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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  February 3, 2021 6:30pm-6:59pm PST

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. cbs evening news is up next. we will be back on kpix 5 news at 7:00 ♪ ♪ ♪ o'donll: tonight, ns that a coronavirus vaccine approved in europe could help stop the spread of covid-19. so, when will that shot be available here in the u.s.? and could it only take one dose? as the country faces vaccine supply shortages, the question tonight about vaccinating our teachers. why the c.d.c. director says it's not required to get our kids back in the classroom. the future of the republican party. the house g.o.p. chooses not to punish conspiracy theorist marjorie taylor greene, as party leader liz cheney says she won't apologize for voting to impeach former president trump. honoring a hero. congress pays tribute to brian sicknick, an officer killed in the capitol riot.
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historic swearing in. former mayor pete buttigieg becomes the first openly gay cabinet secretary to be confirmed by the senate. new video tonight of three officers involved in george floyd's death forcibly arresting an innocent man weeks earlier, raising questions about previous patterns of behavior. "women and the pandemic." what you need to know about misinformation being spread about covid vaccines and fertility. also tonight, why this chart-topping country music star's songs will no longer be played on major radio stations. and, grid-iron girls. the trail-blazing women that will make history during super bowl 55 on cbs. this is the "cbs evening news"
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with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening to our viewers in the west and thank you for joining us. we are going to begin tonight with that new astrazeneca vaccine, which now appears to not only prevent people from getting severely ill from coronavirus-- it may also slow the spread of it. researchers say that's a game-changer, making it the only vaccine capable of reducing transmission. they say that's different than other approved shots, which stop people from getting sick themselves, but don't stop them from infecting others. and while it is hopeful news, it could still be months before the vaccine is approved here in the u.s. and it comes just as the c.d.c. is projecting as many as 84,000 more americans will be killed by the virus this month. though, the agency says there are some encouraging signs that new infections are starting to drop across the country.ntsh inateds can begin to reopen,rs y and that's sparking a firestorm among educators. and, in a sign that even the most basic american traditions t dr. anthony fauci is warning
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that super bowl parties could become superspreader events, and he's urging americans to please only watch the big game with family members they live with. well, we've got a lot of new reporting tonight for you and your family. our team is standing by. cbs's meg oliver is going to lead off our coverage tonight from new york city. good evening, meg. >> reporter: good evening, norah. today, vaccinations resumed at mega-sites like this one in new york city after that monster storm forced them to reschedule thousands of shots. it's just the latest challenge complicating the vaccine distribution nationwide. tonight, signs of a vaccine breakthrough. researchers in the u.k. saying the astrazeneca vaccine may slow the transmission of covid, and a single dose is 76% effective. it's still not available here in the u.s. it's in late-stage trials, but it's not been approved by the f.d.a. former c.d.c. director tom frieden. how quickly could that arrive in the u.s.? >> the astrazeneca company has
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not provided the kind of transparent information that the other companies have. but it has some very favorable characteristics.g hool today, san francisco filed suit against its own school board, demanding in-person learning as quickly as possible. schools have been remote-only since last march. in chicago, a looming showdown, with the city pressuring its teachers' union to get back to the classroom now. half of all states are now giving teachers priority to get vaccinated, but the c.d.c.'s director saying no shot is required. >> that vaccination of teachers is not a prerequisite for safe reopening of schools. >> reporter: there is also a roll-out backlog. the u.s. has distributed 56 million doses of the vaccine. less than 34 million have been administered. cvs, the latest chain to announce in-store vaccines. the u.s. is shipping one million vaccines per week to 6,500 pharmacies.
