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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 5, 2020 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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>> brad: go to the tight end, almost one handed it. surtain was there, number 2 on number 2, and alabama will take over on downs. >> gary: pride of this alabama defense, got a big lead, but did not want anyone scoring on them. gave up two in the first half, and said "no more." >> brad: almost a one-handed catch, but surtain gets a hand in their late. alabama will have it on offense when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ still warm. ♪ thanks, maggie. oh, alice says hi. for some of us, our daily journey is a short one. save 50% when you pay per mile with allstate.
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>> brad: time for the play of the game presented by jersey mike's subs. it was the third scoring toss for mac jones. devonta smith in the back of the end zone. this is how eli gold, our buddy, called it on the crimson radio network. >> gets the snap. to the end zone, high, devonta! oh, my goodness! touchdown alabama! devonta goes up, makes an unbelievable touchdown catch. >> brad: it was one of his three today. good for 231 yards on eight catches.
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alabama having to work from its own goal line here. trying to get a couple yards out so they have a little more room to work. >> gary: have the second offensive line and there, as well, so all of the starters on the sideline. >> brad: devonta catches of 20, 65, 61 today. in the game last year, caught 7 for 213, including an 85-yarder, the longest of his career, two touchdown spare use all those accumulated numbers over the last two games against lsu. not much more you can say about how good he is and how good he has been in this matchup between alabama and lsu. >> gary: alabama players interviewed after the game, they will talk a lot about last year's game. and deservedly so. lsu, they deserve that when and to celebrate on their turf, and i think that stuck in their cra. >> brad: they carried joe burrow off last year. >> gary: there was a
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celebration in the locker room -- >> brad: i was supposed to be kept in locker room. with these two guys remembered, and two of those guys that nick saban told us about his seniors in the game against auburn last week, he said these dudes came back, and that is what i am most proud of. they have been the leaders of this team. they lead by example, don't they? they do some remarkable things on the field. bryce young on the give. and here is a big hole. all the way into the secondary goes jase mcclellan again. he is going to be a good one, it appears, as he is getting more time in the last two or three weeks. >> gary: yeah, he was a late recruit that alabama churned from oklahoma. a texas kid. going to get his turn, and makes it there. second offensive line, opened up a gash in cool, didn't they. >> brad: williams will come
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in, mcclellan gets a hand from hand from najee harris and coach saban on the sideline. >> gary: puts in a lot of wor work. >> brad: 2:49. we've got a timeout. ♪
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>> brad: college football playoff top ten, alabama soon to be 9-0. notre dame 10-0 after having a slow start against syracuse, and then clemson beat virginia tech, ohio state a winner over michigan state, and then you see five through ten. >> gary: you know, this time of the year, i say which teams control their own spots? normally, you would say ohio state, but do they have enough games, is the question mark. >> brad: as many as notre dame has right now. >> gary: going to be the huge talking point, especially the michigan game is in doubt, they have shut down their program.
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i think everybody would agree that ohio state is talented enough to be one of the top four teams. >> brad: but when you only play half as many games, possibility of an upset. >> gary: florida controls their spot, if they win the sec championship with one spot, they control their spot. >> brad: if they defeat alabama, you can't tell these guys -- >> brad: of alabama goes undefeated. remember last year when we did lsu and the championship against georgia? we thought there spot was assured. remember, the sec, to this date, is the only conference that has not canceled a football game. i mean, that is a testament to planning. it's been hard work, and a lot of work has been put in. they elongated the schedule, moved teams around, done a good job to try to get everybody to play all ten games. >> brad: here is a first down
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run by williams. najee over on the sideline with the towel, i don't know, i think his hands are cold. at one point we thought maybe he had injured something, but we won't know until after the game. >> gary: he is a veteran, he might put the towel on, just so we would shoot it to see what -- >> brad: just to get a little more airtime. [laughter] another sensational game for him. today. he has gone over a thousand yards rushing, his 145-yard day. >> gary: rushed over 100 yards in each half of this game. spread it out evenly. >> brad: started with najee, worked their way to brian robinson, went to jase mcclellan, now we have roydell williams running, so everybody is getting a taste come including backup quarterback bryce young here in the last minute and a half.
