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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  February 9, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on csn bay area, we are looking life of our exclusive sales force tower cam her on this tuesday morning or good morning, everyone. it is february 9th. i am michelle griego. itgood morning to you. another cool start for us, mary. yes, we are looking at those clouds as we have dropped the day with those temperatures very similar to yesterday. so seasonably cool. here is a live look in san francisco. you can see the clouds in the sky and our temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. 52 in concord, oakland 5149 in livermore, cisco 51 as well for san jose and a few sprinkles actually in santa rosa, few light showers there. as we head through the day, we are looking at temperatures right around where we should be for this time of year, 50 san francisco, low 60s in oakland, san jose as well as for
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concord. on future cast, you can see those clouds as we head through the rest of our day. let's chec thchelle for look attraffic and how the roadways out there this morning? so far so good, mary. taking look at the roads, you see most of it in green, but you see the little red right there, that is super commuters coming in from tracy. that is mostly in the green as well. 25 minute drive from 205 to 680 in dublin. we are going to look at our main travel times, just to take a look. everything in the green right now, still early, only 4:32. we will definitely keep a check on that as the morning progresses. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now, metering lights are off, so prcam. s likeseven minute drive from the macarthur maze into san francisco. life the news desk, breaking news right now in san jose, him on the side, police got the call just after 2:00 this morning, this is the 1400 block of santa clara street. when they got there, they found
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one adult male, a man who was there on the sidewalk. and at this point, we don't know anything about a suspect or a motive. the investigation is ongoing. both directions of santa clara street are closed from the 26th to highway 101. we don't know when that is going to reopen. we are going to keep you posted. throughout the morning, as to if we have any more clues on what happened here. this is san jose's fourth homicide of the year, back to you. thank you. happening today, northern california's largest vaccination site will welcome its first patients. it's in a familiar spot in the south bay. levi noon. of initially 5000 people it will be vaccinated. and that number will go to 15,000 a day once on the clare county gets up doses. yesterday, staff at levi's went through dry run's to make sure the process goes smoothly today. >> there's definitely a lot of challenges, logistically and doing in such a big skill. >> i'm praying they roll it out as quickly as they can. >> you can schedule an
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appointment if you are ineligible e iuke tuesday through saturday. mass vaccination site at the alameda county fairgrounds should open next week. the county is expanding eligibility, essential workers like teachers can now get the shot. vaccinations are also picking up statewide, nearly a month ago, less than 1 million doses had been administered. now that number is up to 4.75 million, 67% of our current supply. all of this comes as california continuesriend, reporting fewer cases of the coronavirus. right now, the positivity rate is about 6%. a month ago, it was more than twice that at 14%. for more on who is eligible for a vaccine and where to get one near you, just check out our online resource guide,
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happening today, we will find out what caused a helicopter crash and killed basketball legend kobe bryant and his daughter. the national transportation safety board releases its report. seven others were also killed last january. they were traveling to ventura county for a youth dockable tournament. the ntsb is also expected to make a new helicopter safety recommendations. previously, the agency said the crash was an accident. developing news, there has been another attack on an asian american senior in the bay area. this time a grandmother was beaten and robbed in oakland. it happened last wednesday at sixth avenue and international boulevard. video shows a 71-year-old woman walking across the sidewalk when two suspects approach, and they had hopped out of the car at the end of the block moments earlier. one suspect knocks her to the ground, before yanking her purse so hard, the strap breaks off. >> watching everything on social media and it's like happening really close to home and stuff too, so i called her
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right away and i was like, make sure you don't well, no, don't do anything, don't wear your badge or whatever. >> the victim's granddaughter says she warned her grandmother about the rise in attacks against asian seniors. the latest video follows a string of assaults on camera, including one that killed an 84- year-old man in san francisco. julie, and to the best of my ability, perform the duties of chief of police of the oakland police department. >> several of her attacks against asian community announced by oakland's new police chief, laurent armstrong. he was just warning yesterday morning to the oakland native his mom for how far he has come. >> one lady that brings three c at the age of 18, she told me when i was young, boy, there is something special about you.
