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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  February 11, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are looking live at san francisco. you can see the bay bridge in the distance there. good morning. it is thursday, february 11. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning to you. let's get to your forecast first on this friday eve with meteorologist mary lee. good morning. good morning. happy thursday, almost friday to you, changes ahead as i am tracking our next weather system that will bring the return of the rain. we are starting our day in the 40s and 50s. mid 40s livermore, san jose, santa rosa, low ooze for concord, oakland, san francisco. through the day, it's going to be a cooler day with the return of rain as well with those clouds upper 50s san francisco, oakland, concord, low 60s for
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san jose. a little bit below average for this time of year. here is 11:00 a.m., starting to see a few light showers pushing through but the main event will be to our north. by 1:00 p.m., north catc tin d looking as we head through the rest of our afternoon, that widespread rain across the bay area. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. it's nice to have you back, g. we definitely missed you. >> thanks. i am so glad to be back. we are doing all right for the most part. we don't have a lot of accidents or incidents but we have construction and road work that may slow you down. keep that in mind as you are hitting the roads. in the east bay, we've got closures in effect. 260, you will see maintenance in both directions. along the peninsula east 380 at the north 101 connector, that is closed overnight due to construction. they're hoping to have the
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lanes back open by 5:00 or 5:30. i am not seeing a lot of brake lights. it's still very early. a stalled vehicle reported on the up e commerce experience deck of the bridge. i will have more on that. good morning. first two california cases of a more contagious covid-19 variant have been found in the bay area. one in santa clara and the other in the alameda area. not much is known about the alameda case. both test samples were seek went for the variant at stanford medicine. >> this is really important to know. we don't do the sequencing on every positive specimen. >> i want what viruses do. the more infections there are,
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the more opportunities the virus has to generate new variants. >> not all positive covid tests are sequenced for identifying variants because it's expensive and takes a lot of time. that's why experts say the best thing we can do to prevent mutations is stop infections with vaccinations, mask wearing, and hand washing. today, you can start signing up for a vaccine at cvs. first appointments begin tomorrow. pharmacies in california will be receiving nearly 82,000 doses to start. cities with cvs locations participating in vaccine distribution include san francisco, sonoma, sunnyvale. you have to stale quirem walgs ores also plan to begin vaccinations friday. appointments are required and can be made on the walgreens website. cdc is urging americans to wear two masks, a promising
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study finds double masking is more than 92% effective in improving protection against spread of covid-19. health officials say it is most effective to wear a cloth mask over a medical mask. another way to boost your protection is by tightening your ear loops. mount diablo unified school board voted late to adopt safe reopening plan for the school district. >> the vote was unanimous, 5-0. this is as mdusd parents say science reports a return to in person learning and families are fleeing public school system for private. teachers say the case numbers in contra costa don't support the wish to return. >> you don't know that you have covid until you have covid. >> my interruption. you have 15 seconds remaining. >> thank you so much. why put everybody at risk? >> we will lose more if we fail to provide in person options.
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distance learning is failing our children. >> school superintendent says he wants to have all the safe reopening plans hammered out for each school site ahead of time so when the county moves into red tier for reopening, schools will be ready. parents, educators, school districts waiting for the governor to unveil the plan to reopen schools. the $6.6 billion funding package could come as early as tomorrow. it would provide tools to resume in person classes from kindergarten to 6th grade. a live look at capitol hill, house impeachment managers will have another eight hours to build their case against former president trump. yesterday they played a series of chilling, violent videos from the capitol riot, some not previously seen. debra alfarone reports from washington with the latest. >> reporter: house impeachment managers unveiled never before seen security footage of the capitol riot in the trial of
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ft ever car dent trump.6tpresidm rr: serushed to safety as the crowd outside chanted for his death. this cell phone video taken by a rioter shows them looking for house speaker nancy pelosi. her staff barricaded themselves in a conference room not long before rioters tried and failed to get in. >> so they came draped in trump's flag and used our flag, the american flag, to batter and to bludgeon. >> reporter: democratic prosecutors say mr. trump was not an innocent bystander and that he did nothing to stop the attack which happened as lawmakers were certifying the 2020 election. >> they believed they were doing this for him. >> reporter: house impeachment managers will finish their argument today and then on
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friday, mr. trump's lawyers have two days to make their case. >> the evidence that has been presented thus far is pretty damming. >> reporter: some republicans say it's tough to see everything laid out. >> we lived it ones, and that was awful. >> reporter: one capitol police officer died and more than 100 were injured that day. debra alfarone, cbs news, washington. two capitol police officers also took their own lives days after the riot. meantime, some republican senators who have long been staunch allies of mr. trump say the rioters should be held responsible for their own actions, not the former president. it is unclear if there will be necessary 17 gop votes to convict the former president. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we are following a lawsuit by the family of a college student who died by suicide mistakenly believing he owed almost $1 million to a le
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that is based in the south bay and the lawsuit filed in santa clara county court claiming robin hood market courts inc. and affiliates are responsible for the 20-year-old's death because among other things they targeted young investors and allowed them to trade without ensuring that they understood the risks. >> he had no income. he had no qualifications to make the sophisticated trades. in a suicide note he cited this was the reason. >> the family says the young man tried to call the company and they didn't respond. by the time they did, he had already apparently died of suicide, apparently jumping in front of a train. we will follow the family's response as it comes in if it comes in as this lawsuit progresses. >> thank you.
