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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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we are told a man is his talk in his 20s was in the crosswalk and was on the ground unresponsive after being thrown a considerable distance. again, this was an eight car crash. witnesses say the intersection was a mess. >> a white car here. there was a red car. it was horribly crushed. >> this is an intersection not unfamiliar to tragedy. it was two years ago back in march of 2019 14-year-old with hit and killed in a crosswalk at this intersection. supervisors have asked for traffic calming measures to try to get traffic to slow down. when of the victim in the
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crosswalk and hit was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead at 1:45 this afternoon. our other big story is in the santa clara county. all county residents 65 and older cannot get vaccinated at any county side. that is even if the have private insurance. evan tells us it is a major policy change to simplify the vaccine rollout. >> reporter: major change. how to distribute the limited supply has become one of the most discussed and contentious issues. how do you do it efficiently and fairly? of those two things are not always the same. while a lot of people praise the county's new policies today, others say a lot more has to be done to help some of the hardest hit communities. >> trying to get an appointment at kaiser was frustrating.
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>> reporter: juliet ended up at the registration site after failing to lockdown an appointment with kaiser. >> finally saying i can't do this any longer. >> reporter: kaiser has been dealing with shortages of the vaccine that have forced them to cancel appointments. >> when we saw kaiser was forced to cancel clinics we had to ask ourselves, how can we fix that? >> reporter: the solution was to open vaccination sides to everyone aged 65 or older even if they had private insurance. >> given that was to have ciine, illisupply, it a challenge. >> reporter: more than 80% of the deaths from covid-19 in the county are 65 and older making them a priority. there is still a lot of work to be done. the county estimates 37% of people 75 and older have been
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vaccinated and only 28% of people 65 and up. san jose city councilmember magdalena says the distribution planhoul er vaccine searto th communities where the most people are getting sick and dying. >> if we are going to make sure that our folks are going to survive the pandemic, we need to make sure we first get to them. >> reporter: at the county's vaccination site we found 84- year-old james oliver who summed up the hopes and frustrations of what so far has been a rocky rollout. >> i think everyone is working on trying to resolve the issues, full speed ahead and get it done. devon, if you can go to the county instead of your private provider, how do you sign up? is there a website? is there a phone number? >> reporter: the county has a website where you can make an
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appointment. previously, if you had private insurance, it would redirect you to your insurance providers. now, basically anyone can sign up on the county website, make an appointment and go to one of the clinics. >> devon, thanks. we are hours away from the opening of a new high-volume that mass vaccination hub in san francisco. a busy day of setting up vaccination stations. beside officially opens tomorrow and a limited number of doses were administered today. seniors 65 and older are eligible to get there shot here but they first must make an appointment on the website. >> so that when vaccine is readily available we are ready to go. 10,000 vaccines per day in san francisco. looking live at san francisco. a group made up of local leaders, lawmakers, and parents have launched a petition to reopen schools.
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parents announced the petition moments ago at josc elementary school. >> all of the misinformation and finger-pointing is not helpful and we must put politics aside and asked our district and labor leaders to come to the table and come to an agreement that will allow for our schools to safely reopen for our children. >> they are collecting signatures from locals asking for an agreement no later than february 18. the city announced yesterday it is suing the board and the school district for failing to come up with a plan. both fire back they should be supported rather than attacked. across the bay livermore, parents and teachers at odds over how to return to the classroom safety. juliette goodrich is live therefore as is live there for us. >> reporter: we have seen parents all across the district chanting we want to go back to class, that our kids go to school. teachers want that too. i talked to a couple of them.