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>> chief armstrong also said he chose his alma mater, kleiman's high school as the site for his swearing-in, because it has always made him feel at home. a live look at capitol hill, where today, the second impeachment trial of former president trump will begin. seb is reported, debra alfarone explains, democrats hope to persuade some republicans to vote to convict, even if the final tally falls short. >> advisors to former president donald trump are confident heading into his second impeachment trial today. >> we already know how this is going to turn out. there's no chance that there's actually going to be a conviction. >> reporter: democrats will try to convince at least 17 reicmr. trump incited an insurrection on the u.s. capital on january six strict. >> if you don't fight like, you're not have a country anymore. >> reporter: mr. trump lawyers called the case sterile and thin , political theater, and a danger to our public democracy and the rights that we hold
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dear. >> really what we are seeing here is cancel culture, via the constitution. >> reporter: house decent managers say the former president's behavior was the most previous constitutional time crime ever committed by a president. >> stripping something as momentous as this under the rug brings no healing. >> they argue on whether it constitutional for the senate to try a former president, and then starting tomorrow, it's expected each side will have up to 16 hours to make their case. >> the only logical conclusion is that donald trump should be convicted. >> reporter: hakeen jefferies wasn't impeachment matter in president trump's first trial. >> connecting the dots will be an important part of what the managers do, as it relates to how we arrived at january 6th @, connected to the big lie that donald trump told. >> reporter: are not accepted to call any witnesses, incited choosing to show the evidence. debra alfarone, cbs news, washington.
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>> trial is likely to last for at least a week and for social distancing, senators may watch from the second-floor gallery, or on tv from a room just off now 4:39 am. or. >> coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, this morning, a glimmer of hope for sideline high school athlete, the workouts canceled since the start of the pandemic just approved. live outside from the camera this morning, to the city of san francisco the time is now 4:39.
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live look at san francisco's mission bay, where old navy is shutting down its headquarters. a spokesperson told us last night, it is merging offices with parent company gap. gap has its corporate headquarters along the embarcadero. sales have plunged during the pandemic, and it's closed dozens of stores. no word yet on the timeline for the old navy move, or if that means any job cuts with the downsize. >> reporter: democrats in congress on billing child tax credit proposal in tesla buys more than $1 billion worth of that coin. hears this morning's cbs moneywach report. >> reporter: the dow rallied 237 points. the nasdaq jumped 131. the s&p 500 gained 28. bitcoin surged 20% on monday after tesla said it bought $1.5
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billion worth of the crypto currency. elon musk car company will also start accepting bitcoin as a form of payment the digital currency had about $47,000 last night. yesterday, house democrats unveiled a new child tax credit plan. the measure would expand the current credit from $2000 per child up to $3600. the amounts would phase out for a single parent earning $75,000 or $150,000 for a couple. last week, senator mitt romney unveiled his own child tax credit plan. and disneyland fans will have the chance to return to the california adventure park, nearly a year after it first closed, due to covid-19 guidelines. disney isn't allowed to reopen the entire park, due to state restrictions, but the company says that guests will be able to enjoy a carefully crafted entenmperice through a limited ticket experience. is still unclear what that will include, but hundreds of employees will return to work when it opens next month.
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that is your cbs moneywach report. for more had to cbs i am dancing whole. i am diane king hall. new training to help them connect better with the lgbtq community. but apartment has been working with lgbtq members to come up with a new set of policies. some of which include requiring offers to use individuals preferred names and pronouns, both out on the field and on written reports. >> putting in writing to just kind of reinforce and reaffirm that we are here to do the right things, we are part of the community. we understand how the community works and we are here to protect them. >> at this and hope they police department, it's a step forward. to build a respect someone's right and their gender pronouns, ensuring they don't get mistreated. >> officer carboni came out as gay said he is proud his department is taking a leading
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role in lgbtq issues. some high school students in oakland are hitting the field again. it's not officially practice, but it could be a step in that direction. student athletes stuck in zoom school all day long can now work out four days a week for an hour a day, thanks to these outdoor conditioning sessions. no pads, no helmets, no contact, and masks on. but these skyline football players are thrilled to be on the field. coaches and parents say it is absolutely necessary. >> in our area, it is very essential to keep our kids busy, because you know, they get it's a different playground. >> it's taken a toll on them. their bodies and just the whole morel as kids. >> the conditioning workouts will continue until restrictions ease and they can transition to full practices. this time of year, thousands flock to yosemite to see the famed fire fall.
