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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 25, 2020 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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we have a rainy christmas day. we are not finished yet. we are tracking the wet weather. the fbi is looking into a massive explosion in nashville. what we learned about the blast. investigators say it was no accident. we show you how people are adjusting during religious services. we will show you the dazzling christmas displays across the bay area. >> we are doing something cool like this, and doing it to help people is awesome. thank you for joining us, i am juliette goodrich. streaming on cbsn bay area
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live, we are looking outside on the damp christmas night. our chief meteorologist is here to show us what to expect this weekend. i will talk to both of you about what is heading our way over the weekend. we are talking about another wave of rain on the way. the first one is hanging around. we are nothing much in the way of shower activity. we do have decent showers making its way through sonoma county. it will go north of santa rosa. otherwise, it is just light stuff. the santa clara valley did not get much out of this system. we got caught in the rain shadow. the next wave of rain will go toward us by late in the day on sunday. i will show you that on future cast in a few minutes. we have lingering showers on monday. we have a good chance of rain on new year's eve. tomorrow's rain chances? slight might get some straggling showers to start the
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day. otherwise, we have dry conditions on saturday. i will show you the full seven- day outlook in just a few minutes. we will see you then. now, let's go to kpix 5 in santa rosa. we have good news and bad news in fire scorched areas. >> reporter: for many here in the north bay, they cannot be happier to see the rain started to come down. in these burned-out areas, there is a danger of flash flooding and much slides. the storm hit the north bay and arrived into san francisco in the afternoon as sideways rain and wind. it was a wet christmas. it was one the people in fire ravaged areas enjoyed.>> reporter: we need water. it will be like gold.>> reporter: according to the fire department, they started transitioning out of wire season last week. cal fire is expected to follow next week as a few storms
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arrived this holiday weekend. >> the steady rain that we are getting, as long as we get good brakes, are exactly what we want in the burn scars. >> reporter: the glass fire destroyed 30 homes, but affected 1100 properties. north bay resident, george, was like you did not reach his home. >> it was coming right toward me as i was leaving the house. >> reporter: now residents are dealing with the aftermath. you can find warning signs of úabout the potential for flash flooding and mudslides. the santa rosa fire department is encouraging people to be ready for rain and removing any debris from the property. >> if felt like a back-to-back meeting. the community as a whole has gone through a lot. we are looking for a break. >> reporter: fire season started much earlier and lasted later this year. even with the red flag going
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into december, firefighters are hoping that 2021 will be much more kind. in santa rosa, kpix 5 news. some held outdoor services and churches. at saint brendan church in san francisco, mass. gens with the temperature check. a corpus christi church in fremont, each household rings their own chairs and stays in their yellow square. the newman hall in berkeley, persons are encouraged to constantly sanitize. >> and gave me the opportunity to connect and see my friends. for the second night, less than 10% of i.c.u. beds are available in the bay area and across the state. only 1400 i.c.u. beds are free. in santa clara county, it has been two weeks the i.c.u. started to hit capacity. one difference, hospitals are keeping up with elective surgeries and outpatient
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procedures. back in the spring, hospitals chose to cancel them. multiple law enforcement agencies are in nashville investigating a massive pollution of our recreational vehicle. moments before the explosion this morning, nashville police responded to a report of shots fired. when officers arrived, they found the rv, which was playing a recorded message, saying obama detonate within 15 minutes. the bomb squad was called in and as it approached, the blast went off. it was so powerful, it was heard miles away. >> we were in bed. we thought it was a long roll of thunder. the window started shaking. we figured, that is not thunder. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say they found what could be human remains near the site. they are leading the investigation, looking for a clue and motives. one woman is in serious condition after her car plunged
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off a cliff. you can see that the car flipped over on the sand, a long way down the cliff. they transported the driver to the trauma center. another mysterious monolith has appeared, sort of. this one is in the bay area. it is a giant gingerbread tower that was found at corona heights. we do not know how it got there, or who made it. we do know that nothing says christmas quite like twinkling lights. betty yu found the best and brightest areas.>> reporter: drivers can tune into this radio station to hear the holiday music that goes along with the festive displays. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: you cannot miss the holiday spirit.>> reporter: every year we have a big christmas display. this year, we decided with
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covid 19 and sheltering a place, we would get together with neighbors and hook it all up on a network cable and have a big show that everyone can enjoy. >> it is fun to put this together. we have kids. we like to do this as a family.>> reporter: they are one of eight households put together the free attraction. this year, neighbors are raising money for the food bank of contra costa county. a qr code in front of each home links to the fundraising page. so far, they have raised $2500. >> to do something cool like this, and doing it to help people is pretty awesome. that is what christmas is about. >> i think it is cool how they all made it together, so the lights are in sync. >> reporter: this family check out the lights on the electric scooters. >> it is great to get out of the house. we have all been cooped up.>> reporter: across the bay area, drivers checked out unique displays this christmas.
