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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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my 2 for $5 bagel breakfast sandwiches. now 11:00, a new coronavirus variant linked to outbreaks in the bay area, what we are learning about the new strain. spear>> it does raise the concern that there might be impact of a vaccine. >> fears over a an insider attack at the capital, fbi vetting thousands of troops coming to dc. bikers take over the bay bridge, the dangerous stunt that caused major traffic jams. high winds coming in tonight, what you can expect this week. now 11:00, and streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news out of solano
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county, the vacaville police station in city hall have been targeted by vandals, windows were smashed and graphic anti- police and antigovernment messages were spray-painted on the buildings and sidewalks. so far, no arrests have been made, the police department is expected to release a statement sometime in the morning. thank you for joining us, i am juliette goodrich. >> a newer version of the coronavirus is being linked to multiple outbreaks in santa clara county, the 452r variant was first identified last year, it is different than the fast spreading. racing across the uk, it is also turned up in san francisco in 10 other california counties, researchers are working to determine weather the vaccine is effective for the strain. >> it is very preliminary, but it basically does raise the concern that there may be some impact on the vaccine, certainly much more work does need to be done in a
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laboratory, we don't know about transmissibility, or weather it is more infectious yet. >> health expert sadie variant has been around for some time, and it was also linked to the kaiser hospital outbreak around christmas, and that sickened more than 90 staff and patients.>> that was certainly a very unusual outbreak, with a lot of illnesses, and it seemed to spread quite fast. we were trying to understand weather the features of the outbreak are because of this variant, does this variant behave in a different way or does it have to do with other factors that were present at the hospital.>> it is not clear if the particular variant is dangerous or more dangerous than the other strains.
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la smashing records nobody wants, reporting more than 1 million coronavirus cases, and closing in on 3 million covid cases, with 24,000 new ones reported in the last 24 hours, and 432 new deaths. for all the headlines, download the kpix app can't give you 24/7 access to newscasts and updates, and sign up for breaking news alerts. let's take a live look at the bay bridge tonight, traffic is moving again after a deadly crash shutdown eastbound lanes for more than three hours. did happen near the treasure island tunnel sometime after 5:00. police say passenger on a motorcycle died, there reporting that it involved a large group of motorcycles driving in the wrong direction on the span, this video was posted on social media, showing them weaving in and out of
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heavy traffic. and it could be the same group that took over san francisco's north beach this afternoon, a group of dirt bikers caused quite the traffic jam when they sped through the sidewalks and streets near taylor and bay streets. a heads up on what's happening the weather, you can't tell looking above sentences go, things will be changing though, a high and low packing up offshore, would advisories through tuesday, 50 mile-per-hour gusts, and just about the same in the east and south bay mountains. with numbers like this, where san jose had 70 degrees in the middle of january, that is a record, it is no surprise that in the dead of winter, we also have a fire weather watch. it will begin from some a clock
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7:00, and mostly because we have the strong winds, and the high temperatures, and if that is not enough, the surf is also up, since clock this morning with 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, wave heights could it about 25 feet. here is jules with the latest. thank you, a live look at the latest pictures of the capital, a possible new thread ahead of joe biden's inauguration, tonight, a u.s. defense official says they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from servicemembers involved in securing the capital. the fbi is now vetting all 25,000 national guard troops coming into washington, for wednesday's event. officials warned commanders to be on the lookout for possible problems within their ranks. so far, there has been no evidence of any threats.