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a pair of rappers team up in the bay area. it's not to release a new track. they're calling the community e erter reait asiapeople sco. two rappers were disturbed by the vicious assaults on seniors so they met in oakland to encourage the community to speak up. >> as a person of a community, we cannot allow anybody to come into our communities and do this to our elderly. we can't allow that anymore. >> i can feel the frustration, the rage, hurt, the hate and everything that can bring up. >> the two rappers say they are worried not about conversations with their enemies but the silence of friends, urging us all to make a conscious effort to protect everyone. a hit and run victim sharing his story with kpix5, the terrifying incident caught
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on camera. it's what happened after the crash that has people talking. crossing the street last week, he was hit by a car. he said it looked like the driver was going to stop but he just left him there. he remained there injured in the middle of the street and four more cars swerved around him without stopping. >> it was scary seeing people pass by. they didn't care, you know. >> what has happened to the human? no one stopped. no one stopped to help this guy. >> they just drove around him like he was a piece of trash laying there. >> the victim filed a police report but hasn't received an update on his case. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a fast food classic. find out what's making
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4:43. keller beach is expected to reopen. it's been closed since tuesday's spill at the chevron refinery. about 600 gallons of a light pell role yum product mixed with water spilled into the bay. we also got a close up view from a boat. skimmers have picked up most of the spill. officials have not detected
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oiled birds or wildlife. a fire late sunday night, yesterday crews were able to pull the boat out of the water. investigators found remains. a coroner will conduct an autopsy. the cause is under investigation. a club no one wants to join, growing number of patients experiencing major debilitating symptoms months after a covid infection. >> how long is this going to last? >> i felt hopeless. >> there is strength in survivor ship. >> the road to recovery, we'll introduce you to club covid, patients known as long haulers and bay area program offering relief. warnings over fake n95 masks and tips on how to spot them. mcdonald's is bringing back a classic. diane king hall has those stories and more in today's money watch report. >> reporter: wall street was mixed wednesday, dow gained 61
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hitting a new high. nasdaq fell 35 and s&p 500 lost one. the federal reserve chair jerome powell said the nation's employment picture is a long way from where it needs to be. in remarks the fed chair said aggressive policy support is needed to fix the issues facing workers. department of homeland security investigating counterfeit n95 mask operation. fake masks were sold in at least five states to hospitals, medical facilities, government agencies. 3m is considered gold standard for n95 masks. the website has tips on how to spot fakes. mcdonald's bringing back a classic. orange hi-c is returning to restaurants after a four year hiatus. orange hi-c which first debuted in 1955 will roll out next week
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with nationwide availability coming this summer. that's your cbs money watch report. for marry head to i am diane king hall. we are looking at a dry start to our day but then tracking our next weather system that will bring the return of the rain for us. here is high def doppler. you see a quiet start to our day but that's going to change as we head through our afternoon. a live look, we are in the 40s and 50s. 50 concord, oakland 51, 44 livermore, 50 san francisco, 46 san jose, santa rosa 43. mostly cloudy skies for most of us and you have been dealing with some patchy fog. parts of the h bato the quarters of a mile in santa rosa. rain is on the way as i am tracking our next weather system that will bring us beneficial rainfall for the bay area. not expecting a lot of rain but
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we'll take what we can get. as we take you hour by hour walking you through it all, we will see that rain this afternoon and this evening. this is 1:00 p.m., rain arriving first for the north bay. as i stop the clock again, 3:00 p.m., the rain is sliding across the rest of the region. widespread rain with this weather system. by 6:00 p.m., still looking at that wet weather if you possibly have an evening commute. then stopping the clock again at 10:00 p.m. with still some scattered showers. as we look to tomorrow, we're going to be dry. things wrap up pretty quickly for us. this is a really fast moving weather system. by tomorrow morning, we're dry with quiet conditions and we're going to continue with those dry conditions for the rest of your friday, looking at partly sunny skies friday. then another weather system rolls in. this is a weaker system bringing some scattered showers for your saturday. it's really hit or miss with
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the showers saturday with the second weather system. today's storm, looking at from a tenth, quarter to a half inch of rain with the system. south bay could see rain shadowing, maybe not seeing as much rain as the rest of the region. we are going to see breezy conditions. the winds are going to kick up this afternoon and evening. sunrise is at 7:03 and sun set at 5:44. daytime highs, south bay 61 in santa clara as well as for san jose. a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. we have more clouds and we have that rain on the way. that's really the reason why we are seeing the cooler temperatures. 59concord hi, upper s fotri valley. around thsan francisco and daly city at 57, 58 oakland and alameda. for the north bay with the rain arriving first, cooler