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>> future plan to join the masses, you will need a reservation. the glowing lava like stream that flows down horsetail fall only occurs these next three weeks, and nature needs to cooperate. you need to hope for peers guys to see the phenomenon and the sun has hit el capitan just right. hopefully that'll happen for folks as they had out there, mary. we will see a bit more sun today? yeah, you know, not that much for today. we are actually going to see more clouds, but tomorrow, a little more sunshine. that's the better chance to see the sunshine for tomorrow. and then after that, we have rain chances in the forecast, but here is a look at a high death doppler. you can see even a few sprinkles, light showers across the north bay this morning. so as we zoom in, and what you can expect, as we are looking at a few very light showers pushing across st. helena and yountville as well as bernville gie , uresas it's all because e
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well as a few light showers across the north bay this morning? there we go, with our temps, looking upper 40s to low 50s at this hour. so low 50s from concord, oakland, san francisco and san jose, upper 40s for livermore and santa rosa, catching a few light showers this morning. so again,s to the bay area and staying on the cooler side for sure as we head through are afternoon. time-out for you on future cast, you can see those clouds straining across the bay area. here we are 3:00 in the afternoon. as we look to tomorrow, catching a little bit of sunshine, a rigid high-pressure briefly builds and. we will see a bump in the temperatures slightly for tomorrow, and then thursday tracking another weather system bringing some beneficial rainfall to the region. here we are at 3:00 in the afternoon on thursday without rain pushing in, and looking at active weather by the end of
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the week with a couple of weather systems. that i am tracking. our sunrises 7:05 am and sunset at 5:42 pm. checking the time highs for the south bay, looking at 62 in santa clara, san jose, also for campbell. 63 for a high in morgan hill as we look to the east bay. 62 in concord, pleasant hill, 62 also for antioch. the dry valley in the low 60s this afternoon, with mostly cloudy skies as we look right around the bay, san francisco at 58. 57 in daly city, and for san leandro, alameda, the basic shoreline at 58. for the north bay, low 60s from 62 in santa rosa, also for rohnert park and sonoma this afternoon, you will see a high of 63. mostly cloudy skies later today. looking at 65 in st. helena. here is the extended forecast and what you can expect, again, mostly cloudy skies and seasonably cool temperatures, right around where we should be for this time of the year. there we go, slightly warmer temperatures, a little bit more sunshine on wednesday. rain returns by thursday
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afternoon. a few showers on friday, then another weather system for weekend and into early next week. let's check in with michelle, who is tracking traffic and how are the roadways out there on this tuesday morning? so far, the roadways are not looking too bad. look at this overview of the roads in the bay area. you see a lot of green, but there are a few red spots. we are tracking this accident in the east bay, this is westbound 80 in pinole. is not slowing any speeds in that area, but this is near pinole valley road, the offramp is blocked, not a lot of cars on the road right now, so that is helping things in that area. we will continue to keep an eye on that. super commuters, we are looking at a 25 minute drive from 205 to 680 in dublin. you see if you red and orange colors there, that means people are starting to slow down a bit, going over the altamont pass. let's take a look at our main trouble times, right now, you are seeing everything in the green, so that is good on this
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tuesday morning. our south bay travel times are looking pretty good too, with everything in the green. taking a look at the san mateo bridge, we are seeing some brake lights. it's looking like a 12 minute drive from 880 into san mateo. so still not too bad on this morning commute so far. and the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are off, so cars are going through pretty fast, looking like a seven minute drive from the macarthur maze into san francisco. that is a look at your traffic. it is 4:49. san jose's newest tiny home project is hoping to make a big impact on santa clara county's growing homeless crisis. the tiny home neighborhood is next to the old san jose city hall. the idea is to temporarily house 25 families for 3 to 4 months, while they figure out a long-term solution. the tiny homes are 100 square feet and come with a heater, ac, and insulated walls. the city supervisors say they will be focused on keeping the sites clean and safe. santa clara county has set an
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ambitious goal of ending homelessness by 2025 with a plan to reduce the inflow of new homelessness by 30% annually. coming up this morning, when a golf superstars pulled out of pebble beach, we will tell you who that is, and why draymond green called this play dumb as hell, coming up. pretty clear and to the point there, live look outside in san jose on this tuesday morning a member, kpix 5 wants to bring you the good news happening in the bay area. go to together. you can also send your stor > ng
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across thnoh ba a spe nkles afternn, looking at mostly cloudy skies and seasonably cool temperatures. the right around where we should be for this time of year, looking at 62 in san jose this afternoon, 62 four santa clara and the south bay. for the east bay, concord, and pleasant hill, it is 62. around the bay, san francisco 58 this afternoon, 16 oakland and san leandro and for the north bay, low 60s, 62 in santa rosa and topping out at 65 for st. helena. here is dennis with sports. and morning, everybody. you know, when the warriors came is on e cud th basketballi his hands nine times out of 10. last night though, draymond green with the rock and all my. klay thompson taking his first back to back to the alamo, and first quarter, steph curry, looking about as undependable as it gets.
