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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 27, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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gianna shows us the spots you want to avoid. >> falling rain, falling snow and falling trees, i have the round up of damage done in the north bay. and the threat for mudslides, not over yet. the experts waiting to survey the damage and when they hope to get the go ahead. good morning. it's wednesday, january 27th. a busy morning. >> a quieter scene this morning as you wake up. we start our storm watch with a live look across the bay area. here is san jose and oakland right now. you can see that storm is passing through because the roads are still wet. overnight a much different story, heavy rain and whipping winds. >> this is new video from san francisco this morning where heavy rain water caused flooding across some of the city's highways. carson southbound i-80 driving through the high water. >> we have live team coverage all morning long.
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the crews spread out tracking conditions from north to south. we start with mary tracking the remnants of this storm. mary. the good news for you. the worst is over. that high intensity, heavy rain now out of our area. it did move fast. it dropped about one to three and a half inches of rain as it pushed through the bay area. you can see on high definition doppler all of that heavy rain well to the south and the east. we are still dealing wet weather. looking at light to moderate rain in spots over san francisco. the golden gate at the bayview district, embarcadero and over the bay bridge light rain and moderate rain over the richmond, san rafael bridge this morning and into vallejo. light rain from morgan hill down through gilroy. we are looking at more wet weather as we head through the day. off and on rain for the rest of
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your wednesday into thursday. we have several storm reports wind damage to flash flooding because of this river event. with more of that rain on the way, again off and on for today and tomorrow that flash flood watch that remains in effect until thursday afternoon for the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. watching that for you. that high wind warning in effect for san francisco and the entire coast as well as solano until 7:00 a.m. and a wind advisory for the rest of the bay area. let's walk you through today and what you can expect. so as you can see that scattered activity as we go through the afternoon, could see some sun breaks and also more showers in the forecast. here we are at 3:00 p.m. and then stopping the clock again at 8 tonight. we are likely going to have a second wave of light to moderate rain as we look to the rest of today, tonight into tomorrow. crews waiting for the all clear. ann joins us live from the command post this morning with
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the latest out there. >> a lot of people hoping this all clear is going to come later on this morning. at this point emergency officials have not gotten any reports of mudslides. that was the big fear. there have been several reports of downed trees and downed power lines and a lot of these areas, neighborhoods that people haven't been into yet. they don't know exactly what they are facing but it stopped raining several hours ago and it's not very windy. that's good news. check out what we saw overnight though. this is video of the rainfalling down. buckets at times and in the south bay. this is the storm that put more than 5,000 people near the burn scars here in the santa cruz mountains under mandatory evacuation orders. the heaviest part of the storm has passed but the people still can't go home. >> we need to wait until the rainfall rates come down and be
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given the all clear. >> this is the area of concern. all the areas burned last year. the fire basically changed the chemistry of the soil. it's not able to absorb water anymore. the concern is that it could start to fall down any hillside at any point when it comes to the soil we have been seeing. the advisory in -- watch rather in effect here. we are not out of the woods. the national weather service, other county officials are going to put all their heads together and try to figure out if the danger has passed and of course we will keep you posted. live in felton, back to you. >> and you talked about that heavy rain. how was that trek to the mountains for you? >> it was not good. either the rain wasn't horrible but its that flash flooding
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that -- the wet roadways that gianna has been telling us about. it's caused trouble already. just you are driving down the highway. that's a concern for anyone out and about. >> safety is key. thank you. out to the north bay, emily turner is live. >> it was a close call for one family here in the mobile home park. you can see what's left of the tree that fell on this mobile home. it happened about 9:00 last night. that's when the winds were really whipping and the rain was just coming down and this tree -- it's a 100-foot plus poplar tree that came down and fell on the back side of this mobil, home which i'm told is the bedroom. two people were inside but one
