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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 5, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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now at 11:00 breaking news about the suspect in a deadly bay area crash, a parolee a thirconavirus vae on the saara county
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changes its guidelines, what it all means. it is a big deal because it affects people's trust. >> plus while millions waited to get vaccinated how some people are jumping the line for a covid shot. after another brutal attack on an elderly asian man the new warnings across the bay area tonight. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area we have breaking news in san francisco taking a live look now, within the past 90 minutes a suspect in a deadly eight-car crash was identified as a parolee in a stolen car. that crash happened along lake merced boulevard near san ty kpix5's andria borba is there with some new information tonight. >> reporter: now the suspect in this case ran a red light and was driving southbound in the northbound lanes when this crash happened.
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lake merced boulevard is dark and quiet tonight, but this was the scene just before 8:00 this morning with eight cars tangled up and smashed. three people were injured and one man was killed. >> they had a white car here. i think it was a red. it was really badly messed up. there was a red car that was horribly crushed up and then there was a truck in the middle of the street. >> reporter: late tonight sfpd identified the suspect as jerry lyons who was driving a 2000 ford explorer stolen out of san jose. lyons was arrested in december 2020 by the chp for misdemeanor dui, driving a stolen car and driving without a license. he was sentenced to a 60-day jail term for violating his supervised release from state prison on a prior grand theft conviction. in a statement a spokesperson for the d.a.'s office said they had requested blood toxicology results so they could bring the dui case from december 2020.
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they received those results on january 22nd and say they began working with the chp to pursue charges and awaited his arrest. as of 8:00 this morning, mr. lyons had not been arrested in that case. amid the twisted metal a pedestrian was hit in the crosswalk and thrown in the air by the force of the impact. the 26-year-old was pronounced dead this afternoon. >> you don't want to see tragedy. >> do we know why this suspect wasn't in jail after that december arrest? >> reporter: that is the question tonight, ken. we don't know whether or not this was an issue of no bail. we don't know whether or not this was an issue of covid and not wanting people to be incarcerated and potentially spread the disease during this pandemic. we don't know whether or not that 60-day sentence he was sentenced to in december because of violating that parole has been served or is planning to be served or what the plan is with that. we don't know whether or not
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this is another entanglement with the parole department in the san francisco d.a.'s office. there are lots of questions to sort out. we will bring you those answers and stay on top of the story. >> andria borba live at lake merced boulevard in san francisco. thank you. you may recall on new year's eve a parolee in a stolen car was arrested in a deadly hit and run that killed two pedestrians in soma. he had also been arrested weeks prior and released. more breaking news, in the past 15 minutes we've learned a long time oakland police officer, lorone armstrong, is slated to be the city's next police chief according to the "mercury news." armstrong, a deputy chief and oakland native, has been with the department since 1999. he'll take on a job that's seen massive turnover over the last decade with ten oakland police chiefs since 2003. interim chief susan manheimer's contract ends this month. now to the very latest on
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the pandemic, tonight johnson & johnson has applied for an emergency use authorization from the fda. if approved, it could be a game changer. unlike moderna and pfizer, the johnson & johnson vaccine only requires a single dose. some major changes tonight to the vaccine rollout in santa clara county, kpix5's katie nielsen is at the fairgrounds to explain it all to us. katie? >> reporter: yeah, liz, county health officials today announced anyone over age 65 can now sign up to get vaccinated at one of these mass vaccination sites like the one here at the fairgrounds regardless of their health plan. getting shots in arms, that's the priority right now for santa clara county. >> the highest risk populations are 65 and older. >> reporter: according to county peck active dr. jeff smith, the state hasn't given enough doses of the covid vaccine to kaiser and palo alto medical foundation for people
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over age 65. that's why pened up the vaccination appointments to everyone in that age group. >> we know that we don't have a lot of vaccine, but we know that we need to focus on the older populations. >> reporter: but with johnson & johnson filing for emergency fda authorization today the hope is within the coming months there won't be so many issues with the supply. >> it will make it easier to get a lot of people vaccinated. >> reporter: the j and j vaccine is only one dose instead of two and can be stored for months at refrigerator temperatures, not the cold freezers needed for moderna or pfizer. in the j and j clinical trials in the u.s. their vaccine was 72% effective against moderate and severe infection and 85% effective in preventing serious symptoms in global trials. >> this is a very good vaccine. remember the fda said they would approve a vaccine that had 50% efficacy. >> reporter: while the j and j vaccine blocks a covid infection completely in about two-thirds of people, dr.
