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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 29, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, today the rain will dry out. overnight showers caused another landslide. a pg&e truck swept off the road. what we know about the driver inside. a new vaccine could be improved. is it as good as others on the market? the effectiveness just released. >> no excuses for missing your workout. the outdoor set up opening in one hour. good morning. it's friday, january 29th. i'm len kiese. >> i'm michelle griego. after a big weather week we will dry out. when can we put the umbrella away. we are looking at drier weather through the afternoon.
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catching even a little bit of sunshine later today. so, big changes ahead after a soaker of a storm with an atmospheric river the last few days. the atmospheric river well out of the area. you can see on hi-def doppler lingering showers for us. you can see light shower activity over gilroy, 101 and up across the north bay from st. helena and napa, vallejo and fairfield picking up light rain. through the day, we are looking at partly sunny skies. so, a little sunshine. highs in the low to mid-50s this afternoon. as we time it out for you, taking you hour by hour, stopping the clock at lunchtime hour at noon, you can see sunshine through the day. catching a bit of clearing as we head through the afternoon. we will talk about the weekend as we are tracking another weather system. i will show you the locations
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that have a better chance of wet weather coming up. let's check in with gianna. >> until it dries out you may be dealing with slick surfaces. there is flooding in some areas. the bay bridge toll plaza, things are quiet at the pay gates. past this point you see pockets of slowing on the upper deck. commuting in and out of the city, head's up, we have flooding with one lane blocked, restricted there, eastbound 80 right after 7th street. the slow lane, the right lane on northbound 101 we have flooding reported in that area as well. in the north bay, an earlier crash in the clearing stages, south 101 at madeira boulevard. flooding on the nobody side of 101 at lucky drive. 101 southbound to the golden gate bridge, traffic is moving at the limit. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. we have video in from overnight.
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a road that washed out in southern santa cruz county taking a pg&e truck with it. there was a worker inside at the time. that worker has minor back and neck injuries after the truck went down an embankment about 150 feet. this is one of several landslides in the area, on the valencia school road. it's i am payable and bar rid indicated off. a tree on valencia road. it caused damage to a home lifting up part of the front deck as it came down. so, we are going to wait until the sun comes up to find out what other sorts of damage, homeowners and crews are finding in the area. we will keep you posted. back to you. >> thank you. cleanup underway in caramel after the river overwhelmed a lagoon and sent water spilling
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into a neighborhood. workers punched a hole in the lagoon to give it a quicker path to the pacific. it is a protected fish habitat and they didn't want to empty it unless they had to. caltrans will be on highway 1 and big sur to survey the damage. a section of the road plunged into the pacific. the highway was hit with debris flow causing the lanes to completely erode. in southern california, rain fell for hours in the santa clarita valley yesterday. the long beach area got a big soaking. in ventura, the rain is coming down steadily. in los angeles county, recent wildfire burn areas are on alert this morning for potential mudslides. a similar scene in riverside county where neighborhoods had to evacuate. >> my one daughter is in san diego. she said, mom, it's too far for us to get you at the last minute. get out. >> local and federal officials
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have installed protective rails along homes close to unstable hillsides. public works crews added a drain major pipe to divert high water in monrovia. this just in, johnson and johnson will apply for emergency use in the u.s. soon. the company released its phase 3 trial results this morning. the single shot is 66% effective at presenting severe illness and much more protective against the most serious symptoms. local health officials are slamming the plan to hand over covid vaccine distribution to blue shield. blue shield is tasked with creating a faster and equitable network to distribute shots to tens of millions of california residents. leaders from several local counties are seriously questioning the sudden move. >> this is totally new and doesn't make a lot of sense. we are not sure what problem it
