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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 4, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PST

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don't forget, news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great thursday. . good morning to you our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." it's thursday, february 4th, 2021. i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. a battle for the soul of the gop. republicans refuse to punish one of their own members for promoting violent and anti-semitic conspiracy theories. how last night's closed door meeting is setting up today's historic public vote. health officials face huge challenges getting the covid vaccine to some remote areas. we take you to one rural county where a mobile medical clinic serving thousands hasn't received a single dose. we have an inside look at the super bowl preparations before sunday's faceoff between
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the chiefs and the buccaneers. see the massive effort to keep the big game from turning into a superspreader event. and ququeen latifafah is ban actition with a a cbs reboot ofe equalizer." how she's drawing inspiration from her dad's experience in law enforcement. >> glad she's here today. first, here's today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> reporter: republicans voted to keep liz cheney as the third ranking republican in the house, overcoming an attempt to remove her from voting to impeach former president trump. >> making clear we're not going to be divided and we're not going to be in a # situation where people can pick off any member of leadership. >> reporter: democrats are set to vote to remove georgia republican congresswoman marjorie taylor-greene from her house committees. >> the qanon caucus leader marjorie taylor-greene is getting a standing ovation and pass from kevin mccarthy. >> reporter: the secretary of defense now ordering a pause of operations across the armed forces for commanders to review extremism in the military.
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>> reporter: scientists in the uk say the oxford-astrazeneca vaccine could substantially reduce transmission of covid-19. >> it's very positive. because we know that vaccines is the way out of this. >> reporter: country music star morgan wallen apologizes after being caught on camera using a racial slur. >> all that -- the super bowl-bound chiefs had a scare. when the team barber tested positive midhaircut. >> all that matters -- >> the nominations for the golden globes came out. for first time ever there are more female directors nominated than male directors. [ cheers ] which will make it especially painful when the globe is given to a male director. on "cbs this morning." >> the vaccine developed by oxford and astrazeneca is the first shot that's proven to reduce person-to-person transmission rather than just protect from infection. sure. great news. brilliant news. don't need the details, just get it in my arm now. honestly, at this point i'd take
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a vaccine made by arizona state university and fudrucker's. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by progressive -- making it easy to bundle insurance. >> i am so with him. >> i thought about you when he said that. fudrucker's has really good burgers. he did sound like anthony mason, what he just said. >> shipping the vaccines there would increase the distribution i would say. >> absolutely right. welcome to "cbs this morning." we're going to begin with a crucial moment right now in american politics with the republican party facing a very stark choice about its future. at the center of all this drama is a congresswoman, marjorie taylor-greene, who escaped any punishment yesterday at a closed door gop meeting over her very extreme views including endorsing political violence and anti-semitic falsehoods. >> meanwhile in the same meeting, congresswoman liz cheney survived an effort to remove her from gop leadership with members supporting her by a margin of 145-61.
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she had faced public anger for voting to impeach former president trump. kris van cleave is on capitol hill for us. kris, good morning to you. the democratic-led house is holding a vote to remove republican congresswoman greene from committee assignments today. so simple terms, what's on the line here? >> reporter: well, tony, good morning. we got a sense last night for the divide inside the republican party between the establishment wing and the trump wing in this private vote over liz cheney, giving some republicans an opportunity to defy president trump without having to do so publicly. that will be a little bit different in today's vote. this is something that's being forced by democrats. it's a clear effort to tie republicans to conspiracy theories like qanon. in the end, republicans made no changes. >> the number-one thing that happened at the conference was unity. >> reporter: this despite members spending hours debating whether to strip wyoming's liz cheney of her leadership post over her impeachment vote and
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georgia's marjorie taylor-greene of her committee positions. house minority leader kevin mccarthy says he unequivocally condemned greene's anti-semitic, violent, and conspiracy-filled comments but would not remove her from the education or budget committee. >> she said she was wrong. she has reached out in other ways and forms. nothing she's said has been based upon since she's a member of congress. >> reporter: but greene has not publicly apologized tweeting wednesday, "no one was owed an apology, and she would never back down. after mccarthy declined to act, democrats announced they would, scheduling a floor vote thursday against greene. it's an unprecedented action. usually party leaders decide to remove one of their own. in 2019, gop leadership removed iowa republican steve king from his committees after he questioned when the term white supremacist became offensive. king lost in a primary last year. the most recent member to be expelled from congress was ohio democrat james traficant in 2002. he was convicted of ten felony counts including bribery, racketeering, and fraud.
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but that vote was about criminal action. today's vote is about politics and the continued influence of former president donald trump. former senator marco rubio's campaign manager terry sullivan >> the end of the day this vote is going to be -- we're going to they're going to be forced up or down. republican and democrat. the party is in the desert. it needs to find itself, and it needs to refind its principles. >> reporter: without committee membership, greene loses the ability to influence legislation that could impact her district. but all of this controversy is certainly raising her profile. she claims she's got a big supporter in former president donald trump, and she's been aggressively fundraising the last couple of weeks raising $175,000 yesterday in just 24 hours. anthony? >> kris van cleave. thank you. the pace of covid vaccinations in the u.s. is steadily rising, according to the cdc. more than 27 million americans have now gotten at least one
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shot. some rural areas in virginia are being left behind because of how the process is designed. our lead national correspondent, david begnaud, traveled to wise county in the southwestern part of the state. david, good morning. >> reporter: anthony, good morning to you. appalachia couldn't be prettier or poorer in some places. we came here to tell the story of what is essentially the little guy asking for a seat at the table. health wagon has been servicing this part of the area for decades and they give their services for free. some of these patients are coal miners, they have black lung disease. there are tons of pre-existing conditions among people here. they are among the most vulnerable in the united states. and they have not gotten a single dose of the vaccine. >> y'all, wear your mask and stay safe, okay? >> reporter: the heart of appalachia beats with the help of nurse practitioner teresa tyson. >> how long did you work in the mines? >> 32 years. >> reporter: she runs the health wagon. the mobile medical clinic providing crucial health care to
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low-income and underserved people here in southwestern virginia. >> they don't have reliable transportation. they don't have the money for fuel to go to a clinic. >> reporter: for 28 years, nurse teresa has navigated these rural roads of appalachia to service those who otherwise may not get any medical care. what they need now, she says, is the vaccine. the health wagon services two health districts in the state. those districts account for about 2% of virginia's population. and this week they received about 2,100 doses out of the approximately 120,000 vaccines allocated to the state. now that's just under 2%. >> we are trying to get there. >> reporter: health wagon, which has more than 5,600 active patients, has not gotten a single dose. instead they've gone to mostly local hospitals, local health departments, and long-term care facilities. >> i'm just desperate to get the vaccine for my people. >> reporter: we went to dr. danny avula, the state's vaccine coordinator.