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that is barely 154 doses per store. 8% of americans have now gotten their first shot, but reaching minority communities remains a vaccine roadblock. so, are they vaccinating enough people of color? >> we really need to do much better. unfortunately, black americans are getting vaccinated at only about half the rate of white americans. that needs to improve. >> people are dying. my patients are dying. my colleagues are dying. >> pressure, heart rate. >> reporter: dr. jerry abraham serves in one of l.a.'s most neglected communities. lines form at 3:00 a.m. to register in person. >> they don't understand that grandma and grandpa don't even have an email address, much less a phone. those should not be the barriers that stand between you and access to a vaccine. >> reporter: in response to the c.d.c. statement that teachers aren't required to have the vaccine to safely return in person, tonight, the president of the nation's largest teachers' union says she is advocating for vaccines and
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rapid tests as game-changers for classroom safety. norah? >> o'donnell: meg oliver with that new reporting, thank you. a growing number of senate republicans are denouncing conspiracy theorist marjorie taylor greene, as their house counterparts decide not to punish the congresswoman. this is sparking a fight for the heart and soul of the republican party. cbs's kris van cleave has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: tonight, an uncivil war inside the g.o.p. top house republican kevin mccarthy rejecting pressure to punish two prominent members of his party-- wyoming's liz cheney, under attack from trump loyalists for her impeachment vote; and georgia'or taylor greene, undirtrumics wh e assignme>>od ffor >>mments >> reporter: another recently- surfaced video from 2019 shows greene, an ardent trump supporter and q-anon follower, mocking parkland shooting survivor david hogg. >> because i'm looking at this
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idiot, david hogg. >> reporter: a massacre she said was staged. >> he is like a dog, he is completely trained. >> reporter: and in the wake of the capitol assault, greene's previous support on social media for the execution of speaker nancy pelosi has caused an uproar. >> i personally think she should resign. >> reporter: house democrats will vote thursday to remove greene from the education and budget committees after minority leader mccarthy refused to act. tonight, condemning greene's conduct, but calling that move by democrats a partisan power grab. >> kevin mccarthy should handle this problem. because marjorie taylor greene is totally out of control. >> reporter: and now democrats are capitalizing on the controversy. >> q-anon, a conspiracy theory born online, took over the republican party. >> reporter: tying the republicans to q-anon in campaign ads. >> and donald trump incited a mob that attacked the capitol and murdered a c >> rter: with many in thtack one month ago, the
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use will now fine members mel tectoroutside eto avoid house floor.fumoment this morning, capitol police officer brian sicknick, killed in the violence on january 6 was remembered for his heroic sacrifice. the 42-year-old's remains lay in honor in the capitol rotunda. president biden and vice president harris among the lawmakers and scores of police officers paying respects... ( bagpipes ) ...before sicknick was taken to his final resting place at arlington national cemetery. leader mccarthy told house republicans today, he supportsen aan alogy. pelosi is calling mccarthy "cowardly" for not taking action against greene. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, that all continues up there. kris van cleave, thank you. and while house republicans were
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battling, top senate democrats met today with president biden. topic number one was that huge possible compromise. cbs's ed o'keefe has late reporting from the white house. >> reporter: president biden today confident republicans will back his covid relief plan, despite little evidences they will. >> reporter: but utah republican mitt romney, who backs a much smaller, targeted bill, said members of his party will only get on board if the president cuts the size of his plan. >> if it goes forward without any changes from what was originally proposed, i would predict that not a single republican will support the $1.9 trillion plan. epte oa potential compromise: who is eligible for new stimulus checks. >> that money will go out the door immediately. >> reporter: mr. biden says he wants to fulfill a campaign promise of $1,400 payments, but might be willing to negotiate over who qualifies. ere haenclusn, butng that has certainly is open to having that discussion. >> reporter: with former president trump's impeachment
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trial approaching, president biden tells "people" magazine that it's unlikely two-thirds of senators will vote to convict. but... >> i think it's important that there be certain basic standards, that people at least are able to see what happened and make their own judgments. i'm not looking for any retribution. >> reporter: bruce castor, who will represent mr. trump, said today that individual protestors and not the former president are at fault for what happened at the capitol. >> just because somebody gave a speech and got-- people got excited, that doesn't mean that's the speech maker's fault. it is the people who got excited and did what they know is wrong that are at fault. >> reporter: also today, more history from the biden cabinet.t openly gay mon egan j as a cabinet secretary. trsptaon secretary exa the iowa caucus. what a difference a year makes,
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norah. >> o'donnell: indeed. all right, ed o'keefe, thank you. and this programming note: we'll be sitting down with president biden for his first television interview. it will air sunday during the super bowl pregame show, and we will have a preview here on friday. now to this story. tonight, video has surfaced of three minneapolis police officers charged in the death of george floyd making a violent wrongful arrest just weeks prior to floyd's death. and there are more accusations that the former officer who knelt on floyd's neck has used similar tactics in the past. here is cbs's jeff pegues. >> what y'all doing? >> reporter: police were responding to a 911 call and reports of a woman being held hostage in an apartment building. >> y'all wrong. >> reporter: as officer derek chauvin, who was a training officer, stood by observing, officers thomas lane, alexander keung and louis realivasquez ended up taking down adrian drakeford.
