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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 2, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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out. we asked the mayor of san francisco today about that, if this is the right time to roll back. >> i like seeing all the people out and about. >> reporter: tables full, all things look to be moving in the direction of back to normal. >> i feel like it is a different thing, i feel like it's going to be good this time. >> reporter: the recent health metrics in san francisco have allowed the county to move into a less restrictive tier, but nationwide, the clear downward trajectory in case rates and covid deaths for weeks is now plateauing. prompting the centers for disease control and prevention to issue a warning. >> the cdc is calling out cities and states that are easing up on these safety mandates. your response. >> my responses that all of you know, san francisco was the first major city to shut down. and, we have been extremely conservative about every decision we make, nationally, as you have seen, cases have
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started to rise slightly over the last couple of days. so, this is why we need to continue to double down on those prevention measures. >> reporter: scientists say one of the covid-19 variance is about 50% more transmissible. >> there is a varying presence of more variants in our region. >> reporter: indoor garden siding begins tomorrow, limiting tables to one household with a maximum of four people. >> a lot of the stress is at a mental level. are we going to get out of this? can we make it through it? do we deplete our own family savings? this is the level of stress. >> we have to balance the risk of reopening with where we knew, with the fact that we have been in this for over a year. >> what are some of the different roles in san francisco for indoor and outdoor dining? >> one of the main differences between outdoor and indoor in the city and county of san
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francisco will be that for outdoors, it is a maximum of six people and up to three households. but when we talked to restaurateurs and employees in this business, they are asking people as we begin to reopen up in the city and county, to mask up each time, the waitress at and waiter approached the table. they know it is hard when you're dining, but that is what they are asking for, and one of the top things they are asking for, as we begin to reopen up. >> kenny choi reporting live. a livelo at san jose now, santa clara county has been very cautious about reopening, but health officials are lifting restrictions as the county moves to the red tier. >> it has been an extraordinarily long year for everyone. we have and we will continue to do everything that we can to safeguard the health of everyone looking and living in our county.
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>> reporter: here is the latest. area snapshot. santa clara, sandra sisco in napa county is now joining san mateo and marin in the red tier. new at 6:00, governor newsom taking his covid response plan on the road. he has been up and down the state recently talking about ttg indskiba ckschool. kiet do, with how his aggressive travel schedule also fits his political agenda right now. >> reporter: governor's latest visit to the bay area in palo alto, certainly no accident. these folks here have been back since october. what better place to tout his multibillion-dollar back-to- school incentive plan and perhaps revamp his image and do so damagco cos to the recall? >> reporter: governor newsom spent about 45 minutes touring bern park elementary in palo alto, observing how the school got back to class v months ago. using x a glass, spaced out decks, and lots of ventilation and even took out time for this.
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>> doing something i haven't done in over a year now, that is reading to kids. proving that we can get our kids back to school all across this country. there even when the $6.6 billion incentive plan in the works, school reopening's will likely be uneven, with plenty of envy and frustration to go around. newsom's political opponents are seizing on the moment, confident they will have enough signatures by the march 17th deadline to qualify for a special recall election. challenger john cox tweeted this morning, thinking gavin newsom for actions he has taken since the recall became real is like thinking the guy that punched you in the face and broke her nose for driving you to the hospital. we asked the governor about that wheat and more but he did not directly address the recall. >> visits like this are political theater and damage control. >> i think the 2.3% positivity rate is driving these decisions. >> i think he wisely is not paying too much attention to it. >> reporter: peter johnston, a
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veteran strategist and longtime newsom ally said the governor is right not to give the recall any more momentum before it is even on the ballot. >> as interesting and titillating a story about a recall is day in and day out, the less sexy, less to the leading work of providing for the people of california day in and day out is how he will be judged. and i think he is a probe really focused on that. >> reporter: back here live at palo alto high school, where in just one week, even the seniors will be back on campus, governor newsom holding up this school district is an example not to shame other school districts, but to tell them that it is possible if you are flexible. kiet do, kpix 5. this evening, the 49ers are working on a game plan to bring fans back to levi the goal? something in the middle of what you are seeing there on the the onlyones s aring. iadranba b >> reporter: there is an
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economy of businesses around levi omthese venues for postgame snacks and pregame snacks. they are desperate to survive all of this and they cannot wait to get fans back in the stands here at levi and inside great america. the tailgating loss at levi stadium have been empty for a year now, and businesses around the area has been feeling the pinch. >> we can do upwards of 300 plus pizzas throughout the day. obviously without that it just goes completely down the drain with the amount we are doing. >> reporter: with 22,000 vaccinations already done at the anti-stadium, the 49ers are putting together a plan to put fans in the stands and by association, customers back inside. >> it will be massive to have levi's reopen, have the niners back. >> reporter: the team president is looking to a medical advisory panel to help shape
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the reentry plan. which could be as soon as preseason. >> where we do not know things like infectious disease and viruses in ics,we rely on the experts. are happy to have the world's worst experts guiding us. concessions could go quickly to see delivery, getting inside could require an a metal detector .th re >> we think about clear as what you might do in an airport, but they are working on right now technology to be able to distinguish whether or not you have had a vaccine and if you haven't, maybe you go get tested. >> reporter: dr. george rutherford thinks it is the right strategy. >> we can try and keep people out of the stadiums who may be infectious. that is through screening them or through vaccination. >> reporter: the 49ers say 97% of their season-ticket holders have chosen to hold onto their seats put in their service they
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have gotten a lot of questions about how the stadium might work post-pandemic or in the middle of the pandemic as we move into a less restrictive tear. they say they are trying to build consumer health confidence to get people back in the stands and to make sure they feel comfortable and safe doing so. andria borba, kpix 5. now to oakland where the fbi is investigating after an agent's rental call was targeted by some thieves. investigators say it happened about noon in the downtown area. the fbi says the agent's detective gear and some personal items were taken. it does not appear that any weapons were stolen. this happens more than a week after another fbi agent up cogan was stolen from inside their car in lafayette. now to a major traffic alert in mountain view, chopper 5 mac with this video from highway 101 at old middlefield way. northbound lanes are closed right now and have been for most of the day.