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is that we are trying to solve. >> blue shield declined our request for an interview but did send a statement saying in part great work has been done and together we can dramatically expand the rate of vaccinations so that all californians can be protected. covid cases in santa clara county are steadily declining. the daily count is down about 50% compared to earlier this month. yesterday the county public health department reported 828 new cases. compare that to american 1700 on january 9th. as for the vaccine rollout, a new pop up vaccine clinic opened in east san jose. >> you see a lot of hope. we had people that are smiling, right. some folks are very emotional. >> i feel safe and secure. >> the clinic can vaccinate up to 500 people when it's open on tuesday and thursday. happening today in contra
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costa county, more businesses are reopening. they spent the week scrambling to get ready. kiet, i know people are excited to get their workout on again. >> reporter: yeah. i cannot believe that people are going to show up. i will be surprised if they do but they will be here in about an hour or so. it's cold and wet out here. if you show up, i got a lot of respect for you. a lot of surprise when governor newsom lifted the lock down on monday. that left a lot of companies scrambling to figure out though get the operation up and running. this is the parking lot of the 24-hour fitness. behind the privacy screen is a large white canvass tent. they have a lot of free weights and machines in there. they are trying to figure this out under the purple tier. here is a refresher. outdoors gyms, places of worship, cultural ceremonies,
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restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, card rooms, family entertainment centers, movie theaters, zoos and aquariums. grocery stores can open at 50% capacity. other retail at 25%. hair salons and barbers, hotels, massage, nail and other skin care. 24-hour fitness tells us by opening up outdoors they allow the members to get new year's resolutions back on track. they say working out alone in a garage is not ideal and does not help with your emotional or physical well-being. >> excited about that. members like it because they have a place to go instead of waiting until the gym opens up. we don't know when. until then we have a place to go. what is great about this, instead of doing a virtual workout, they can come to an outdoor gym and still get the workout in since fitness is essential. >> reporter: they open at 7:00 a.m. this morning. we covered a lot of reopenings
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last year when things opened up. we noticed that the hardest of the hard core dedicated members are the first ones out here. i would not be part of that grown, len? >> that's because you have that nice gym set up in your garage. >> exactly. no, good luck to them. if you come out here, more power to you. >> more power for sure. see you in a bit. >> we have seen kiet work out during the zoom meetings. a worker's rights case finally settled. why the city attorney says this is a message that all employers need to hear. it's after the break on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. i'm tracking a few lingering showers on hi-def doppler. we are going to start a drying trend through the day. i'm catching a little bit of
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sunshine this afternoon. . we are tracking a trouble spot in the south bay. a crash on 87. brake lights on 101. details on that and more when
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. happening today in the north bay a napa man found with a cache of weapons is scheduled for a plea hearing. pipe bombs were discovered at his auto repair shop. prosecutors allege that he sent text messages to members of an extremist antigovernment group that threatened to bomb democrats, the state capital and social media companies as part of an effort to keep president trump in office. authorities seized 49 guns at his home. happening today, governor newsom will extend a moratorium
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on evictions during the pandemic. a live look at oakland international airport where southwest airlines has agreed to pay a settlement over allegations that it violated oakland's sick leave law. complaints surfaced in 2017 that ground crew workers were not act crowing sick leave as required and the airline was taking away all banked sick leave at the end of the year. that would violate oakland's measure f. this statement should serve as a notice to all employers in oakland that we take workers' complaints seriously and enforce oakland workers rights under the laws. they will pay 53,000 in civil penalties but is not admitting to liability. let's go to gee anna and how the roads are shaping up. >> good morning, michelle. they are busy as we deal with
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light rain. mary will have more on that and the roadways are drying out. be careful and flooding in some areas. we have a crash northbound 87 as you approach the 280 connector. traffic is slow as you approach here. red is sponge up on the sensors. that cascades lanes under 25 miles per hour. sluggish conditions there. give yourself a few extra minutes. 101 instead, you can. a few brake lights 101 northbound approaching 880. but it's a decent ride. there is flooding reported on the ramp to 101. that may affect your ride as well. we are getting word of standing water, ponding westbound 580 before north flynn road. that is where we see break lights for the morning ride. tracy to the dublin
