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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 31, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now at 11, rain making its way back to the bay area. darren peck has more on when we could see though showers. more relief could be coming to grocery and retail workers in san jose and a wind. >> they are risking their lives to serve us. the warning from uc berkeley after a spike in covid cases inside student housing. president biden expected to push his covid relief plan forward this week. how much erican more rain, making its way back to the bay area as we take a live look out at san jose following a gorgeous weekend. good evening. meteorologist darren peck has been tracking this next round of rain and has an update.
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>> it is tomorrow afternoon when the rain finally gets here. it looks impressive on high def doppler, there is a lot of rain on here but this is the area to watch. those of the showers that the future cast picks up on. we bring that line forward but it really takes until we get to the early afternoon tomorrow before the leading edge of the rain has just now made it into the northern part of sonoma county. we bring that forward and it rains pretty good to the afternoon. and by the early evening it starts to work its way down to the rest of the bay area. really by about sunset probably down to the golden gate, bay bridge and sells from there. the other thing about this, it will get windy as that system comes in. so tomorrow afternoon, wind gust picking up into the mid- 30s, and just for perspective
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it is a good rainmaker for us. but it is nowhere near the kind of storm that we saw last week. it will not be anything like that. this will be a little more kind of run-of-the-mill for a general winter rainmaker for us. mourn all of this coming up in a few minutes. back over to you. be sure to download the news apps. it also gives you access to cbsn bay area. maria medina is in san jose with more on the proposal and who might be against it. >> reporter: two councilmembers, one from oakland and the other san jose, believe that grocery workers are heroes, and they deserve hero or hazard pay. they are proposing an extra five dollars an hour. >> we are scared because therth a whole foods employee in the southbay, who wanted to remain anonymous, to women are seen shopping and talking without masks.
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according to the employee, the customers refused to wear one. >> they are risking their lives to serve us. >> that is where the city council president is proposing hazard or hero pay. for the 2000 grocery workers in oakland. >> so if they get sick or for loved one gets, they have a little bit of extra money to pay the bills. >> reporter: the city council members will also discuss a similar proposal that would affect grocery establishments with at least 300 employees nationwide. oakland ordinance, if passed, would impact retailers with 500 workers in the u.s. both cities are looking at adding five dollars an hour to pay. >> the numbers don't lie. they are making a lot of profit. he goes beyond just saying thank you. thank you will not feed these grocery workers. >> reporter: she believes the large companies can afford to pony up the extra cash. >> i say look at the prophets.
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and look at their slogan of we are in this together. so let's really be in this together. >> reporter: she says it is long overdue for the essential workers, who don't have the luxury of working from home. >> it would bring them a lot of peace of mind in order to continue working and make sure that you and i get the food and the supplies that we need. >> reporter: both san jose and oakland city councils would discuss the topic on tuesday, and of past both ordinances would go into effect immediately and it would end when the pandemic ends. in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. >> reached out to se happening tomorrow, students are heading back to the classroom in los gatos, elementary schoolers and sixth- graders will start returning to campus in stages beginning tomorrow. the next group arrives next month. is not set a date for their siblings in middle and high
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school to return and as for teachers and staff, 65 of them, again in los gatos, were vaccinated last week with their first dose at goodison hospital in san jose, even though they were not next in line. the hospital ceo apologized but the superintendent is defending the decision. he's of the district believe the hospital was giving the green light to vaccinate teachers. >> uc berkeley is warning that students covid case is are surging and that includes students who live in campus housing. just yesterday 44 people tested positive, and an advisory but the surge, they said they need to quarantine more students exposed to the virus. since august 30, they have seen over 540 positive cases. universities urging students not to attend indoor gatherings. tonight the number of california patients hospitalized with covid-19 has
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fallen below 15,000 for the first time since mid december. the state is reporting nearly 19,000 new cases, and 481 more deaths. so far just under 3.5 million vaccine doses have been administered. ears of the u.s. capital looks like live right now. president joe biden has agreed to meet with a group of gop senators this week to talk about changes to his nearly 2 trillion-dollar covid relief plan. the republican alternatives would include reducing the overall cost to just 600 billion. lowering to direct payments sent to americans. it does not include an minimum a top white house economic advisor's of the administration is willing to take suggestions. newly elected georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene is facing growing outrage tonight, a pair of bay area congressmen are blasting her for backing a wild theory involving the campfire and space lasers.
