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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 16, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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santa rosa 73 and conquered 71 and san jose is going to 70
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and will be back with more and the rest of the forecast a few minutes. this morning the sacramento county sheriff's deputies hospitalized after a shooting in carmichael and this video of the scene shows a huge police presence. gunfire broke out just after eight getting a deputy and hitting a suspect, several other suspects are still at large, no word yet on the deputies condition. looking live in san francisco, police and the fbi shut down a neighborhood in the city after fighting chemicals used to make explosives. they evacuated the area and arrested someone living in an rv. there a concern abouthats surro instigators say thbelieve this was an isolated incident. and ahead of the incident united states post office is
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removing boxes, at the whole of justice as a safety measure, cities across the country preparing for possible civil unrest surrounding the inauguration and the mailboxes are routinely removed along routes, residential visits and super bowl parties to prevent people from dropping plosives inside. in the meantime security is being tightened at the state capital. barricades are already up and officers on the ground, even a chp helicopter has been seen circling above and the national guard is on the way. calling last week's insurrection washington governor newsom called 1000 troops, chp has been placed on tactical alert allowing them agency to maximize resources to protect state infrastructure. >> it is important i do not reveal details but i can tell you our police force will be at full capacity.>> taking a lie look at the nations capital this morning, just four days from now 25,000 national guard
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members are expected be on the ground for the inauguration and they already have a presence on the streets of washington. federal law enforcement says the cost of security for next week is close to $35 million. president-elect joe biden says he feels safe going into wednesday and a new intelligence bulletin says domestic extremist pose the biggest threat to the inauguration. this one we're letting chilling you details of just how close last week's capital writers were to their target. cbs news confirmed that secret service agents whisked vice president mike pence into the office off the senate floor one mites d upnearby stairwell. here is the details.>>reporter: new details show just how close the violent crowd got to the vice president. the insurrection was quickly spreading, rioters were climbing the walls outside and police were being overrun. while inside the house and
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senate members evacuated. the vice president stayed in the senate chamber for nearly 14 minutes after the initial breach giving the angry intruders time to get closer to his location. some chanting that pentz was a traitor and he should hang. the secret service finally rushed he and his family out to a nearby office. within one minute the violent mob was charging up the stairs after a police officer who was drawing him away from vice president mike pence's location and the rioters were less 100 feet away from the vice president and where his family were hiding. later the secret service evacuated them to safety and it was clear the attackers were out for blood. that is what prosecutors suggested in filings for jacob chansley, photographed inside the capital building that day with a bullhorn calling for the assassination of congressman. known as the q a non-shaman
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investigators say he espoused identifying and hanging leaders he viewed as traders within the united states government and that he would intended to return for inauguration left a note for vice president on the senate deus, it is only a matter of time, justices,. the days since the attack justice has come for the rioters, the fbi has about 300 cases against people in the mob and that monomer is to us financial, this person seen in the video bidding an officer with a flagpole has been taken into custody, also charged is jennifer leigh ryan who travel from washington in a private jet and in a facebook live video she was captured on camera saying we are going to have to go in there, life or death, does not matter here we
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go. prosecutors are looking into whether there was coordination among people or groups in the mob and capital police opened an investigation into whether some members of congress helped the protesters plan their assault. to prevent a repeat of the capital attack washington dc has turned into a fortress in what looks like wartime footing and the dc mayor says heightened security may be the norm after the inauguration.>> we all have to think about a new posture and we still have to think about a new posture in the city. >> dc is not the only city that will see heightened security like this behind me. you can expect to see it in all 50 states and address for possible violence. looking at the johns hopkins tracker, united states has surpassed 23 and half million cases of coronavirus in the san francisco chronicle is reporting the state of california saw a record 700 deaths from covid 19 the past 24 hours, suggest a single day.