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they want to see their students but they want the vaccination first. >> i am a cancer survivor myself. if i thought for even a second my kids were in any kind of harm or danger i would not fight this hard for them to be back in school. >> reporter: in the village with a large group of livermore payment to have been very vocal about getting their children back in the classroom. >> this is doing a lot of harm to our children mentally, physically. >> reporter: there is one thing she says she needs. >> i don't have any desire to go back to the school sitting setting until i am fully vaccinated. >> reporter: others say it is unfair to compare teaching to other front nine jobs like a grocery store job. >> teaching is different. i have never spent 6 1/2 hours in the grocery store with a small group of the same people
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take we spent over an hour with multiple sets of students were spending over an hour with multiple sets of students. >> reporter: the cdc says schools can reopen if teachers did not have the covid vaccine. >> i would love to see my students in a safeway. >> if -- our classrooms are very small. we can't really do the six foot distancing with the class sizes we need. >> reporter: both sides hope to come to an agreement to to help salvage what is left of the school year. >> to hear their side. however, my response would be that the district has spent enormous amounts of money revamping the filtration in the air duct systems which was the demand of the union. >> i 100% love our teachers and i have always supported them. i still am in support of them. they do a great job for the
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most part. this has been a nightmare situation for everybody. i really do feel a lot of them are doing their best. it is time. >> reporter: what is the timeline? coming up at 6:00, we will hear from some other teachers were hoping to be back in the class by march if they should get the vaccinations in the next couple of weeks. segment has impeachment managers are calling on former president trump to testify in his own senate impeachment trial next week but his attorneys say that is not going to happen. they are calling the demand a public relations stunt. interlude new letter they asked me former president to answer questions under oath about his conduct on january 6th when mobs of supporters stormed the u.s. capitol building. impeachment managers is a a refusal to testify was support a strong interference regarding mr. trump's action and in action on that day. natalie brand tells us of the house of representatives
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has taken action against a freshman republican lawmaker for her past comments. >> reporter: liz, tonight, 11 house republicans joined with democrats in voting to remove georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor green from her committee that is labor and education as well as budget. this is a significant political punishment for the freshman republican with a history of incendiary statements. >> the yeas are 230 and the nays are 199. the democratic controlled house has voted to strip mayor marjorie taylor green from her committee assignments. >> unappointed refuser to denounce our releaser. >> everybody has done things they wish they didn't do.
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with next? >> she has questioned whether school shootings including parkland and sandy hook were staged. she claims there is no evidence a plane hit the pentagon on 9/11 and reportedly liked social media posts calling for violence against some democrats. >> these were words of the past. >> in a speech thursday representative green walked back those comments say she now believes school shootings in the 9/11 attacks were real. >> i was allowed to believe things weren't true and i would ask questions about them and talk about them. that is absolutely what i regret. >> representative green came to this floor to defend her conduct. i d y. the freshman georgia congresswoman comes as the rift within the republican party has widened since former president trump left the white house. >> we are not going to be divided and we are not going to
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be in a situation where people can pick off any member of legislation. >> for house republican leader kevin mccarthy's reaction to all of this involving congresswoman greene, he says he condemns his, the comments but they agreed today's vote sets a new standard or precedent allowing the majority party to take power from members from who they disagree. speaker pelosi was asked if she was worried about that and she says if any of our members threaten the safety of other members we would be the first ones to take them off of their committees. thank you.
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still ahead streaming on his cbs ended bay area, a driver tears down a san francisco street. how a police officer got caught up in a wild hit and run. >> a clubhouse closed and then the thieves made their move. the historic items swiped from the landmark restaurant. >> how to enjoy the super bowl safely. one of the largest sports bars
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a san francisco police officer is recovering after a scary car crash. happened in the bayview neighborhood. a man driving a van slammed into the officer causing his unmarked police truck to overturn. >> i found out the white car was an off-duty officer. that is what make sense that
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they came over to our neighborhood so fast. cannot really come this fast for a car accident. >> the driver of the van is now in custody pending a hit and run investigation. [ no audio ] 5:00, police are on the lookout for thieves who stole historic memorabilia from the former clubhouse restaurant. that includes this black wool swimsuit, a relic of sutro baths. it has a value of $2000. u.s. park police released this letter of two suspects. park police say they broke into the building in the early hours of january 26th and also made off with art, tools, and other swimsuits with different designs. one resident says she has noticed some changes in the area since the pandemic started. >> it is sad. i think we need a little more protection in this part of town.
