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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  February 3, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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. live from the cbs bay area
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studios. this is kpix5 news. >> right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. we are looking live from our mark hopkins camera out at the city of san francisco. good morning everybody. it's wednesday, february 3rd. >> good morning to you. first up, a check of the forecast. mary is standing by with that. good morning. >> good morning to you. we are looking at a few spotty showers as we head through the day with a weak cold front pushing through. the system will fall apart as it continues to move through the area. not expecting a lot of rain. here is a live look with the san francisco camera looking at the trans america pyramid and temperatures down to the 30's and 40's this morning. we are looking down to freezing and dealing with fog in santa
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rosa. low 40's in san jose and mid- 40s's for concord, oakland and san francisco. as we look at the visibility down to a quarter mile in santa rosa. a mile and a quarter in napa. as we head through the afternoon a cool day. daytime highs generally in the mid50's. looking about two to four degrees below average for this time of year. a few isolated, spotty showers as we head through the day.. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. >> we are seeing just a few brake lights as you work along the 101. likely due to road work. just a heads up. we are tracking a few slow and go speeds on that northbound side of 101. if you are going southbound things are looking clear toward the golden gate bridge with no issues or delays. couple of accidents to look out for. none of them are causing any brake lights or back ups. just keep in mind if you are going out the door and taking 238 eastbound right before 580 that's where they have a crash
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in the center divide. also along 680. chp working on an accident southbound near bollinger canyon road. another trouble spot, 80 eastbound right before gilman. activity off to the side. we have a couple breaking news items going on in san jose. this is a fire that started just after two this morning. it's on north baskim avenue. it was really going for a while. firefighters weren't sure at the time if there was anyone inside. we are waiting to get the update on that. this is just east of 880. the street is currently shut down. we will check back into that investigation right now. also, this is cleared from the roadway but a fatal accident on 88o.
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new video of that as that continues. this is a long warren avenue. when firefighters arrived at 12:30 they found three vehicles. there was a tesla along the center median. one vehicle on fire and then another on the right hand side. the vehicle that was on fire -- the person in that vehicle died. another person on the right hand side in that vehicle was taken to the hospital. another person declined medical treatment. the investigation into exactly what happened between the three cars on 880 continues as well. the roadway is clear. back to you. oakland city leaders have agreed to give hazard pay to grocery workers, becoming the first bay area city to do so. the pay goes into effect immediately. it applies to major grocery chains which have 500 or more employees. workers like tamara who was worked for safeway for 29 years
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will get another $5 an hour. >> the stores are making a lot of money because people are coming in droves. i know we are well deserving of it. i know some folks -- there are some who think differently. >> the california grocer's association believes retailers will increase food prices to make up for the loss. san jose discussed a similar proposal last night. santa clara will vote later this month on a county wide mandate. the white house said that it's sending a million doses of vaccine per week to select pharmacies across the country. cvs said it'll give the vaccine at 100 california locations, starting on february 11th. san francisco, sunnyvale and sonoma are all on the list. appointments are required. bookings will open as early as february 9th for those eligible under the state guidelines. be sure to check out the
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vaccine resource guide at the bay area seeing the first cases of a new strain specifically linked to northern california. in addition to the uk strain that forced tough lockdowns. there are now two strains on the west coast. it's not surprising to see the virus mutating. the northern california strain bonds more tightly to your lungs. >> it's not that the things we have don't work, it's just that if you come in contact it's more likely to cause infection. >> over a thousand total strains between the two different, slightly different mutations of the same west coast variant. >> the good news from some health experts is that both strains can be stopped by the vaccine. the biden administration is ramping up its vaccine
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distribution. they will start providing the vaccines to pharmacies as new and potentially more serious virus strains appear. >> the federal government is shipping out another 500,000 coronavirus vaccines nationwide. >> for the next three weeks we will provide a minimum of 10.5 million in total doses per week. >> the white house coronavirus response coordinator said that they are also sending a million doses to 6500 pharmacies starting next week. >> sites are selected based on their ability to reach some of the populations most at risk. >> 40,000 pharmacies may eventually receive direct shipments. experts hope it'll help reach people that hospitals may not. >> 90% of hoosiers live with in ten miles of a pharmacy. >> the white house is also working to pass a relief bill. the president told senate democrats that the republican
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plan of about $600 billion is not enough. >> if we did a package that small we would be mired in the coronavirus crisis for years. >> democrats want to pass their bill through a process called reconciliation which wouldn't require any republican votes. >> totally partisan. >> the minority leader used the same tools to pass the trump tax cuts. >> they are in the majority and the house and senate. life is a series of choices and they have chosen. >> democrats hope to pass a bill by march before the unemployment benefits from the last package run out. cbs news, washington. and taking a live look at the nation's capitol this morning where yesterday the president and others paid their respects to a fallen capitol police officer. the officer was killed during the riots last month. an urn with his remains sat in honor in the rotunda.
