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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 3, 2020 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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get over six thousand eight hundred dollars below msrp on this equinox. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. . now at 11:00 a major overhaul of california's stay- at-home rules. the troubling trends prompting drastic action. tonight an outbreak at a special needs school in contra costa county has staff members fuming. >> i felt they put me in an unsafe situation from the getgo. >> growing momentum on capitol hill tonight for a new stimulus bill. what is still standing in the way. and pg&e customers will face a rate like, how much more you'll have to pay. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida, streaming on cbsn bay area, new stay-at-home orders could be on the way, today the governor announcing new restrictions
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will be made region by region tiger rules will take effect if the capacity falls below 15%. in the bay area, that could happen around mid december. california reported 18,000 new coronavirus cases today. and 113 new deaths. the test positivity rate is rising. hospitalizations have shot up 86%. and that does not reflect an expected surge resulting from thanksgiving. >> the high case numbers that we've seen in the last week and ten days have not even begun to impact hospitals yet. public health experts tell us it's not an exact science when it comes to determining exactly when and how much to tighten the rules. >> it's threading a needle. and you can make a good argument for 20% maybe even 25%
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but 15% is probably okay. we want to find that sweet spot where we can allow people to maintain their work and a lot of the pleasures of life as long as they can. and at the same time, keep those beds available. >> tonight could be just a matter of time before new stay- at-home orders are implemented here in the bay area, kpix 5 on what we can expect and how one bay area city is keeping its numbers so low. >> the city of berkeley has been able to keep the numbers very low with only nine deaths reported so far. the mayor says it's truly been a community effort and it's going to need that same commitment to get through what's expected to be a very tough month. in berkeley and other areas of the bay area, people are still enjoying outdoor dining as this region so far is exempt from governor new some's new stay-at- home orders but if cases surge as they are expected to, this will be one of many things banned. >> if we do not take this
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seriously in the next few days and weeks and months, more people are going to die and it's going to be harder for the economy to recover. >> the berkeley mayor says the pandemic has all ready dealt a huge blow to restaurants, cutting deep into the city's tax revenue as berkeley's positivity rate sits below 2% and averages 11 cases a day t mayor credits low numbers to several factors, the city's implement takes of programs to help the unhoused and others in need during the pandemic. but the biggest factor is a community fostering a culture to take covid seriously, the city heard the warning coming from county and state fishes. we're not out of it yet. we're going to enter a very dark period where we're expecting more people to be infected and so now is the time for us to recommit and redouble our efforts to fight covid-19.
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>> they're teetering at 25% which is the highest in the state. but as the surge continues, people are bracing themselves for round two of the stay-at- home order. >> it also sounds pretty reasonable. i think hospitalizations is a good guide to determine this kind of thing. >> although i don't like it, i think i would be supportive of doing whatever we need to do. >> berkeley falls under alameda county but it has its own health department. the mayor says that's helped to key in on potential outbreaks and immediately carry out contact tracing. kpix 5. tonight santa clara county is sending in specialized teams to help a pair of san jose nursing homes dealing with mayor outbreaks, the mercury news is reporting westwood post acute and skyline health care center have recorded at least 232 combined cases of covid-19 among residents and staff. and the entire population of
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san jose's homeless shelter is now in quarantine at local models after 60 people tested positive. days after returning to class, eight students and teachers at a special needs high school in danville tested positive for covid-19. one teaching assistant told kpix 5's katie neilson, this does not need to happen. >> classes resumed here on november 17th. tonight one autism specialist told me less than a week later, everyone in her classroom except one student tested positive. >> i'm very resentful to the school district for keeping me from my family because i felt they put me in an unsafe situation from the getgo. jan jimenez has been quarantined at home while balling covid-19 after she says she was exposed to the virus on her very first day pack to in- person classes. >> half of our students, if not
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more in our classroom, were unable to wear a mask. we could not stay socially distanced. >> she says her class is 18 to 22-year-olds with severe mental or physical disabilities. the staff and students were not able to follow recommended safety guidelines. even on the first day back to school when one of the students had a fever and she was only wearing a cloth mask. >> we do not have the tools, the knowledge, or the safety behind being able to work with these students in the proper way. >> she blames the san ramon valley unified school district for not having a proper covid safety plan in place before returning to the classroom. the school district released the statement saying the district has closely examined the situation and we're taking steps to augment health protocols and practices, jan says none of this should have happened in the first place and says all in-person learning should stop until the district releases a better safety plan.