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looking live over san francisco the city has a new plan for mass at the nations. and as betty yu reports there will be three sites dedicated to eventually administer 10,000 doses a day .>>reporter: san francisco said it shows free large vaccination sites because of neighborhoods hardest hit by the virus and in addition to musk on a center, sf market and the main campus at city college, they will serve as hubs and city college will be ready to open by the end of next week, depending on supply. right now that is part of the problem.>> the vaccine doses we have received remain limited. were ready for mo ses, we ed more doses and we are asking for more. >> the city is set up a website where residents can sign up starting tuesday to get notified of when they can get vaccinated. so far the city has administered only one third of its vaccines. the same goes for the state of
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california.>> that number is getting better every day but it is still overall a little bit concerning but i do know our political and public health leaders are making great efforts to liberalize the criterion for those getting vaccines. >> one of the issues as well is the billions of dollars were spent on developing these vaccines, billions of dollars were not spent on implementing vaccine administration rollouts . >> and we learned the federal government does not have a stockpile of vaccine doses. >> we have read as everybody else is they have reneged on that or are for whatever reason unable to deliver on that. already all of us are working closely with the incoming administration. >> in san francisco, betty yu kpix 5 . around the area health
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officials say they are ready to ramp up the rollout but they do not have enough doses in the freezer either. for instance, in contra costa county they're getting 1000 vaccination request for our. right now the only get about 12,000 doses from the state each week. and in santa clara county vaccinations of its elevated. officials giving out 6000 shots a day and right now only healthcare workers and people 75 and older can get one due to supply issues. the county says it cannot offer vaccines to people 65 and older just yet. for information how to sign up for a vaccine in your county check out our resource guide on today at church in oakland is offering free testing for covid 19 and these tests began at 9 am at acts full gospel church on 66th avenue near the coliseum and the church offers tests every week on tuesdays. still ahead, an oakland
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restaurant owner going to washington to watch his childhood friend make history. his take on the journey to the vice president and a jackpot rollover, $850 million up for grabs with no big winners, last night's mega millions, what would you spend the
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is 6:14 and as we have heard washington dc this year will feel much more like a military fortress and a party with inauguration but some in the bay area are not letting the occasion be spoiled. juliette goodrich spoke to one local has a special connection with our next vice president. >>reporter: derrick johnson has few details about his itinerary but he knows that he is a personal invite to the 46th presidential inauguration and while he isn't a name dropper he says he knows kamala harris is a group together. >> college other cousins even though we're not blood related, we've been friends and 16, that person is the most powerful woman in the world, it is overwhelming. i am very, very proud, words do not even describe how proud i am. >> so proud he had a mural of kamala harris painted on the wall inside his restaurant and he has a menu item named after
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her. it is called the, and it is a color green chicken lasagna, green salad, choice of dessert and a drink. >> as a nation's capital and around the country braces for violence possible johnson says he isn't worried. >> i feel very safe to honest. i have been told will have an extreme amount of security.>> nelson is this inauguration or not, the usual pomp and circumstance. >> i did go to obama's second inauguration and that was hundreds of thousands and i think this will be very small and intimate>> he said he is sure of one thing. >> at the end of the day you know you have a very good person in that office.>> as for the kamala on the restaurant menu he said it will be here indefinitely. in oakland juliette goodrich kpix 5 . >> it will be warm this weekend and if you plan to cool off at the beach prepare for potentially dangerous conditions. this is what it looked like at the beach in sonoma yesterday,