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schwartzberg says that will still make a huge impact. >> every person that's protected means that that person is not going to get sick and die and that person's not going to be spreading this virus. >> reporter: just for the sake of comparison, according to the cdc, the typical efficacy rate for the flu shot is 40 to 60% depending on the year. if the johnson & johnson vaccine is approved, it could roll out to these vaccination sites by next month. >> it's good to have a little perspective. thank you. we have some new video of an elderly man who was pushed to the ground in oakland's chinatown by a suspect who police say went on to assault two more victims. seen this before? you're right. it's just the latest in a string of attacks against asian americans across the bay area. kpix5's maria medina live in san jose with how police are
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sounding the alarm ahead of the lunar new year. >> these holidays involve gifts and money. so police urge the asian american community to be extra careful as they celebrate this woulclassify these attacks as hate crimes? >> absolutely. >> reporter: tonight a search underway for the suspect caught on video pushing this 91-year- old man on harrison street in oakland this past sunday. >> this is something that we must change and change it now. >> reporter: carl chan, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, says in the last few days chinatown has been quiet as fear takes over the community. the attacks against asians in the bay area, a growing trend. >> yesterday my mother was the victim of a robbery. >> rorter: smstore on nd street in sa. eir
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shattered. >> we're seeing countless elders in the asian american community being targeted, attacked and robbed throughout the bay area. >> reporter: as celebrations for the vietnamese new year as well as lunar new year approach, san jose councilman raul perales and police warn the asian community to be vigilant. kathy's mom was preparing for lunar new year when she was robbed. >> don't walk around with red envelopes in hand. >> those who wish to come here and commit crime against our asian american community or any community member of this community, we will relentlessly pursue you. >> reporter: chan is pleading for the violence to stop. >> please, we are all the same and we are the people of this community. >> reporter: carl plans to hand out whistles to residents. he also says the sheriff's office will step up patrols during lunar new year. meanwhile the victim in that video you saw as well as the
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two other victims did survive. >> shocking, hate to see that to anybody, especially the elderly. maria medina in san jose, thank you. still ahead as seniors and healthcare workers wait their turn, some people aren't playing fair. tonight jumping the line for vaccines. our system privileges the wealthy. >> it's after 2 a.m. in washington and congress is still working on nearly $2 trillion in covid relief, the new timeline. one popular east bay sports bar shares its game plan to make sure fans watch the big
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in just a few hours san francisco will be opening its first mass vaccination site. seniors 65 and older are eligible to get their shot at moscone center. so far about 10% of californians have gotten at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. >> but some aren't waiting their turn. in tonight's kpix5 original report, betty yu shows us how some people are jumping the line and the weak link in the system they are exploiting. >> absolutely. i would absolutely get a vaccine. >> yes, i will. >> i look forward to getting the vaccine. >> reporter: but ask if they would cut in line to get a dose, an emphatic no. >> it would be tough to consider jumping a line where my parents are in the mid- to
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late 60s. >> reporter: that said some truly bad behavior has percolated into public view. a canadian mogul and his wife allegedly violated public health rules. authorities claim they chartered a private plane, flew 300 miles to community in the yukon, ignored quarantine, posed as new motel workers and got covid shots intended for the indigenous elders. >> they should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: or this paramedic in florida accused of pocketing three doses. he did it at the behest of his supervisor, a fire departmnt captain, who wanted them for his elderly mother he said. the captain was also arrested. >> what were you thinking? >> reporter: while these cases are extreme, experts believe in the bay area there is a mad dash for vaccines all on an uneven playing field. >> i don't think anyone should think 'rabhavingthis reporter: pc healthyo
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at university of san francisco specializes in corruption and abuse found in healthcare systems says inequalities in the u.s. system can lead to jumping in line. >> our system privileges the wealthy. it privileges people who have health insurance, who have jobs, who have permanent housing and so those people are more likely to get closer up in the line and to try and influence the system. >> reporter: add to that a chaotic rollout of a limited vaccine supply during a deadly pandemic. >> there is confusion and where there is confusion there's always problems perform. >> reporter: dr. allison bateman is a medicallette ethicist at nyu. >> we don't really know because record keg is the weakness in our system. rep include preferential treatment
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to big donors, bribes, doctors hiring family members as temporary healthcare staff so they can get vaccinated and -- >> the one that hit me the hardest that i've seen was the idea of temporarily placing your elder in a nursing home so they could get access. >> reporter: as for the bay area, santa clara county public health took action and suspended additional vaccine doses to good samaritan hospital. the move came after the hospital offered to vaccinate teachers and staff at los gatos unified school district before reaching out to more eligible higher risk individuals. >> suggesting that staff should sign up registering themselves as if they were healthcare workers. >> reporter: the hospital regrets what it calls a mistake and submitted a plan offering stronger checks and balances. >> it is a big deal because it affects people's trust. >> reporter: experts fear distrust in the vaccine rollout will only encourage people to take matters into their own hands and not wait theirurn. >> i hn kobo nch n francisco's
