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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  February 28, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight stepping back >> duncan: tonight stepping back into the spotlight. donald trump returns to theirst time as a former president. political stage for the first time as a former president. >> hello, do you miss me yet? >> duncan: is this the g.o.p.'s future or a power play? also tonight, will a third vaccine accelerate america's covid fight?am >> reporter: i'm errol barnett in louisville, kentucky, where ups is ready to roll out the nation's first single shot vaccine. >> duncan: critical moment with cases dropping and millions getting shots, warnings of a covid comeback. plus hunger crisis, a child's cries are heard in new jersey
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and beyond. >> this is just not only america, this is happening in your backyard. >> duncan: racial reckoning, how the fashion and beauty industry is facing up to its ugly past. and later, he couldn't afford college, but now this former ups driver is paying it forward. >> your giving is historic. why do this? >> when you have the resources to help others, it is something i think you should this is the "cbs weekend news" from new york. here's jericka duncan. >> duncan: good evening. we begin with former president donald trump who returned to the public stage late today for the first time since leaving the white house. mr. trump received a rousing welcome from a gathering of conservatives in florida as a familiar soundtrack of his former campaign event played on. cbs news senior white house and political correspondent ed o'keefe is following it all and
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joins us from our washington bureau. ed, good evening. >> reporter: jericka, good evening, former president trump didn't launch a 2024 campaign today as some might have expected, but he did reassert his leadership over the g.o.p. party, sharply criticized-- speaking at the conservativee ce political action conference in orlando former president trump said he wants to unite republicans. >> we have the republican party, it will unite and be stronger than ever before.i i am not starting a new party. >> reporter: and attacked president biden's early moves, especially on immigration. >> in just one short month we have gone from america first to america last. there is no better example than the new and horrible crisis on our southern border. >> reporter: mr. biden is home in delaware for part of theo weekend and aides said they don't plan to respond every time trump speaks out, but the former president's political activity is unique. >> who knows, i may even decide
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to beat them for a third time, okay? >> reporter: and polls show a majority of republicans say they would support a trump 2024 campaign. party leaders are split over whether to stick with him. >> the voters are saying overwhelmingly they agree with what president trump did in office. >> if we idolize one person, we will lose. >> reporter: if trump takes a pass on 2024, more than a dozen other gop officials are making presentations. several spoke this weekend and mostly celebrated the trump legacy. >> let me tell you this right a now, donald j. trump ain't going anywhere. >> duncan: ed, on another political matter tonight new york governor andrew cuomo is now facing accusations of sexual harassment from a second woman who used to work for him. the democrat said in a statement he never made advances toward the second accuser. ed, what's next? >> reporter: jericka, cuomo is calling on the attorney general to appoint an independent investigator to look into the
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allegations detailed in "the new york times," attorney general leticia james said the governor had to formally request an investigation in order for her office to launch one. the latest allegations come as the governor is facing a federal investigation into how he oversaw nursing homes during the pandemic. notably today even the white house press secretary said that president biden, a long time ally of cuomo, supported an independent investigation. all of this could affect cuomo's plans to run for an unprecedented the fourth term in 2024. >> duncan: ed o'keefe in washington, thank you. well, the race to vaccinate america is getting a big boost, a third vaccine approved this weekend is about to ship out. cbs news transportation correspondent errol barnett is in louisville, kentucky, good evening. >> reporter: jericka, good evening. behind me you see a fleet of ups aircraft among those set to distribute this johnson & johnson vaccine nationwide. it is the literal shot in the arm the country needs to get as many people vaccinated as soon