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>> i feel like we were guinea pigs, their protocol, their ppe, their rules and regulations did not work. >> the superintendent said yesterday that all of the impacted class rooms have been disinfected and the district will be providing n95 masks to any staff members who work in classrooms where students are not able to keep their masks on. now, as for jan, she said she's doing okay and everyone else in her classroom is also recovering. in danville, katie neilson, kpix 5. and the cdc is now projecting the coronavirus could kill 329,000 americans by december 26th. yesterday was the single deadliest day of the pandemic in the united states with more than 2800 deaths reported. and tonight, president elect joe biden is laying out his initial plan for getting the pandemic under control. he's going to ask americans to wear a mask for his first 100
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days in office. mandate that face coverings at places like federal buildings and work to build trust in the vaccine. >> we have to make it clear to the american people that the vaccine is safe, and number two, you have to make sure as he points out, you don't have to close down the economy like a lot of folks are talking about now, if you have clear guidance. >> president elect biden announced that he's asked dr. anthony fauci to serve as a chief medical adviser in the incoming administration. >> on capitol hill today, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker nancy pelosi spoke for the first time since election day about coronavirus relief. a growing number of lawmakers from both parties are pushing a 900 billion-dollar plan to prop up the economy. tonight mcconnell is pushing his own smaller proposal saying it's necessary to win president trump's support. >> i put forward a serious and highly targeted relief proposal, including the
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elements which we know the president is ready and willing to sign into law. >> what he wants to do is posture. to put partisan bills on the floor and say take it or leave it. still ahead, five people facing charges tonight in an edd fraud scheme, why prosecutors say the problem at california's unemployment agency is still not being addressed. and pg&e wins approval for a significant rate like. how much extra you can expect to pay. . and we'll show you the rare conditions that have veteran surfers flocking to san francisco. . every wave that you surf is (harold) twelve hundred strings of lights.
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at the season of audi sales event. get exceptional offers now. . new at 11:00, a prominent political strategist who once served as gavin new some's
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communications director is facing domestic violence and child abuse charges tonight. nathan ballard was originally arrested in october, several days after an incident at the carneros resort and spa in napa. according to napa county sheriff deputies a woman claimed ballard was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana when he pushed her into a glass door and attacked a four-year-old child. ballard served as governor new some's communications director when newsom was mayor of san francisco. his arraignment is scheduled for december 29th in napa county. tonight his attorney says he expects ballard to be acquitted of all charges. also tonight the state's employment development department is under fire. prosecutors are slamming the department for not stopping a widespread pandemic assistance fraud scheme. in a new letter, nine district attorneys urged governor new some to ewe emergency powers to stop payments they believe are still going to prison inmates. in sunny vail, these five
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suspects were arrested for allegedly swindling a million dollars in edd benefits. from unsuspecting victims in santa clara county. investigators believe they did it by stealing credit cards, mail, and other personal information. at least 100 people have come forward now to say they were victimized. >> my landlord is still demanding her rent, she has every right to. what am i supposed to do when a thousand dollars was just taken away from me? >> we're a small family, me and my partner have decreased hours or lost our jobs since march. so, you know, we're in a predicament now. >> tonight state regulators approved pg&e's plan to charge you more to help undue years of neglect along its electrical grid. starting march 1st, residential customers will see an increase of 8%, that's expected to boost the average bill by 13.44 a month. the utility will use the money
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for grid improvements, tree trimming, and other upgrades to cut fire danger, you can not use a cent to pay settles or salaries. a magnitude 3.2 quake struck about 7:15 this evening. centered 8 miles outside of holster. no reports of injuries or damage. we're seeing some monster waves slamming the san francisco coastline. some over 20 feet tall. kpix 5's alex louis went to ocean beach to check out the conditions creating a surfer's paradise. every wave is like a different canvas begging to be in a different way. the tides influence it and all of these different forces of mother nature coming together