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betty explains. >> the campfire which killed 85 people in 2018 is the latest focus of conspiracy theories backed by freshman representative, marjorie taylor greene. she speculated that it was started by a jewish space laser in a now deleted facebook post. the blaze that levels of the town of paradise was later traced to pg&e electrical equipment. north bay democrats mike thompson and jared huffman represent areas hard-hit by recent fires in napa and sonoma counties. they issued a joint statement saying in part, these comments made by our colleague from georgia are not only false and nonsensical but downright disrespectful. they are an insult to the firefighters in butte county, our district, and across california who have lost their lives fighting fires like the camp fire. looking congressman who represents paradise had no comment, but told the la times they believe that poor forest
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management practices advocated by misguided environmentalists have caused dangerous fuel loads and increasingly severe western wildfires. rain is one of the former presidents lowder supporters. she is promoted false conspiracy theories, she is also, under fire for suggesting the sandy hook and parkland school shootings were staged. and indicating support for the execution of house speaker nancy pelosi. she is now facing calls to resign and a long shot need to expel her from congress. oakland are presented of barbara lee described her this way. >> she is an example of the, that we have to be extremely concerned about those within but also those outside of the capital. this did not to start january 6. these goods are organized, and they are very clear in terms of their message trying
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to deny that joe biden won the election, and they are trying to engage an attempted coup, and they are doing this by any means necessary so we have to become learned that the threats are real. >> reporter: for her part, she is calling the push to expel him from office a witchhunt. >> both lawmakers and activists are calling for her to be removed from her post on the house education committee. a live look across the bay at the oakland airport, that is where a security scare shutdown a part of the terminal 1 for nearly 3 hours today. the sheriff's department says the passenger claims to have a bomb in his bag. it turns out he was upset fligh he was arrested, taken to a psychiatric hospital after kicking a deputy in the face. and the bomb squad did not find anything dangerous. a routine high -- firefighters were there to help.
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and tonight, robert, and eight- month-old border collie, was hiking with his owners above maverick speech when he took a tumble down the cliff. cal fire firefighters used to ropes to rappel down the cliff and hoist him back up. once robert was safe, the crew posed for pictures with the happy pup. more local news at head at 11 tonight, since the committee outraged after the heart was attack on a defenseless school tortoise. and why you might not want to dispose of old wooden projects just anywhere. and what you need to know before you had to yosemite when it reopens
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tonight is and as a community is upset over a senseless attack on a beloved preschool pet. da lin on the brutal beating taken by a tortoise. and we do have a warning, these images may be hard to look at. >> meet michelangelo. even after the attack he is still friendly and walking their people. but the trauma is evidence. any loud, sudden noises would cause them to hide in his shell. >> this is a brutal attack on something that can't defend himself, he can't even run away so i've been doing this for
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almost 11 years now, and this is a first for me. >> reporter: is an educational pet, at play and learn preschool in san jose. >> they get so excited and were like okay, here he comes, you know, they love to feed him, and he loves to eat it. >> reporter: they would feed him the veggies the girl in the garden. in return he would give them rides on his back. a rescue program donated the 70- year-old african tortoise to the school four years ago. the kids name to michelangelo after the teenage mutant ninja turtles cartoon character. >> he loves to be around the kids, he is just like, a happy little tortoise. >> reporter: on saturday morning police say a homeless man hopped over the school fence, and attacked michelangelo in the school garden. >> i thought he was dead. it was almost a good feeling when he has that me. >> reporter: tammy found a few items and held his shell including a piece of wood from a 4 x 4, and array candle. whenever he would move try to move him more blood would come. >> reporter: the attacker be the roughly 75 pounds tortoise
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with a bunch of items. from a garbage can, to a table taken from a classroom. >> it made no sense, can't even comprehend how you could be that disgusting to do that to an animal. >> the suspect is facing animal cruelty and vandalism charges. a live look at the bay bridge, traffic is flowing smoothly, if there's any traffic at all. earlier, it looks like this. the massive car caravan made its way across the span from oakland holdings beats below 5 miles an hour. and traders were urging gov. newsom to release more inmates. during the pandemic, especially those of color and inmates who are older, transgender, or who have health conditions. if you live in oakland, listen up. the city will start enforcing parking permits again tomorrow.
