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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  February 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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francisco. please clearing out after searching for suspects near rutland in campbell. at least one person was taken into custody. we are hearing of any injuries. police say no officers fired their weapons. that neighborhood was put on a shelter-in-place order for a time. but also new at 5:30, an innovative plan to address a major san jose eyesore. how it could solve two problems. meet the new front-line workers paddling covid going door-to-door and putting a stop to misinformation. santa clara county officials hope teens knocking on the doors will educate and not instill fear about covid. >> kpix 5's kiet do joins us in east san jose. >> reporter: this is one of the hardest hit zip codes in the bay area. santa clara county knows that when it comes to outreach to these immigrant communities, sometimes it is best to go low-tech.
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here in east san jose, forget e- mails, press releases, social media, and so on. there is nothing like going old school. today, santa clara county went door-to-door, ramping up their so-called community health and business engagement teams. they are bilingual in spanish, indemnities, mandarin, you name it. especially trained in winning hearts and minds in the battle against covid. florence says the strategy is to listen and improvise. >> when they see someone that looks like them, can speak their language, they are willing to share a little bit more about their story. >> reporter: the county has been added since august, with 100 team members. today, they added another 30 people. 40% of the county's households are foreign-born. supervisor cindy shabbos said a lot of times, they answer basic questions about vaccines. >> people who speak a language
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other than english are getting the same level of information about covid-19 as the english- speaking world. >> reporter: san jose city councilmember matt says the teams are hearing a lot about the fear and mistrust that built up over the last four years. >> the federal administration we just had didn't help with the ongoing onslaught of attacks in this very community. it made this community fearful of coming out of the shadows. >> reporter: as they stopped by the jewel of andrea, they got a sign of respect. >> face to face. big impression. sometimes e-mail don't work that much. >> things are going to be changing. how does the county see the approach involving over the next few months? >> reporter: santa clara county really likes this in-person model.
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they say to look for in-person door-to-door vaccinations to come in the weeks and months ahead. that is a pilot program that they are going to launch sometime soon. >> pretty aggressive. thanks so much. more pandemic relief is on the way to one of the hardest hit communities in san francisco. the new essential services hub will provide covid testing, food distribution, and assistance with relief, education, and employment programs and services. >> our goal is to make sure that we are meeting people where they are in providing services. if you need something, this is what this hub is about. > district t 10 has the e ci highghest per capita case rate four. ththe mayor alalso took a momen condndemn what she calleded th pandemic of violence in the bayview hunters point area where six people were shot over the weekend. >> i don't want to see one more person die at the hands of a
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gun in this community. this hub is an opportunity for us to come together. we deserve to feel safe in our community. we deserve the love, the love of one another in our own community. let's make that happen. >> the essential services hub officially opens tomorrow. tomorrow, kpix 5 will debut our new series, unifying america bucket is a partnership with cbs news to feature stories of communities coming together during these very divisive times. san jose's emmanuel baptist church has been largely shuttered during the pandemic. during that time, the church has forged a unique relationship with the county health department and found a new way to serve and connect with the community. the pastor hasn't met in person with his congregation for nearly a year. they missed him so much, he feels the pews of his empty church like church stadiums,
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with cardboard cutouts of parishioners who watch the service from home. is located in east san jose. it's partnered with the county to become one of its largest testing sites. >> there is nothing like sitting with a family member who feels responsible because they bought the virus into a household and they lost a loved one. that is a burden that no one should have to carry. >> emmanuel baptist is negotiating a deal with the county to become a vaccination site. we will have the full story of the journey to the front lines of the pandemic tomorrow at 5:00 in our series unifying america. a man hurt in sausalito after the book he was on exploded and sank. this happened sunday night on richardson spray. emergency crews responded to an emergency call from mark over. the regional agency said it suspects a propane leak called
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an explosion. colder has minor injuries. billions of dollars up for grabs. not enough takers. the looming deadline for college-found californians. what has long been expected as normal blood pressure for men and women may not be accurate. what new research reveals about the difference between the sexes. coming up, this billboard catching a lot of attention. the pressure to reopen schools. this as the bay area teachers fight to get back in the classroom. there has been yet another coyote attack. this time, a 3-year-old was bitten. kpix 5 news at 6:00 with
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a big milestone for bitcoin. it crossed the $50,000 point.
