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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  February 23, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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breaking news. an emergency landing on a freeway overpass, right here in livermore. a small plane hit a car. our crew was there watching it all happen. what went wrong. good evening. i am elizabeth cook. >> i am ken bastida. kpix 5's juliette goodrich is at the scene. you are actually there and watched this thing come down. >> it doesn't get any closer than this. this is the single engine plane that came down. we are over 580. this is isabel.
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this is the overpass. the single engine was actually headed to napa. eyes just spoke with the pilot. it was his father and son. they took off from livermore and were headed to napa. he says they had engine failure. that is when they noticed the plane was not going to make it. they actually, remarkably, tried to use this overpass as a runway, if you will. they said they just couldn't break it. they ended up going into a car. we have some video to show you, aerials and ground shots. and yes, i was driving by thinking it was possibly a fender bender, and then, lo and behold, we spotted this. seconds ago, i spoke with the father and son. they told me they had taken off. they were headed to napa for a day to together. let's hear what they had to say. >> we are fine. >> reporter: where you headed to the airport?
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>> no. we were departing. >> reporter: what happened? >> power lost on take up. >> reporter: what was that feeling like? >> it just happened. you have to fly the airplane. >> reporter: you guys crashed into a car? make a, we collided with a car. >> reporter: the driver is okay? >> yeah. they took the car away. >> reporter: what do you happened? >> don't know. that is a for the ntsb to figure out. >> reporter: i am so glad you are okay. where you headed? >> to napa. >> reporter: obviously, rattled nerves. and father and son leaving livermore you municipal airport in their single-engine aircraft. when they were up in the air, they noticed there was engine failure, and they said that is when the plane just started losing power. they try to literally use this particular over ramp as a runway , if you will, to try to stop. unfortunately, they did crash
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into a white car. remarkably, i'm looking over to my left. the father and son are fine. hopefully, the person that is in the white car is fine as well. ken, i was on the scene. i didn't see any paramedics taking anyone away. and back, it was almost surreal. i'm sure you can see that from the photos as well in the video we checked. >> the old saying, any landing you can walk away from is a good one. they are two very lucky individuals, as we help the person in the car is. this was about 1000 yards parallel to the runway at livermore. they were trying to make it home . they lost power trying to turn and get back to the airport. didn't make it. >> reporter: actually, i thought that was the case. that would make sense. they said they were leaving the airport. they were leaving them in a simple airport heading to napa, this father and son. they live in the napa area.
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at is when they lost engine power. they said they had been flying for a number of years. they will have to leave it up to the ntsb to figure out exactly what happened. they were actually departing. >> folks heading home tonight to the tracy, may take a area, will remember this for a while. juliette goodrich reporting. thanks for truck more breaking news in the east. the search for a coyote intensifies that for another attack, the fifth since july. this time, the animal bit a man across the street from a quick stop on friday. it's a pretty busy area. folks who live around there say they are on alert. >> very scary. we just went on a bike ride on the trail. we talked about up. coyotes, mountain lions, at any given time, yeah. we are prepared. it's a possibility now.
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>> a week ago, the same coyote bit a little girl, attacked right next to her mother. and neighbor snapped this photo shortly after. morocco police and the department of fish and wildlife are working around the clock to track and trap the animal. new details right now on the rollover crash that put tiger woods in the hospital. >> tonight, espn is reporting the golf legend suffered some serious injuries to both legs, including a compound fracture and a shattered ankle. the 45- year-old golfer underwent hours of surgery to repair the damage this afternoon after rescue crews pulled him through the windshield of the mangled suv. it was going down a hill south of los angeles when it hit a median, ran off the road. investigators said woods never hit the brakes. neighbors say crashes like this are not uncommon on that steep, winding road. >> those of us who live in the area and traveled this road, we
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go through brakes a lot. you need to ride them as you are going down this grade. >> dennis o now. it seemed like things are starting to tiger's way. now this accident. >> tiger woods was at least a month away from returning to the pga tour, but was on the course yesterday with former nba star dwayne wade. >> tiger, thank you for teaching me something. how good am i? or how bad am i? >> good. [ laughter ]'s neck i'm not good. >> getting better. >> tiger was all smiles in a teaching role for duane and actor david spade.