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interchange, 25 minutes is your travel time. bay bridge toll plaza looking good. no brake lights or delays here. across the upper deck you have the slow and go conditions past treasure island with slow speeds to 17 miles per hour coming away from the area and off the skyway into san francisco. flooding still in effect on parts of east 80. they have one lane blocked approaching 7th street. on the central freeway you may see flooding. northbound 101 we have the right lane blocked due to standing water. let's get an update on your forecast and the atmospheric river is out of the area but still light rain. here is mary. yeah, the atmospheric river is out of here but lingering showers on hi-def doppler. you can see down 101 in the south bay, light showers near morgan hill and over gilroy this morning and to the north
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bay light showers over st. helena, near napa as well as over fairfield and vacaville. putting this in motion, you can see the showers pushing to the east. things are wrapping up for us. drier weather ahead as we look to this afternoon with a little bit of sunshine. a live look at san francisco this morning with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the city in the mid-40s. mid-40s for concord and oakland as well as san jose. lower 40s livermore and 37 in santa rosa. we have seen impressive rainfall amounts with the atmospheric river. storm totals for the south bay picking up as much as 2 to 6 inches of rain. san jose you saw record rainfall for the day yesterday and picking up, your monthly rainfall in the last few days. for santa cruz mountains, 7 to 10 in. of rain. the east bay an inch and a quarter to 2 and a quarter.
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north bay an inch to 3 1/2 inches of rain. so, there is the upper level low to the west of san francisco off the coast. that is bringing a few showers for us this morning. as that low moves out, we will catch a bit of shine as we head through the afternoon. on futurecast, you can see the clearing as we go through the day. stopping the clock at 4:00 p.m., as we look to our weekend, we will see mostly cloudy skies and the best chance to see wet weather will be north of the golden gate. this is 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow. it could spill into the san francisco area but the north bay you have a better chance of seeing wet weather. that will be the case for sunday as well for the north bay. as we look to monday, that is when we are looking at widespread rain moving in. nothing like what we just saw. you can see that rain for next monday and into tuesday, in fact. sunrise 7:15. sunset at 5:30. checking daytime highs for the
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south bay, 56 san jose. east bay, mid-50s concord, pleasant hill. low to mid-50s for the tri- valley. san francisco at 54. 53 sausalito and daly city. north bay in the mid-50s later on today. the extended forecast, as we are looking at drier, quieter weather by this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies for the weekend. shower chances for the north bay for the weekend and then widespread rain moving back in early next week. >> thank you. from classic movies to a bay area favorite, great weekend ideas for you. liam's list is up next.
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. it's friday. that means it's time for liam's list. we have dining outdoors, classic movies and music. liam joins us now. happy friday, my friend. what do you have for us today? >> michelle, happy friday. the lock down is lifted but the weather may keep us indoors. but we kick off with music and a local favorite. >> i got you. we got you. bay area singer michael fronte is the headliner. it is a fundraiser for oakland youth with big cleaning dreams. the mayor will be the host of
6:24 am
the event. tickets are still available at oak >> i want to talk to you. i will tell you as astounding story. >> it's a classic from the old days. turner classic movies celebrates the 80th anniversary of john houston's maltese falcon movie. one of the falcons has a home at john's grill. the film is part of a month long celebration of this and other treasures. and with john's grill in mind, bay area goes with outdoor dining at all your favorite bay area restaurants, john's grill is one of them. make sure that you call ahead wherever you fancy dining out to make sure that they are
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open. you know how the weather is. i'm happy to see our restaurants back and people enjoying dining outdoors again. the restaurants need your love and support. with that in mind, michelle, i have to ask you -- full list at where are you most excited to go and eat, your favorite restaurant. >> i take a good mexican restaurant. i'm excited because my husband and i have not had a date night in i don't know. almost a year. so, is you know, it will be nice to get out. i don't care what restaurant at this point. >> date night. you said it right there. have a great weekend, love. i hope you have your date night soon. >> thank you so much. have a good weekend. in our next half hour, on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, super bowl super spreader concerns with the big game a week away. why west coast health officials worry cases will spike even though the game is on the east coast.