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the price has risen 200% in the last three months. the recent rally comes as more companies get on board, signaling the currency could gain widespread acceptance as a means of payment. we should note, bitcoin did fall back below 50,000 later in the day. state senator gabe cortez introduced a new bill today. it aims to end what he calls human trafficking in the digital age. >> even if an original video is taken consensually, to share that without a person's consent, is a form of abuse and sexual assault. that's what this bill is getting after. >> espy 435 is the bill's legal name. it would allow victims of online sex trafficking to take legal action. if it was taken in consent and distributed without consent, offenders could pay $100,000
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for every two hours of online exposure, once given a notice of the violation. website the break the law would have to publicly disclose those violations. the clock is ticking for california students to claim billions of dollars in financial aid for college. a new report shows that fast but it applications are down 11%. dream act applications, which extend aid to eligible undocumented students, are now 15%. the deadline to file fafsa, cal grant, is march 2nd. it has long been accepted as normal blood pressure. according to a new study, why a one-size-fits-all approach may be dangerous. >> reporter: it's a study that adds to the growing body of science that illustrates difference in sexes need to be accounted for.
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>> what we have long considered to be a normal threshold for blood pressure in people is probably different in women versus men. >> reporter: for years, and adults, 120 has been a number of apple limit. a new study found that the women, 110 or lower is a threshold for risk of developing cardiovascular disease. >> having hybrid pressure is better for everybody. but for males and females evenly. it starts off to be potentially dangerous at an earlier threshold and women. >> reporter: she says the one- size-fits-all approach says that women who may need intervention or treatment are not getting it. >> for every 5 or 10 points above 110, the woman patient sitting in the clinic might
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actually already be starting to increase her risk for developing heart attack, heart failure, stroke in the future. >> reporter: this 70-year-old's dr.. >> what i thought was acceptable , turns out it is not terribly acceptable for women. i was just sort of using that number and saying, you know, it's normal, or it's okay. >> based on the study results, dr. chang's team recommends the medical community recess blood pressure guidelines that do not account for sex differences. still ahead, americans warned to avoid travel to mexico.
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the san francisco opera is returning to live performances this spring. the company announced the first event since the start of the pandemic. the driving style performances will be 90 minutes without an intermission. the barber of seville kicks off april 23rd. the second drive-through event, the adler's, will have three performances on april 29. the cdc is encouraging
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americans to avoid travel to more than 160 destinations because of very high covid risk . mexico is on that list. but the popular all-inclusive result are hoping their added safety measures are enough to get visitors in the door. renee pennsylvania decided to honeymoon at a resort in cancun, mexico. they made their choice partly because of the resort's safety precautions rolled out during the pandemic. >> i feel safer coming here that some places probably in the u.s. >> reporter: the cdc has a level forewarning to avoid travel to mexico because of covid-19. popular all-inclusive resorts are taking safety measures. secrets as part of a him resorts that have locations in eight countries. they completed the verification
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program and all of its hotels. >> to build confidence. >> reporter:, the changes, items in the rooms are sanitized. there are sanitation stations and temperature checks around pretty, and staff members are always masked. at nearby leblanc, the brand's 250-point safety plan includes electrostatic spraying, reminders about social distancing, and no more buffets. staff members are screened and walked through a disinfecting fogger before their shift. three rapid antigen testing is also available at palace resorts. a complementary 14-day quarantine if the test positive. >> an appointment three or two days prior to departure.
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>> reporter: the company shut down its swim-up pool bars to try to minimize in-person contact. >> we want to make sure we have safety in mind, but we don't want it to take away from the experience. >> reporter: guests get a dollop of sanitizing gel along with their drinks. anyone flying back to the u.s. must have a negative covid test. >> again, the cdc advises against travel, 'did you do, wear a mask, stay at least six feet away from others, and wash your hands often. a where winter treat for people in greece. the city of athens received several ininches of snow for th first time in a decade. the acropolis and other historical monuments covered in white. people packed the beaches to
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build snowmen instead of sand castles. it won't last long. 60 by the end of the week. >> such a difference to look at that and have anything to say about what we are experiencing. we could use a little rain. >> who wants to complain about clouds when you see snow on the acropolis and zero-degree temperatures in dallas. texas with icicles. >> the power is out. it is awful. around here, all we have to worry about is drier weather. it is going to be around for another couple of days. we will be dry wednesday and most of thursday. thursday night and often on friday, the next chance of showers. it will be light, but a chance of showers, and we don't complain about that. let's zoom in for a closer look. thickening clouds throughout the day thursday.
