end of the day we are the ones you will come to to get the care you need. if we are not able to do that, who is going to do it? >> bay area lawmakers are calling on school districts to reopen her in person learning.
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assembly members phil ting and david chiu and state senator scott weiner sent a letter to districts in san francisco and san mateo counties. the letter cited state funding and ppe plus mental health concerns as reasons to get students back into the classroom.>> what we are seeing in other countries is schools are priority. other dings or shutdowns of schools can open. i think we need to take a hard look at whether or not schools are priority. >> if it was early in the pandemic i would be nervous for obvious reasons. but at this point more than eight months into the pandemic i think the science is telling us that it's very unlikely that kids both get and transmit covid to others. >> for the latest on the pandemic restrictions where you live and the covid surge you can join our morning team
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starting at 4:30. an update tonight on the story we first wrote you last night. authorities in san mateo county have identified the body of a man found on highway 35. he is 40-year-old eddie cervantes of palo alto. his body was discovered by quail court in woodside. deputy shut down a section of the highway for 22 hours to investigate. they say cervantes had been dead for quite some time. no word on how he was killed. pretty distressing scene at a santa clara county target store. a man is bars for allegedly brandishing a gun during an argument over a facemask. this happened yesterday evening at the morgan hill target on cochran road. the suspect reportedly entered the store without wearing a mask, went to female employees confronted him police say he became agitated and pulled a gun out of his pocket. no shots were fired but police
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later arrested the 27-year-old man. he was booked into the santa clara county main jail. a bay area charity targeted by thieves just received a donation. members of fire station 13 bought and assembled 20 brand- new tricycles. these tricycles will soon be delivered to children in need. last week 200 tricycles were stolen from the san francisco firefighters toy program. tonight bay area charities and nonprofits say donations are way down. joe vasquez on somehow groups are scrambling to help families this holiday season. >> reporter: the san francisco firefighters toy program is gearing up for its annual holiday giveaway but it's looking like there will be as much to giveaway this year. >> the need is growing because
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more people are without work. >> every year about 31,000 children get a teddy bear, a doll, book or a bicycle because of the generosity of everyday people as well as companies that donate to the san francisco firefighters toy program. this year it's harder to shop for toys to donate money is tight. >> we are probably 50% down intonations with at least 20% more children in need. >> that's the situation with terry's and nonprofits across the country. the salvation army expects 6.6 million americans will come to them in the coming weeks but 50% of the businesses they've asked to participate declined due to the pandemic. >> since the pandemic had, the stores are not comfortable with donating outside. >> tell hi has had to adapt to covid, canceling the afterschool program and creating an all day learning how for students, many from underserved communities. and donations are down 40%.>> we are not turning away anyone.
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and we don't charge right now. if there are people who have some way of assisting us, especially financially, we'd love your support. >> for more information on how you can help you can go to our website, coming up, a series of earthquakes shaking the ground near the california order. one happening less than two hours ago. plus, rent races falling san francisco as vacancies rise. and learning from a former potus, what steph curry says barack obama has inspired him to do on the court. first utah, now california, where a new mysterious monolith was spotted in our state. if it brings us some rain, i'm all for it.
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unfortunately that is not in the cards. we will take a
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now our original series project home and a live look at san francisco where the ability to work remotely has led to a search of vacancies in the city's apartment stock. >> but just how many units are actually empty? tonight in our original series project home, susie steimle tells us about a new law that will answer that question.>> reporter: for several years now san francisco has held the distinction of being the most expensive city in the world. but just how expensive is your neighbor's apartment and how many apartments owned by corporations are sitting empty right now keeping speculation
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high? those are questions we will soon be able to answer. >> we don't know what asking rents look like on leasing websites and we don't know what actual rents look like for existing tenants. >> an ordinance was passed this week to create a housing inventory. under the new ordinance landlords will be required to report the following to the city every year read the approximate square footage of each unit, whether it's vacant or occupied and the date of any vacancies over the past 12 months. plus your tenants base rent. failure to comply means a landlord's license to raise the rent will be suspended. >> no one should be scared of information or transparency. >> i think it is ridiculous that to find out information about something as important as rents and vacancies in our own city, that we are looking at the low end craigslist. >> charlie goss is with the san
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francisco apartment association. we make disclosing which tenants pay what kind of sows what we call rent animosity. >> landlords give the board of supervisors an earful about this. >> they survived that a whole class of people need to be surveilled. >> it is an invasion of privacy. please postpone this until you can work with all of us. >> vacancies are going up, rents are going down and more people are still ending up on the street every day during an ongoing housing crisis. the housing committee says every day scared tenants who campaign rent or asking her, where are the vacancies and what are we doing about them. these are questions we get asked. and when we go back to them and say well actually our city has no idea. >> we asked the president of the california rental association the same question about vacancies and got
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different answers. >> the number that's being thrown out is 25 to 30%.>> we are tracking a vacancy rate of 15 to 20%. >> whatever it is, it's high. and it's not a hard number. two things that are expected to change by july 2022. this housing inventory will also track corporate rentals to make sure they don't sit empty and might also help the city identify units that are already somewhat affordable so that city can help with subsidies and maybe put people who can't afford market rate into those units. >> i wonder what city organization will track this, gather this information and how much will that cost taxpayers? pugh exactly, the rent board will be responsible to track this and they will find it with a fee that will go to landlords, 50% of that fee can