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big waves search and rescue crews say the will be on high alert with the high surf and with the warm temperatures let's check that weather with meteorologist darren peck. >> it is 70 for the next three days, mid-70s in fact, people will be inspired to go five things like this which it is why it is important to keep reminding people the high surf advisory stays in effect until 7 pm tonight. and there will probably be another increased with bigger surf coming even after this we will look out to the pacific year, but large waves of up to 20 feet are still possible at the beaches, it is the entire coastline that has a purple shade. and as far as how it feels right now the current temperatures are pretty mild, upper 40s around concord, california, 50s in san francisco and 42 santa rosa. that is 10b0 warmer than what you typically would have been experiencing this time of day
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in the morning. and if we talk about temperatures, these daytime highs will be staying quite nice. just to look ahead to monday, martin luther king jr. day, it will be mid-70s inland and near record warrants, low 70s in the vague and 69 to 70 at the beaches. i will show you the daytime highs for today coming up. close to that. the whole three-day weekend will look and feel similar in terms of daytime highs and of course the fog we're still watching, north bay this is where you have to be advised to give yourself extra time on the road. visibility doubts about half a mile but it is restricted to the north bay at this point which is good news. doing okay and most other places. and okay daytime highs for jay in his mid-70s and the further you get out around the edges, look at all the 70s. 71 around concord and san jose 70, which upper 60s for the
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middle back. the surf will pick up again towards the later part of the weekend. the brighter colors here show the high surf we are experiencing from a previous storm. but we just saw the storm out of the pacific sitting here. underneath that if you look at the swells, you can see a brightly colored band of higher surf heading our way again. that gets us into the middle of the day sunday into monday. keep that in mind, that sunday into monday it will likely also be somewhat dangerous at the coast in terms of big surf. the other issue is the wind and it might even become the biggest weather factor over the next three days. right now i wind advisory goes into effect on sunday night. it stays in effect until tuesday. this is a couple of days down the road and it includes the entire bay area not just the mountains. it will be windy where we live with this and if we watched the way the wind will pick up,
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sunday night we see gusts already in the mountains but once we get through monday throughout the day you're looking at 30 to 40 mile-per- hour wind gusts for all communities in the north bay so it is through the day monday. same store here in the south bay and by monday morning looking at 41 mile-per-hour gusts and then by monday afternoon it is windy where we all live and enough so that the will be broken branches on trees and flying debris. it will be like that on monday and tuesday. the rest of the seven day looks pretty good. keep the wind in mind for any outdoor martin luther king junior day events, it will be noticeably windy that day.>> and no rain on the seven day. >> no. but if we look past the seven day there's a lot of reasons to be optimistic as last week in january we could be back in a muchwetter pattern.>> something else to look forward to if you buy a lottery ticket, lottery fevers ramping up this morning as nobody won the mega
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millions jackpot last night cecil have a chance. it was three quarters of $1 billion. the fifth largest jackpot ever and right now it is up to 850 million for the next drawing which happens on tuesday. people chose systems hoping for match, and he said if they won they would do a lot of traveling when that eventually is allowed, and may move into a bigger house or retire early. for others there were also signs the pandemic has changed their priorities even when it comes to dreaming about winning the lottery.>> i would totally have done something completely different one year ago compared to now.>> give back to my community, the high school and middle school and set my parents up. >> i want to share with my family and my charities.>> i would pay off my student loans. i just started college this year so i want to hopefully win it and pay those off.>> your
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luck hasn't run out yet, there is always tonight, and the 640 million powerball drawing of cut off to buy tickets is 7 pm. coming up in sports the 49ers are out this year but the bay area will be well represented in the nfl playoffs and it will be a battle of the bears, two qbs from cal facing off in the nfc divisional round in green bay.