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of them -- specifically the woman was in the bedroom at the time the tree fell. she was lying down in the bed when it burst through the roof and then stopped just feet from her face which you can only imagine how terrifying that must have been. the mobile home has been red tagged. i'm sure it's getting a lot of water damage as a result of that hole from the tree. the family is safe and now spending the night with other family members. there isn't any major damage in the north bay. >> we understand there's the potential of the river is likely going to staal out over them and that's the kind of fear we have here. we are fortunate it looked like the storm we had here pushed through relatively quickly. again it's like fire season where, you know, we up tapped here with more resources just like we would for a red flag warning day in anticipation of
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a potential mudslide or weather related event here. >> so certainly a sigh of relief this morning and in sonoma the operations center has been shut down early which is great news. that bodes well. there were evacuations in napa county, in the burn scar there but so far no reports of any mudslides there either. there was snow in some of the higher elevations which has proved to have interesting pictures and video. other than that really the major take away is power outages. pg&e said there are about 10,000 people without power this morning in north bay. taking a live look at the bay bridge where all lanes have now reopened after a jackknifed big rig crash. this was the scene last night shortly before ten near the eastbound direction at the treasure island off ramp. the chp said a strong winds are to blame. no word on any injuries. let's get to traffic now and this is just the first
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jackknifed big rig overnight. >> we have had a couple this morning as well. one in castro valley on 580. that's now clear. we have this trouble spot in the south bay involving a jackknifed big rig. it is a traffic alert. its been out there since about three this morning. it's taking some time to clear this out of the roadway. there's a large fuel spill in lanes. it'll take time. give yourself a few extra minute itself you are traveling through that area. that connector road is closed. you will have to use the alternate. possibly 880 from 101 may work better. also take a look at traffic. we are tracking quite a few brake lights. we have a couple of crashes in and around that area causing a back up as you head out of san martin it to morgan hill. a new accident in to the traffic center this is a long highway 1 near the coast.
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it's blocking lanes plus flooding reported in and around that area as well. >> thank you. live in san jose this morning, crews are keeping a close eye on the guadalupe river. officials say that residents should prepare to evacuate if floodwaters rise. if evacuations are called residents should head to the evacuation location at camden community center. it opened at midnight. right now thousands are without power across the bay area but it's getting better. power has been restored to more than 15,000 people. this pg&e map shows the largest outages are in the east and south bays with more than 10,000 customers in the dark. about 27,000 are in the dark across the entire region. new video out of napa. you can see the roads packed with snow. car that appears to be sliding, a scene you don't normally see along highway 75. just a few miles from lake county. this is not in the sierra.
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it is sonoma county. this video was shot along the alexander valley at just 1300 feet. we saw rare snow fall in the mountains above santa cruz. this is what it looked like near highway 35 and highway 9 late last night. check out this viewer photograph we received overnight from oakland where powerful wind gusts knocked down a tree in front of a home. you can see it's made quite a mess with large branches, scattered around the home. and we want to see your pictures and videos of any storm damage. share them on social media using the hash tag kpix. the time is now 6:10. the search for the new top cop. >> and one controversial name now off the list. that's next. that high intensity rainfall with the river now out of our area but still we are looking at some light to moderate rain over the bay
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bridge and up across the richmond, san rafael bridge. as we head through the day we will see off and on rain th
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. light to moderate rain across the richmond, san rafael bridge. also for the east bay. concord, light rain over you as well as for walnut creek and for berkeley as we head through the day. we will see off and on rain, some sun break was breezy conditions. the worst is over michelle. update on san jose's police chief search. we are learning that minneapolis police chief has withdrawn his application for the department's top cop job. this one day after he was -- he was announced as a finalist. the chief led the city's department at the time of the
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george floyd's death. developing this morning the names of 44 different school sites will be removed. the chronicle reports the board voted to rename the schools. this includes abraham lincoln and george washington high schools. the changes come after community support to remove name was ties to slavery, oppression and racism. all testing vaccination sites in san francisco are now closed due to the weather. the new city college vaccination drive through site will reopen on thursday. it is not clear when the embarcadero site will reopen. mary continues the storm watch. let's check in with her. >> thankfully the worst is over. that high intensity rainfall, that heavy rain now out of our area. still looking at some wet weather. high definition doppler and you can see that light to moderate
