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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 18, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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now at 11, breaking news, the school board meeting everyone is talking about. the immediate fallout after the president was caught marking parents. businesses in one part of lameda county are fed ght, how far some are going to stop it. the bay area seeing some rain tonight and more wet weather could be headed our way. i feel so much lighter, i was very adamant about how i wanted to look. >> tonight the new spin on the most popular type of cosmetic
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surgery. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. now at 11 and streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news, new fallout from a hot make mike mic moment. the president of the oakland union elementary school board has resigned. she is no longer listed as a trustee on the districts website. it comes after some board members were caught ppened dur they thought that parents could not hear.>> if you are going to call me out i'm going to [bleep] ppens behind the scenes. it's very unfortunate that they want to pick on us because they want their babysitter back.>> we have a meeting open to the public right now.>> that is what lori just said.
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>> the superintendent has since sent out a voicemail apologizing. tonight a petition calling for board members to step down has garnered thousands of signatures. we reached out to the district tonight but no response yet. our morning team will have all the very latest on this breaking story starting at 4:30. cold-weather in much of the country is taking its toll on vaccine distribution. the california department of public health is reporting delays. andrea nakano joins us from atl> rert tonight after 2793 san mateo county residents were able to
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get there vaccine today. the question is, will they be able to open up the site next week. we checked around and seven bay area counties responded saying they've either already experienced delays or they expect to. san mateo county says they are waiting on 14,200 moderna doses and there's no word on when the shipment will arrive. marin county reporting 300 appointments already were canceled today. alameda, santa clara, san francisco and solana counties have not had to cancel any effort at all hinges on whether the doses will arrive next week.>> this is just a small setback. >> dr. george rutherford, says despite the delay, vaccinations are progressing rapidly. he expects 2 million americans will be vaccinated in the coming weeks. well above the million mark the biden administration set last month. >> you don't want to hear me say patient, be patient, but this is one of those times. >> vaccines are showing up at vaccination sites and people are showing up hoping to get whatever is left over.>> i was
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disappointed that there was nothing here at all. very frustrated, but i've got to keep the faith.>> reporter: san mateo county will hold its vaccination clinic at the airport tomorrow. depending on the supply, the county is telling us it may have to cancel some second dose appointments. contra costa county is opening the door for more people to get vaccinated. health officials just announced education workers including teachers, food workers and grocery store employees and other front-line workers can get the vaccine. but due to the vaccine shortage, appointments are filled for the next two weeks. knew at 11, some big box stores in oakland are so fed up with crime lately that they are shelling out thousands of dollars a day by hiring off- duty uniformed police officers
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as private security. tonight katie nielsen reports, it is all because the companies gave oakland an ultimatum. >> reporter: walgreens and targets are the latest stores to hire off-duty police officers like this one to provide security. drive by a walgreens in oakland and chances are there will be a patrol car parked out front. but it's not an officer on patrol, the officer is off- duty, working as private itse. ty paid for by the stor >> paying the officer $100 per hour overtime to protract protect and patrol these businesses. >> this was a last resort for these businesses, tired of dealing with shoplifting and attacks on employees almost daily. the program started a few years ago after conversations with home depot readership where they said they needed the city's help with dealing with issues at the store on
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fruitvale avenue, or they were leaving. >> that mes ta 32bs op who live in the neighborhood. >> the store worked out a deal with the city so they could hire off-duty officers to help.>> i've gone to this home depot probably five times.>> reporter: michelle said she never felt safe coming to this local home depot until she saw that there are officers always there. >> they have the training to deal with the different types of situations. >> reporter: the bigger question, what can small businesses do to protect their stores when they can afford to hire off-duty officers. councilman kiyo says he is setting up a zoo meeting next week between those business owners and the police department to talk about solutions. tran17