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to make this wave. on a day like today t waves were 15 to 18 feet. it gets your heart racing for sure, i wouldn't recommend going out on a day like today unless you know what you're doing, the best mental, emotional, spiritual therapy that i found, you know, this is like a sanctuary for me being out here in the ocean. >> well, something's going on, new video tonight of a jelly fish invasion in monterey bay. masses of brown stinging nettles are common in the bay after an up welling like their name suggests, these jellies do sting but for humans it's often more irritating than dangerous, southern california fire crews have upped containment to 10% tonight on the so-called bond fire. 6400-acres have burned in orange county. the flames fueled by hurricane force winds and a parched
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landscape. reporter stacy butler is in orange county tonight where thousands were forced to flee their homes. one of our neighbors has cancer and we had to tell him today that his house was gone. it was heart breaking. it's been an emotional 24 hours for susan and wayne still covered in suit and watching out for their neighbor's animals, the only ones in their community that didn't evacuate. >> out of 16 families, four homes were completely lost, and seven were damaged. >> wayne was on neighborhood fire watch when he saw flames erupt in silverado canyon. edison cut rather power that took out phone, cell, and wifi to his community, the only way to warn his neighbors was to pound on their front doors. >> i go the fire is coming this
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way. . >> just up the road in silverado canyon -- >> the wind was howling. it was just, you know -- >> bruce mcdowell is cleaning up and counting his blessings. >> firemen were here. they foamed the back of my house, i think that saved it. >> two firefighters were hurt. luckily everyone else got out safely. tonight, those who left aren't allowed to go back in. susan is worried. some have nothing to return to. just as the holidays approach. >> this has been the most devastating fire on williams canyon. because people that have been here for so long now no longer have a home here. a young couple with a small baby lost their house. these are people that now with covid have to stay with relatives. >> the bond fire investigators say was sparked by a house fire last night that spread to dense brush nearby. >> we have high winds in southern california, high surf
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in northern california, paul. weather, this is coming from where right now? >> well, the southern california fire threat due to the santa anna winds combined with other factors as well. the local perspective is they're going to be in this for another 24 hours. the red flag warning continues for most of the area surrounding los angeles and san diego. a particularly dangerous situation not just because of the 60 to 70-mile an hour santa anna wind gusts. also near record dry fire fuels and very low relative humidity levels. sound familiar? to our scenario a couple months ago. the whole thing is being caused by a pinch in the atmosphere between high pressure over the pacific and low pressure near el paso texas. all that air is fund ever funneled between and accelerated. that's why we're having strong wind gusts. for us it's an offshore wind but it's been much lighter. passing high clouds overhead. you may have noticed haze in the horizon. it's not due to smoke from the southern california wildfires. it's because of partly some
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dust being blown towards us by that breeze coming at us from farther inland but also because of just local smoke being produced as people fire up their wood burning fireplaces and stoves with the chilly weather in the evenings and over night. the smoke concentration is not off the charts. not compared to where we were a couple months ago. it's still noticeable with haze on friday. a stronger on shore wind kicks in on saturday. that will sweep the smoke out of here temporarily. but it looks like the offshore winds will kick back in for the second half of the weekend and some haze will return. i mentioned that on shore wind with the storm system moving in on saturday. unfortunately, it's not going to give us much of a rain chance, there's an outside chance of a passing light shower, sprinkles in the north bay saturday night into sunday morning, in terms of measure rabble rain, none of that in the forecast any time soon. we do have cool temperatures, most of us in the 40s. right now, 53 degrees downtown san francisco. those temperatures will