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as possible. tonight the c.d.c. clearing the way for the nation's first single shot vaccine, joining two existing inoculations in the fight against the pandemic. and while it's solo dose and standard refrigeration mean more people will be fully vaccinated quicker, supply is limited. only four million doses have been manufactured, ready for immediate shipment. johnson & johnson projects 20 million doses should be available by the end of march and 100 million by the end of june. it's efficacy is lower than existing vaccines, however president biden's chief medical advisor asserting today it's important to get whichever vaccine is available as fast as possible. >> they are highly efficacious in many ways, including importantly, preventing severe or critical disease. if you look at all three of them, they are really very good. >> reporter: now, both ups and fedex will put those vaccine
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shipments with unique labels alongside delivery inside cargo holds like this one. they expect to receive those vaccine shipments on monday, arriving at their destination tuesday, at the earliest. jericka. >> duncan: errol barnett in louisville, thank you. there is good news on covid's front lines. the number of people in hospitals with covid-19 has fallen below 50,000 for the first time in nearly four months. infections have slowed, but still nearing 30 million. and deaths have reached 513,000. cbs' lilia luciano joins us fro the hardest hit state, california, lilia, good evening to you. >> reporter: good evening, jericka. the mood here is optimistic as covid cases are starting to take a nose dive. the number of californians in the i.c.u. hasn't been this low since november but people are still worried about what is next. l.a. county's covid crisis is at l.a. county's covid crisis is at a pivotal point. there are fears of the next
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surge as variants grow while cases slow. california's hospitalizations are down 64%, deaths down 45% in the last month, mirroring national numbers that may be leveling off. >> we have time to get a better tool box for the fall to take care of the variants. >> reporter: the c.d.c. sees the variant first identified in the u.k. as the top threat. the strain is confirmed in 43 states plus puerto rico and accounts for 10% of cases in the u.s. still, a reason for hope. one year after a covid outbreak at a washington state nursing home kick-started the american pandemic. that county reporting for the first time 0 new cases in long- term care centers. in miami, 55-year-old isabel pupuo defied science, battled covid for 150 days with oxygen levels doctors called unlivablef >> i actually told the family on numerous occasions, unfortunately she was going to pass away. >> reporter: she says it was god's miracle.
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today just 2% of the tests taken in l.a. county are coming back positive that is down from 19% just a month ago. and here it is a welcome break for very covid weary angelenos, jericka. >> duncan: lilia luciano for us, thank you. for more on the new vaccine let's turn to cbs news medical contributor dr. david agus also in los dr. agus, good evening. we know that the johnson & johnson vaccine could roll out as early as this week. what difference will this make in the ongoing effort to vaccinate people? >> thank you, jericka. this is a really impressive vaccine because it is refrigerated, not frozen, it is one shot, not two shots, and this vaccine can be given at community centers and potentially going to people's homes because you don't have to watch people for 15-30 minutes afterwards because there is no reaction. so this is a much easier logistical vaccine to administer.le >> duncan: and while it might be
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esier, doctor, there are people as you know who believe the johnson & johnson vaccine is inferior to the pfizer and moderna. can you clarify and talk about the differences. >> this is critical, right. 76% in four weeks have no symptoms when exposed to theohn& virus with the johnson & johnson, but pfizer, moderna that number is 95%. over the next month or so, the j&j number, johnson & johnson number goes up, but it is an excellent vaccine. and so the numbers will be nearer to each other two, three months out but what is critical is this is the first and only vaccine that was really shown to work very effectively against the south african variant. so, i'm very enthusiastic about this vaccine and truly believeac whichever vaccine you can get first, take it. a day earlier means a day earlier you are protected. 100% protection from hospitalization and from death, from all three of these vaccines. vaccines. >> duncan: you know, the latest numbers also show covid-19 death rates and hospitalizations are down, but there is still concern