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for the seventh time in nfl history to support maximus in college will face off against each other in the playoffs, cream bay will become cal bear territory today despite doing with a surgically repaired thumb, rams quarterback jared goff will get the start against the packers, he showed up in berkeley nine years after aaron rodgers left and between them, only two super bowl appearances, it has been a decade since aaron rodgers won his loan title.>> how come you
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have not watch the super bowl ever? and i said i have all the memories i hear and they stay fresh on the brain. >> it might be time to make new memories. hired 49ers defensive coordinator is the next head coach and the new york post welcomed him to the big apple with the headline mister green. the warrior's could have picked up their seventh win of the season but the game was postponed last night due to possible coronavirus exposure for their opponent, the phoenix suns. golden state lost a second straight game on thursday and inverted drop in the season but steph curry thinks that a team with so many new paces as an pretty good shape despite the up and down start to the season.>> you note with six and six of us learning on the fly it is a solid place to be, we can play better and a record will indicate that hopefully when we staray. thintowin o in a row and
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then be right at the top. so yeah i guess i do like whner years lebron james and the lakers on monday, los angeles hosted health last night and third quarter james flies in for the dunk and lebron had 21 after trailing by 15 early in the lakers when 112-95. know hayley jones for stanford in their matinee against utah and we are the top team in the nation you can afford to miss her once in a while, especially when the rims are very friendly and salt lake. jan williams made six out of 10 from deep with 18 and the game is ever open suspect half with a 16 to 1 run and it was not close. stanford wins 82-54 and they are now 11-0 on the season. the packers and the rams game is at 1.30 this afternoon.>> coming up on kpix 5, unemployment fraud may be causing california much more than we thought . why
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investigators believe the total might be approaching $10 billion. plus a warmer weekend bringing concern, the dangers that could be waiting for anyone cooling off at
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live from the bay area studios this is kpix 5 news . spent way:>> welcome back, we first checked the weather with
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meteorologist darren peck and it doesn't feel like winter. >> the temperatures will be great, emily, the whole three- day weekend is low to mid 70s inland which is above average but two headlines. dangerous surf at the coast over the next few days. then monday going into two it will get windy and it is enough there will be a wind advisory that last part of the holiday weekend, all of that coming up in the complete forecast. let's get you ready for saturday morning. there is patchy fog and it is mainly in the north bay and i'll show you that after the next two headlines warm afternoon and dangerous surf of the coast, your full view from atop the mark hopkins hotel looking to the south, gorgeous early light filling the sky that is the scene from the sales force our looking over the bay bridge and there is clear skies and the south bay. temperatures for the holiday weekend, the top line shows the
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inland numbers in the mid-70s but even the bay will be near 70 and the beaches will be neared the mid to upper 60s. high surf advisory through seven. just to show you where we might run into trouble spots on the road in terms of fog it is the north bay. it is down to 1 mile or less through sonoma and napa county. the rest of the forecast coming up. widespread fraud in california's unemployment agency, maybe already costing the state $10 billion in the state has hired a company called id me to look into the problem and the company so that los angeles times that 10% of claims may have been fraudulent before edd started cracking down in october and it could add up to about $9.8 billion in bogus benefits paid out between march and september. this morning we're hearing from a lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit accusing bak of america mismanaging unemployment layouts. the lawsuit alleges they failed to protect tens of thousands of its edd clients from fraudulent
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transactions>> i want bank of america to be accountable and i want our voices to be heard and i do not want to feel like i am second class just because i have an edd card. that is how they made me fe this lawsuit is intended to be a wake-up call for bank of america.>> in response to that lawsuit bank of america says they are working every day to prevent criminals from getting money and ensuring that legitimate recipients get their benefits. onto the latest on the coronavirus, only one third of california's vaccines have been administered so far. governor newsom is addressing the slow rollout.>> would have to increase the pace and this revision and it ministration of these vaccines and the reality is we need to get these vaccines out of the freezer and into people's arms.>> in sacramento disparities the distribution of the vaccine are leading to confusion as pharmacist field questions from customers. each public health department and hospital is getting a different allocation of the vaccine and in some areas any
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resident 65 and older and now make an appointment to get vaccinated. in other areas like sacramento county people are being told to wait till there is a more consou s but they are frustrated as well because they don't know where to go or where they are eligible to go. there 65 and have questions about where to make an appointment. with me i just answer what i know.>> it is surprising, you think the people would know where that is set specifically getting around what is going on right now. >> pharmacists said they're trying to keep people informed and ready for when the vaccine is more widely available. we put together a covid 19 resource page for you with all the information on how to sign up for a vaccine in each county, go to president-elect joe biden has unveiled his plans to speed up the vaccination of americans against coronavirus and the