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>> gary: you can salute a lot of people, a lot of coaching -- but of steve sarkisian, the job he has done. what sark is doing, they lost four number one draft picks office offense. >> brad: they are going to have a couple more -- more than a couple first-round draft choices on this team come too. >> gary: another team that is interesting with the top ten college playoff poll. texas and that is raising their hand, i know we lost that it was a big score, but -- we admit, alabama is better than us, but we are not going to admit to anything else if you are a&m. >> brad: so, it is a trip to
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the sec championship game against florida, coming up in, what is it, two weeks, three weeks? >> gary: two weeks. >> brad: two weeks. we have army-navy, than the sec championship. bryce young takes a knee. alabama will go to 9-0. they won 97 straight games against unranked opponents, and if you're worried about najee harris with that towel, he did have a heating pad on the inside that i told you, his hands were cold. he is from california. >> gary: that's right! >> brad: it is probably 40 degrees out here right now. so, the payback from a year ago is complete for the crimson ti crimson tide. and lsu drops to 3-5. the tide goes to 9-0, and they go to atlanta against florida. here is how it looks. this is what we're talking about. alabama, a clinch here against lsu. florida did likewise in their game with tennessee earlier today.
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and so, those two teams, number 1 and number 6, get together on the 19th for the sec championship game. at mercedes-benz stadium. jamie is with the winning coach. >> jamie: coach, i know we talked before the game about consistency, and then have time about mental errors. how did this game play out for you from a big picture standpoint? >> i think we played better in the second half. i think it was good experience for us. i think we played very well go offensively in the game. controlled the temple of the game offensively. i thought we played better on defense in the second half. make some adjustments, the kids responded well. just have to keep on keeping on. >> jamie: we saw some emotion from your players, perhaps good and bad, as the game wore on. how have you taught them to channel that appropriately as the season has progressed? >> you want guys to play with emotion, but you really don't want them to be emotional. because when you get emotional, you make bad decisions. there was a lot of emotion on both sides, and we don't like
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for our guys to talk to the other players, not get involved in things like that. so, you know, the way you can win with class, that is certainly what we want our players to do. >> jamie: devonta smith going over to greet his family, i know he is a local guy. do you love moments like this, seeing a could come back and perform that way? >> no question about it. i think we had four guys in the front seven from this area, and smitty, obviously, outstanding player for us, just love him as a person, love him as a player, he is a great competitor, and i'm sure this means a lot to him. >> jamie: added to the sec championship, so congrats, coach. >> every game next week for, first. >> jamie: [laughs] my mistake. >> brad: it wasn't your mistake, nick's way of cutting you off. >> gary: that's the process! >> brad: went to two championship games while he was here in baton rouge, now going for the eighth time with the crimson tide of alabama. congratulations to the west champs and congratulations to florida in the east.
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we will see you for a couple of weeks for the big one at mercedes-benz stadium. the tide rolls to win number nine. that will wrap it up for gary danielson, amy aired all, gene steratore, brad nessler sing so long from tiger stadium at death valley. a big win for the tide. 55-17. from baton rouge, good night, everybody. ♪
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the last supper of many dining out for the last time for now before new logjams go into effect for the majority of the bay area. >> it is kind of the last supper, just getting out here before everything locks down. >> the stay-at-home orders are flat-out ridiculous. >> the sheriff blasting governor newsom tonight. why his department will not enforce the stay-at-home order. $1600 is the median rent for one bedroom apartment in a
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san francisco district. thanks for joining us for this special edition, i am juliette goodrich. >> i am brian hackney. new health order begins tomorrow in semper cisco, santa clara and alameda county and marin county as well. in the last one for hours the state saw more than 25,000 new cases with 209 new debts. the rate of positive tests over the last 14 days is at more than 7%. icy capacity is what is prompting these new shutdowns. right now, they're just over 1600 icu beds available statewide. icu capacity is that nearly 22%.
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people are enjoying and last outing before having to stay home. >> reporter: restaurants will have to close outdoor dining and just lie on takeout and delivery after 10 p.m. tomorrow. gatherings of any size here in san francisco will also be banned. we saw a lot of people out and about being social and enjoying that last outdoor meal or drink with family and friends. this restaurant is fully booked for the night. this is it before the shutdown. once again, they have to lay off staff that of only return in some cases a few weeks ago.
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keep in mind, the holiday season is the busiest for many in the hospitality industry what corporate holiday parties and celebrations. all of that is taken away. >> it is kind of the last supper, just getting out here before everything gets locked down for a month i guess. >> we are going to do one last nice dinner. >> i want to keep my family safe. >> reporter: other businesses also must load include wineries, bars, hair and nail salons. retail stores will be allowed to stay open at 20% capacity. all of this goes until january 4th. >> are restaurants and bars even busy tonight?