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be passed on to tenants. they estimate this will cost about 12 $3 million a year. but it's charge per unit and the highest estimates are $14 per unit. they hope it is not too expensive per unit.>> well, they've got to figure out how many people are living here, where they are living in what's available. there are too many people living on the street. thank you for that. keep sending your stories and ideas to project home and see all of susie's reporting on our website. today fellow chp officers are remembering a southern california motorcycle officer who succumbed to injuries he sustained on duty. the 27-year-old died today, more than one week after being critically injured in the envelope valley. he was on his way to help two people involved in a crash when he was hit by a driver making a u-turn and then thrown from his
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motorcycle. chp officers held a somber procession to honor him today through northern la county. the four-year chp veteran is survived by his wife, parents and siblings. yet another mysterious monolith has popped up closer to home. this large metal has been spotted on the mountain. the first one was discovered by a helicopter in a remote area of the utah desert but it mysteriously disappeared. another popped up in romania of all places but that one also disappeared. dozens of small earthquakes are putting a remote community near the california/nevada border on edge. the most recent was a magnitude of 4.9. it's about 60 miles east of
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mono lake. it all started after a stronger 5.1 tremor struck the area yesterday afternoon. since then more than 43 aftershocks have rattled the area. we will check in with paul heggen right now. and boy, you just couldn't paint a nicer picture. maybe too nice because we are not getting any rain right now.>> we need that rain. >> we definitely do. december is supposed to be our rainiest month of the year and there is none of it for probably the first half of the month. some passing high clouds we saw today, we will see them again tomorrow. but the area of high pressure is really squeezing the atmosphere and that is causing a problem. the santa ana winds will be testing over 60 miles per hour, so there will be a red flag warning in the hills above los angeles and san diego.
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in meteorological terms it means something very specific, means we are at the top of the scale in terms of the fire threat. around here, passing clouds will be with us through the rest of tonight and often on through the day tomorrow. a little clearing earlier in the day and then another wave of clouds moving in later in the afternoon and into the evening hours. the last batch of clouds will move out and then we should see plenty of sunshine to finish off the work week on friday. temperatures are starting to drop into the upper 30s already, still about 50 in san francisco and oakland, otherwise temperatures are in the 40s. they will not drop too much further partly because of that thin cloud cover overhead. upper 30s and low 40s inland with low to mid 40s around the bay to start the day on thursday. i temperatures running about 5 degrees above average by the bay and a good 5 to 10 degrees
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above normal farther inland. that will be the case as we head into the weekend. right around 60 degrees along the coast with mid 60s for the south bay and mid to upper 60s in the santa clara valley. the tri-valley likely to hit the 60s with slightly warmer temperatures on the east side of the diablo range and mid to upper 60s for the north bay. temperatures will stay in that same territory through the weekend, even a little warmer next week. near 70 inland by monday and tuesday, mid 60s around the bay. not normal for early december. we've got an nfl game on a hump day? and the basketball training keeps on trucking. and
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burn is here now with sports, and this doesn't quite role of the town but are you ready for some say afternoon football? pugh you bet i was. i made sure to do all the honey
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do chores and have them done by 12:30. and after three reschedules, finally got it on. talking about the baltimore ravens. robert griffin the third was picked off in the first, joe haden say give me the pick six. the steelers won 19-14 and pittsburgh's record is 11-0. nba, give me steffan curie who did a quick q&a with the media than race tone for an instagram live interview with potus 44 ak barack obama, topics included obama's new memoirs, social injustice and basketball. especially his epic jumpshot that went viral last month.>> well. that's what i do, that's what i do. >> can i borrow "that's what i
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do, that's what i do." we won't have any fans in the gym so you will probably hear me yell it. >> i'm looking forward to it and now i'm expecting it.>> carry in more than a bro hug with kevin durant. it was announced that the warriors will open up the new season in brooklyn new york against durant and the nats. it will be katie's first game since he tore his achilles. russell westbrook, gotta get rid of that used in swag now. they traded him to the washington wizards. westbrook, a former mvp asked for a trade after one year in houston. and i don't know if phil walton was banging at drum, but above the rim, that is trace jackson davis, he put 31 on the board
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against stanford. they won the game 79-63. davis is the son of former warriors dale davis. and we got cheerleaders in reno cheering against the team that took nevada and tore them apart. led by as much as 33, they won 85-60 with a record 3-2 and still have the biggest win this season over fourth-ranked virginia cavaliers. a nice therapeutic check with the head coach todd golding, i'm much better now, i'm good with it. >> yeah, you feel more zen?>> i'm okay. i'm like this now, not like i was last week.>> coming up, make your holidays happen...
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rocking around the christmas tree looks a lot different tonight in new york city. gone were the crowds for the iconic tree lighting but it was still a beautiful sight to see. the 75 foot norway spruce lit up with 50,000 l.e.d. lights sitting atop a 900 pounds swarovski star. and we are highlighting bay area bright spots, homes and neighborhoods writing holiday cheer during these trying times. >> here's a look at christmas tree lane.>> this giant reindeer takes up six different yards. multicolored lights connecting each one as they are all pulling santa's sleigh. and they just tower over the
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visitors. each of them are 25
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> for secretary of treasury, i am really pleased to be able to nominate janet yellen. we might have to ask lin-manuel miranda, who wrote the musical about the first secretary treasury, hamilton, to write another musical about the first woman secretary of the treasury, yellen. so that's what i'm working on right now, janet.


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