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today a tribute will be held for him. this morning the effort to remove the governor from office is gaining some momentum. organizers say they have 1.3 million signatures of the 1.5 million they need. they are confident they can get more before the march 17th deadline. a new poll from berkeley shows the governor's approval rating has dropped to 46%, down from 60% just four months ago. >> every year our hills are on fire, our power goes out, we have homeless tents. >> there's no reason why our state, very last bottom of vaccine roll outs ; because of failure of the administration. >> if enough signatures are validated by march 17th elections would be held later this year. in response to the candidate who would run against him the governor's team said trying to exploit a pandemic to advance a
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political career exposes his ambition. time now is 4:39. >> still ahead, a mexico group retreat. the bay area yoga studio getting slammed for its wellness get away. and and live look outside. time 4:4040. we will bebe right
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. a livermore establishment is the latest victim of the pandemic. the restaurant and bar was a staple in the community for 15 years. according to several long time customers. the loved italian restaurant posted on it's website announcing it would officially close its doors. the owner said that the continuous shut downs and constant changing of the rules during the pandemic finally took their toll. >> fortunately, since they have left we have actually taken the hit as a business owner with the rents and the charges -- the maintenance charges. the parking lot was always busy. there was always someone here and now it's completely dead and it's sad. >> the restaurant's fremont location is also permanently closed. it's los gatos site is closed through mid-february. contra costa is trying to find ways to help its restaurants.
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they decided to cap third party delivery fees so services can only charge up to 15% of the total cost of an order and only 10% for a pick up order. normally they charge up to 30%. san mateo has voted to extend it's outdoor street closures through september. they are also looking at making their curbside parklet program permanent. developing this morning a los gatos yoga studio is being slammed for planning a week long retreat to mexico. the owners of the yoga source said the trip to mexico later this month involves four couples and every precaution has been taken. one local nurse says that's a
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stretch. >> in my opinion traveling right now, nonessential travel isn't possible to do safely. it's unnecessary and it's not safe. we can do yoga at home. >> yoga source said the safety of the eight people attending and of others is at their best interest. from market concerns over game stop to prices being slashed on fake meat products. diane king hall has all the latest business news in the latest money report. stocks gained more ground on tuesday. the dow rallied 475 points. the nasdaq jumped 209 and the s&p500 added 52. amazon ceo is stping down later this year. the 57-year-old founder will become executive chairman of the company's board. the world's richest man said he
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wants to focus on charity and his other companies. the top cloud executive will be the new ceo. treasury secretary is reportedly calling a meeting with financial regulators to discuss the market volatility after the crazy week game sop and other stocks had. the meeting could happen as soon as today. game stop shot up more than $400. and impossible foods is slicing part of the cost off its fake meat. the maker is cutting the suggested retail price by 20% at united states grocery stores. that translates to roughly $5.49 for impossible burger patties and $6.99 for a 12- ounce package. they said the goal to ramp up production and under cut ground
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beef prices. that's your cbs money watch report. traffic was slow moving on i-80 heading to the sierra. a fresh layer of snow from the storm that recently left bay area is causing dangerous driving conditions. here is a scene from last night. heavy snowflakes blowing in the wind. it was calmer at the base of the valley but still plenty of snow piled up. let's get to the forecast here in the bay area and some areas could see some more rain today. >> yeah. looking at a few more showers possible as we head through our day, just tracking a weak little cold front to push through. as it moves across the area it'll likely fall apart and just kind of fizzle out. just still a few showers are possible for us later today. a live look with the treasure island camera today. the temperatures are in the 30's and 40's. it's a chilly start to the day. we are talking mid-40s's
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concord, oakland. low 40's livermore and down to freezing in santa rosa as we start off our day. a mile for the visibility in santa rosa and a half mile in napa. parts of the north bay watch out for freezing fog or some black ice on the roadways. here is a look at our satellite and radar view. we have one more chance of a few showers for today with this weak cold front. showing that to you on future cast. here we are at noon with scattered showers, some light showers there and here we are at four in the afternoon. you can really see that front falling apart for us as it pushes across our area. then as we look to tomorrow, big changes ahead. we are talking about plenty of sun with high pressure building in and the start of a dryer and warmer weather for us as we head through the rest of the week. talking about that snow up in the sierra. more snow expected this afternoon. winter weather advisory for the
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west slopes of the sierra from noon to six. additional snow fall about two to six inches. all right. our sunrise today at 7:11 and sunset at 5:35. checking the daytime highs for the south bay. looking at 56 in santa clara and san jose. today, the coolest day out of the extended forecast and then that warm up starting tomorrow. as we look to the east bay, 56 in concord and for pleasant hill. as we look around bay, 55 in san francisco, 56 in oakland, 55 in san leandro; alameda 54 and as we look to the north bay mid50's. 54 in sonoma and for napa this afternoon. now let's show you the extended forecast and what you can expect. a few spotty showers for today. as we look to tomorrow, high pressure builds in. the temperatures on the rise with plenty of sun and really warming up as we look to our weekend.