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enforcement was suspended nearly a year ago in march, but it is now being resumed in 17 residential areas to free up spaces in busy areas come through the month of february, drivers will get one warning for parking without a permit. after that drivers could face fines. if you are planning any home renovations that require pressure-treated wood, you could run into inexpensive new roadblock. as of january 1, that pressure- treated wood is now considered toxic waste. the state says the wood can't be burned, can't be dumped, it can't be left on the ground. even of course when it is installed, it is on the ground. so figure that out. for more than 90 days it can only be legally transported by a licensed toxic holler and take it to the class 1 toxic waste site or out-of-state. now it appears that nobody in the bay area can legally accept it. >> now they're closing up the dumps, not allowing the stuff
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coming anymore, there is no place to go. all the small and pieces are just come you know, from the kicker boards in the tops of the 4 x 4's that i cut, where do i bring it? >> we need a solution for this. otherwise it might put some guys out of business, you know? >> legislatures, legislators who drafted the laws to be given with -- begin with will lead to illegal dumping and toxic exposure so they introduced an emergency statute that would reestablish the previous disposal rules indefinitely. yosemite national park is set to reopen tomorrow, after howling wind took down at least 15 giant sequoias across the park, crushing structures. repair the damage is expected to cost upwards of $200 million. once the park reopens adobe open 24/7 but starting on february 8, you will need a reservation to get in. smooth sailing along i-80 after the roads and the slopes were packed over the weekend.
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some parts of the sierra got ask feet of new snow. and it was so busy, resorts were hitting capacity. snow in the mountains, rain in the bay area. a live look out side, usually works in reverse, it is all dry for now but not for long. darren peck is tracking the next round of rain. >> it will take a little while for that rain to get here. we are really looking at tomorrow afternoon, before this band of rain setting off the coast here finally makes it down to the bay area proper. and it will be, what happens. it will be a slow kind of slog but i have taken that to 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow and you can see a well-defined cold front, you see that line in the showers, so it starts in the north bay around 3:00, that clears the north bay as we get to around sunset and the showers work their way to the
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rest of the bay area, to kind of get hung up in the southbay for a little bit. notice how that line stayed put from 10 at night tomorrow night until 11 or so in the morning tomorrow. fairly steady rain that is showing up. once again, for the santa cruz mountains, southern santa clara county and then that line will continue all the way up to tahoe and that will turn to decent snow. that is interesting part of this storm. we will see more impressive rainfall totals, down here for the southbay and look, there it is again, developing as we get into tuesday night late going down over big sur and monterey county again. i know it looks like the storm that came through here last week in terms of that long pine getting stalled out down there but it is not nearly as impressive. but in its own right, these are good rainfall totals for one storm. about a half inch of rain here. keep in mind the rain here for the north bay, that will come through that early afternoon with a cold front actually's sweeps through. it will not be a long drawn out thing like it will be in the southbay when it stalls down
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there overnight, so the character of the rain will be different. you can see quarter of an inch of rain, the 10th of an inch of rain for san jose. and it will get windy on the leading edge as well and you can see went up to 40 miles an hour. basically right and that cold front is moving across the bay area, the wind will pick up on the leading edge of it, 40 mile an hour winds are certainly something you will notice, but there is no wind advisory tomorrow, and we had a 60 mile an hour gusts's with the system that came through last week. so it is different. but it is not really the best to compare this to that storm. very few storms are like the one we had last week. this is a good storm in its own right. there is the snow in the mountains, pretty to watch all of that pile up there. we get a foot and a half of new snow on top of what was already put down there. the snow level is sitting anywhere from 60 to maybe a little more than that 60%, little more than that for this time of year and this foot and a half will keep us there. and it is good because we are i