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. now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a pg&e truck in a landslide. turmoil on wall street and a bay area app at the center of it all. a live look at today's
6:30 am
numbers is just ahead. more contagious and resistant to vaccines. the new dangerous covid-19 variant discovered in the u.s. white out conditions. snow piling up in the sierra. we take you to the hardest hit spots as flakes continue to fly. it's friday, january 29th. i'm len kiese. >> i'm michelle griego. the rain is fading away in the bay area but the blue skies will be hard to come by. it will be a gloomy weekend. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies for the weekend. drier weather today. a big difference compared to the last few days. the atmospheric river well out of the bay area. a few showers on hi-def doppler, you can see for the north bay light showers pushing across fairfield to the east of vallejo. a live look here and
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temperatures in the mid-30s in santa rosa. low 40s in livermore and everywhere else in the mid-40s. through the afternoon, catching a bit of sunshine this afternoon. looking at partly sunny skies. highs in the low 50s on the coast. mid-50s around the bay and inland this afternoon. you can see a bit of clearing through the afternoon. on futurecast, stopping the clock at lunchtime hour, you can see by 4:00 p.m. still looking at about partly sunny skies for our afternoon. let's check in with gianna. i know you are tracking a crash in the south bay this morning. we have a trouble spot guadalupe and 880 heading to 237 in milpitas. a vehicle hit the center divide then spun out and is facing the wrong way in the center divide and left lane. injuries are reported. fire crews are heading to the scene. a couple of cars stopped to help. we are seeing a bit of backup
6:32 am
building as you work through there. south 880 before 237. now, south of there, heading on 87, not too far from the 280 connector, chp is clearing an earlier trouble spot blocking the number 3 lane from the south. they are managing to get everything to the shoulder. slow and go past the scene. we have hot spots in the south bay. floating near tulle and westbound near flynn road. on storm watch, a pg&e truck got caught in a land slight overnight. the truck ended up about 150 feet below a section of valencia school road that was washed out. chp says the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries to the neck and back. to wall street, trading has just gotten underway. the big board, the dow is down about 280 points right now. today investors will be once again watching game stop which
6:33 am
shares have soared 800% in the past week. all last year the video game retailer's stock was struggling. big wall street investors saw an opportunity and started shorting the stock that it would fall. a group of investors didn't like the hedge fund betting against game stock and encouraged everyone to buy. that caused massive losses for wall street investors. >> i don't know a lot about stocks. they helped it go up a lot by supporting it as much as they can. >> we had to make a difficult decision to protect our customers and our firm. >> on thursday, the stock trading app robin hood announced it would block users from buying game stop stock. that led a handful of people to show up at the apps headquarters in menlo park to protest. >> they are changing the rules. they lost their bet, they need to pay and the people of bleep because this is people's money.