6:16 am
rain in spots. let's zoom in and you can see first of all for the south bay light to moderate rain as well as down through gilroy this morning. for the east bay, from concord, wet weather for you as well as for walnut creek. right over the richmond, san rafael bridge. some light to moderate rain over mill valley. we are looking at more wet weather as we head through the day. off and on rain through wednesday and thursday. we aren't done just yet. we have seen some lot of storm reports with this wet weather with the rain, with the wind, and right over the czu lightning complex burn scar there is a report of about a foot of water in the eastbound lane by mount herman road, covenant lane, this is in santa cruz county. we had a flash flood warning in
6:17 am
effect overnight over for the czu lightning complex burn scar. that has since been canceled. they picked up about two to three inches of rain. that heavy rain out of that area. as we look to occidental, sonoma county a large tree blocking both lanes and free stone street. here is a live look with the sales force tower camera. temperatures mid to upper 40's to low 50's at this hour. a rainfall amounts. scotts valley, picking up about three and a half inches of rain. los gatos. redwood, san rafael, an inch and three quarters. an inch and a half at berkeley and san francisco. three quarters of an inch of rain. because of more wet weather we are expecting that off and on activity. a flash flood watch will be in effect still until thursday afternoon for the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. also a high wind warning through 7:00 a.m. for san francisco as well as
6:18 am
the entire coast and solano and a wind advisory still in effect for the rest of the bay area. now let's show you here, current sustained winds, about 12 miles an hour at sfo. 13 in oakland, napa, 12 in heyward and nine at half moon bay and for san jose. we will see highs in the mid50's. that off and on rain. could see sun breaks as well. we are looking at just that unsettled, unstable weather. that storm is now aimed at the central coast. they are getting the brunt of it with that intense rainfall to our south. we are still looking at that scattered activity. here we are at 10:00 a.m. stopping the clock on another cast as we head through 4:00 p.m. looking at light to moderate rain pushing through and then here we are at 8:00 p.m. as we look to tomorrow morning we are going to see some light to moderate widespread rain. this is at 5:00 a.m. that's why we are saying we are not done yet with our wet weather and here we are for
6:19 am
thursday at 3:00 p.m. breezy conditions on future cast as we head through the day. the daytime highs in the south bay, 57 in santa clara, 58 for san jose, for the east bay, concord at 57, low to mid50's for the north bay. here is the extended forecast as we are looking at more wet weather again for today, tomorrow a few showers friday into the weekend and another weather system next week. let's check in with gianna with a check on the wet roadways. its been a busy morning on the roadways we are dealing with a traffic alert still since three this morning, a jackknifed big rig has that southbound 680 connector shut down until further notice. they are have a large fuel spill in lanes as well. that's why this is taking so long to clear out of the way. use alternates. you may try allen rook.
6:20 am
elsewhere, just south of there we are tracking brake lights as well for one of our super commuter routes. northbound 101. also another crash reported around tennest causing a back up. it is improved since the last check. still sluggish but seeing some better speeds through there. we do have a crash along the coast. highway 1 northbound right after manor and pacifica. that right lane is blocked due to an accident. southbound near -- we have reports of flooding in those three right lanes. kind of stick to your left as you head through there. i have traveled through there and that gets pretty busy and kind of scary working through there. be careful through that area. westbound 24 there's a trouble spot to the right shoulder. traffic is slow heading toward the area in the tunnel. also northbound 101. expressway. we have reports of an accident there. just a laundry list of
6:21 am
accidents coming in to the traffic center as we tale with the slick surfaces. in addition to that we are dealing with wind advisories. windy on the golden gate and san mateo bridge. that is as you head out of san francisco. that left lane is blocked until further notice. one berni, fan paying the big bucks. next, just how much this sanders doll sold for and the pretty pricey.
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. up taste for you this morning. yesterday we told you about the little bernie sanders doll. >> it raised $40,000 for charity. the handmade doll is made by toby king and auctioned to raise money for meals on wheels america. 40,000. that's a lot. >> yeah. it was the asking price was $16,000. well above that. as you said a great cause. go team. on stand by, swift water rescuers waiting for the call. >> in the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area their advice this morning as waters rise across the bay area. >> and the worst of the storm has passed through the north bay. the
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. the bulk of the wet weather wrapping up but hazards still remain.