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he told cbs news there is not enough doses coming from the federal government to distribute to everyone who wants it. >> a month or two months from now as n new vaccines s come on scene we'll be able to start feeding all of these channels of providers and pharmacies who can get out the vaccine at large scale. >> reporter: as of today, virginia is deciding who gets vaccines based on population. nurse teresa says that's not fair. appalachia is more rural, but the need is enormous. >> vulnerable populations need to be a priority in receiving this vaccine. they have chronic health conditions. they actually live ten years less than our counterparts on the eastern shore of virginia. >> reporter: and they're poorer hee. health wagon says the poverty rate of the area it services is 54% higher than the rest of virginia. is there something you can do to get vaccines here for them quick? >> absolutely. it's called more doses. >> reporter: he is virginia's governor, ralph northam, who himself is a doctor. >> right now, david, we're
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getting about 120,000 doses a week. we need about 350,000. >> reporter: most of what i heard is teresa's doing great work, but she needs to be patient. what do you say? >> oh, my gosh. i can't be patient. i have to be a voice for the people that do not have a voice here. how can you be patient in a pandemic when people are dying? >> reporter: bottom line, west virginia needs more doses from the federal government. most states do, or the states need to be able to buy directly from the pharmaceutical companies. let me be fully transparent. when the governor of virginia found out we were coming here, his staff called cbs news and said the governor wanted to be part of the story. i interviewed him. i thought he was going to say he was sending doses here. he didn't. but gayle, nurse teresa is optimistic. she says with the governor on notice, so to speak, he knows what they need, and she thinks he'll help get something here soon. >> i think she has a point. i think she has a really good point when she said how can you be patient in a pandemic? people are dying, and you're afraid. thank you, david.
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something tells me the governor will figure out something sooner rather than later. thank you. to potentially good news in the push to reopen schools safely during this pandemic. the cdc says classrooms can reopen if teachers have not been vaccinated as long as covid protocols are met. san francisco is actually suing their own school district to force reopenings there. meg oliver with more on this story. >> reporter: dheyanira calahorrano's son started sixth grade this year, but he's never even stepped inside of his middle school. it like all public schools in san francisco shut down at the height of the pandemic. teachers have refused to return until a number of conditions are met including a staff testing plan and covid-19 prevention measures. how do you feel about the teachers unions refusing to go back in person? >> i think that's -- that's not right. they are not thinking about the kids. they are not thinking about how
7:12 am
the kids are being impacted. >> reporter: this has become amaru's primary classroom. >> at the beginning, he was engaged, he was motivated. then, you know, after all these months, they just are lost. >> reporter: san francisco backed by mayor london breed filed a lawsuit against its own school district wednesday in an attempt to force classrooms back open. city officials point to more than 100 private and parochial schools that have reopened with almost 16,000 students attending in-person classes in less than five cases of suspected in-school covid transmission. >> our kids are suffering. and the inequalities that existed before this pandemic have only become more severe. >> reporter: public school teachers like megan caluza say they're just as desperate to get back to the classroom but with proper safety protocols. >> we're relying on our state
7:13 am
government to provide everything that we have, and we just haven't had enough. >> reporter: for now, parents like calahoranno are doing what they can to help their kids, even if it means moving remote learning to a park. how does it make you feel? >> it makes me feel kind of like i'm not even in school. like i'm just on the computer sitting down waiting. >> reporter: teachers like megan caluza told us they want regular testing for students and staff and increased ventilation in schools. the san francisco unified school superintendent called the lawsuit frivolous, insisting they do have a comprehensive plan in place. lawsuits are multiplying nationwide. here in montclair, new jersey, they became the first district in the state this week to sue their teachers union after a staff shortage forced them to cancel their reopening plan in january. guys? >> meg, thank you very much. a couple of things that i know teachers are saying -- >> because you live with a teacher. >> because i live with a teacher.
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the cdc did a study that says it's okay to send kids back to school. that study was conducted in rural wisconsin. so if you work in new york or chicago or san francisco, you're going, the circumstances are very different. the second is, if bringing teachers back into school and kids back is a national priority, everybody believes it should be, then get the teachers vaccinated. >> yeah. absolutely. >> just get them vaccinated. >> it seems like a no-brainer. doesn't ittics tony? >> get them vaccinated. >> front of the line right now. >> put them at the front of the line, get them vaccinated. that will ease a lot of this. >> right now everybody's suffering. the kids are suffering, the parents are suffering, and the teachers are suffering. no win. >> exactly. my wife spends eight hours every day teaching zoom classes and immediately goes online again to look for an appointment for a vaccine and cannot find one. >> we should remember the villain here is the virus. >> yes. >> everyone's united in that fight. we want to let people know about news out of the pentagon. the pentagon is taking drastic
7:15 am
action to root out extremism in its ranks, ordering a military-wide standdown is what it's called. over the next 60 days for urgent discussions on the issue. according to military service records and court documents reviewed by cbs news, at least 16 of those arrested at the capitol riot are veterans, and two others are in the army oth reserve. during the stand-down the pentagon spokesman said leadership will communicate directly with their men and women about the department's behavior expectations and also extremist idealogy. leadership will also listen to gain further insight into the scope of this problem. during his recent confirmation hearing, defense secretary lloyd austin acknowledged extremist elements within the military, including white supremacy, saying the pentagon's job is to keep america safe from our enemies, but we can't do that in some -- if some of those enreece lie within our own ranks. meanwhile, the navy has released nearly 60 recommendations to address sexism, racism, and a lack of diversity in its senior
7:16 am
ranks, as well as how bias or favoritism impact promotion. the report found 77% of navy officers are white, which is in line with u.s. census data, but black and hispanic officers are still underrepresented. a former columbus, ohio, police officer is now charged with murder for killing a black man back in december. adam coy was responding to a nonemergency call when he encountered andre hill inside a friend's garage. police say the shooting happened within seconds, and coy failed to activate his body camera or give any medical aid. hill was left lying alone on the ground for several minutes. the footage you're looking at from the scene was recovered later, only after the fact. coy's lawyer says the former officer will plead not guilty. ohio's attorney general says the grand jury found clear evidence of wrongdoing, and the hill family's lawyer says they are cautiously optimistic. >> truth is the best friend of
7:17 am
justice. and the grand jury here found the truth. andre hill should not be dead. >> that does not necessarily mean there will be a conviction. so they understand that this is going to be a long journey to justice. >> this week the columbus city council passed andre's law, allowing criminal charges if a columbus police officer fails to turn on a body camera or call for medical help when necessary. so this is obviously an example of a city that is taking fairly swift action. it's interesting that the only reason any footage exists of this incident is because there was a pre-role technology on the camera. although the officer did not turn it on himself, the camera was rolling for 60 seconds prior. >> yep. which is why we have that video. >> yeah. >> you got to figure out a way to make the cameras roll -- >> continuously -- >> continuously. i don't think it's good that the officer gets to determine when it goes on and when it goes off. in this case, it's good they had the pre-roll. >> it's unclear whether the officer knew the pre-roll was
7:18 am
there. if we did not have it, we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> as ben crump said, a conviction is not guaranteed. but this is a good first step for the hill family in their quest for justice. >> same rules for everybody. >> you're right about that. ahead, the younger women who don't want a covid vaccine. they say they're worried that it could make them infertile even though there's no evidence to back that up. first, it is
7:19 am
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ahead we'll go inside the stadium hosting super bowl lv and ask a top nfl official about plans to keep 22,000 fans covid free. plus this -- first on "cbs this morning," former youth poet laureate amanda gordon's path from the inauguration to the super bowl and one more at least. ♪ irirresistiblyly delici ♪su.