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turns out drakeford was not armed as officers claimed, nor did he have anything to do withl call. the original call. the incident occurred three weeks before george floyd was killed, when once again, officers chauvin, lane and keung were involved. on may 25, chauvin, the training officer, took the lead, pressing his knee into floyd's neck. prosecutors will try to establish if what was captured on video was part of a pattern. zoya code's claim that chauvin used a similar tactic on her in 2017 will be part of the trial evidence. in a marshall project investigation, she says "he just lengim to ha, dst to ut me up." because aws on the bor the light of day. >> when you keep this kind of disciplinary record basically invisible to the people of the
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city, they have no way to respond and no way to react except after the fact, and we can see the tragic consequences. >> reporter: chauvin goes on trial next month. the other three former officers are going to be tried together in august. meanwhile, on a separate track is the justice department's civil rights investigation into floyd's killing. norah. >> o'donnell: jeff pegues, thank you. tonight, two f.b.i. agents are home from the hospital after anb being wounded in an ambush tuesday in sunrise, florida. two other agents were killed. the suspect, who later killed himself, was identified today as 55-year-old david huber. he was wanted in a child pornography investigation. f.b.i. director christopher wray met today with the families of the agents who were killed. and tonight, we want to clear up some widespread misinformation about covid vaccines and fertility. the rumors have scared some women from getting a covid shot. cbs's nikki battiste continues our series, "women and the
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pandemic." >> reporter: as production lines started rolling out the vaccine, social media began rolling out the rumors-- and they spread as rapidly as the virus itself. how often are you being asked by patients if the vaccine causes infertility? >> every day. >> reporter: jay huber is a fertility doctor in new orleans. he say there is no evidence that covid vaccine causes infertility. what is the biggest misconception? >> this concept that the vaccination will actually train the human immune system to create an antibody that can cross-react with that vital placental protein, which would ultimately cause infertility. >> there's a lot of emotion... because i've gone through this twice before, and it wasn't successful. >> reporter: stacey clarke, a 36-year-old nurse, is getting fertility treatments from dr. huber. she fears the vaccine could somehow affect her ability to get pregnant. >> what if there is something in
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there that wasn't tested? will it cause, you know, females to be sterile? >> reporter: what have your discussions about the vaccine with dr. huber been like? >> he of course very much feels that there is enough evidence for me to get the vaccine. >> reporter: what do you need to hear, if anything, to change your mind about the vaccine? >> honestly right now i don't think there is anything that would change my mind. >> reporter: not even this. 35-year-old anna almendrala got covid after her fertility treatment, and wound up in the hospital. what do you say to women who are hesitant or do not want the vaccine at all, who are also going through fertility treatments? >> with the virus so widespread, you are either choosing between getting the vaccine or getting covid. >> reporter: almendrala says she's relieved there is a vaccine, and she'll take it. >> i was a couple days away from losing everything. >> reporter: nikki battiste, cbs news, new york. >> o'donnell: and there is still much more news ahead here on
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>> o'donnell: there is a major flooding emergency tonight along the st. claire river near detroit. the river is clogged with ice, sending water flowing into roads and homes and businesses. a u.s. coast guard cutter has been sent in to break up the ice and ease the flooding. a fire explosion sent several people to the hospital today in northern virginia. workers were responding to a natural gas leak when the line erupted. a house and several vehicles were damaged. and tonight, country singer morgan wallen has been suspended by his record label, his music dropped by many radio stations and streaming services. it was all after he was caught on camera using a racial slur. in a video obtained by tmz, thes nashvillme from a bar hifriendse obscenitiellen apolozed, sayingh this type of language, ever. and, this remarkable video comes