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six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo redesigned the holiday in the park experience to make it a drive-through attraction. in the south bay, christmas in the park has been reimagined as a drive-through in history park. one of the east bay's most popular spots is christmas tree lane in alameda. this year, it was no different. in the north way, ellsberg is inviting people to follow a walking tour of 20 art installations and projections in the downtown district, including this one at the harmon's guesthouse. the hour-long tour features several bay area artists. betty yu, kpix 5. still ahead tonight, a critical lifeline for the program housing the homeless people in hotels across california. the push to expand it further, and the challenges standing in the way? they say we don't have any rooms available.
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you do have them available, you're just not willing to fill them. snow is causing trouble on the roads. ♪ [ music ] this is a unique performance at notre dame cathedral, months after a disastrous fire.
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welcome back on this christmas night. federal and state funding has been approved to continue to but homeless people in hotels. we have a look at who the
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program has helped, and why housing advocates say the money means a program should expand instead of disappear?>> reporter: nick mccoy is heading home for the holidays. he is not traveling far, down the street from a shelter in place hotel to his very own apartment. >> during the pandemic, i have been at the hotel. prior to that, i was at a navigation center in san francisco. >> reporter: prior to that, he was sleeping in a park, doing everything he could to avoid looking homeless due to the burden that brings. >> if somebody sees you, if you smell like you are on the streets, or you are thirsty and need to use the bathroom, these are mental things that block you from being able to interact with them.>> reporter: he is a true success story of the shelter in place hotel program, which has been extended through march. >> if we don't bring people inside, if we allow so many people to be living on the
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streets, the consequence of that could be that the crisis goes on much longer.>> reporter: originally, the supportive housing wanted to phase out this program in november, citing concerns that the state would not reimburse the cost of the hotel rooms. last week, the governor announced the rooms will be reimbursed for as long as we have a pandemic. >> the news that we got from the governor, and from fema brings up a bigger russian is, whether we should be expanding the hotel rooms? >> reporter: in april, the san francisco supervisor issued an emergency ordinance, procuring 8250 hotel rooms. the city never got close to that number. instead, there are 2623 active shelter in place science, 1993 are occupied. if somebody moves out of a hotel room, it will not be filled. the latest ordinance requires 60% of vacated rooms be offered to someone who needs it. with the new fema money secured, they say the hotel rooms are only costing san
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francisco $15 per night. >> reporter: they say they don't have rooms available. you do have rooms available, you just are not willing to fill them. >> reporter: they indicated asked pension is not off the table. in a statement, they said, we will adapt our lands if more funding is available. we will work with the staff and service providers to deliver on our commitment to get people housed and ensure that no one in the hotels gets moved back on the streets. as for nick, he wants transparency. just under 1300 people have been discharged from these hotels. the city did not provide information on where they ended up, citing embassy issues. >> how many people on that site got housing? did they go back to the street? did they refuse housing? how many people died?>> reporter: he wants to see the program makes and. he has seen firsthand how helpful housing can be.
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>> you think it has been successful? >> it has. there is still a lot that needs to be done. >> reporter: reporting for kpix 5 news. send your stories and ideas to project home at you can see all of susie's reporting on our website. 14 million people will lose federal on them amid benefits unless the president signs the covid 19 relief passed by congress earlier this week. the bill has been flown to florida in case the president does decide to sign it. right now, he is assisting that lawmakers increase direct realist payments to $2000. congress will return on monday for a rare, late december session after republicans blocked democrats effort to increase that amount. it is a white christmas in the sierra. the winter weather cause
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problems on interstate 80. >> we made it. >> reporter: visibility was low. that added to the experience. it made it more challenging. >> the ones that are local that can ski, they were fine. >> also, the ones that broke the rules and try to get away with it. travel problems are the big issue on interstate 80. any travel through tonight and the first half of the day tomorrow until workers can catch up will be problematic. the second wave will bring rain to the bay area. it will bring more snow to the high sierra. this is future cast. this is not perfect, but it gets us an idea. we will get seven more inches at lake tahoe. right now, we are in the midst of round one that brought an inch and a half of rain.
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we got over an inch of rain in santa rosa. otherwise we are looking at a quarter of an inch unless you get down to san jose were just a trace of rainfall fell. it all got hung up in the mountains. we will look at this in just a minute. let's check the rain out there now. we have a shower making its way from the east bay hills into contra costa county. this is very light activity. we have a heavy shower in the north bay. this is moving to the east. this is skirting north of santa rosa in napa county. off of the south we have showers. it is tough to tell the showers from the ground clutter. we do have moisture hitting the ground right there. we will zoom out and put everything in motion. the showers are scattered and will be with us off and on. we will switch over to future cast. showers are few and far between. the last straggling shower will shut down by 10:00 tomorrow.