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♪ ladies first. oh, memories. going back in the day. that is the feminist anthem "ladies first" from hip-hop royalty, that's queen latifah. ahead, the grammy award-winning
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artist and actor will join us to discuss her role on screen as a former cia agent and cbs show "the equalizer." she good, too. >> very excited about this show. >> she's great. local good morning. it's 7:26. i am michelle griego. city officials will announce san francisco's moscone center is becoming the newest mass vaccination site. it's in partnership with kaiser. first appointments available as early as tomorrow. city of oakland is facing a lawsuit from the grocer association after giving grocery workers a $5 an hour raise for pandemic work. the grocers association says that is too much of a cost increase. chase center is busy rescheduling concerts for this
7:27 am
coming fall. medical experts say by fall it's a definite possibility so long as at least 70% of the population has been vaccinated. i am gianna franco in the traffic center. we have significant brake lights for the ride along west bound 80. if you are getting ready to take east shore freeway it's slow at least from hill top area if not just beyond into richmond. a crash near solano, still blocking lanes. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. mary. it's a chilly start with patchy frost and breezy conditions in spots. as we head through the afternoon, enjoy the sunshine. mid 50s along the coast, upper 50s around the bay. with high pressure in control, we will continue our warm up as we look at the end of the work week and especially into the weekend. more clouds stream in as we
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♪ like that music. welcome back to "cbs this morning." millions of americans cannot wait to get a covid-19 vaccine, but many women undergoing fertility treatments say they are afraid to get the needle. doctors say there is no evidence whatsoever that the vaccines can lead to infertility, but that has not stopped baseless rumors from spreading on line. nikki battiste spoke with two women about concerns that the vaccine could affect their ability to get pregnant. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. a fertility treatment is already an incredibly personal and emotional journey. add to it a pandemic, and of
7:31 am
course it becomes even more difficult. i spoke with stacey claerk, a 36-year-old nurse, who will find out in her embryo transfer was successful, about why she fears a vaccine could jeopardize her chance to have a child. >> there's a lot of emotion. because i've going through this twice before and it wasn't successful. >> reporter: 36-year-old stacey clarke has seen what covid can do as a nurse during this pandemic. yet she still fears the vaccine as much as the virus. >> what if there is something in there that wasn't tested? will it cause females to be sterile? >> reporter: and clarke is hardly alone. how often are you being asked by patients if the vaccine causes inferti infertility? >> every day. >> reporter: jay huber is a fertility doctor in new orleans and says there's no evidence the covid vaccine causes infertility. what is the biggest
7:32 am
misconception? >> this concept that the vaccination will actually train the human immune system to create an antibody that can cross react with that vital placental protein which would ultimately cause infertility. >> reporter: is there any truth to it at all? >> we don't have any data to suggest that there is any truth to it. >> reporter: he says some of the confusion and concern comes from a small segment of dna that the placental protein and covid antibodies share. >> we'l give you antibiotics -- >> reporter: still he empathizes with patients like 41-year-old nicole linsley. >> it leaves me feeling uneasy. >> reporter: unwilling to take a chance. how much. this decision is that you don't trust the vaccine at all or that you're worried about introducing something that might interfere with your fertility journey? >> it's more about introducing something into my journey of fertility that i'm not sure what it will do. >> reporter: clarke says many female colleagues of childbearing age share her fears. what are your discussions about the vaccine with dr. huber? >> he, of course, very much
7:33 am
feels that there's enough evidence for me to get the vaccine. he has absolutely respected my decision. we've come to an agreement for the time being. >> reporter: you agree to disagree. >> yes. >> reporter: not even this cautionary tale from 35-year-old anna almendrala. she came down with covid after her last fertility treatment. >> i will always love you -- >> reporter: days later she was in the hospital writing this good-bye letter to her 3-year-old daughter. what do you say to women who are hesitant or to not want the vaccine at all, who are also going through fertility treatments? >> with the virus so widespread, you're either choosing between getting the vaccine or getting covid. >> reporter: with fortunately, she recovered and is grateful there is a vaccine. she will gladly take it when it's her turn. >> i think what this experience has really shown us is that we already have so much to be grateful for. i was a couple days away from losing everything.