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>> this restaurant told me they usually get some cancellations on the weekend, tonight they had none. everybody showed up. we were at the bar in north beach and there was at least a 30 minute to one hour wait for an outdoor table. >> the last supper for a while. businesses happen finding creative ways to stay open like primos outdoor bar area in danville. outdoor dining starting tomorrow will be shut down. business owners say that is hard to handle. >> now they are saying it is preventative. with preventative, that can go on for months. i don't quite grasp that. >> it is scary because here we go again. this time i want to be ahead of the crowd to make sure that if
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we have to hunker down, we have to hunker down. >> it is also limiting outdoor celebrations starting tomorrow night. playgrounds will be closed as well. camp reservations through january 4th will be canceled. the state placed all of southern california under the new order and it takes effect tomorrow night. the riverside county sheriff is blasting governor newsom tonight. his department will not enforce new lockdown roles. the sheriff called the governor's actions flat-out ridiculous and hypocritical. >> keeping his business open and singing his kids to in person private schools, is very telling about his feelings about the virus and is extremely hypocritical.
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it has been on the worst weeks. coronavirus infections reached a new daily high of nearly 228,000 cases. first shipments of the vaccine are expected this month. there may not be enough to cover the 24 million workers deemed trop top priority. california will receive 330,000 doses of the pfizer vaccine in the first rollout. you can go to our kpix 5 news app for the very latest. president trump is on his way back home last night after holding a rally in georgia. the president was on the campaign trail to support two republican senators who are in a runoff election. he overshadowed the race by
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accusing georgia's governor of not doing enough to protect them protest the election results in the state. >> you know we won georgia, just so you understand. and we won florida and we won a lot of places. >> they will face off against democrats on january 5th. republicans need to retain at least one seat to retain control of the senate. monday is last day to register in the state. president-elect joe biden limped into church today. he is recovering from a foot injury. the team is expected to meet with intelligence agencies early next week. it took a pandemic but rent
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prices are plummeting in san francisco. how long will it last? we break down the cheapest neighborhoods. this is dangerous. right next to me is a slap in my face. >> fed up with the new roles and why some say they are being unfairly targeted. it is the first week of december and maybe you're not surprised but we are going to talk abou i'm looking at your mri.
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a live look in san francisco since the start of the pandemic.
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rents have plummeted more than any other major city in the country. the average rent in one neighborhood is now $1600. some housing experts even argue the city has turned into a renters market. we report on how long it could last and what renters could expect to pay in each neighborhood. >> reporter: the mass exit during the pandemic resulted in more housings and less demand. even after a big price drop, semper cisco is still the most expensive rental market in the country. at the $2700 a month for one bedroom apartment, it beats new york and l.a. san jose and oakland round out the top five. these rent prices have fallen to levels that we have not seen since the last recession. drops of more than 20%. let's go for a ride, i want to show you some prices.
8:58 pm
it used thousands of rental apps to crunch the numbers. let's focus on one bedroom apartments. a lot of new condos, the average price 2800. the rent has dropped quite a bit where there more homeless. the tenderloin is the only neighborhood where the average price is below $2000. closer to the water, about $2900. we have arrived at one of the most desirable neighborhoods. it has the highest price, $3050 a month. the second part is where they have the lowest price, $1600 a month. parkside, $2200. whether or not you agree, renters now have a leverage.
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apartments have been sitting vacant for a while. renters can ask for a free first month, a parking spot or even negotiate on the price. they believe the prices will rebound around the spring when the covered vaccine becomes more widely available and workers have to go back to the office. kpix 5. >> it seems crazy. you can see the price for your neighborhood by going to . here is how it looks for drivers trying to get across san francisco. at least 2000 cars participated
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in the protest. demonstrators say the laws are unjust to farmers. restaurant owners are fed up with the new roles in los angeles that have forced them to shut down outdoor dining. there is a diet double standard. >> tell me that this is dangerous. right next to me is a slap in my face. >> the owner of the saloon could not believe what she saw next to her shutdown patio today. a film production company was working next to her restaurant and they had built a similar restaurant for their crew. >> if i'm not open by february, i will no longer be here. my restaurant cannot open for just to


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