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as you mentioned about the new variants. could we see potentially a covid comeback? >> yes. we're starting to see it a little bit this week. numbers across the country, of infections, are going up. and remember hospitalizations and deaths lag infection by two to three week so it is a little bit worrisome that they are going up because this is a much more infectious strain, the variants. >> duncan: dr. david agus breaking it down for us on this sunday. we thank you. when a new jersey third grader recently told her teacher that she didn't have enough to eat, she highlighted a problem at home and one that affects some 18 million children nationwide. cbs' michael george has more. >> a third grade new jersey girl burst into tears in the middle of her virtual class. confessing to teachers and. fellow students that she was starving. >> this nine year old just couldn't take it any more. >> that heartbreaking moment lead an entire community to help, including new jersey's former lt. governor jim guadagno
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who manages a food bank called fulfill. >> this family has been offered not only immediate food, but groceries for six months. >> the girl's mother lost her restaurant job almost a year ago. >> this is happening across america, not just for this young girl. >> this is not only america, this is happening in your backyard. >> as of january, 40 million people live in a family where at least one adult lacks work. lac according to the center on budget and the number of children facing food insecurity has doubled from 14% to 28% since 2019. >> about 80% of the family's in los angeles school district were in poverty before the pandemic began. >> my son has been-- i'm going to cry. you know, having to work from home, his school stuff is very
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hard. >> president biden and first lady dr. jill biden toured a houston food bank several times, to meet the demands of the pandemic and a weather disaster. those on the front lines sayte america's hunger crisis will be a long fight. >> our hungry children are looking at two or three years, maybe longer, of need. >> food for thought for all americans. michael george, cbs news, newmis york. >> can't forget about those in need. >> overseas now at least 18 people were killed in myanmar today after security forces opened fire on pro-democracy protestors. several others were wounded. it's the deadliest day since the military seized power in a coup a month ago. and britain this is the moment an unexploded world war ii bomb recently discovered was detonated in an explosion. it happened in exeter, england,
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thousands were evacuated, the bomb was a big one weighing 2200 pounds. some nearby buildings were damaged in the blast. >> well, straight ahead on the cbs weekend news, the fashion industry gets shaped by a get growing movement. also two daredevils defy death by skiing down yosemite's steep half dome. and later college students learn a valuable lesson from ason froa baltimore couple who never forgot where they came from. of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opopdivo plus s yervoy is for adudults newly y diagnod with n non-small c cell lulung cancerr that has s spread and d that ts posititive for pd-d-l1 and d does not h have an abnormamal egfr or r alk ge. opdivovo plus yervrvoy is t the first a and only fda-apapproved comombination of two i immunotherarapies opdivo plus yervoy y equals... a chanance for more starrrry nights..
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5:47 pm
and i realized the responsibility that came with this. >> reporter: she said in the decade since, she requested black photographers and makeup artists, but was reprimanded, and that she often earned less for modeling jobs than her white peers. >> and racism was alive and thriving. >> reporter: what has changed? >> it has been an amazing moment, i think in the world. people are finally listening. >> reporter: listening as the black lives matter movement has amplified calls for the fashion industry to tackle accusations of racism from this black face sweater by gucci and burberry hoodie featuring a noose, to a widespread lack of diversity. >> kenya hunt is the deputy editor at "grazia u.k" magazine. >> you see the exclusivity at >> you see the exc every level of the industry. the magazines, what does the magazine staff look like. what are the board of directors
5:48 pm
of a lot of these big brands look like. >> reporter: so, when big brands show support for black lives matter, some critics accuse them of hypocrisy. but if you look at recent fashion weeks, big fashion issues and pledges to black- owned businesses, hunt says black lives matter is starting to make a big impact. what affects have you seen on the fashion industry? >> it has empowered people to really speak candidly and e honestly about their own experiences. >> so this is why i call it the triangle. >> people like ozwald boateng, the first black head designer at a luxury fashion house givenchy, honored by queen elizabeth and put on shows across the world. still, he says for years he absorbed racism silently. >> if i was blind, what would be the difference, would it be as hard, would i be maybe more successful. >> reporter: boateng is calling for more opportunities for people of color, and reparations for the descendants of enslaved people. >> you have to look at the whole picture.