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first neighborhood covid-19 vaccine site in the heart of the mission district to provide vaccines to an underserved community hard hit by the pandemic, but there are already report of wealthier outsiders coming in seeking vaccines. >> this goes out to my worry, well, the folks that are more affluent and live in nice neighborhoods, i ask that you really think about whether or not this particular moment you need to get this stuff. >> reporter: as for california, the state has new streamlined eligibility rules based on age and has hired blue shield to allocate vaccines and maintain a centralized database. the hope? >> that's going to help a lot to even out some of these discrepancies. >> reporter: time will tell if blue shield is up to the task. in the meantime in order to restore more confidence in the system, experts say we'll need more money, more people and a reliable supply of vaccines. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. >> the scams are not just local. the federal government is also
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warning the public about vaccine scams including ads on social media or craigslist promising early access. >> until there is a more reliable supply you should always go to an official source. taking a live look at capitol hill tonight, right now senate lawmakers knee deep in a marathon voting session over president biden's massive covid relief bill. it has the potential to go on all night they tell us. senate democrats are using the reconciliation process to pass the measure without any gop support, but before they can pass it any senator can offer an amendment to the budget measure. as of tonight about 700 amendments have been filed impacting issues like raising the minimum wage, abortion rights and reopening schools. here we go, kickoff super bowl lv is less than 72 hours
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away. >> tonight one popular sports bar says it has a game plan to make sure fans watch the game safely. with stay-at-home orders lifted o'sullivan's in newark is expecting good business sunday. the owner is setting up sanitizing stations, separating tables and putting heaters on the patio. some health officials say even with the precautions it's best to just stay home. >> when people have had a few drinks, they're projecting their voices. they're trying to eat those chicken wings. that is a recipe for spreading covid. >> we just want to stay open. so unfortunately if you don't want to, you know, kind of go with what our protocol is, you're more than welcome to go home. >> you can watch super bowl lv this sunday on kpix5. after the game catch the premier of the equalizer,
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closer to 70 degrees farther inland and tomorrow is not even the warm day in the forecast. that will arrive saturday with temperatures a degree or 2 warmer, but it counts and still very mild sunday. we back off slightly with those
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temperatures next week, but no rain in sight for the next several days. hey, paul, coming up how tom brady got a former raiders player career back on track and in the super bowl. and could the warriors stand tall with a bunch of short players? i've got some short highlights next.
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everybody, the warriors already knew they would be without james wiseman and kevon looney before tip-off tonight eric pascal out with a knee injury leaving 6'7 andrew wiggins as warriors tallest player in dallas. second quarter, kelly oubre jr. wide open in the corner, dubs up 56-53, oubre 21 in the first half. final seconds of the quarter, josh richardson three ball, 15 threes in the half for dallas.
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it led only 76-74. third quarter anderson, two- handed jam, oakland up two. oakland native scored 14, all smiles under that mask. later in the quarter seven- point warrior lead, draymond green, one of his 15 assists to steph curry. golden state ran away in the fourth. oubre from downtown capping off a career high 40-point night, shorthanded and short warriors rolled to an impressive 147-116 win. >> well, sometimes these are the most fun games, you know, when you kind of go out with nothing to lose. >> a fun way to play for sure, but it was fast paced, a lot of energy. that's what it's supposed to look like with nine undersized guys. college hoops, cal could have used the real jason kidd against stanford tonight. second half cardinal up by ten, spencer jones cutting oscar
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desilva for the slam. desilva led stanford with 24. cardinal won, 70-55. they are 7-5 in conference, same two going at it sunday at the pavilion. the buccaneers want to keep up with the chiefs on super bowl sunday. tampa will need antonio brown's knee to be fully healthy. all signs point to brown playing on sunday and the game after practicing fully today. brown was suspended half the season by the league for conduct problems. he spent an odd couple of months with the raiders in 2019 before they released him, but it seems his life is back on track after spending quality time with tom brady. >> i think he made incredible strides over the last 12 months to get from where he was at to where he's at now. >> kind of put some things in perspective, sharpening my tools, making sure i got plans upon my goals and i'm not
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letting any outside noise defuse that plan. >> so i tell you what, kenny, antonio brown on one side, mike evans on the other. tom brady's weapons are locked and loaded for super bowl sunday. >> we got to talk about calling 6'7 players undersized. biggest guy in the room. >> true. >> come on. thanks, dennis. tonight talk about
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