6:30 am
. good morning. it's wednesday, january 27th. >> new video overnight of flooding on 280 and san jose. this is under the winchester overpass. you can see vehicles driving right through the high water, some slamming on their brakes. fortunately no reports of accidents. we have live team coverage. we are tracking the roads, anna is in the mountains, emily is in the north bay. we start with mary tracking the storm moving out. good news there. >> yeah. very good news. as the river is now out of our area. that high intensity rainfall, the heavy rain now out of the bay area. still tracking some wet weather on high definition doppler this morning. you can see it's some light to moderate rain right over the
6:31 am
richmond, san rafael bridge. pushing over concord and walnut creek and then down to the south bay. you can see along 101 light to moderate rain. as we walk you through the day, here we are at four in the afternoon. you can see some more light rain in spots. the afternoon and for tonight into tomorrow morning. we are looking at a second wave moving in but not that intense rainfall that we just saw. that's good news. the heaviest rain out. still looking at more wet weather as we head through today into tomorrow. that is the reason why that flash flood watch still in effect for the east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. let's go live to ann who is
6:32 am
live in felton. really watching the czu burn scar area. the good news, ann. they had a flash flood warning that was in effect. they still have a watch in effect for the czu lightning burn scar area. it hasn't rained since three in the morning. now once the sun comes up, they will be able to figure out if there were any slides overnight. so far none have been reported. there have been reports of downed trees and downed power lines. while it's not raining now. overnight hours around midnight. 1:00 a.m. really coming down here in the santa cruz mountains.
6:33 am
cal fire said that once the earth starts to move it's just too dangerous for them to try to rescue anyone who chose to stay. people are getting used to the drill. >> there's fatigue but in the grand scheme, people lost their homes up here. i just -- right now. >> experts in santa cruz county are working in the command center with the sheriff's department and cal fire. they have been there all day long. that's where that money comes from most of these people who did leave have been staying
6:34 am
with friends and family. again, just waiting to find out if their house is still standing which by all the information we have right now, all of them are. let's go over to traffic with more on the roadways. it is -- down here from san francisco. . we have been dealing a lot of flooding especially in the south bay. i will show you the overview of the map. those road closures will remain in effect. we have been tracking a traffic alert on 680 over toward 1o 1, all lanes clear from an earlier crash involving a jackknifed big rig. just north of there, we have
6:35 am
two new accidents just reported in the south bay. one south 101. things still a little busy. . very close call. the family who lives in this mobile home were very lucky. i will hop out of the way so you can see what i'm talking about. the remnants of that tree right there basically fell down last night about 9:00. that was really in the bulk of the storm when it was so windy and the rain was coming down. that 100-foot tree, there's a row of them behind this house. it fell down into the mobil, home and that home has been red tagged. unfortunately it fell down on the back -- on the bedroom. there were two people home at the time. one was a woman. she was in bed and we are told that the tree came crashing
6:36 am
through the roof and then stopped just feet from her face which you can only imagine how scary that must have been last night. everybody is okay. nobody was hurt. the same cannot be said for the home itself. its been red tagged because of the damage and it's probably only gotten worse as that rain fell down through the roof. other than this a few other trees downed, power outrages, really the north bay made out a lot better than they could have. >> the goal is to not create fear after panic but to educate the community and this was the best case situation. that a lot of effort went into preparing for potentially a significant event.
6:37 am
. >> there were trees down, also snow in some of the higher elevations and a significant amount of snow at that, not just a light dusting. the ground was white. there was also an evacuation in napa as result of flash flood warnings and the potential for debris flows. reporting live. >> a lot going on, a lot of damage and you mentioned that hole in that house with the rain coming down, it just causes even more damage. when we talked to you you could hear that tapping and you could tell the rain was coming down. seems to have lightened up. >> it has. there were a couple of bands that passed through early this morning. so far we are kind of at a break. you can see the moon through the clouds. hopefully there will be enough time for things to dry out and the family can come back and
6:38 am
get their stuff out but they won't be staying here for some time. >> looks like it. thank you. right now thousands without power across the bay area. here is the latest update, power has been restored to more than 15,000 people so far, this pg&e map shows the largest outages are in the east and south bays with more than 10,000 customers in the dark in both of those areas. about 27,000 are in the dark across the entire region. here is a live look at sfo this morning where one arriving flight had to be diverted due to the extreme weather conditions last night. it was redirected to oakland and when the weather cleared out, it went back to sfo. there were a few late arrivals as well. the oakland fire department's swift water team is ready for any potential rescues. they spent the night preparing and checking their gear and boats. reminding everybody to always listen to the warnings. >> you are not replaceable. things are replaceable.