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bringing it closer to home, army national guard troops are on nearly every corner in downtown sacramento, our reporter tells us they are poia and inauguration day.>> reporter: around the capital, a game of football, normal activities on a sunny sunday, but with a site that you might expect to see in a movie. >> it is a little bit disconcerting, something that you are used to seeing when we do it to other countries, not so much here. >> reporter: those images, armed military and tanks, around the capital, and could be a potential target. >> and it makes me feel way safer seeing that we are prepared. >> reporter: 1000 california national guardsmen along with chp and local law enforcement are standing guard around the clock from the capital to the federal courthouse, county jail, city hall, state buildings as well. >> it's good to know the
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presence is around and they're close, trying to offset any type of real tragic situations occurring. >> reporter: coming after he warning from the fbi to all capital cities, they could be targets leading up to inauguration. >> there constantly moving and thinking in trying to outsmart, it's a chess game. >> reporter: retired chp commissioner says law enforcement is planning for every type of situation. >> it is kind of a plan in writing for all of these type of things, the key is which one they are going to have to implement.>> images of rifles and rapid response alone can help discourage bad actors, a police presence that may not disappear quickly. >> that about to enter into that surrounding, the unfortunate thing was that as well. vice president elect, harris will officially leave
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the senate, the secretary of state, alex padilla, will serve out the rest of her term. first to become california's first latino senator, she is abandoning the seat to become the next vice president, and people in oakland are excited that one of their own will be in the high office. joining us now from berkeley, on how some will be celebrating the historic event.>> reporter: a great sense of pride that a former student of thousand oaks elementary school here in berkeley is going to be sworn in as the next vice president of the united states, with the pandemic, inauguration day is going to look a little bit different, but people are finding ways to celebrate together.>> the inauguration, while going virtual this year, produced by the oakland symphony, youth orchestras and other bands performing for the special event, including a message from oakland mayor libby schaaf. >> how prouare we that our
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next vice president of united states is born right here in our hometown.>> reporter: in lafayette, local food adventures, preparing inauguration day gift boxes cup filled with the vice president- elect's favorite items, including a cup of tea with honey that, harris sibs every day. sips. >> enjoyed with honey, from the oakland honey company. >> reporter: part of a virtual event, making muffins, transitioning to gift boxes has helped keep the business going highlighting other stores struggling through the pandemic. >> when covid shut my business down, i quickly pivoted to gift boxes. you can still tell stories of the east bay and oakland through food and you can send them to people all across the
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country.>> reporter: each box comes with a message from the sender, handwritten every night, handwriting more tn rson of them touching on how historic this inauguration day will be for women. >> a woman wrote to her mom and said, i know we can't watch this together, but we know it's a day that we have been were looking forward to for a long time and it is finally here.>> reporter: in berkeley, kpix 5. a san francisco man accused of participating in the capital riots, how authority is used his social media to find him. facing another crushing blow during the shutdown for restaurants. >> it has been so long already that we are contemplating how many hits are we going to take.
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a live look at santa school, usually would be bustling on a holiday weekend, but tonight the city of the restaurants are for the most part empty, one restaurant is dealing with another blow on top of the shutdown.>> reporter: it has been exactly one month since the bay area
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stay-at-home order went into effect, for many businesses, particularly for restaurants, the second shutdown has been even crushing. when san francisco decided to voluntarily oppose the states stay-at-home order in early december, the owner sabrina decided to temporarily close her restaurant to give the team a break, she has rented for the last nine years. >> i think the unknown is the toughest part, honesty is been so long already that we are already always contemplating how many more hits are we going to take. >> reporter: after deciding to reopen for delivering take out services, vandals shattered the front door, adding another burden, without outdoor dining, business is down 95% from last year at this time. she also spent $10,000 to build a park lid that has been empty.p
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going on t there.>> has been difficult going, scaling everything back in december, and laid off three employees. the restaurant space can hold up to 150 people. >> i found an old receipt from your go, one party that was a convention, they spent as much with that one party as we make in a week with the to go business.>> reporter: the ice you availability is three-point 4%, well below the goal of 50%, the streets of san francisco remained nearly empty without outdoor dining. >> we are ready to go as soon as the city feels it is safe again and customers feel like it is safe again. >> reporter: despite the financial blows, she shares the same optimist note.
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>> i love what i do, caring for people and enjoying friends and family, and i'm determined to get that back. y as federal instigators continue their search for those who attack the u.s. capital, a symphysis command has been identified as taking part in the crime, in fact he identified himself. on friday the fbi filed a criminal complaint against a man named daniel goodwin, the complaint says in one live stream of the siege, he actually walked up and identified himself live on camera. he also posted on instagram that he was inside the capital, but didn't break or steal anything. but a retired fbi special agent says that's no excuse under the law.>> even if you're not an organizer, if you follow somebody in like that, you are just as guilty as the person who organized it, and just as guilty as the person who did the damage, that's how the conspiracy laws work.