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no chance, warriors led by 14, thanks to that man. but the spurs erased it with 12 seconds left, marie knocked down his own shot from the corner, 101-97, spurs. curry sat there and stewed, but he did something about it, falling away from the wings, sh warriors got a chance, they got the life, got the ball back. down three, 8 seconds to go. pass to dream on, which immediately chalks up a brick. he thought he was going to get fouled. that foul was never called, and the spurs won the green game five, 100. >> i thought that was the smartest dumb play. very smart, but it ended up being dumb. >> not a great start to the week, if you are running the at&t golf tournament down at pebble beach, first you have no
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fans. you got no celebrities, and now not a single player in the field in the top 10 after dustin johnson pulled out yesterday. not a tournament ben crosby would be very fond of.ment dire told me, not having stars in the field is costing him other professionals. northern california native lintel griffin decided to withdrawal, because he can't play alongside rapper michael moore. >> i can't blame him, can't blame anyone for playing because they want to play with her embers, i've got guys that would draw for no reason, we don't know. we don't know why they would, they will miss out. is going to be a great year of weather and of course the conditions. >> jonas on the tuesday tove coaches always say to keep your eye on the ball. in this case, it's the bats. top-rated south carolina against
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number two yukon, gamecocks, from half court, but the thbuzzer and a win. beautiful pass by paul to make that happen. he had 24. steph curry makes some ridiculous threes, but john brandt of the grizzlies takes it to another level. shock but hereby more and. and by number one, fell on the field in the super bowl, and take a listen to kevin harlan's radio call. >> someone is on the field. some guy with a brawl. he is pulling down his pants. put up your pants, my man. he breaks a tackle from a security guard, he slides at the one and they converge on him on the goal line. pull up your pants, take off the bra and be a man. jim nance on the tv side said it was the best run all game. i'm dennis o'donnell , see you
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tonight. >> a memo i texted you and that happened on the field? >> yeah, i do. >> i said it was a streaker. time now is 4:56. next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a thief playbook. >> how criminals use the dark web to steal billions from california's edd, coming up. and here is a live look outside before we had to breaks, this is from our exclusive mark hopkins camera. we are actually going to give you a couple of shots because they are pretty cool on this tuesday morning. it is 4:57. we will be right back.
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by harnessing california's abundant wind and solar energy, we have the power to take on climate change. use less from 4 to 9 pm to keep california golden.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, levi california history. the 15,000 doses a day goal taking off this morning. at crime scene tape often
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kind of santa clara county,y p senseless attacks on asian americans of the bay area, now getting national attention. now the biden ministration is responding. president donald trump entering familiar territory today, the second impeachment trial about to get started. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, february 9th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i am len kiese,:cloudy weather taking over your tuesday. the right to meteorologist mary lee. good morning to you, we are going to continue with those clouds streaming into the bay area with those cooler temperatures. i want to show you this on hi- def doppler, tracking even a few light showers across the north bay this morning, so zooming in, a few sprinkles, light showers over healdsburg, santa rosa, st. helena this morning. that is all because of a weak little weather system pushing through, bringing those clouds as well. you can see our temperatures


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