7:34 am
>> reporter: the fda has cleared both the moderna and pfizer vaccine for use in women of childbearing age. although no pregnant women were included in the vaccine trials, a few dozen who participated did become pregnant. tony? >> thank you very much. i mean, the stakes are so high when you're trying to have a child. you can understand -- you want to take every precaution. >> yes. i felt for stacey clarke and could see why you're concerned and worried because there's so much that's not known. >> and like she said at the top, a personal decision at the end of the day. thank you so much. ahead, from mandatory masks to social distancing, an inside look at what's being done to keep 22,000 super bowl spectators safe from the coronavirus. and a reminder -- you can always get the news by subscribing to the "cbs this morning" podcast. hear the top stories in less than 20 minutes. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ as we count down to super bowl lv, we're looking at how health officials are working with the nfl to make sure the big game does not turn into a superspreader event. raymond james stadium which holds 65,000 people will be at roughly one-third capacity as the buccaneers face off against the chiefs sunday. jamie yuccas got rare pregame access inside the stadium to show us what's being done to keep the super bowl covid free. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anthony. welcome to raymond james stadium. it is an open-air stadium, and that's a good thing. i also want to show you these
7:40 am
giant l.e.d. light panels. they're not just going to be used for entertainment value. they're also going to be used to keep fans in the stands separate from the players on the field. the other thing the nfl is going to do -- hand out these n95 masks, n95 masks to all fans on sunday and every chance that the workers get, they're going to tell the fans to keep those masks on. >> hand sanitizer, face coverings required. six feet separating here as you wait in line. >> reporter: covid is making peter o'reilly's job more complicated this year. >> the top here you see those reminders -- >> reporter: ori'reilly who oversees activity for all 32 teams partnered with state and local health officials along with the cdc to keep sunday's super bowl spectators healthy. all 22,000 of them. is there any concern that this could become a superspreader event, that people leave here and go home and have covid? >> we feel very confident in our
7:41 am
protocols. we've got the learnings from more than 115 games this season. there's been no clusters, spread coming out of any of those games. >> reporter: in addition to mandatory masks, fans will be properly distanced in the stands with three open seats between each pod. and everything from ticketing to concession stand purchases will be done electronically. what happens when people do have one too many beers and maybe get a little lackadaisical in making sure that they're standing where they're supposed to or having their mask on? >> we have a significant number of staff whose role it is to remind people. we've got tremendous amount of signage, tremendous amount of sanitizer. our rules say you have to be able to look in front of you and behind you and see a hand sanitizing station. they're that prominent. >> reporter: florida has been hit hard by covid with more than 1.7 million coronavirus cases since the start of the pinellas county. >> florida is open -- >> reporter: florida governor ron desantis has come under fire for criticizing mask mandates
7:42 am
and casting doubt on lockdowns. can the city handle this? >> we can handle it. we are in a downward trajectory in our positive cases, but we're not taking our eye off the ball. >> reporter: tampa's mayor issued an executive order requiring people to mask up in densely populated outdoor areas. the penalty for those who don't -- a $500 fine. i got to ask you, i've walked around a little bit. there are a lot of people not wearing masks. you who are you going to enforce it, especially outside? >> most people aren't used to wearing them outdoors, but our community will adhere, and then we expect that the visitors will, as well. people arrive at the airport, the first thing they're going to hear is "you need your sunscreen, your sunglasses, and your mask." >> reporter: is there a lot of pressure on you to get this right? >> there is. i understand the responsibility, and i accept it. >> reporter: the players, coaches, and their entire households are all being tested
7:43 am
for covid every day leading up to super bowl sunday. the tampa mayor says she expects the only people to leave disappointed are the kansas city fans. we'll have to wait to see about that. in case you were wondering, yes, anthony, gayle, and tony, you are doing your part to make sure the fans are spread out. you got good seats, too. you're in section 115. >> we were wondering about that. >> that's the closest we've been together since the virus ascended on the country, as well. >> jamie, you said those are good seats because klaus who's on steady cam sent me that picture yesterday. i said, are our seats good? he said they're in the corner of the end zone near the cbs set, not great. they looked good in that picture. i think jamie's being nice. >> better for the -- >> get us an upgrade. see if you can work on
7:44 am
7:45 am
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7:48 am
♪ time for -- >> miley cyrus. >> can't stop, won't stop. speaking of, vlad, congratulations, you got a victory over marion in a board game, your wife. the first time ever. we have a picture. she's not in the picture here. >> just my victory drink -- my victory drink. >> did she walk out the door and you took a selfie stick -- >> i can never beat my wife in board games. she plays difficult board games and i'm difficult at them. this is the first time i beat her at a board game. it's called "ticket to ride." pretty easy. my glory days of "candy land" and "chutes and ladders" will never be replicated. >> if there's drinks involved, i'll play "candy land" with you. >> games and puzzles, tony. here are a few stories we think you'll be talking about --
7:49 am
for the first time ever the golden globes have nominated more women than men for best directors. the three talented females in the running are emerald fennell for "promising young woman" and chloe zhao for "nomadland" regina king for "one night in mia miami." that's an impressive group. >> very impressive. wanted to share this because this is the first time more than one woman has made the directing short list in a single year. netflix dominated the competition with a jaw-dropping 42 nominations. david fincher's "man ma"man" le 46. and watch actress kaley cuoco burst into tears when she learned she was nominated for "the flight attendant." this is the first time she's not back up for golden globe. only five female directors have ever been nominated. >> century decades. extraordinary. >> and barbra streisand was the only winner in 1984 for "yentl,"
7:50 am
katherine bigelow and ava duvernay. now we have three. >> they're up against david fincher and arron sorkin, but great to see. >> and jason sudeikis ted lasso. >> great show. first on "cbs this morning," we're proud of this. with a special edition of "time" magazine, we're revealing who is on the cover. amanda gorman. >> we know her! >> yeah. >> nice. >> the youngest -- >> in yellow. >> the youngest inaugural poet in u.s. history recited her poem "the hill we climb" at president biden's swearing-in ceremony last month. this photo of gorman is called an indepth nod to maya angelou and her famous memoir "i know why the caged bird sings." angelou was the first female inaugural poet in 1993. "time" teamed up with author, advocate, and cbs news corrector who we love here, ibrahm x. kend dee," as he marks this as the black renaissance.
7:51 am
the issue features actress, film, television, music, theater, exploring racial justice. gorman sold us she's proud to be part of a larger movement putting black life at the center of our art. >> she looks beautiful. >> she does. so many great things happening for her. >> stunning. and yellow's her favorite color, too, i found. >> i love that america is sort of discovering her. she this like a million pre-sales of her book before it -- >> three books. >> yeah. >> i do want to say for the sake of "cbs this morning" that we had five poems from her before -- we're so happy the rest of the world found out, but we saw it early. >> we're not late to the amanda party. >> we were not surprised by the inaugural poem. miley cyrus is showing how she's getting ready for her super bowl performance this sunday. it's sure too leave you out of breath. ♪ >> let me explain what's going on here. >> i hope the neighbor is
7:52 am
calling right now like what is happening -- >> she put this on her instagram page. you see her belting out "bikini kills rebel girl." she's headlining the tiktok tailgate show which will stream on the league's tiktok page ahead of the big game showing that she, you know, to sing the way she sings and to be on stage for all that time takes a lot of power. >> yeah. she's got a power voice, too. >> she has a fabulous voice. thanks. ahead, first on "cbs this morning," a troubling report about toxic substances and what might be -- >> he did it. that was fast. ththis is crazazy! (laughining) you comingng? seseriously? i it is way too comforortable in h here. the alall-new sienenna. toyota.. let't's go placeces. if you h have... ...mododerate to s severe psoriasis,s, ... ...l.little thinings... ...can bececome your b big mom. thatat's why thehere's otezl.