6:34 am
>> robinhood says starting today it will allow limited buying of restricted stocks like game stop. a class action lawsuit accuses robinhood of breaching its fiduciary duties and implied could have -- could have vin meant. johnson and johnson announced the results of its trial. it's one dose vaccine is not as effective as the two dose vaccines but it is 66% effective at preventing moderate to severe illness and 85% protective against the most serious symptoms. it will file for emergency use soon in the u.s. johnson and johnson expects to have 100 million doses available by june. the vaccine did work better here in the u.s. compared to some of the results from the trials in south africa. that is where they were dealing
6:35 am
with the more contagious variant of the virus. len has more on that. experts believe the could have individual variants may cause 85,000 more people to die by may. one. more dangerous coronavirus strains has turned up in the united states infecting two patients in different parts of south carolina. the variant was initially detected in south africa. it's believed to be more contagious and possibly more resistant to vaccines. >> the more uncontrolled spread of virus there is in this country or anywhere in the world, the more likely it is that strains will emerge and spread which are either more infectious order potentially more lethal? >> the discovery comes as another highly infectious variant takes hold in the u.s., first identified in the uk. it has been found in half the states. but more vaccines could be
6:36 am
coming. clinical trials show the vaccine has 90% effectiveness against the coronavirus but less effective against the south african variant. moderna and pfizer are developing booster shots to protect against the variant in south africa. the astrazeneca vaccine they say shouldn't be given to anyone over the age of 65. the panel cited a small number of study participants in the older age group. the drugmaker is awaiting a decision by the european union. for the latest vaccine news, download or kpix app that gives you easy access. a recent study found double masking is a way to increase the level of protection from covid. surgical masks were about 50%
6:37 am
protective from protecting other people's aerosols. outdoor dining is back in san francisco. despite the cold and wet weather, eager diners website out to eat for the first time in almost two months. on chestnut street there were lines of people. things were quieter in west portal where not every table was taken. the owner of frank co's latin table was still grateful. l.a. county health officials are warning about the next potential super spreader event, the super bowl. restaurants are being urged to avoid repeating events to the run up to the world series and nba finals when crowds packed outdoor patios. those large gatherings are believed to be a major factor in the deadly surge in l.a. county. here is the sierra.
6:38 am
our roving camera showing the fresh powder from overnight. there were spinouts and avalanche risks leaving drivers stranded for hours. in a battle to travel, the winter storm came out on top this time. the highway 80 route was backed up to for miles. crews came to the rescue of drivers that took a bat gamble on the back roads and lost. >> we are trying to get to home wood, the first trip of the year. it may not be quite right. >> we have chains to go on top of the tires if necessary. >> travelers were happy to be heading to the snow no matter how long it would take and even dancing. >> heavy snow hitting southern california mountains. this is the scene in write wood. up to a foot of snow is possible by tomorrow. the time is 6:38. vaccine funding, reopening schools and stimulus checks all
6:39 am
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. welcome back. a live look outside from our camera this morning over the city to the bay bridge. mary is tracking scattered showers this morning. she says things will dry up a bit this afternoon. much more in the forecast in a few minutes. new this morning, two women from alameda county are suing the subway sandwich chain. they say the tuna that subway market as a premium product in
6:43 am
the sandwiches and wraps contains no tuna at all. the lawsuit says independent lab tests on multiple samples found a mixture of various concoctions that do not constitute tuna. subway says the tuna it sells is real and wild cod. stocks in the red for the third day. diane king hall joining us from the cbs broadcast center in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, len. the market give and take away. stocks are under pressure in the early action. the dow is tumbling 366 points. the nasdaq is down triple digits, 148. s&p under pressure as well. democrats are rejecting a republican pitch to split president biden's 1.9 trillon- dollar coronavirus relief bill into smaller chunks. democrats and the white house appear poised to push the sweeping aid on its own. help is needed due to the
6:44 am
battered economy. there is a $1,400 payout to most americans. len? >> all right, diane king hall with cbs money watch. thank you and happy friday. >> you got it. tesla is touting an upgrade for its model s sedan. the newest version can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in just two seconds. the car can travel 390 miles on a single charge. the price starts at $120,000. fans heading to tampa for super bowl lv can take part in a feature called the super bowl experience. visitors can try out the 40- yard dash, vertical jump and see how they compare to virtual nfl players. the league plans to keep tabs on the size of the crowds through an app. >> the app downloads and scans on the way in and then through other people counters as well to make sure that we are not
6:45 am
overcrowding either park. >> djs, performers and food and drinks will turn curtis hixon park into a party. there will be a fireworks show friday and saturday. the weekend is investing $7 million in his super bowl halftime show. he has been working with his xo records team for months to put together the show. they say it will be, quote, cinematic in order to reach people watching from home. you can see super bowl lv at kpix 5. kick off 3:30, sunday, february 7th. let's get a check on the roads with gianna. >> hey, good morning, michelle. it's busy this morning for a friday especially if you are heading to 880 this morning, right around milpitas, the 270 connector. we have a trouble spot blocking lanes. traffic is starting to back up through there. an injury crash involving a vehicle that spun out, hit the center divide and it's facing the wrong way in that area. sluggish through there.