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>> seven weeks from today, final round of the masters. are you going to be there? >> i kind of hope so. i have to get there first. a lot of it is based on surgeons and my doctors and therapists, making sure i do it correctly but this is the only back i got. not much more wiggle room left. >> reaction pouring in from all over the sporting world. stephen curry, klay thompson, 49ers general manager john lynch. of course, tiger's longtime rival, phil mickelson, also sending tiger prayers tonight. >> a long road to recovery. >> we will be updating this story all evening long as new information comes in on air and online. you can stay up to date and sign up for breaking news alerts by downloading our kpix 5 news app.
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look at this neighborhood in san francisco, the site of a heartless and vicious attack against a man in a wheelchair. >> that is where refine kpix 5's andrea borba who is live with more of the story. >> reporter: s fpd are looking for four suspects in this case accusing of cruel acts against someone who could not defend themselves. >> this report is shocking. it is definitely shocking for us , and we take reports of pretty horrible incidents. >> reporter: those words from sfpd after an attack that left a man without his wheelchair and crawling for help. the attack happened around 9:00 p.m. last wednesday on mary street. two tiny blocks sandwiched in the south of market neighborhood. a latino man in his 60s moving on the poorly-lit block was
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attacked by four men in their 20s. >> one of the suspects made some comments about the victim's wheelchair. the next thing you know, he was hit in the face, and the other suspects dragged the victim out of the wheelchair. >> reporter: he was kicked on the ground and left without his ride. the owner of a nearby consulting firm says this about the state of the streets. >> it just me, but it doesn't surprise me. people still things all the time. they have to assault somebody. >> reporter: the victim in this case is doing physically okay. sfpd say the four men, when they are apprehended, will face charges of assault, grand theft , perhaps even elder abuse. live in san francisco, andrea, kpix 5. coming up, the bay area city getting tough with police reform. >> one of our recommendations is that we fire racist police officers who were identified on
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social media. it did not feel very much like february. santa rosa and napa made it up to 80 degrees. strong winds will bring in cooler air tomorrow.
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breaking news. another look at our amazing live shot, incredible emergency landing in livermore near interstate 580. the pilot had just taken off when the engine had a failure. they tried to turn around, couldn't quite make it. they ended up hitting a vehicle when they touched down. we will have another update coming up later. let's take another live look outside looking north from san francisco. it was another gorgeous day today. the city is sparkling.
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i don't think you could get much better than today. everybody was outside. they wanted to enjoy it and have a reason to celebrate the great weather. maybe some wind coming our way? >> the winds will kick up stronger than they did today. it was breezy from time to time today, especially further inland. the really windy conditions will kick in tomorrow. windy in cooler. a northerly wind. the offshore wind will push the ocean influence, the marine air, back over the ocean. that is nice for another day. dry weather continuing through the rest of this week and for the weekend. that takes us through the rest of february. some hints that maybe the line, early march, we might get into a inactive weather pattern. by noon, already tracking plenty of 30 to 20 miles per hour gusts. starters gets will be the north
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bay into solano county. these are for the cities. you go up in elevation, wind gusts will be quite a bit stronger, 40 to 60 miles per hour range. still breezy by this time tomorrow evening. once the sun goes down, the wind will relax to some extent. the higher elevations, gusty winds will continue tomorrow tonight. the national weather service has extended the wind advisory from 10:00 a.m. tomorrow through 4:00 a.m. on thursday. 15 to 30 miles per hour northerly winds. that is for most of us. inland in the east bay, some of the wind will make its way down the hills a little bit. you will have to watch out for stronger gusts and falling tree branches. it's going to be dispersing plenty of pollen across the bay area. medium-high category for tomorrow and thursday. sky high pollen levels friday and saturday. mainly tree pollen.