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good morning. it is 7:56. i am michelle griego. an armed man has been arrested in san jose suspected of planning a shooting at the valley fair mall. police learned about the threat on social media and tracked down the suspect who was said to have shoulder length purple hair. after a year of covid and unprecedented challenges one of san francisco's biggest celebrations will look a lot different this year. streets of china town will be very quiet this lunar new year with many businesses closed since march. san jose leaders calling on
7:57 am
governor newsom to prioritize equitable and proportionate vaccinations. today, leaders who represent hardest hit areas in santa clara county will urge the governor to help with the plan. i am gianna franco in the traffic center. i want to show you our travel times. we haven't seen this in a while. all major freeways with exception of 880, nimitz, are seeing slow and go conditions. starting with the altamont pass, business as usual out of tracy into the livermore valley. east shore freeway, a crash, clearing through richmond. highway 4, no accidents but busy. mary. gianna, it's a clear, cold start. we are down to the 30s and 40s with patchy frost and breezy in spots. as we head through the afternoon, enjoy the sunshine. high pressure is building in, mid 50s along the coast, upper 50s around the bay, lo
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ it is thursday, february 4th, 2021. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king. that's tony dokoupil and that's anthony mason. troubling new findings about toxins in some baby foods, yikes. first on "cbs this morning," a new government report on t the popossible ririsks. >> backlklash grorows agagai country star morgan wallen over his s use of a r racial slur. the fast moving fallout and wallen's response. and queen latifah is the equalizer in her new show on cbs. she'll tell us how the show tackles the real life fight for justice in america. >> looking forward to that. first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00.
8:01 am
>> the republican party facing a very stark choice about its future. at the center of all this is marjorie taylor greene. >> congresswoman liz cheney survived an effort to remove her from gop leadership. she had faced public anger for voting to impeach former president trump. >> this private vote over liz cheney gave some republicans the opportunity to defy president trump without having to do so publicly. that will be a little bit different in today's vote. >> we are trying to get there. >> appalachia couldn't be prettier or poorer in some places. we came here to tell the story of what is essentially the little guy asking for a seat at the table. >> the cdc says classrooms can reopen if teachers have not been vaccinated as long as the covid protocols are met. >> teachers told us they want regular testing for students and staff and increased ventilation in schools. >> a barber the chief brought in to give the players haircuts last sunday tested positive for
8:02 am
covid-19 while giving the cuts. >> why do they need haircuts? they wear helmets to work. there is no reason. daniel killgore, he got worst deal, he was getting his haircut when the barber got pulled. now not only will he maybe miss the super bowl, he looks like a chia pet. >> very nice, we'll talk about that later on too. that's a great story. we're going to begin with this, today house republicans will be forced to publicly vote on the future of controversial gop congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. democrats scheduled a vote to remove her from her committee assignments in light of her past comments like denying school shootings, and pushing anti-semitic conspiracy theories. now, some republicans say that greene apologized privately yesterday, but publicly in the public she has continued to double down. kevin mccarthy has condemned greene's views, but also defending a decision not to remove her from her committees. >> she said she was wrong.
8:03 am
she has reached out in other ways and forums and nothing she said has been based upon since she's been a member of congress. the voters -- the voters -- the voters decided she could come and serve. >> well, republicans did not vote on greene's future, they did vote on a push by some gop members to oust liz cheney from her leadership role over her vote to impeach former president trump. cheney easily survived the effort. first on "cbs this morning," a disturbing new government report out this morning says baby food from some of the country's largest manufacturers is tainted with toxic heavy metals and if that doesn't get your attention, nothing will. the report from a u.s. house subcommittee looks at several companies own internal documents and says those baby foods have significant levels of substances including lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury. the metals can be dangerous to babies and toddlers' brain development.
8:04 am
consumer investigative reporter anna werner is following all this for us. good morning to you. >> good morning. tony, parents often say they're looking for the healthiest, safest food they can feed their babies, free of chemicals and anything that might harm them. but how do you look for something you're not even aware of. carrie kerner had her first child chloe a year ago, and ever since she's been paying close attention to what's in chloe's babyby food. >> i just look for ingredients if there was any added preservatives or sweeteners or added sugars, i wouldn't buy it. i basically just wanted to get organic. >> reporter: but one thing she says she and her husband brian who was a doctor never worried about was whether the baby food contained toxic metals. >> that's the least thing a mother wants to think about, you're already worrying about choking, and about what goes into these foods, that's very concerning as a new mom. >> reporter: a new congressional
8:05 am
subcommittee investigation finds major concerns over the presence of metals in baby food. the report says baby foods are tainted with dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals, including arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury. researchers say developing brains of babies and young children are uniquely vulnerable to toxic chemicals, which can cause permanent brain injury, with risks for lowering iq, problems in school, even criminal behavior later in life. and that's why congressman radja krishnamoorthi told us giving heavy metals out of foods sold for infants is critical. >> i don't know a mom or dads n baby's foods. >> reporter: of the four that did, all showed the presence of lead, arsenic and cat dmium in e test results, that eclipse maximum levels set for other products.
8:06 am
for example, the report says compared to the levels allowed by the fda in bottled water, the results were up to 91 times the arsenic level, up to 69 times the cadmium level and up to 177 times the lead level. we asked all seven companies for comment, those who responded said they are committed to safety. all told they either comply with government standards have developed their own internal quality and testing standards or both and several said they're part of the baby food council, a group formed with the goal of voluntarily reducing heavy metals in baby foods. but the problem is not new. consumer reports did its own spot check testing of 50 naonalti distributed baby foods in 2018. finding every product had measurable levels of at least one of three heavy metals, two-thirds had worrisome levels of at least one heavy metal. consumer reports james dickerson says parents should not panic, but take steps. >> that'ss the real bigig issue. you wanant to minimimize the ri
8:07 am
you can't eliminate it entirely, but you can minimize it and there are steps that we can take. >> reporter: he tells parents to limit rice and sweet potato products which tend to absorb more pollutants because of the way they're grown. to avoid snacks like crackers and puffs which had higher levels of heavy metals and to vary their child's diet. and congressman krishnamoorthi believes voluntary industry efforts aren't enough, he plans legislation to increase fda oversight. >> now we need the fda to step into the breach and do what i think the american people believe is its job to do, which is to make sure that the food that their babies consume is safe. >> we have a number of producers on our staff who after hearing this said now what do i do? do i throw out all the food in my pantry? experts say the answer is no, they don't want people to panic, they say it is all about balancing your infant's diet and
8:08 am
moderation. and we asked the fda for its response, the agency says it is working to get toxic elements out of foods, but it acknowledges there is more work to be done. and anthony, by one group's estimate, nine out of ten of the baby foods that they tested in 2019 had no federal safety limit for these heavy metals. >> well, everything about this is alarming, anna. i'm with the mother you interviewed, carrie kerner, who said we have so many other things to worry about, you don't think about this, but you have to. anna, thank you very much. morgan wallen was pulled off hundreds of radio stations after he was recorded using a racial slur. ahead, we'll look at the growing backlash against him and whether this could lead to lasting reform in
8:09 am
8:10 am
hip-hopop iconn queueen scored an oscar nomination for her performance in "chicago". ahead, at ward winning actress will j join us to talk about starringng in the tv reboot of "the eqequalizer."" you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you for that. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. ...thehe itching ...t.the burningng. the ststinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, madede my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™ withth tremfya®, adultsts with modederate toto severe plplaque psoririas. ...can u uncover clelearer skind imimprove sympmptoms at 1616 w.