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as the sun goes down, a chance of showers should be off to our north. mendocino county and lake county getting shower at the beatty at that point. the best chance of seeing, most widespread across the bay area between midnight and 6:00 a.m. the rain showers are going to be diminishing in intensity. the usual pattern. we will see the most rain farther north in the least rain in the santa clara valley and farther inland. at least a little bit of rain. a few hundredths of an inch. already by late morning on friday, we will see showers starting to move out and fall apart. we are still going to see lingering mist and drizzle. it will still be generally damp into friday afternoon, but not much in terms of measurable rainfall. it won't be heavy enough to wash the pollen out of the air. the pollen report, tomorrow, the medium category. medium high on thursday before
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the rain moves in. back to medium-high on saturday when the rain moves out. you will notice, especially if you are sensitive to juniper or birch pollen. it looks nice to the west. sun going down. mid-level cloud cover. it made it up to 63 in santa rosa. because the cloud cover was more stubborn than anticipated, our temperatures were a few degrees cooler than anticipated. we will make up for it tomorrow. we will see chapters dropping off tonight. right now, everybody is in the 50s except santa rosa at 60. temperatures will drop a clearing skies into mostly the 30s inland. upper 30s in most locations. that is chilly. low to mid 40s around the bay. a nice one up on the way wednesday afternoon with highs reaching into the low to mid 60s, which puts us close to what is normal for this time of year is not a couple of degrees above average. cooler along the coast as always. low 60s around the south bay
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with low to mid 60s in the santa clara valley. a couple of spots maybe getting up to 64, 65. more of that inland in the east bay. trout valley, low to mid 60s. fairfield, 67 degrees. near or above 60 degrees around the bay. low 60s in the east side of the bay. mid-60s for the north bay. a little further north, a little more cloud cover, a few more temperatures in the 50s. temperatures really warm up next week. one chance of rain in the whole seven-day forecast thursday night into the first half of the day on friday. a big warm up next week puts us close to 70 inland monday and tuesday. we will take a look at rainfall amounts at 6:00. new at 6:00, new pressure to reopen schools. some bay area teachers speaking out, fighting to get students back in class. keepers stand their ground.
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the battle happening over an homeless and came in near a popular bay area waterfront. neighbors on edge after coyote attacks. the warning out tonight. still ahead at 5:00 -- >> the city's plan is straightforward, to replace what has become a sprawling and dirtying kimmons in a tiny home community.
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the city of san jose has come up with an innovative way to tackle the homeless problem. the idea is to house the homeless and give them jobs cleaning up areas of the city. kpix 5's devin kelley joins us with details. >> reporter: and very, and i want to underline in theory, this should be a win-win. the homeless get housing, something they desperately need. the city gets an opportunity to rid itself of the eyesore that a sprawling encampment has become. >> it is an eyesore. i am an eyesore. i am still a human being. >> reporter: richard has been homeless for 25 years. he lives in a muddy encampment along the guadalupe river. >> if we don't cooperate to
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their expectations, they will come in and bulldoze, just like they did the last time. then they will uproot us. then, where are we going to go. but the mayor believes the plan can work. the homeless get housing, and the city gets a solution to the rvs, tents, and rent sample encampments. >> to have a core of formally unhoused residents who wake up and think about how they can beautify and clean. this is a way to demonstrate how unhoused residents want to be part of the solution. >> reporter: the city would build strong, inexpensive apartments like these near the park. >> it is a wonderful idea. the houses would be more secure for us during the rain and wind. also, safer. >> reporter: homeless advocates apply the plan but say it is a small step solving what has become an enormous problem.
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>> anything that gets the unhoused off the street, great. when you get this person off the street, you save their life. >> some of the homeless have expressed concern that the project might be a pretext to push them out of the area. what did the mayor say about that today? >> reporter: the mayor basically says he understands their concern and their suspicion. the encampments are in the flight path of the airport, which is just to the north of here. it's under the control of the faa. the fans have basically said that this is an area that is not safe for humans to be in. the camps have been precarious by virtue of the fact that they are not supposed to be here in the first place. now at 6:00, another coyote attack. a mother fights off the animal after it bites her child. it is the latest in a series of incidents in the same neighborhood. new pressure to reopen schools. tonight, bay area
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teachers are fighting to get back into classrooms. late development on a showdown over a homeless encampment. >> i am here to stay. you will love to take me away in handcuffs. we start with yet another coyote attack. it is the fourth one in the same area and just the past seven months. the latest encounter happened near the camp lindo drive. >> reporter: shouting, no drive, callie arrived home with her mother. she had three bright rooms across her back, buttocks, and legs. her mom is shocked. >> i had a stroller and the baby. i heard her scream. i turned around. she was literally next to me. i screamed and yelled. the
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coyote retreated, but it didn't go far. i kept screaming and yelling and waving a blanket and screaming and jumping. it would come right back edison leave and come back at us and leave. it was not scared off. a neighbor heard the screams and got the girls inside. too late for callie. jackie says the wound will heal, but -- >> i am very shaken up, as is callie. it is very scary. i never thought a coyote would attack when a child is next to there. >> reporter: a neighbor took this photo moments after the attack. police have maintained a heavy presence in the area looking for the coyote that isn't afraid of humans. >> this is the fourth one since july. >> reporter: moraga police collected evidence for animal dna. >> they were able to swab the area of the wound and collect


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