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we will see a mix of clouds and sunshine. it will give way to more clouds quickly. the next storm system will get its act together. it will be offshore on sunday morning. it will and the next wave of moisture toward the coast and the late afternoon. we will refine the timing for this over the weekend. with the first verse of rain coming through after that it will be the lingering on and off showers. that will continue from sunday night into early monday morning. we have a bit of a break for a few days before the next chance of rain moves our way by new year's eve. temperatures right now are in the 50s. we will not drop further tonight. we will drop into the 40s. we have a nice little warm-up for the last of our holiday posts. you don't worry about getting your pajamas wet. we have a straggling shower early in the morning in the north bay. temperatures are reaching into the upper 50s in the afternoon.
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we are between three to five degrees above normal. temperatures will drop slightly as the next chance of rain moves in on sunday. enjoy the mild conditions tomorrow before the wet weather rolls back in for the second half of the second half of the weekend. sunday will bring widespread rain. we dry out by monday afternoon. the dry weather continues on tuesday and wednesday before we see the next chance of showers heading our way for the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. that is a phrase we are all waiting here. we have a goodbye to one of the best basketball as ever. the only day that the nfl had not played a game, that box was checked off the
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♪ we're going to find the perfect tree.
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we're going skating. we're going to nana's. wherever you go this holiday, chevy can help you get there. which is why we're making our chevy... ...employee discount available to everyone. the chevy price you pay... what we pay. not a cent more. so wherever you go, happy holidays from chevy. use the chevy employee discount for everyone to get over six thousand eight hundred dollars below msrp on this equinox. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. vern is here with sports. we were hoping to see the team bounce back. we did not get our christmas wish.
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>> it was compelling for half the day. it was a good night. the warriors first win of the new season want to wait until chicago and on the other two games in, and the shooting touch, the rhythm, it is off. it continued with the milwaukee bucks. that is eastern conference power. the warriors are in white. here's the rookie big man with some outside range. he is shining. we like that small sample size. he had 18. who rose up? chris middleton, from deep. he scored 31 points in 26 minutes. who the warriors within 10 at the half? steph curry. he went long-range. he scored 19. he is in him two all-time scorer in warriors history. it is hammer time for milwaukee. check out this transition. he scored 15. here is another one. it is dj augustine. the warriors have been outscored in two games by 65 points.
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they missed 35 three-pointers. they lost 138-99, the most lopsided score of a christmas day game in nba history. >> what didn't you like tonight?>> everything. that's not true, i did like the first half. the second half was a great. >> we do have pride, we did not wave the white flag. there are things we need to learn quickly, so we don't have the same soundbites after every single game. >> lebron james and the lakers, are they even better two months later? look what they did when they hosted the mavericks? up-tempo from the jump, james's course 22. los angeles rolled.
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sadly, k.c. jones passed away after a battle with alzheimer's . he was starring with bill russell at usf. he won ncaa titles. he had eight nba titles together. jones won 11 league tiles. he was 88 years old. pivot to soccer. the star waves off retirement talk, signing a one-year deal to return to their earthquakes for an 18 season in the mls. the danville native is the all- time leader in goals scored. alvin kamara had a day today. he had 40 yards on this one. he was just getting started. in the first game ever on a
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friday, alvin kamara tied a record of six rushing touchdowns in a single game . only ernie nevers from high school did in 1929 for the chicago cardinals. they clinched the south division. if you like tonight, you will love tomorrow. the 49ers are an action against the cardinals. they have a playoff game against the dolphins. we have that and more, but that is tomorrow. a very merry christmas to you. more than 20 months after a fire nearly destroyed notre dame cathedral, a
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what? i was an 80's kid. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. welcome back. tonight, the notre dame cathedral is once again filled with christmas classics. >> acquire held a special performance inside. this is the first since the fire tore through the cathedral
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last year. ♪ [ music ] they are all wearing hard hats and jumpsuits. the 850-year-old church is still under construction. it did slow down during the pandemic. construction crews are making progress. last month, they finished removing 200 tons of melted scaffolding that the flames welded to the building. >> it was a turning point in a way. we know the building is so is not at risk. the cathedral will reopen, partially, every year, we set out to do one thing:
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help the world believe in holiday magic. and this year was harder than ever. and yet, somehow, you all found a way to pull it off. it's not about the toys or the ornaments but about coming together. santa, santa, you're on mute! just wanted to say thanks. thanks for believing.
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next. for now, merry christmas to captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen, we're feeding. >> stephen: okay, hold on. i'm just enjoying barack obama's new book. i can't wait to find out what he's been up to. >> stephen, i'm right here. >> stephen: no spoilers! >> announcer: it's a "late show" with stephen colbert. tonight, part two of stephen's interview with president barack obama! featuring jon batiste and "stay homin." and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater office building in new york city, it's stephen colbert! >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome to "a late show." i'm your host stephen colbert. and tonight folks is a very special "a late show."


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