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you look at the seven-day forecast, you will see not only as we get into this wednesday and thursday timeframe, do we kind of ring in and to the rain and the snow, but we also start warming things up, so it is rumored to be sunny, mid 60s for daytime highs, that will come in about seven or so degrees above average for this time of year and it looks like it will stay that way at least through what is left of that seven-day forecast. so we are about to turn a corner. let's put a little more rain in the gauge over the next few days. all right, back over to you. how you can get you are 49ers nostalgia fix without leaving your house. coming up next on game day, what better way to kickoff super bowl week they are with amy? >> try former raider in the is going to come out right now. >> high school sports is gettinto return. >> i think everybody would take right now in a heartbeat. >> you have something to say? game day super bowl style,
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49ers fix, from the comfort of your own home. the team just launched a virtual tour of its hall of fame use them and we spoke with 49ers alumni kina turner about the new experience. >> we thought this being our 75th year anniversary coming up this year that this was an exciting time to allow the fans to come into the virtual tour and get an opportunity to see all 11 galleries that are part of the museum and experience at their own pace. >> all those exhibits are on the levi's stadium website. tonight's tdc is urging people to skip the traditional super bowl parties. and watch at home. in la county, restaurants and bars have been ordered to turn the televisions off in their newly reopened outdoor dining spaces to prevent sports fans from gathering, but one restaurant owners says the government just doesn't get it. >> with their not realizing this is, super bowl is a very
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busy day for home parties. so i think allowing us to show the super bowl in a safe environment may take some weight off a lot of these house parties that are going to go on. >> la county is tongue restaurants to space tables 8 feet apart. of course that is something nobody will do at home, and only siege groups from the same household. coming up it is not something you see too often we made usaa insurance for members like martin.
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the same storm that blasted us last week is now blasting parts of the east coast tonight but students at virginia tech are not letting that bring them down. in fact they had fun with it. they had a huge snowball fight on campus. and while most of them had masks on, a lot of them braved the cold with only t-shirts. they are not the only ones having a snow day. the get this. oh, my gosh, great video. these are adorable pandas at the smithsonian yoonem sliding the hill, even doing some somersaults. how cute is that? by the time the storm is
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thank you so much for watching. game day is next. the super bowl is next
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sunday. you know who is broadcasting it? >> right here. channel 5, kpix5, ever since you've been hanging out with jack there's something... different about you. ♪ everyone's feeling the late night vibe with my $4 sauced & loaded tots— with cheddar bacon or jalapeño ranch.
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[doorbell rings] babe, are those the tots we ordered? ♪ everyone's feeling the late night vibe with my $4 sauced & loaded tots— with cheddar bacon or jalapeño ranch. this is "gameday" on kpix5. welcome everybody, i'm dennis o'donell. there is game day. tonight we are kicking off our coverage of super bowl lv with current sports analyst and
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former raider ceo amy trast. but first, 49ers are upgrading their quarterback situation. not with matthew stafford he is going to southern california. they are all in to get him from detroit. lions will receive two first round picks, one third round pick and goff who helped lead l.a. in the super bowl in 2018 but struggled with 38 turnovers in the last two seasons. the former catholic star told nfl network i am just excited to be somewhere that i know wants me and appreciates me. he has 43 million reasons to like detroit. that is how much lion owe goff over the next two seasons. where will it leave the 49ers in the quarterback carousel? probably pack with jimmy g. who is 30 years old and


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