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temperatures with 56 for napa, 57 for windsor. tomorrow we are celebrating lunar new year, year of the ox and partly sunny skies. it looks great tomorrow, mid to upper 50s along the coast. there we go with the extended forecast as we are looking at rain today, a break tomorrow, scattered showers. unsettled weather for president's day on monday. that's your look at weather. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways on this thursday morning? we've got a couple things to look for. a broken down vehicle around treasure island. it looks like it resulted in an accident. they tried to push e a crash ar fremont stre as you come off the incline. definitely causing a few brake lights on that ride, speeds are about 26 miles per hour. give yourself a few extra
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minutes. at the toll plaza things look good, no metering lights. you will have brake lights once you are closer to the treasure island exit. we are starting to see things crowded for your ride into altamont pass. it looks like brake lights around mount house which is typical stuff, west bound 205 and stays slow as you get on 580 to about north flynn. things along 680 look good towards dublin interchange if ├║connecting to 680 from 580. no delays on highway 4 and 101 out of south bay looking pretty good. we have road work clearing south 680 at the highway 4 connector, working on opening the right lane, doing some electricity work but it looks like things are moving nicely there in both directions. hey everybody. i am dennis o'donnell. jeremy lynn suits up for the
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warriors. really, he did. you won't believe what tom brady did with the super bowl trophy yesterday in a boat, coming up. >> a little preview there. a live look outside in san jose. remember kpix5 wants to bring you the good news in the bay area. go to welcome back.
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it is 4:53 on this thursday. it's dray now but as we head through afternoon and evening get ready for widespread rain. break out that umbrella. we are looking at hit or miss showers. next chance will be saturday
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and monday, dry for friday and sunday. just to show you on futurecast, the rain moving in later today. here is dennis with sports. good morning everybody. att pebble beach no am will tee off this morning and maybe just maybe it will be the start of jordan spieth's come back tour. he won pebble in 2017 when he was the second ranked golfer in the world. in the last four years he's fallen on hard times and plummeted amount way to 69th. last week in scottsdale he was a couple shots shy from pick up his first victory in almost four years. >> i was receiving texts that were like it was my first pga tour event ever. as much as i enjoy that support, i was like yeah, i near it's been a while since i have been near the top. but come on guys, i expect to be here. >> wouldn't be pebble without bill murray, took part in a
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small six person five hole charity event. shot of the day, 18th, a long birdie putt netted half a million bucks. if there was a gallery, they would have gone wild. the event raised $1.6 million. from one throw back to another, it's been almost a decade since took over nba. now jeremy lynn is trying to get back to the show. the alum had 18 points in his debut down the orlando bubble. i have in my hand the thursday morning top five. don't do >> thecoach -- oh, back to jordan spieth who used a four iron in practice at the
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short par 3 at pebble. >> here it comes. >> jordan needs that kind of mojo teeing off tomorrow. tennessee and georgia, call it rocky top in knoxville and nobody is topping johnson. buccaneers had a parade on the water today. you know, when you've won seven lombardis you can get crazy with the hardware. tom brady chucked it to another boat. it's easy to see why he had the courage to do that. tommy looked a little wobbly afterwards, joked on social media that he had too much avocado tequila. you know what? i think it would have been better had that lombardi trophy sunk to the bottom of the bay. you would have been super bowl dive team searching for it. that's the latest in sports. i am dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. 4:56. opening vaccine availability. >> next on kpix5 and streaming
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on cbsn bay area, major pharmacy chain asking you to sign up for your shot and just how soon you can get an appointment. >> reporter: another school district is inching towards reopening, this one in the east bay. i . we'll have a live report from concord. let's take a live outside before we head to break from our mark hopkins camera as we look east on thi
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by harnessing california's abundant wind and solar energy, we have the power to take on climate change. use less from 4 to 9 pm to keep california golden.
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a more contagious covid strain found right here in the bay area. what we are learning about the first patients. the message from east bay parents, science supports safety. why contra costa county school teachers aren't convinced. sunshine short lived. the bay area bracing for
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another round of rain. when those first drops will start to fall. good morning. it is thursday, february 11. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning. grab that umbrella before you head out the door. let's head to mary lee with the return of the rain. tracking our next weather system, that will bring the return of wet weather back to the bay area. this will bring widespread rain so get ready for that rain to roll in later on today. here is a live look with our mark hopkins hotel camera looking at san francisco. it is 50, 50 concord, low 50s in oakland, livee,sajose, patch parts of the north bay this morning. watching this weather system, that will bring the return of that fous. we are looking at cooler temperatures today and also that rain. we are looking at mid 50s along the coast, mid to upper 50s around the


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