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this is really a landmark. this with the bath air is a big part of san francisco and why people come to this side of the town. it is a shame why we can't protect it and preserve it for future generations. >> the historic building has stood empty since new year's eve. the chronicle reports former clubhouse space could soon operate as a restaurant again. the report says the goal of the national parks service which owns the building could happen as soon as this spring. we are getting our first look at the armed suspect arrested after causing a scare at valley fair mall. san jose police say the 21-year- old seaside resident hunter title threatened to shoot up the mall. they were tipped off by the santa cruz police department after they saw him making those threats on a snapchat lifestream. within 45 minutes police
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tracked him down. they say title was found with this assault rifle and ammunition. they say his distinctive purple irspot his motive is still under investigation. lawmakers are taking a look at what led to the january 6th capital assault and what can be done to counter the threat of domestic terrorism. right now, the national guard presence remains in place around the capital building., and security officials are saying these increased safety measures need to continue. >> the district of columbia has requested 500 dc national guard personnel remain on standby to march 12th. >> they have also issued a military wide standdown pressing positive activity to root out extremism in the ranks. switching s.
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all will find this good-looking weather. >> we get to enjoy nice weather in the first weekend in february. we are about seven weeks ahead of schedule in terms of high temperature. tonight it will be a little chilly. clear skies with plenty of temperatures in the 30s. we warm-up with abundant sunshine overhead throughout the day and even warmer temperatures on saturday. a tiny setback on sunday. will close next week. a little cooler but our odds of picking up rain out of the clouds are very low. we will return to that in a second. let's take a beautiful look outside from the top of the hotel. blue skies for all of this and
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temperatures in the mid to upper 50s with a few spots in the 60s. 85 degrees in san francisco but the high temperature did get up to around 62 degrees in the city. this temperatures are a couple to several degrees above where we were several hours ago. we're talking 6-8 degrees above the pace of wednesday were in the and portions of the bay area and we will jump another 50 degrees for high temperatures tomorrow. by lunchtime temperatures will be above average. not a lot of variation. along the coast temperatures don't go too far from noon onward. up into the low to mid 60s near the bay. further in the and is where you're going to jump. high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. talk about the
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limited chances for rain . this takes us past presidents day and about halfway through the following week. it is a dry stretch of whether. this is one of the rainier months. below average doesn't necessarily mean zero. we will keep an eye out for any hint of moisture in the forecast. it will not happen. it looks
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like a really nice weather over the weekend. yeah. we need some rain but that shouldn't stop me --. how about antonio brown coming
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the super bowl kicks off in less than three days right here on kpix 5. >> dennis o'donnell is at his home instead of tampa. you're in the majority when it comes to traveling the big- game. >> i have got to say i don't miss media day. i will miss the game. only 25,000 fans will be allowed in the stadium sunday. the same goes for the media which typically sends an army of about 6000 strong into super bowl city. that is not the case this year. take a look at this photo. it looks like a ghost town. the nfl has allowed only 42 radio stations or podcasts to fill the tampa convention center. as of yesterday they were not at full capacity. compare that scene to miami last year. it is easy to see the toll cover has taken personal parties, concerts, the league
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could be in for more occur. i know we have learned to operate and find solutions and we will do it again. all signs point to antonio brown playing sunday in the super bowl. brown was suspended at the season by the league for contact problems. he spent an odd couple of months with the raiders in 2019 before being released. it seems his last -- >> i am not letting any outside
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noise diffuse my plan. >> brady actually led brown stay at his home while brown was looking for a home of his own in tampa bay. >> 11 a great comeback story. not so much for the football player. you can watch super bowl sunday right here on kpix 5. coverage starts at 11:00. kickoff event 3:30. read after the game, catch the permit of the equalizer followed by kpix 5 news at 8:00. more local news at 5:30. a plea to move up the vaccine priority list. why donors deserve they should become
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don't be jelly. ♪grocrey outlet jingle♪ raise a glass... to savings! him right now on kpix 5 streaming on a cbsn area, more local news at 5:30. a disturbing rising crime
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in the south bay prompting a lunar new year warning. tourism is a big driver of the california con economy. now, i big push to get major theme parks in business owner. as vaccinations are being built out, some essential workers are hoping to bump up in the line. great demand, short supplies. susie is here on shelter workers hoping to move up on the vaccine priority list. >> reporter: for jaleesa irizarry possible to practice physical distancing at work. >> most of the time we have to physically see people. most of the people don't have a phone so we wouldn'tbeable to orzoom meeting. >> she is the residential coordinator at home first. cesare had covid-19 once and is worried shco


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