6:46 am
slower than usual speeds on the nimitz freeway. into the south bay, if you are heading out of the south bay out of san jose, brake lights from the 280, 680 connector. it stays slow working toward 880. the earlier trouble spot we had on guadalupe parkway has been cleared out of the lanes. slow toward the dublin interchange. no accidents or incidents. we are just seeing slower speeds as you connect on to 680 in both directions. east of there, we have the usual stuff into the altamont past plus flooding before nor the flynn. that is causing a bit of a backup in that area with a 30- minute travel time from 205 to 680. also give yourself a few extra minutes traveling across the bay bridge on the upper deck. many pockets of slowing near the incline and approaching treasure island looking better off the skyway into san francisco. they put flipped the metering lights on and we are getting a
6:47 am
backup beyond the parking lot at the bay gates. bart is dealing with about 20- minute delays this morning. plan for that. we will get a break in the rain this weekend which is good news, mary because we have a puppy. he is not a fan of these walks in the wet weather. i love your little cutie. our dog doesn't like the rain as well. we saw a lot of rain over the last few days with the atmospheric river soaking the bay area. that is now out of the area. we are beginning to see drier conditions. things are wrapping up for us. a few showers on hi-def doppler over fairfield, vacaville and winters. you can see as we look out and all of this is pushing off to the east. drier, quieter weather ahead as we head through the day. catching a little sunshine this afternoon.
6:48 am
here is a beautiful look at san francisco. you can see mostly cloudy skies and catching a bit of blue out there with breaks in the clouds. temperatures are in the mid-40s in the city. also concord, oakland, san jose. low 40s livermore and santa rosa and 37 degrees. we saw impressive rainfall amounts with this atmospheric river. storm totals for the south bay, 2 to 6 inches of rain. and in san jose, you had record rainfall for the day yesterday and in san jose you actually saw the monthly rainfall just in the last few days, just incredible here. the santa cruz mountains picking up 7 to 10 inches of rain. san francisco peninsula an inch and up to 2 1/2 inches of rain. an inch and a quarter to 2 and a quarter. that has helped our rainfall for this season. still looking at 38% to 48% of
6:49 am
average since october for the water year. we can use more rainfall for sure for the bay area. now, this upper level low, that is bringing a few showers this morning. it will continue to move out of the area. that is the reason why we are looking at drier weather ahead with a bit of sunshine. you can see clearing as we head through our afternoon on futurecast, stopping the clock at 4:00 in the afternoon. as we look to the weekend, we will see mostly cloudy skies. and for the north bay, you have a better chance of seeing wet weather, especially north of the golden gate. here we are at 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow and here we are on sunday. so, goes again, north of the golden gate, a better chance of wet weather for the weekend. as we look to next monday and tuesday, we are looking at widespread rain pushing through. nothing like what we saw but more wealth weather ahead for early next week. a lot of snow in the sierra. we have been talking about this as we look at a winter storm warning for the west slopes of the sierra and avalanche area
6:50 am
for tahoe area. generally in the mid-50s this afternoon with extended forecast we will catch a bit of sunshine for today. again, mostly cloudy skies for the weekend. shower chances for the north bay then widespread rain moving in monday and tuesday. drier weather with sunshine next wednesday through next week. back to you. >> all right, mary. thank you. new this morning, second daughter ella emhoff landed a modeling contract. >> her inauguration style has made her an influencer. the stepdaughter of vice president kamala harris is signing with img models as one of the industry's most prestigious agencies. ella hopes to use the platform to do good for others. she made the splash when she wore this coat on inauguration day. caught up in the debris flow. a pg&e truck swept off the
6:51 am
road. what we are learning this morning about the driver inside. and gyms are reopening under the purple tier. it seems like life is slowly getting back to normal in san ramon. a live report coming up. . good morning. ahead on "cbs this morning," cdc doctor will join us.