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>> nasa made history in outer space, it's most advanced rover, the perseverance, landed on mars earlier today. the rover will begin its mission to answer questions that scientists have pondered for ages.>> maria medina is life here on earth with more details on the rover's omission.>> reporter: the only life as we know it is here on earth. perseverance traveled 300 million miles away to see if life touchdown confirmed, perserverance has landed safely on the surface of ndevidce of life on mars.>> they are not looking for little green men or women. they are looking for microbial life. it wasn't life-giving long
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enough to form advanced life. >> reporter: after a seven month journey through space, the rover traveled toward mars at a speed of 12,000 miles per hour. its heat shall protected it from the scorching temperatures on mars as hot as lava. >> we tested all of the material at nassau. >> reporter: after the successful landing on a crater once filled with water, the rover sent back pictures of the martian surface. >> that would have been about as big as lake tahoe. >> reporter: it is where there is the most likely hood past life.>> will leave the mission, then will come pick the samples up and send them back to earth.>> reporter: the
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rover's mission will last two years to explore that crater and the crater's rim. >> already getting pictures, that is pretty amazing. >> reporter: still ahead, why bay area plastic surgeons say a growing number of women are deciding that less is more during the pandemic. plus a former bay area police officer is facing kidnapping charges tonight. the prank gone terribly wrong. and a chance for fans of silence of the lambs w showers
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business is booming during the pandemic for plastic surgeons. there is one certain procedure that lots of women are going in for. in tonight's original report, juliette goodrich on why more and more women are deciding that less is more.>> reporter: for a growing number of women, when it comes to implants, it is a cultural shift to when less is more. bay area doctors are seeing a big difference in what women want. and the surprising reasons that they want it now. the pandemic might have dealt a big blow to some elective surgeries, but certainly not to all.>> the actual demand for plastic surgery increased to levels i never would have believed.>> dr. carolyn chang is one of the bay area's premier plastic surgeons. for the past few years, and even during the pandemic, she's seen a growing demand for a
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certain kind of surgical procedure.>> i've noticed an increase desire for women to have implants removed. i've had a much larger of women asking for it than ever before.>> women like becky, a woman we will call sonya and michelle.>> i was very adamant about how i wanted to look in that i always wanted to look natural.>> the fda recommends replacing implants every 10 years and now more women are replacing them with a smaller size, or with nothing at all. >> i think i'm at the point where i don't want to be over sexualized. >> becky decided not to replace hers. i feel like so much weight has been lifted off. it feels easier to move, my back does not hurt.>> kpix 5
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watched as dr. chang removed sony's implants. it's not because the mother of two hated them.>> i still love the way it looked, if i had no problems i would have kept them in.>> five months after sonya got implants she began to experience back and leg pain, specialists could find no explanation for her problems.>> walking up the stairs takes me 10 minutes.>> sonya wondered if hepl she asked dr. chang to remove them. >> it is a matter of choice. it's a choice to put the main and at the choice to take them out. it can be a very positive experience on both ends. >> as for michelle, the pandemic was the right time to replace her implants with new
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ones. for starters, she had lots of downtime. >> it worked out perfect, we didn't have any plans and i knew i'd have time to recover. >> she decided to go small, she told kpix 5 that she was pressured in the past to go big. >> sometimes a man would look and say you are tall, you could go bigger. i almost had to fight to make sure i got what i wanted the first time. >> people are more confident and they've been looking at this time is a time for self- improvement. plastic surgery is a part of that. >> dr. chang says when performed safely and according to strict guidelines, there's no extra risk of contracting covid with ex-plant surgery. another reason the pandemic might be fueling a boom, more disposable income with fewer extravagant vacations.>> do we have any idea how many ex-
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plant's were actually done last year ? >> not yet, we will get those numbers in the spring. but the american society of plastic surgeons at 64% of its dr. saw a boost of cosmetic surgery zoom visits since the start of the pandemic. tonight a retired san francisco police officer is facing kidnapping charges, all over a prank gone wrong. his name is dean taylor and he was arraigned today. he was accused of taking things a little too far after some kids plating ditch at his house repeatedly last friday night. a group of 10 and 11-year-olds ring his doorbell one too many times. police say taylor got into his car, caught up with one boy who he grabbed by the neck and forced into his vehicle. the 11-year-old told police that taylor threatened to put a bullet in his head if he rang the doorbell again.