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fasesenra may cacause alallergic reaeactions. get helplp right awaway if yu have swewelling of y your fa, mouth, a and tongue,e, or trorouble breatathing. don'n't stop youour asthmama treatmentnts unless y your doctoror tells s you to. tell y your doctoror if you he a paparasitic ininfection oror your asththma worsensn. headachehe and sore e throat may occur.r. this is ththe sound ofof fasen. ask k your doctotor about fafa. ifif you can't't afford your medicication, astrtrazeneca mamay be ablble to help.p.
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8:15 am
backlash against country music star morgan wallen are growing after he was recorded using a racial slur. the 27-year-old has had the number-one album in this country for the past three weeks, and it's smashed streaming records. he was considered the future of country music, but now his songs are no longer being played on hundreds of radio stations around the country. his recording contract has been suspended. vlad duthiers has more on this story. good morning. so disappointing. >> good to see you again. the country music industry responded swiftly yesterday. while many people to this zero-tolerance reaction in nashville is overdue, the question is whether country music's culture will actually change. this video obtained by tmz shows singer morgan wallen friends over the weekend. at one point he shots the "n" word. >> hey [ bleep ] -- >> in a statement he said, "i'm
8:16 am
embarrassed and sorry. i used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur that i wish i could take back. there are no excuses to use this type of lananguage ever.. i promomise to do better."." ♪ i don't t always wakake up in t momorning ♪ >> repeporter: fafallout was qu. wawallen's lalabel, big lououd records, sususpended hisis recog cntract indedefinitely.. the country music association removed its content from platforms, and the action of country music said he is no longer eligible for its upcoming awards ceremony. ♪ >> reporter: wallen became one of country music's biggest stars this pasast year.. > wellll, i did not expectt t thisis. ♪ >> repororter: just threeee wee ago,o, his second album debutut atop thehe billboardd chart and broke thee record for thehe mos coununtry albumum strtreams eve 240 millilion in its firirst we. ththe album's success came despe other controversies. last may, wallen was arrested at kid rock's nashville bar for
8:17 am
public intoxication and disorderly conduct. but the charges were dropped. and "saturday night december. >> to no consequences. [ cheers ] ♪ >> major radio groups like sirius x.m. and iheart media have stopped playing wallen's music. so has radio host bobby bones. >> i like morgan wallen as a person. this i don't like one bit. >> reporter: some of wallen's nashville peers also denounced him. maren morris tweeted, "we all know it wasn't his first time using that word. we keep them rich and protected at all costs with no recourse." one of country music's few black artists, mickey guyton, wrote, "so what exactly are yll going to do about it?" she added, "i do not believe
8:18 am
cancel culture. motion an must fear the weight of his wordsds but c c criticiz president bush in 2003, they were canceled. and just last fall, when chris stapleton said black lives matter on "cbs this morning," he was attacked on social media. >> country music as a culture is so toxic. >> reporter: andrea william is an author and journal frist nashville. she says it's too early to tell whether the response to morgan wallen will lead to lasting reform. >> this guy's on top of ththe world and lets this fall out of his mouth, right. like we got to talk about a culture that creates ththat. > i is there redemption, ant does it look like? >> i always believe in redem redemption for sure. i think he needs to get serious about what the actual changes
8:19 am
are that need to happen within himself and within the genre that he represents right now. >> spotify and apple removed wallen's songs from their featured play list, although his music is still available on its streaming sites. pandora, we're learning, has dropped him altogether. some of his biggest fans have come to his defense on social media. they say his apology is enough. according to tmz, the nashville naacp is inviting wallen to have a conversation to help him learn why his actions were hurtful. >> i hope he takes them up on it. you know, i agree with mickey guyton. listen, i'm a big morgan wallen fan. i love his music. "seven summers," "nothing like my hometown." love his music, his lyrics. the way he said the word, it flowed too easy from his mouth for my taste. i want him to understand how painful that word is and what the ramifications of it. i hope -- i don't think he should lose his career for this, i don't. but he's got to understand -- >> it's interesting when you hear someone like maren morris
8:20 am
say we all know he's used this word before. >> and williams makes a good point that you have to look at where it comes from. he's not the only one using it. his friends were there. it came out of his mouth -- >> it's good that the nashville community is speaking up and saying to him it's -- as big as you are, there is not okay. i really do hope he learns from it. i saw him as a one-man party. a little immature. had some growing up to do. i didn't think he was a bad guy. i still don't, but this was not okay. >> not okay. >> growing up continues. >> yeah. the growing up continues. >> thank you very much. ahead, the nfl is giving struggling families in tampa a place to call home. >> this is our apartment? >> it's yours. >> furniture, too? >> furniture. >> no. >> this is -- >> my god. oh, my god. i'm sorry. >> that's our first time seeing that. i love that. in "a more perfect union," we're going to show you how the forever 55 program will continue to make a difference long after
8:21 am
the big game is over. looking forward to this. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:22 am
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tonight, we'll be sharing more of our interview with chris rock in an exclusive to cbs news and bet special. we're calling it "no joke, chris rom and gayle king." catch it. the special reveals a different side of the award-winning comedian, good guy, and includes more of our conversation with him at his home. he opened up about being bullied as a kid, racism in america, and the pandemic. you know, there's trepidation among many people in the black community in particular about taking the vaccine. you're a black man. >> i'm a black man. >> how are you feel being this? >> do i take tylenol when i get a headache? yes. do i know what's in tylenol? i don't know what's in tylenol. i just know my headache's gone. do i know what's in a big mac, gayle? no. i just know it's delicious. >> two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese -- >> not i don't what's in the
8:24 am
sauce. now your farm to plate, everyone's farm to plate all of a sudden, all the crap -- do you know what's in froot loops? no. i just know they're delicious. >> but i know froot loops can't kill me or give adverse side effects. >> you hope froot loops doesn't kill you. you know. they're so delicious. i hope they don't kill me. >> i think if you just focus on the science, the experts say, there's no question about this vaccine. >> you focus on the science and also on who's got to take this thing. well, the richest, most powerful people in the world are white men over 60. and so -- >> what's your point about that? >> i'm just saying, if the money's taking it, it's probably good. >> okay. chris rock putting it in perspective as only he can. the special includes clips from chris' newest release on netflix
8:25 am
called "total blackout: the t ta good morning. it's 8:25. tomorrow a mass vaccination site will open at golden gate fields racetrack for people 75 and older. the site will be in the north parking lot. city officials announced a traffic plan aimed at making streets near great highway safer. new speed cushions, new all way stop signs, more traffic enforcement on weekends. schools could be open as soon as next week depending on case numbers in contra costa. students up to 6th grade who opted for hybrid model could be
8:26 am
back in class. good morning from the traffic center. you will see a few brake lights as you hit highway 4 west bound especially connecting out of concord towards 242 and along 680. it's usual stuff for now for the morning ride as you work your way through. there is a minor trouble spot on the south bound side. two lanes are blocked, 101 north bound. a crash there and it looks like traffic is slow as you work your way through out of mountain view. here is a look at your travel times. mary. bundle up if you are heading out the door. it's a chilly start in the 30s and 40s with clear skies and patchy frost. breezy in some locations. we head through afternoon with high pressure building in. we will see plenty sunshine and mid 50s ago the coast, upper 50s around the bay. seasonal daytime highs with start of a warming trend as we
8:27 am
head through the next
8:28 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's time to bring some of the stories that we call "talk of the table." anthony, you are in the number-one position. >> you know, we just had troubling news in the country music world. this is encouraging news. at least i see it that way. >> yes. >> tj osborne, lead singer for the popular duo brothers osborne, has come out. he is now the only openly gay artist signed to a major country label. osbourne announced the news in a "time" magazine interview. he says, "i want to get to the height of my career being complete who i am. i've kept a part of my muted and it's stifling."