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continue dropping but mostly 40s inland. just the chilliest spots drop into the 30s. with mostly mid 40s around the bay, good looking dog walking forecast from san mateo. this is luigi. temperatures rise to the low to mid 60s in san mateo. plenty of sunshine for fur friends to get out for a good walk, high temperatures well above normal. low 60s along the coast with that light offshore wind, mid 60s around the bay, upper 60s farther inland, warmest spots making it up above 70 degrees. temperatures back off slightly with the additional cloud cover this weekend. still above normal, then close to 70 degrees monday and tuesday of next week. no rain in sight. no end to the above normal temperatures in sight. we're showcasing bright spots this holiday season. submit yours, we'll give you information on that in a
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second. this house on felton street. all decked out for christmas, we got all the inflatables up there. santa delivering presents by train and plane. i'm not sure about the automobiles. i guess those are parked on the street. along with the traditional sleigh. thank you for submitting this one. extra work to put it up on the hill there. we want to see your holiday lights and decoration, email your pictures or videos to bay area bright spots at tag us on social media the #kpixbrightspots. speaks of bright spots, vern. >> ahead a check of the 49ers from the desert. nba has to still wait to play. but not college basketball. i've got the moving pictures to support that statement. stick around.
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vern is here with sports, and the 49ers have entered the arizona bubble, vern? >> yeah, but this one unlike the nba, 49ers can't even mingle. can't even socialize in it. remember when we were kids, maybe mom or dad would tell you, go to your room. before and after practice,
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order for the players, go to your hotel room. that's the kyle shanahan and player's life in their glendale, arizona surroundings for at least three weeks. chased out of santa clara county amide the non-contact sport shut down. coaches expressed concern about his teams mental state during this exile. where they can only see each other during practice. coach addressed that today. >> some people are going to deal with this different than others. you read about the nba players in the bubble and the mental issues they went through and tough. those guys were allowed to hang with each other. we're not. so we're basically just in rooms here. i haven't seen the guys except when we zoom and go out to the field for a walk. it's not like we're in a bubble hanging out. >> give me gold colored cal men's basketball uniforms against bobby's arizona state sun devils, picking up the second half, a rebound and put back from matt bradley. he scored 20. but it wasn't enough at home. arizona state ranked 25th for a
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reason. jalyn graham. one-time hammer. sun devils pulled away and won by eight. 70-62. the bear's record, 2 and 2. st. marys over in maraba hosted texas southern, what a night for gail's freshman, backer. couldn't miss. hit six of seven three pointers, number 23 scored 20 off the bench. they win 80-70. they're four and one this young season, everybody get happy. the nba's new season is less than three weeks away. not sure how happy nba champion lakers are ready to get back to work. they just won it all in october. mean time the warriors, they haven't played a game since last march. that's a lot of suppressed emotions says marquis grist. >> i'm super hungry to play. it s sses us off watching
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everybody compete and have fun. to me it looked fun. >> the number one team if women's basketball, south carolina lost a game. that's a big deal. lost 54-46 to nc state. that stopped a streak of 29 straight going i'm made to move.
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here's one way to get rid of pent up 2020 angst. >> it's called destruction therapy. check it out. oh yeah. a company in the uk is giving people a unique way to vent their frustration, participants can destroy cars, which were destined for the scrap yard any way, with explosives, shotguns, even a tank. >> wow. >> of course the cars have the year 2020 on the side as a reminder of where to by harnessing california's
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abundant wind and solar energy, we have the power to take on climate change. use less from 4 to 9 pm to keep california golden.
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late show with steven colbert is next. thanks for watching, news co inues streaming on captioning sponsored by cbs s, st, president trump made a grand entrance at the white house christmas party. [ cheers and applause ] >> these images from the private event showed a large crowd of trump loyalists enjoying festive decorations. >> yes, shoulder to shoulder to hear the president speak, many not wearing masks. >> more than one with thousand patients are currently hospitalized with covid-19.


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