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pandemic has were killed nearly 400,000 people in the us.>>reporter: we will immediately work with states to open up vaccinations to more priority groups. implementation has been too rigid and confusing. >> the president-elect faces a number of challenges and ramping up vaccine to supply and distribution and his plan includes working with fema and state and local governments to open at least 100 new vaccination locations in mobile vaccine centers. >> tens of millions of doses of vaccines are sitting unused in freezers around the country. >> across the country there is frustration among those waiting.>> people will die because of this failure. spirit citing his own shortage, and new york's mount sinai hospital's stopped taking up arms from the public and canceled all schedule through tuesday, nation struggle with a
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relentless surge in cases and the threat of a new and more contagious variant. in los angeles county hospitals are struggling to treat every covid 19 patient. with the virus is urging officials hope the site here at dodger stadium will be able to handle up to 12,000 people per day, vaccine supply remains an issue. >> you have my word, we will manage the out of this operation . >> president-elect vian biden said he will produce production of vaccines, syringes and protective equipment and he is vowing to bring help to the hardest hit areas including african-american, latino and rural communities. danya bacchus cbs news los angeles. >> 13 million americans about the covid shot so far only 1.6 million are fully vaccinated with both doses. the cd warns that it variant of the virus sweeping across the united kingdom could become predominant in the united states by march and the cdc is
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collaborating with other federal agencies to study the strain and get out the word that the vaccines should protect against that variant. more than six dozen cases have been confirmed in the united states so far including here in california. groups involved in recent c jar under heightened scrutiny since the inauguration is next week and those who track such groups are growing concerned.>>reporter: bracing for armed protest around the inauguration the state capitals on lockdown. national guard troops were activated after the fbi warmed protesters of preparing to act. >> with scene and inclusion in threats against elected officials as well as public health officials. >> hate crimes expert brian levine fear that california neo- nazis you are were involved in the us capital are becoming more of a threat. >> before it was together in the umbrella but now with the leader going and he has been
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disabled on social media, it is chaotic and what i think that will leave is an insurgency of folks ready for action. >> he said he could no longer check many neo-nazis on social media because only on the dark web communicating in code and he worries next week's confluence of martin luther king day and inauguration and impossibility of impeachment could spark violence.>> it keeps expanding, this time with president trump most militant and cultish supporters are going to be the most amped up. >> the department of justice just announced 100 arrests for the united states capital violence and another 200 under investigation and some writers had ties to hate groups, robert packer that was wearing a sweatshirt that read auschwitz was arrested. >> to see this punk with that shirt on and his anti-semitism requires us to have a review.
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>> a rabbi with the simon wiesenthal center was horrified by what he saw>> if he meant to put a dagger through the heart of area very american he succeeded . >> rabbi cooper is concerned by the hatred that he says is blatantly displayed at the capital riot and he fears what neo-nazis may have planned in the days ahead.>> they are driving the narrative. it is a very unsettling time for the american people. >> of the 50 states so far, 10 have activated the national guard.>> that was stacey butler reporting for the washington post reports three days before the siege and internal capital police intelligence report warned that violent supporters of president trump could attack congress. this morning a family in indiana once their bombs back,
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someone made a from their yard in clay county with several world war ii test bombs and the family said their grandfather bought the deactivated bombs years ago in an auction with the intention of putting them on display. now they hope to track down those missing relics. this morning look at this video, a car crashed into a house in long island, and also the driver hit a police cruiser then careening into the side of the home. the car caught fire with the flames spreading to the building and the driver and the police officer are expected to survive, no one in the house was hurt. warmer weather could draw more people to the coast this weekend. rescue teams will be on alert because of the high surf dangers.>>reporter: this weekend weather will be beautiful and the beach is magnificent. why are rescue people so nervous? warm temperatures are expected for the weekend making for a very nice beach whether attracting folks to the short
6:40 am
for the national weather service is sounding the alarm about very high surf. the sonoma county rescue helicopter will be patrolling the coast. spirit do not d spot >> the danger is real. this is where three people lost their lives in the surf last week, i father and two children, the children are still missing.>> you will be standing on dry sand and waves will come up, they can grab you and you will be into tenant 15 feet of water within seconds.>> this is what a 20 foot wave looks like coming ashore and energy of the surf should never be underestimated. the water for the waves on the speech reaches 100 feet onshore and for scale those are two adults in the upper screofe mos the same time it is the most
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dangerous beach will ever walk on. >> authorities say to enjoy the scenery but never turn your back on the water is safe are up the beach>> we're here to help but let's do our best to have a nice weekend so we don't have a story of you being picked up by a helicopter or worse. coming up on kpix 5 , oakland celebrities or solvers rather, a restaurant week with a big difference to find out where to go to fill your belly and help out local businesses. also how i southbay teenagers using music to cheer up some of our most vulnerable community members.