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if you are sensitive to it, you will definitely be sensitive to it by the end of the weekend. 57 degrees downtown. these are close to average high temperatures. the sun has been down about 90 minutes. we are still way above where we should be this time of year. we will end up in the 40s most locations tomorrow morning. cooler in the balance, but you will warm up faster than everyone else. we will top up at around 70 degrees. still 6 to 8 degree above normal. gradual cool down is going to continue as we head into thursday and friday. the coolest they will be saturday with strong northerly winds. cloud cover early next week. even the slight chance of the shower has been taken out of the forecast, at least for now. here is a look at your top
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headlines picking looking live at capitol hill. neighbors of the covid vaccine told congress a big jump is coming soon. pfizer and moderna say that by the end of march, they will have provided the u.s. with 220 million doses, up from the roughly 75 million shipped so far. they say they will be able to provide enough vexing for most americans by summer. an east bay mother and child have been found safe. this after the child is the father went on a deadly weekend crime spree. 31-year-old kimberly makes and her 4-year-old son have been missing since saturday. officers believe she was in danger. afterwards, police say 26-year- old aaron williams robbed the store in brentwood. he shot a man and two first responders in antioch. the crime spree ended with williams' arrest after a chase with chp.
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coming up next, held renaming a beautiful park in the east bay could help the community heal. >> for all of the people that have been murdered by police throughout the years. the sweeping so we performs . what it could mean for police officers. we are on top of the breaking news in livermore. another we report minutes away. a small plane crash landing into a car on a freeway overpass.
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the city of san leandro looking to rededicate a city park to one or both shot and killed by police. the park would be named after stephen thylor. he was apparently going ugh a mental crisis when he was shot by police last april. city councilmembers now want to redesign the park in his honor. stephen's grandmother says she doesn't want a statue for her grandson. instead, she wants to honor all those who died at the
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hands of police. >> not only for stephen, but for all of the people murdered by san leandro police throughout the years. he is not the first, and he will be the last if we don't do something about what is going on. let's take a live look at berkeley where the city council is meeting to recommend police reform measures. they include requiring written consent for searches, and eliminating basic stuff like failing to wear a seatbelt. >> we recommend that we fire racist police officer identify through social media and other media screens and that we are careful in the hiring process. >> the goal of this process is to dive into the data, to hear from subject matter experts who have done work in this area, and to work with the police department to develop a set of
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recommendations and an action plan about how we can reduce racial disparities in the city of berkeley. >> if approved, the city would have to develop a plan for implementing those recommendations. coming up next, we will take you back out to livermore. live pictures of a plane that had to make a scary emergency landing. another live report coming up next.
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cacall now so you can... retire better we want to take you back to livermore live. juliette goodrich i witnessed a small plane crash that happened on an on-ramp on an overpass to interstate 580. what is the latest? >> reporter: we are on the overpass right now. you can see the single engine plane directly behind me. they are in the process of towing it now. the therfaand son walk out unscathed. i spoke to both of them. they were leaving the airport
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this afternoon headed to napa. i asked them what went wrong. they said the ntsb will be investigating. they just lost power as they took off but they actually tried to use this overpass as a runway, if you will. they ended up landing here, nosediving into a private vehicle. fortunately, they walked away without any scratches. unbelievable. i'm hoping the driver of the white vehicle crashed into was okay. i didn't see any indolence is here on the same take anyone away. this is a crazy incident. and honestly, when you walk away like they are right now, they are taking pictures and talking to investigators, that is quite remarkable. ken, back to you. >> minor damage it looks like to the front end of the plane. everybody got out okay. lucky, they are. >> we will have the latest on the crest coming up tonight at 11:00. thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on
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cbsn bay area. >> we will be back at 11:00 with more local news for you.
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