5:49 pm
there needs to be a shift, which, by the way, is happening. >> reporter: beverly johnson also sees a shift. she is pushing her industry to interview at least two black professionals for each influential role. >> i'm having some meaningful conversations with some titans in the fashion industry. >> reporter: and those conversations are just the start, she says, that can lead to real resolutions to racism in fashion and beyond. t roxana saberi, cbs news, london. >> duncan: well, still ahead on the cbs weekend news, two astronauts step into space to give their orbiting home an upgrade. upgrade. to all t the people e who reale they c can du morere with l less asthmama thanksks to dupixexent, ththe add-on t treatment for r specific t types ofof moderate-e-to-severe e a. dupixent i isn't for s suddn breathing g problems.. it c can improveve lung funcnn fofor better b breathing
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>> duncan: those are nasa astronauts kate rubins and victor glover working outside the international space station today. they spent six hours installing new upgrades to the station's 20-year-old solar power system. an unusually daring seat in california, jason torlano and zack milligan navigated a thin layer of snow with no margin of thin layer of snow with no error to make it down yosemite'a treacherous half dome. the 4,800 drop to the valley floor took them five hours to complete. glad they're safe. texas state climbed its way to the top winning its first basketball championship in 22 years. coach terrence johnson couldn'te be on the court due to covid
5:53 pm
protocols... ( cars honking ) but the coach found a way to join the post-game celebration as you see there driving to the arena. he surprised his overjoyed players and they shaved the-- shared the love. no word on the condition of that s.u.v. probably a lot of fingerprints. next on the cbs weekend news, how a babaltimore cocouple's historic gifts will impact genenerations toto come. lilife is fullll of make o ork momentnts. that's s why it's so imporortt to help rereduce your r riskf fractuture with prprolia®. ononly proliaa® is provoven to p strengththen and prorotect bones from fraracture withth 1 shot ey 6 momonths. do n not take prprolia® if f yoe low blood d calcium, are e pregnant, , are allergro it, or t take xgevaa®. seririous allergrgic reactioione low blood d pressure,, trououble breaththing, throt titightness, face, , lip or tonongue swell, rash, itchching or hivives he happenened. tetell your dodoctor aboutut l problelems,
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>> duncan: well, we end tonight with the sto >> duncan: well, we end tonight with the story of a couple's extraordinary gift inspired by a dream deferred. ♪ ♪ ♪ while the band at morgan state university in baltimore is known for drumming up excitement, it's the actions of this former student that has energized the campus. you're giving is historic. you're giving is historic. why do this? >> when you are blessed and you have the resources to help others, it is something i think you should do. >> duncan: this week calvin tyler and his s wife tinaa announunced a $20 0 million commitmentnt to the hihistoricay black university morgan state. the largest ever frorom an alum, bolstering the couple's scholarship fund established in 2002.. >> mororgan state'e's mission,nt of their mission is to help kids from disadvantaged families, get a chance to go to college and get a degree. and that's what we are trying to do.
5:57 pm
>> duncan: 78 year old calvin tyler attended morgan in the '60s and says he remembers what it was like to struggle. >> i had to pay my own way. i didn't have a scholarship. >> duncan: he reluctantly dropped out, and started driving for ups. he rose up the ranks and became he rose up the ranks and became the first black senior vice president of u.s. operations. tyler says he and his wife tina never forgot their baltimoreir roots. >> i wanted to focus on our home town, on morgan state. >> duncan: without that scholarship, where do you think you would be? >> lord knows. i would be probably a statistic in baltimore. >> duncan: byron selby was one of the first so called tyler scholars, he received a full scholarship and graduated in 2008. now he works for the united states secret service. >> their generosity not only helped me, it inspired my family, it helps people that i meet on the daily. >> education. >> education. >> plus opportunity. >> plus opportunity. >> equals success.
5:58 pm
>> equals success. >> i coach now, i mentor. >> duncan: so far more than 200 students have benefited from the tyler scholarship fund. university president david wilson. >> what calvin and tina tyler are doing is paving a way for those students to get a morgan degree and not start out in life with $50,000 to $80,000 in debt. >> duncan:n: do you sesee yoursf as a an inspiratation? >> i h hope. >> i hope so every young person has god- given talent. and they need to believe in themselves first, believe in themselves, and just face their dreams. >> absolutely, believe in well, full disclosure, if it were not for morgan state, i wouldn't be here. it is where my parents met 40 years ago. there they are, mom and dad in 1981, and again there, 2017 well, that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday. i'm jericka duncan in new york.
5:59 pm
have a great night. have a great night. captioning sponsored by cbs just tragic. it could happen to any of us. a freak accident at a bay area covid-19 lab. >> i feel like the world truly is going to be dimmer because he is not here to give his skills and love and knowledge. happying right now. a rally over countless lives lost to bay area gun violence including an east bay dad shot at his son's football practice. two more bay area counties could move up to the state's red tier later this week. what you will be able to do
6:00 pm
again and where. a one of a kind vaccine clinic for a specific group of essential workers. and what is it going it to take to get rain around here again? i may have positive news on that for march. we will go behind the science and how to change the pattern, coming up. all right, good evening. >> new at 6:00 a falling tree killed a young physics researcher at a bay area covid- 19 testing lab. his family says that the recent college grad had just started working there. kpix5 is live in burling game where it happened. this is the tree right here that crushed that young man. team members say they don't have say lot of information about what happened. they feel like they are left in the dark. >> at an early age he knew he was wanted to be in the physics or engineering field.


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