6:39 am
homes are if they ask you to evacuate so that you are free and clear of the area that's in potential danger that's the best thing that you can do. >> download the kpix5app as we monday tomorrow the storm. it gives you easy 4 access to cbsn bay area and newscasts. 6:39. other news, going live to wall street. here is a look at the numbers. you can see the dow is down. close to 500 points. it's a big day though for bay area tech with earning season in full swing. today tesla, apple and facebook all due to release their 4th quarter reports. other headlines the white house is ramping up the vaccine effort by shipping out ten million doses a week. they also plan to purchase more. the long awaited investigation into where the coronavirus started will soon start in china. a team are due to end their
6:40 am
quarantine tomorrow and then already field research can start. most senate republicans came out against another impeachment trial for former president trump. all but five voted in favor of voting it unconstitutional. the senate rejected it, clearing the way for donald trump to be tried next month. the time is now 6:40. a big boost for one drug maker. >> the profit increase they are seeing as we await their game changing vaccine. that's still ahead. and a live look at the richmond, san rafael bridge. wet roads. hopefully the driver are taking their time. our storm team coverage continues.
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. you have some slow and go conditions. stocks have opened in the red this wednesday morning. diane king hall joining us live. >> good morning. stocks under pressure with in these first 15 minutes of trading as investors begin to question the sky high evaluation levels. the dow dropping more than 500 points. nasdaq under pressure as well. down more than 200 points. s&p500 lower as well. johnson and johnson in focus. it held off on the latest details about its coronavirus vaccine. the drug maker said that profit totaled $1.74 billion in its 4th quarter. they said it'll release details
6:45 am
on its vaccine candidate soon. health officials have been awaiting its vaccine because unlike others it only requires one shot. >> and a lot of people would prefer that. thank you. let's take a live look outside. slick roads this morning across our bay area bridges. if you are heading out the door be careful. we want to get over to mary tracking what's left of this storm. >> all right. now the good news, the worst is over. so that river, that dumped a lot of rain and strong winds. really we saw the gusty conditions, gusts as high as 70 to 80 miles an hour in the mountain peaks. that is all ended and it's well out of the area. i want to let you know about the czu lightning complex burn scar area. this was a concern for us with the potential for some debris flow as the river pushed across
6:46 am
the area. so we saw about 3.5 inches of rain in that area. the good news, that heavy rain out. in this area here at the czu burn scar, and we did have a flash flood warning that was in effect overnight and now looking at just a flash flood watch. still looking at more wet weather and because of that flash flood watch in effect for the santa cruz mountains and the hills and that's in effect until thursday afternoon. here is high definition doppler. you can see looking at wet weather. that high intensity rainfall has now left the region but we are still looking at some light to moderate rain pushing through. you can see as we look to and a closer view of some light rain as it pushes across the richmond, san rafael bridge as well as by hercules. you can see that light to moderate rain there. as we look to the south bay you
6:47 am
can see right along 101 near morgan hill, some showers there this morning. as we look to the storm reports we have had several reporting wind damage as well as flash flooding. we have a flash flood report, boulder creek, santa cruz, standing water on the bridge. state route 9. looking at boulder creek there and also looking at occidental. a large tree blocking both lanes. temperatures in the mid to upper 40's to low 50's. you can see the clouds on the sales force tower camera and the rainfall so far, scotts valley 3.5 inches. an inch and three quarters for san rafael. and three quarters of an inch of rain in the city of san francisco. wind speeds sustained 12 at sfo. 9 in san jose, and looking at 12 in heyward and for san jose. a wind advisory, high wind warning, those have now been
6:48 am
canceled. as we go through the afternoon, on and off rain, looking at sun breaks possible with breezy conditions, highs in the mid50's. that river now aimed right over the central coast. that's where we are getting the brunt of the rain down to the south as we go through hour by hour on future cast here we are at 10:00 a.m. that light to moderate rain. here we are at 4:00 p.m. we aren't done yet with the wet weather. that high intensity rainfall. widespread is overrer. here we are at 8:00 p.m. and as we look to tomorrow. starting off the day we are looking at widespread rain for 5:00 a.m. tomorrow and into 3:00 p.m. still looking at some scat scattered activity. daytime highs in the mid to upper 50's. unsettled weather continues today, tomorrow. few showers friday in to the
6:49 am
weekend and another weather system for early next week. let's check in with traffic with those wet roadways out there. yeah. dealing with slick surfaces this morning. if you are headed out the door, grab that umbrella because that rain is continuing throughout the day and you want to give yourself a few extra minutes on the roadways. we have flooding as you work in and out of san francisco, plus a trouble spot now near the bay bridge toll plaza. just past the pay gates, a new crash. looks like it's over to the shoulder. hopefully won't be blocking any lanes. we are dealing with some flooding along 880. two lanes blocked near broadway causing traffic to back up. if you are headed toward the toll plaza the pay gates things are looking okay. as you pass this point, the crash not far from the incline. other hot spots. there's flooding on east 80. two right lanes still affected near 7th street. also flooding on the central
6:50 am
freeway. that's the portion where it connects to 80. it's affecting that left lane as you head through there and south 280, they are dealing with standing water. pretty deep in the left lane as you head out of san francisco this morning. another part of 280 where we are seeing significant flooding this morning. it's affecting the three right lanes southbound 280 right before that exit. definitely slow and go as you head through that area and flooding also on 101 southbound from holly street westbound as you enter onto the freeway. a couple of things to look out for. still clearing a crash northbound 101. we have snow covered roads in the sierra. this is a live look from our sister station kovr. chain controls required. requirements for 80 and 50. significant snow fall and windy conditions. travel to the sierra not recommended right now unless it's essential.