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to us from myanmar, formally known as burma. a fitness instructor had no idea that a military coup was taking place behind her as she taped an exercise video, it was very early in the morning on monday. while the military convoy of black vehicles descended on parliament, arresting elected officials, including nobel peace prize winner aung san suu kyi. pretty odd, huh? coming up next, no one gets to the super bowl without earning it-- including an official who is breaking barriers. breaking barriers. every night. like clockwork. do it! run your dishwasher with cascade platinum. and save water. did you know certified dishwashers... ...use less than four gallons per cycle, while a running sink uses that, every two minutes. so, do it with cascade. the surprising way to save water. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein,
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>> o'donnell: it's all about the numbers at super bowl 55-- number 12 tom brady versus number 15 patrick mahomes. but the real history will be made by number 53, in stripes. cbs's mark strassmann reports from tampa. >> reporter: we first met sarah thomas at a job audition nearly eight years ago. >> 29 again. >> reporter: the former collegiate line judge wanted the n.f.l. to hire her and make history. the n.f.l., at this point, it's the "no female league." >> is that what they call it? the "no female league." no. i know a lot of females are maybe inspired by that there's a gender barrier that's been
6:54 pm
broken. >> reporter: she got the j. another barrmissispp outf bounda super bowl.e play tti difference and hear my tone. >> reporter: so when you have some 300-pound guy in your face, yelling about some call that you've made, what is that like? >> i was an athlete myself one time, and i joke about it, but i couldn't stand the officials. >> reporter: seven women now coach for various n.f.l. teams. two of them, assistant coaches for the tampa bay buccaneers, are also heading to the super bowl. >> it's not one step at a time. it's a whole walk at a time. >> reporter: amy trask was the league's first female c.e.o. for the then-oakland raiders. >> the growth has certainly been tremendous since i started my career. is dream47-yr-old'omas' ady y, dit.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: thomas did. a first in the n.f.l.-- the newly female league. mark strassmann, cbs news, tampa. >> o'donnell: and we'll be watching. and we should mention that today is actually national girls and women in sports day. we'll be right back. back. like certain cancers caused by hpv. for most people, hpv clears on its own. but for those who don't clear the virus it can cause certain cancers. gardasil 9 is the only vaccine that helps protect adults through age 45 against certain diseases caused by hpv, including cervical, vaginal, vulvar, anal, and certain head and neck cancers, such as throat and back of mouth cancers, and genital warts. gardasil 9 doesn't protect everyone and does not treat cancer or hpv infection. your doctor may recommend screening for certain hpv-related cancers. women still need routine cervical cancer screenings. you shouldn't get gardasil 9 if you've had an allergic reaction to the vaccine,
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your d.v.r. so that you can watch us later. that's tonight "cbs evening news." i'm no
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right now at 7:00. >> the feds choose a mass vaccination site for the bay area. the transformation now underway and unanswered questions tonight. >> the big impact on the community which is most at risk . >> our politics getting in the way of an effort to start stop rising crime in the neighborhood of oakland. >> a proposal to cut $25 million from the oakland police department as a political statement. first, breaking news from san jose, new details just into on an armed suspect who police say was live streaming threats from inside valley fair mall. santa cruz county sheriff contacted police run 4:00 this afternoon, warning them that they saw the suspect inside the mall on ci


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