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the killing of a college student in the state of texas was apparently a case of mistaken identity. reporter jim axelrod talk to us about the murder of jackie vandergriff back in 2016. >>reporter: when charles bryant goes to trial he claims again it was this sexual encounter gone wrong. but as we say, the prosecutors presented a different theory that came out of a lot of
6:45 am
interrogation done by the texas ranger that made this connection between charles bryant and his former girlfriend, caitlin mathis. it is why caitlin mathis becomes critical to cracking this case and bringing to justice the killer of jackie vandergriff. spirit see this report and i don't 48 hours at 10 pm right here on kpix 5 . even though eating out his band in the bay area open restaurant week is still going on a scheduled. we spoke to jp as a potter from visit oakland and talk to him about how this year will be different.>>reporter: our vision this year is to convey a message of we for oakland so we are not just promoting restaurants but markets, pop- ups, taco trucks, caterers, anyone who contributes to the culinary world.>> lots of deals
6:46 am
will be offered in restaurant week and will this year be any different on that front?>> we are still doing a lot of specials with no indoor or outdoor dining allowed, you know in our efforts to try to make it as easy on restaurant owners as possible, we are just allowing them to have whatever special they want to have. it can be anything from a new menu item, discounted items, a lot of restaurants are doing really great family trace with a selection of their top hitters. we definitely still wanted to honor the specials during restaurant week but we are also promoting directories of different businesses, like i mentioned before, and a lot of small business owners from caterers to different types of pop-ups of step then during
6:47 am
covid to make sure oakland is well fed. if you go to visit week you can see all the specials and all the stories have all on the businesses we are reporting. >> oakland is reporting on businesses which contribute to oaklands culinary fabric including bruits, wineries, food trucks and more and will be a great weather day to walk. >> for most of this holiday weekend it will but there is an issue on monday where it will get wendy. but before that i want to talk with other things like daytime highs staying in the mid-70s, the surf will pick up today but also looking past this, also another day. and look at our camera on hill. his sunrise happening it 7:23 this morning, the lights of the bay bridge match the lights filling the eastern horizon and
6:48 am
that's what it looks like over san jose right now. early light here and clear, no fog, a beautiful view down over dublin you don't have to deal with fog in the east bay or the southbay. patchy fog developed overnight in places like santa rosa and napa though. you can see santa rosa already reporting some fog and relatively warm temperatures at 42. 48 around concord so it is relatively warm morning. so daytime highs today, loads of mid-seventies for many inland and mature upper 60s for those in the immediate day. there's more concern for surf, the surf advisory from a few minutes ago really covers today but if you look out into the pacific, the next storm and we look underneath that to what the ocean is doing in response, there is already a large swell way out here this is when we are facing right now for
6:49 am
today's surf advisory and the one out here gets here as we get into monday and tuesday so expect to see on sunday and monday the surf picking up again. keep that in mind. the other thing is it will get wendy around here especially monday. it would advisory from sunday night on through tuesday night which is long. the reason it is that long is because there are two separate systems that will kick up the wind the window and the one you're most likely notice down on the ground of the communities where we live and not just the mountains, that nday. future test. put the mountains and read to show you how they express this much stronger sunday night and everyone else put into monday fishing off our guest in the mountains, 30 mile-per-hour guests or we live here in the north bay, petaluma and santa rosa and napa, you are streaking this profiting monday, the afternoon and
6:50 am
likely overnight monday. in the southbay the wind will pick up first in the mountains, mid 40s in the mountains early monday but then watch monday afternoon, the colors fill in for the rest of the elevations. martin luther king day will be beautiful temperature wise. but it will be noticeably wendy. especially the mountains we will notice that no matter what you do around the bay area so keep that in mind. in the seven day forecast temperatures cool down after the holiday, no rain on here yet but 58 for the daytime highs and we offer mid- seventies to 58 and that tells you significant changes, so cet fridin the last week of january we can remain hopeful we will see rain around here again.>> fingers crossed. music is this is this week's bay area jefferson award