8:31 am
he's get support from many stars including kacey musgraves who tweeted, osbourne is one of my best friends and one of the bravest people i know. love you, she said. she is -- he's getting a lot of love from all over which is really encouraging and great to see. >> what a day in nashville. on one hand you have that, on the other hand you have morgan wallen. very different things. >> both signs of change. >> exactly. >> still needs to change. >> i hope so for the better. i want to draw our viewers' attention to an important debate locally here in the new york/new jersey and connecticut area, but with national ramifications. it's a question over the best pizza in america. some lawmakers in connecticut have proposed a bill to make pizza the official cuisine of the state of connecticut -- >> what? >> yes. and one of those lawmakers said, and i quote, "there's no question in my mind that connecticut's pizza is better." >> fighting words. >> the new jersey governor's account replied simply n-o, that's where they stand. we all are familiar with the
8:32 am
pies in these three states. do we have a position here on the morning show? >> i don't want to disparage connecticut pizza. but i'm sorry. not even in the same league. >> gayle? >> i anchored the news for years, i know we got good pizza in connecticut. still got a connecticut number. we all got good things. i'm not going to choose. >> very politics of you. i will say frank pepe's new haven pizza -- >> i was going to say. if you got to pick in connecticut -- >> on the way to cape cod. mine is daniel kill gore of the chiefs might be having a bad hair day but at least he can laugh about it. kilgore tweeted #newprofilepicture after his ha haircut abruptly ended sunday. the barber had tested positive for the coronavirus and got the news while he was cutting the hair. that photo is edited for laughs. kilgore and demarcus robinson were placed on the reserved covid list. they still get to play in the
8:33 am
super bowl sunday if they continue to test investigation. >> man. >> can you imagine what that's like? the chiefs dodged a bullet, though, guys. 20 other players were supposed to be lined up to go to this barber including quarterback patrick mahomes. >> whoa. >> so everybody, please continue to test negative. >> it's a close shave. >> i know you're looking like, thanks a lot, dude. okay. moving on, we're excited about our next guest. she is multitalented queen latifah. she is one of the most versatile performers from music to movies. ♪ >> unity, we need that, too. she won her first grammy at the age of 24 for her femalee empowermenent anthem,, "you and" ♪ went on to become one of the leading women in hip-hop. now the oscar-nominated actress stars as former cia agent robyn mccall in a reboot of "the
8:34 am
equalizer." robyn mccall is a vigilante who fights for truth and justice for those in need. in this preview she's talking to her former cia handler, you intoeyeyintoto know him, too,, krith chchris . >> b baby sittining m millionaid oioil companieies -- working g for the c cia excxcep pay's a l lot better. hell, itit's the same chchessbo. yoyou know ththat. > see, t that's the problemet therere. eveverybody's s playing chess. nobobody's thinking about the living, breathing pieces that we sacrifice along the way. >> queen latifah. hi. also an executive producer. good morning to you. good to see you. may i just say this about the show -- already i'm going to go on a limb and say i've seen it, you got a hit on your hands. i remember when you were a little girl and you were saying you chose the name queen latifah because it meant delicate, kind, sensitive one, all of the things
8:35 am
you are. but this -- this character, robyn mccall, is a bad ass. she kicks butt and takes numbers. so i'm also told that they wrote this with you in mind. so when they approached you, you thought, yeah, i want this job? >> yeah. i was brought the project at univerersal telelevision. shee said, soso, w we're thinkn about you for "the equalizer." i was like, yes. >> had you watched it - -- were you famililiar with it? didid you watctch it -- hahad yn the denzel movieie andnd the ols show? >> yeyes. i did. ii usedd to w watch thehe old c show. and i loved thatt show.. and i j just -- i thought to myself like the opportunity to be able to get to play action again and to do those fun things, the sort of -- it came full circle, all the things that i've done in my career and in my
8:36 am
life, and being raised by attack officers, you know, tactical officer's kid, you know, a vietnam vet, and a schoolteacher, and so all of these like -- the emotion of saving lives and getting justice has always been something big in my household. >> yeah. >> and to be able to bring that to the screen and to -- especially at this time when we need it so much, i felt was important. >> as you mentioned, your dad was a police officer in newark for, what, about 18 years, i think, right? is this in any way an homage to him? >> always an homage to him. always an homage to him because, you know, he put his life on the line. he did it every day. he's -- he's been -- he's helped me through my whole career. he's gone with plea eme everywh i've gone. all my movies, sets, been there to support me and help me out and make sure everything was
8:37 am
safe and i was safe. >> yeah. >> you know, this is a big one. >> queen, this is tony dokoupil here. the show is fiction and exciting fiction at that. but it's also dealing with real-world facts of racial inequality. how do you balance that jump from entertainment to taking on real issues? >> i think the goal was to take on real issues, to kind of take things rippeped f from the heads and to, you know, to injecect tm into the show. and w we d didn't knonow when w stararted t this back in, you k late lasast year that ourur wor wowould turn upside down, that things that we needed to face and confront would be brought to the forefront in such a horrific and acute way. >> yeah.