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slight chance of a shower as we look to early next week. that's a look at weather. we are seeing a lot of green on the sensors and that's good news. that means you are at the limit. just a couple things to look out for if you are going on the lower deck of the bay bridge. reports of a broken down vehicle near the treasure island exit. also, we have a crash on 80 near gilman on the eastbound side and 880 near market. golden gate bridge looking good. no delays in both directions. just north of there. you may see the slightly slower speeds. that's due to ongoing road work. things will wrap up with in the next ten minutes. bay bridge toll plaza off to a great start. no delays as you work westbound across the upper deck into san francisco. things are moving at the limit there. the freeways are quiet right now. 101 both directions. no delays there. 880 and 680 is clear. there is some police activity
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or i should say fire activity rather on bascum which is closed in both directions. avoid that area in you can. that closure in effect for a fire in that area. taking a look at traffic. eastbound 238 right before 580 the left shoulder is blocked due to a crash. looking at the sensors not a lot of brake lights. a lot of green through the castro valley in both directions. we will check the pass in my next report. here is dennis with sports. coming up, will jimmy be a 49ers? a teammate speaks out. and the warriors loose another player to injury last night. we will tip it off next. . and let's take a live look outside at the city of san jose on this wednesday morning. remember, kpix5 wants to bring you the good news happening in the bay area. just go to you can also send your story
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meet bob minetti, loving husband, father and pancreatic cancer survivor. i am so glad i learned what was possible for me. to learn more about the latest research, including clinical trials, visit pancreatic cancer . welcome back. it's 4:53 on this wednesday morning. our highs in the mid50's. today the coolest day of the week. woe are looking at a few spotty showers possible with a weak cold front pushing through. this is at noon and this is at four in the afternoon. back to you. good morning. man, the warriors center of the tension right now is the center position. james weissman. last night, looney went down against boston. you really had to strain so see him but vern was in the wary
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ears dub hub last night. withlooney sprained his ankle and went to the locker room. is he out. who is playing center? the guy from oakland. anderson had -- 15 off the bench. warriors down three. later, nailed seven from downtown. scored 38, his most since dropping 62. boston ripped off ten straight in the 4th. brown blew through the lanes, to spike it home. warriors are out rebounded by 15 and they loose 1111-107. . history in the nba last night. knocked down 11 from downtown against orlando. he scored 54 which is a raptors franchise record and also the most points by any undrafted
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player in league history. he also had the biggest contract for any undrafted player at 85 million. stanford playing in front of the cut out but a least they are home. first game at naples in almost a full year. upset, lake second against usc. jones gave the cardinal the lead at 64-62. with less than two minutes to go, he made two tough shots on back to back possessions. no home cooking for stanford. they win it 72-66. stanford and cal play each other twice coming up. baseball, it's a bitter sweet day for a's fans to watch marcus walk out the door. now he was officially signed by toronto yesterday after signing a one year deal. he is an mvp finalist and one of the best short stops in a's history but it was clear they made a feeble attempt to keep
4:56 am
him in oakland. >> we called them just -- i will leave it at that. we called them. it didn't work. that's totally fine. i understand the business. i understand, you know, where everybody is at after this pandemic. we are still in it. >> taking the high road. a year ago yesterday the 49ers lost super bowl xlv. jimmy just barely missed sanders for the lead and it seems that the status of the team has been in question ever since. yesterday george kiddle went to bat for his quarterback. >> i feel like i answered this question 200 times now since i last talked to you after last super bowl. i will keep dying on this sword. i think jimmy is a fantastic quarterback. i still believe in jimmy. i think he is a great quarterback. i think he can lead us to another super bowl. >> you know i was never on the
4:57 am
trade jimmy band wagon, especially for the price other teams are asking. they came with in seven minutes of winning that super bowl, jimmy stays in san francisco. see you tonight. time now is 4:56. location under wraps. >> ahead in the next half hour, the security risk in some california counties, forcing them to keep their vaccine site a secret. and we want to take another look outside before we head to break from our mark hopkins camera. it's 4:57 right now. we will be right back.
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the bay area. will the vaccine protect against this new variant? we ask the experts. >> and how much more money some bay area grocery workers will now see on their paychecks. >> a spike in crime in oakland's china town sparking worry ahead of the lunar new year. the push to increase law enforcement during the cultural event. good morning everybody. it's wednesday, february 3rd. >> good morning. we are about to feel a chill in the bay area. mary with the latest conditions. >> yeah. we are looking at temperatures down to the 30's and 40's. it's definitely a cold start to the day. as we head through the afternoon today in fact the coolest day out of the week. the chance to see a few isolated showers. here is a live look with the san francisco camera as we look to the trans america pyramid across the bay. we are looking at temperatures right around 42 in concord, oakland, some patchy fog at


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