6:51 am
. powerful winds, splinters a tree and brings it crashing down. the family inside the home below and the damage left behind. also fallen trees and power lines here in the santa cruz mountains where about 5,000 people remain under mandatory evacuation orders because of concererns over mudslides.s. when they y may ♪ ♪ ♪ w why do you u build me u , build d me up... ♪
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. in the santa cruz mountains where more than 5,000 people remain under mandatory evacuation orders because of this winter storm we have been experiencing. the rain has tapered off here. it's not very windy. if there is hope that a lot of these people may be able to return home later on today. check out the rain that fell overnight and very early this morning. it was coming down in buckets here in the santa cruz mountains. all over the south bay as much as you probably saw wherever you are. a lot of that caused flash
6:55 am
flooding in the roadways. there have been reports here of trees down and of power lines also down. the main concern and the reason for the evacuations is because the soil in some of the spots that burned in the czu complex fires just didn't absorb any water. the fires really damaged the earth and in that case if they end up with a lot of water there is a chance that any of those hills could come sliding down, destroying homes and the earth can move faster than you can run. that's something that emergency officials
6:56 am
6:57 am
vehicles creating large splashing. no reports of accidents. in san francisco, flooding across some of the city's highways making the commute a challenge, check this out. cars on southbound i-80, driving through that high water. a rare snow fall in the mountains above santa cruz overnight. this is what it looked like near highway 35 and highway 9. the national weather service reporting three to five inches fell. going live now to the sierra. snow covered roads as blizzard like conditions continue this morning. the shot is near i-80.
6:58 am
some spots could see up to eight feet of powder. and update on the latest pg&e outages. more than 27,000 customers without power this morning including nearly 11,000 in the south bay. streaming today on cbsn bay area, eating healthy at home. we talk to san francisco doctor and chef. you can catch that at 8:45 on the website or on the app. as we take a look at the roadways we are still looking at lots of slick surfaces. in fact a lot of flooding in the areas of 80 as you head into san francisco, eastbound, northbound 880 as well, two right lanes are blocked. that ride may be tough. central freeway 101 southbound at 80, also dealing with flooding in that left lane. some break lights as you work past the pay gates at the bay bridge. a little slow and windy conditions in effect for most
6:59 am
of the bay area bridges. thankfully the heavy rain, the strong winds are out of our area. we have some lingering showers and high definition to doppler but nothing like last night. we picked up about one to three inches of rain. we saw gusts up to 40 to 50 miles an hour. many spots and even up in the mountain peaks, 70 to 80 miles an hour. as we head through the day we are looking at off and on rain, could see some sun breaks, breezy conditions, highs in the mid50's. on future cast, going hour by hour and you can see that wet weather continues for us in the afternoon and here we are as we look to tomorrow. looking at unsettled weather today into tomorrow. we are not done just yet. really just the worst of it thankfully is over. back to you. >> we know you will be continuing to keep an eye on this storm. thank you so much. thank you for watching
7:00 am
kpix5 news this morning. don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. good morning, and good morning and welcome to "cbs this morning." it is wednesday, january 27th, 2021. i'm tony dokoupil with michelle miller. gayle king and anthony mason are off. president biden unveiled an ambitious plan to get most americans vaccinated by the end of summer, early fall at the la latest. we will talk about how he will remove log jams and schools to reopen. former democrats trying to convict the former president in the senate get off to a rocky start. most of the republicans vote against the trial and there's a health scare for the presiding senator. new video shows


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