8:38 am
>> but it's time. it's time -- a lot of people want justice. they want to see it exactly. they feel like meaningless. they feel like everything they've done is not worth it. we want to give some hope, and at the same time we want to, you know, let the good guys win for a change. you know, let the little guy win for a change or the little girl. in our opening episodes case. but you know, to see someone with robyn mccall's expertise use that for the everyday person, not just for people with money and power is really what we're about. you know, black women have been equalizing for years. >> yes. >> you know, from you, gayle, to stacey abrams to your best friend, oprah, you know, we have been doing this for years and years and years. our mothers, our grandmothers have been fighting uphill battles and even in this pandemic and economic downturn,
8:39 am
we've borne the brunt of this economic and physical disparity. we're going to hav to pull it up again. you know what i mean? >> i'm so glad to see you, though, as a lead, you know -- a female lead, black female lead in a show. i'm very excited, very proud about that. i'm curious, when you talk about justice, there's a big story bubbling up today in the country music world about morgan wallen who was caught on tape using the "n" word. now there's word that his career may be over. what does he need to do, how can he rehabilitate? you know, there are mixed voices coming in on this. do you think his career should be over? is there a chance for redemption and second chances here? what did you think when you heard about the story? >> i just caught -- i barely caught a whiff of this last night. as you can see, i got this big, huge set behind me. i was on this thing into -- early to late. i don't have a lot of time to catch what's going on -- >> you don't want to comment if you're not familiar.
8:40 am
i get that. >> i don't. there's redemption for as a child of christ, i think there's redemption for everyone. i think you got to seek it and want it and, you know, we seen the best and worst come out of people over the last year. and it's time for people to seek the best in themselves and find their northern compass again. they've lost their moral compass, and it's time for them to figure out which way is north, which way is south, east, and west, because everybody's doing this. people need to figure it out. you know what i mean? >> you're so right. i like when you said you got to seek it, you got to want it, so well said. a special plug for "living she said she wouldn't mind if you brought it back. just passing that along. do with that what you will. >> i'll take that.
8:41 am
we've tried, we're working on it, and actually, i mean, i don't think i would have got there job if perlina wasn't such a big "living single" fan. i'll take that. >> all right. you got a lot of support. cheering you on always, queen latifah. the show is called "the equalizer." it premieres this sunday, good positioning right after the super bowl. i'm morgrgan, and ththere's me to me ththan hiv. more love,e,... momore adventuture,... more c community.. but wiwith my hiv v treatment,.
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8:45 am
our series lv and it's chang. >> reporter: they came looking for food starting last april. their desperation peaking with the pandemic. 500 cars, day after day, outside metropolitan ministries in tampa. for many, hunger gave who never needed our help before. >> reporter: you're trying to stabilize a family in crisis? >> absolutely. and what we do at metropolitan ministries is help them navigate out of that crisis toward
8:46 am
self-sufficiency. >> reporter: 100 families in crisis have temporary housing here. 90% led by single working moms like traci lewis. what was the lowest point? >> i was eight-months pregnant, walking up and down outside like -- i ain't got nowhere to go. what's going to happen? am i going to have to stay outside with the baby? >> reporter: metropolitan ministries gave lewis housing. they helped reunite her with three daughters living in jamaica. but without a car, getting to work is a struggle. that's where the nfl came in. the league pledged $2 million to tampa nonprofits like metropolitan ministries which identified 20 families in need. >> we'll come up with a custom program for each family and really take them over the hump and be part of a legacy to our community. >> reporter: traci lewis got the car she needed. a 2020 ford escape. >> i wasn't even expecting a brand-new car. just wanted something that will take me to and from.
8:47 am
it's really a blessing to have. >> reporter: the nfl's looking in part to leave a legacy in tampa. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: you're the legacy. >> hi. >> reporter: alexia shepard fled with her two kids from an abusive relationship. even dumpy hotels became unaffordable when she ran out of money last october. >> so we were living in my car for two days. >> reporter: two kids in a car. sleeping. >> a lot of crying. a lot of praying. a lot of i didn't ask a lot of whys, but i was like -- don't ask why, just fix it. >> reporter: her resilience struck derek brooks, the former tampa bay buccaneers linebacker and co-chairman of the super bowl host committee. >> man, you just respect her grit, her grind, as a single parent to never give up on herself and never give up on her kids. >> reporter: lewis needed a permanent place to live until now. >> whoa. this is beautiful. wait, there is our apartment?
8:48 am
>> it's yours. >> with furniture? >> furniture. >> no. >> this is you. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. i'm sorry. >> me to need to apologies. >> i don't mean to -- to apologize. >> i don't mean to cry. >> reporter: affordable housing, a brand-new three-bedroom apartment. no one should have to live in a car. >> what to say. >> a little overwhelming -- >> it's overwhelming, but i thank god, and i thank y'all. >> reporter: that is this super bowl's legacy. it will live in tampa long past whoever wins the big game on sunday. >> it's a beautiful legacy. what is better than life change for 20 families that have come out of homelessness? >> reporter: now that traci lewis has a car she's saving to rent a house later this year. alexia shepard is studying to become a nurse. the nfl will cover her tuition, $5,500. to
8:49 am
tony? >> incredible story. amazing program, as well. >> i like what she said, mark, don't ask why, just fix it. don't ask why, just fix it. and then her clear emotion when she said, "i get the furniture, too"? >> when you don't have money, your mind goes right there right away. yes, the furniture, too. >> what's encouraging, not a momentary fix. you can tell this is going to libe literally changes people's lives. i will save you the google. where can i watch the super bowl? we'll tell you now -- you can watch it on cbs. and on today's paciodcast, r our conversation with actor sacha baron cohen nominated for three golden globes for "the trial of chicago seven" and "borat."
8:50 am
great party carly you must of blown your budget. not exactly. you have great wine name brand snacks tons of meat, and where did you get this imported cheese? hello? grocery outlet bargain market. want some peanut butter with that? no thanks, just us. more beef for less bacon. don't be jelly. ♪grocrey outlet jingle♪ raise a glass... to savings!
8:51 am
8:52 am
we had a lot of news, lots to discuss. for me the takeaway is queen latifah said "living single"
8:53 am
could make a comeback. >> i not the words were "we're working on it." >> the fact that she's working on it means she's open to it. if she's open to it, that means it could happen. shawna thomas, maybe you started some ing here. that
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning. it's 8:55. state assembly members announce new reform measures aimed at improving the edd today. found the. dd ignored multiple warnings as more than $10 billion was stolen. moscone center will become the newest mass vaccination site in partnership with kaiser and other health providers. the california grocers association says the approved
8:56 am
$5 an hour raise for grocery workers is too much for retailers to absorb without consequence. we still have a slow spot along the east shore freeway, seeing yellow on our times as you travel through. give yourself 28 minutes to go from highway 428 connector, hercules. the ebay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on. if you are taking the altamont pass. pockets of slowing as you head to union city and again into fremont. a busy ride south 242 getting on 680 in pleasant hill. mary. you can see all the sunshine on the live traffic cameras. here is another view of sales force tower camera. it's a chilly start, in the 40s now with that sunshine. as we head through the day with the ridge of high pressure in place, we are looking at daytime highs slightly warmer compared to yesterday. we will continue on the warming trend with mid 50s along the
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
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