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if you're any part of it, you get charged with all of the.>> the fbi has opened at least 150 cases so far and more than 70 people have been arrested, no word yet on weather daniel goodwin is one of them. and the weather, brian is in for darren. >> he is working in the wee small hours of the morning, concorde 54, the headlines are the fact that the surf is up, wind up, fire danger up, and it is january. concorde 54, santa rosa cool, but not earlier, all of them set records in the 70s, concorde 76 snaps the old record by 70 -- 7 degrees. that is saying something. this is why we are expecting the winds to really build, strong high pressure in the eastern pacific, the low diving down, by tuesday morning, about
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the time that we expect the winds to begin to peek in the 50 mile-per-hour range, so no surprise there are wind advisories posted. at the moment, the strongest gust that we've got, r mount hamilton, 22 miles per hour, not much but as the time goes on, the winds do p, there will be up to 40 mile-per-hour, tuesday afternoon, 50 mile-per- hour range up top, and this is such a summertime pattern. the officer flow, something that we get in september and october, to get them in january is not unheard of, but take damagesthe 70s and offshore flow that gets winds up to 50 miles per hour, it is weird. we have a fire weather watch, 7:00 until three in the afternoon on tuesday. in january. not only that, just to highlight this one number, 74 degrees in san francisco, a tough number 2
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break, the old record being 73, might make you think of the beach. and there is a high surf advisory posted until 3:00 in the afternoon on monday, there will be large waves as we mentioned before above 25 feet, and the energy of these wave heights that are spreading of the california shoreline, this is a product of the storms on the pacific, churning at the waves, we do get the surf, tomorrow afternoon, things cooling down a bit, still plenty warm relative to the time of the air, and near record highs in morgan hill, 72 four san jose, half moon bay hit 70, 70 in union city, east bay, plenty of sunshine, the winds will be picking up with the heat is coming back later, late monday and early tuesday, high temperature in vallejo, 70 at livermore, and since there's
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nothing we can do about it, might as well enjoy the 70s, 73 in san rafael, and 73 in santa rosa. if you're watching from ukiah, it is 74, for the forecast high, and the extended forecast is the only time we get a whiff of a hint of a suggestion of a maybe, that will get rain returning to the bay area on sunday, between now and then, windy enough to fly in tomorrow night, we will go sunny right through friday, and maybe things will finally change for the time we get to sunday. that is the weather, for the news, here is jules. thank you brian. a new frightening twist to an not them over. it card hacks, s
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>> they had removed my bank account info, they put their routing information in their bank account.>> the benefits hacked and hijacked, tomorrow at 11:00. coming up, how the pandemic is not stopping the bay area from honoring the life and legacy of martin luther king jr. coming up next on game day, the chief survive the browns without patrick mahomes. >> he is doing great right now. >> returning to the city where 9/11 changed his life. >> what if he didn't come back. a former warrior favorite is now playing in walnut creek. >> if they come calling i'm ready to go. >> jarrett jack is our special
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will stream virtually at 10 am, some of the speakers include representative barbara lee, former san francisco mayor willie brown and libby schaaf. cleaning up the park, i'm assuming is not virtual, from 9:45 am until noon, and in oakland, the annual march 2 reclaim mlk's radical legacy, at the port of oakland at noon and travel down international boulevard towards the eastmont mall. caltrans will not be running the annual them okay schedule but it will be on the holiday schedule. for public transit, they will be on a holiday or sunday schedule, government offices will be closed tomorrow. up next, a california-based rocket startup is making
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now california phones offers free devices and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. billionaire richard branson and nasa are making history tonight, the to teamed up to launch 10 satellites into space. satellites were attached to a rocket that was underneath the wing of a boeing 747, it took off from southern california this morning, and it marks virgin orbits first successful launch, all part of nasa's education program that allows
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nba, perhaps, with the golden state warriors. we will take a look back at the long and winding road and the first opportunity to be a head coach. that is where we start. tom brady just two wins away from his 7th super bowl. the 43-year-old brady and the 42-year-old drew brees and the saints. second quarter, tampa leading, 10-6. the double reverse to the back up quarterback, winston. now, 56 yard touchdown pass to smith. saints up 13-10. late 3rd quarter, now, 20-13. brees, to the former raider, cook, that is the 1st down. he has the ball knocked fry by winfield, jr, white recovers and tampa bay


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