6:51 am
winner.>>reporter: this 16-year- old learned as a little girl how meaningful music can be.>> a good song makes everyone cheerful and happy.>> the high school junior started compassion for seniors in 2017 and her volunteer service group performs music and uses art to bring cheer to older adults in memory or hospice care. nursing homes and retirement homes it plenty of his interest but memory at hospice care do not get as many. >> compassion for seniors has served 10 southbay nursing homes. volunteers like 17-year-old amount has been there. i look up sometimes or people are nodding their head or tapping their foot or letting out smiles.>> says the pandemic agrippa suspended performances or switched to virtual
6:52 am
events.>> they enjoy interfacing with the high schoolers. >> volunteer coordinator cynthia carlson said the teenagers are weekly highlight for terminally ill patients isolated because of covid restrictions.>> without these personal visits, and they really do look forward to it, they do the sing-alongs and they like to crack.>> compassion for seniors has made 1500 facemasks to give away to caregivers and families of hospice patients. and she has led a letter writing campaign thanking more than 200 caregivers nationwide.>> she is very mature and very talented and compassionate. >> for showing compassion for seniors this week's jefferson award in the bay area will go to her.>> there will be an online sermon a jenrry 27th to honor all of last year's bay area jefferson award winners and we will also reveal our
6:53 am
silver medalist you will be considered for the national award. to register for a sequel to the jefferson awards page on
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if you hail a cab grease it might be surprised, now that the country is in lockdown again you can go to a nightclub in a cab. flashing lights, the music and the driver said he saw people always so stressed during the pandemic so he started turning up the music to turn up the mood. his 11-year-old son helped him decorate the car and they did a good job. this weekend the comedy actress betty white is celebrating her 99th birthday. can you believe it? she has
6:55 am
been in show business more than eight decades and holds the guinness book of world records, longest television career for a female entertainer. congratulations. look at these cute giant pandas in china, they got a chance to roll around in the snow and get fresh air during the winter and they pushed a ball around and climbed trees clearly enjoying the moment. everyone enjoyed watching them enjoy it and the zookeeper say they try to let the giant pandas out during the best time when there's the most sunlight in the afternoon and after they use all of that energy playing they get plenty of bamboo to eat remember we want to bring you the good news happening in the bay area so that our facebook page and go to
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it is time for look at this morning's top stories. a town in sacramento county had a large police presence overnight following a deadly shooting. part erupted in carmichael before a pmi site wounding a sheriff's deputy and killing a suspect. the injured deputy is now in the hospital. the discovery of a potentially explosive chemical prompted authorities to shut down a neighborhood in your candlestick point in san francisco police evacuated an rv park then arrested someone who lives there. san francisco plans to create three sites are math definitions with the ultimate goal of administering 10,000 doses a day. the site will be must county
6:58 am
center, sf market around bayview and the main campus of city college. rescue crews are on alert along very area beaches this weekend is warmer weather could bring visitors during a time of danger from high surf did>> watching a fantastic start to the day with the camera looking south, you see part of the bay out there and the sunrise happens at 7:23 today and it looks fantastic. but there is some fog, be aware of that especially if you are in the north bay. >> that is it today and thank you for watching kpix 5 all of you at home, we will be back here tomorrow morning at 6 am. enjoy
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narrator: today on "lucky dog", a shy spaniel mix could be the best friend that two energetic boys are looking for. in order for it to be the right match, otis will not only have to learn how to trust humans... eric: he's a very shy and timid dog. narrator: ...but he'll also have to be willing to venture outside of'something of con me,ause no. ere go, otis. good boy. i'm eric wiese, and this is my wife, rashi, and we've dedicated
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