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>> there is no excuse for chasing down kids, using force on kids, and the threats were obviously way out of line.>> i would be really scared, probably speechless.>> taylor also resigned from his golf coaching gig at san rafael high school after his arrest. california's unemployment agency is taking new steps to reduce rampant fraud, that includes hiring 900 new call center employees and bringing in an outside consultant to examine fraud prevention measures. the edd will also stop using social security numbers on certain forms, and work with other states and federal authorities to find the fraudsters. kpix 5 has been investigating edd fraud for months now. you can find our reports on ou we are checking in with paul heggen right now. so how is it going outside?>>
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we are starting to see rain show up in the north bay, but we will take whatever we can get. we are starting to see a few showers in the north bay specifically, sonoma county does not look very impressive, but showers are in and around santa rosa and we will see more of that as it continues to gradually drop to the south. futurecast indicates those showers moving farther south as we head through the next few hours. still north of the golden gate by 2:00 in the morning. by 5:00, that's where we will see showers that can potentially mess up the friday morning commute. obviously there are not as many commuters out there but the roads will be wet. if you do have to go somewhere on friday morning, be prepared to deal with that. showers are still in the rater
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radar by 8:00 in the morning, diminishing slightly as they start moving into the east bay. there will even be adroit in clearing trained by the afternoon. that is temporary because the next round of showers will be moving in tomorrow evening. and by the time the sun comes up on saturday, there will be a left over feet of sprinkles but most of saturday does look drive. plenty of sunshine for late morning through the rest of the day on saturday. getting up both waves of rainfall, a few hundredths of an inch of rain inlet and the east bay. some of the jackpot amounts, quarter inch or so in the north bay, but every little bit is helpful. right now you can see the clouds out there, but they are not dropping any showers yet. 53 degrees downtown, where we been for the past several
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hours. santa rosa is dropping into the 40s, and once the rain spreads out the temperatures will drop a little bit. so we will end up in the mid to upper 40s to around 50 degrees by friday morning. despite the clouds we will warm up to near average temperatures, mid 50s on the coast, upper 50s to around 60 degrees on the bay and mostly 60s farther inland with a big warming trend as we head into the last full week of february. mid 60s on sunday inland, the warmest days on monday and tuesday, with 70 inland and low 60s along the coast. staff curry is reported for his incredible first half of the season and st. mary's takes on the number one team in all of college basketball.
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dennis is here with sports and with march madness just a few weeks ago, a bay area school got a look from the top
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team in the nation. >> and zagat basketball has been the number one team in the country all season long, the bulldogs are 20-0. the zags looked very strong tonight against their rivals. first out, anton watson throws it down on brown. can zagat by 27 at the half. second half, st. mary's goes for the field. they won 87-65 to stay unbeaten. the cardinals in seattle tonight, sanford won 79-61, they are 10-6 and pac-12 play. also cal lost to washington state. steph curry was named to the western conference all-star team today. it is his eighth career
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appearance on the team. the seven-time he's been selected as a starter on the team. the sharks in st. louis where they almost couldn't play. less than one minute left, san jose leading, and then we go to overtime. st. louis with a power play, david goes in for the winter. they've lost four of their last six games. the a's have reportedly signed reliever trevor rosenthal to a one year, $11 million deal. rosenthal played last season for the royals and padres. he had two seasons with 45 or more saves. they also signed former red sox
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lil teuseland who brings more ca wentz wasend and third round his play has regressed the last couple of years and he was benched by philadelphia in the end of last season. and jimmy g is still a 49er, that is the way it should be. don't put him on that carousel, keep>> you heard it here first.>> thanks dennis. house in pennsylvania is being tran
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with the 30th anniversary of the film "silence of the lambs" and the debut of the new
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show "clarice" there is a lot of buzz about buffalo bill's house.>> a new owner just bought the 100 year old home of the big screens killer, located in pittsburgh pennsylvania. the house is now decorated with silence of the lambs memorabilia, and soon guests will be able to book an overnight stay. the infamous basement never existed in the real home but there are plans to install one just to make it a little work creepy. you can watch clarice on thursdays at 10:00 right here in kpix 5. nope, nope, nope, no, no, no. not staying there. nope.
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covid's still a threat. and on reopening schools, we know what happens when we don't put safety first. ignore proper ventilation or rates of community spread, and the virus worsens. fail to provide masks or class sizes that allow for social distancing, and classrooms close back down. a successful reopening requires real safety and accountability measures. including prioritizing vaccines for educators. parents and educators agree: reopen schools. putting safety first.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> i don't even know the show, never saw the movie. i don't know where that captioning sponsored by cbs >> karl bernstein, to you, what is your reaction to this, learning of the first cabinet resignation, transportation secretary elaine chao who is, of course, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell's wife as well? >> i think, first of all, there really is an example of the rats leaving the sinking ship. >> with 13 days to go, you know, she's leaving the sinking ship. >> look, the water is churning with rats from this sinking ship. ♪ ♪ ♪ tr to mp shi thap we t you knew this was doomed from the beginning, so take a deep breath, and i'll see you on the


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