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. i'm anne makovec. breaking news this morning. a pg&e worker is recovering after the truck fell down an embankment. this is part of the storm damage in the south bay. the road basically washed out under that truck. the worker fell in the truck about 150 feet down that embankment. the worker has been taken away. the whole roadway is closed out. this is valencia. crews found a tree down nearby valencia road that caused damage to a home lifting up
6:56 am
part of the front deck as it came down. once the sun comes up, crews can get in there and get a better look at some of the storm damage as a lot of people are cleared out of those neighborhoods. back to you. it's time for a look at the other top stories. >> more fresh powder falling in the sierra overnight. taking a live look at highway 80 or just off of it. those roadways are completely covered in that snow. last night the highway was closed in both directions due to spinouts and avalanche risks leaving drivers stranded for hours. a wild week on wall street. the markets have been open for about 20 minutes. you can see the dow is down about 260 points. today investors will be watching what happens with shares in game stop. individual investors drove up the stock to punish hedge fund managers that bet against it. robinhood will allow limited
6:57 am
trading of game stop stock. the strain in south africa has turned up in the u.s. in south carolina. it's believed to be more contagious and possibly more resistant to vaccines. johnson and johnson released faces 3 results for its coronavirus vaccine. it is 66% effective at presenting severe illness and more protective against other serious symptoms. we are live at a 24-hour fitness in san ramon. that is the main structure of the building. that is not where people are going today. for the first time in a long time, outdoor gyms are reopening under the purple tier. it opened up around monday or and it took a lot of organizations a couple of days to get everything up to snuff. here we are on friday. they will open in a couple of minutes here. here is a refresher of what can reopen under the purple tier. for outdoor only gyms, places
6:58 am
of worship, cultural ceremonies, wineries, tasting rooms, family entertainment centers, movie theaters and zoos and aquariums. grocery stores opening at 50%. hotels, nail, hair. 24 fitness says you can get your new year's resolution back on track. it's better than working out in your garage because it's better for your social and emotional well-being. we are live in san ramon, kiet do. kpix 5. . governor newsom is signing a bill to extend the eviction moratorium. that is live at 10:00. you can watch it at or the app. bay bridge got a backup here. we have the metering lights on.
6:59 am
you are slow beyond that. not backed up to the maze yet. pockets slowing across the upper deck by the incline and treasure island area. capitol corridor delays continue for train 5 and 21 and bart dealing with 20-minute delays. a stunning view looking at san francisco and across the bay and catching a bit of clearing out there. the golden colors are in the sky. the sun is just about to rise. we are looking at a bit of sunshine as we head through the day. partly sunny skies. the atmospheric river is out of the bay area. day tame highs in the low to mid-50s. you can see the clearing as we head through the day. here we are at noon and 4:00 p.m. today. mostly cloudy skies for our weekend. shower chances, the best chance will be the north bay for the weekend then widespread rain as we look to early next week. friends, nothing like what we just saw. happy finally friday. back to you. >> happy friday to you, too.
7:00 am
thanks so much. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. . "cbs this morning" is up next. have a great iday and a # # #. good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to cbs this morning. it's friday, january 29th, 2021. i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. a troubling new strain of the coronavirus is now in the u.s., making vaccination efforts even more urgent. we'll talk to the new director of the cdc about the challenges. we're learning new details about a deadly liquid nitrogen leak at a georgia poultry plant that killed six workers. we're outside the plant where there's a claim the company's leadership knew about a leak. outrage grows in the david versus goliath showdown over gamestop's stock. why some argue wall street is being protected at the expense


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