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police are dealing with a person in distress on the overpass and traffic is backed up in both directions. here is a look at the backup from our traffic map, northbound traffic backed up to highway 237, as you can see. southbound, the gridlock starts at palo alto, the drivers are being asked to use highway 85 or interstate 280 as alternate routes. still ahead, a huge effort for a small town. the bay area community that seems to know how to give out covid vaccines. i am don ford in san francisco where the road leading to twin peaks have been closed for months. but that maybe changing. i will have the story, coming up. cities, towns and neighborhoods. >> reporter: how the 49ers are showing support for the bay area's asian community.
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a b.t. a bus, hijacked in santa clara. the sheriff's department says jonathan clemson started acting erratic while on board the bus this morning. the driver parked and got out to call 911. they say clemson then jumped into the driver's seat and when the driver came back, they got into a struggle. they say clemson drove for a couple of miles and then tried to run away. that is when officers detained him, one passenger was on board new at 6:00, after shutting
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down to help get most of its seniors vaccinated, a small bay area town was able to bring them back today for their second dose. posters with encouraging words welcomed patients in phoenicia as they waited in line for their shots. this was the scene exactly one month ago when the city first vaccinated nearly all of its residents 75 and older. it was a huge effort by the city, which put together the vaccine event just days after finding out that it was getting 1400 doses. >> it has been an outstanding community effort, from volunteers throughout the community coming together, working with city staff in order to vaccinate our senior community. >> city officials say they have been able to vaccinate more than 1500 seniors, nearly half of the city in senior population. the push to give people access to one of the bay area's most breathtaking views.
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speaking of breathtaking views, how about this sunset? as we look from the top of the mark hopkins hotel, clouds moved in this afternoon but the last rays of sunset, ducking underneath those clouds and reflecting and producing this phenomenal sunset view. we wi
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access to probably the best view of san francisco isnight.
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the sfmta's is discussing permanent changes for twin peaks boulevard, which has been mostly closed to traffic since the pandemic began. so our cars part of that plan? don ford found out, new at 6:00, the answer is, sort of. there twin peaks has been off- limits now to vehicles for just about a year. but soon they will be allowed to return. but this time, with restrictions. folks from around the world come to see this view and except for a few hours in the evening, the gates leading up to twin peaks have been locked. the only way to come up is by foot or bike. some folks like cars, some do not. >> we recommend is closing the burnet avenue gate at all times, but also opening the drive create 24/7. it is a compromise that creates a safe pedestrian bike walkway separated from vehicles. people had to walk on the dirt shoulder before this idea came
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along. nikolai drove up but only got as far as the kate. >> i think it would be a good recreational activity for it to be open at least maybe to some extent. >> reporter: some workers agree that limited vehicle access should be allowed. >> it would be nice for people to get up there by car. my grandma probably would not be able to walk all the way up there but it would be nice for her to get that few sometimes. >> reporter:'s number complained on weekends, cars line the streets and are easy prey for thieves. the curves are littered with glass fragments from all the break-ins. still, cars, up and our surprise the gate is still closed. >> my husband is here from morocco, you know, just going to go driving around, i guess. >> reporter: it will be decided this evening whether the board of directors. the 49ers are showing support for the asian community after a wave of attacks.
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>> we are all more alike than we are different. >> we deserve to feel safe in our cities, towns and neighborhoods. >> reporter: lets stand together. let's be allies for our asian- american community. >> fred warner and arik armstead are featured in this powerful new video. the teammates are callingon the bay area to stand united against hate. california could be looking at some water restrictions this summer, according to state water managers, after the latest sierra snow survey. today in readings, just 61% of average for this date. paul is hoping the precipitation picks up in the next month or so. >> yeah, there is still time. i don't know if it will qualify as being a march miracle but we will take whatever we can get in terms of the official drought conditions and there is an agency that monitors this. the issue and update every thursday. the most recent update shows conditions ranging from abnormally dry in the santa cruz mountains to extreme drought for much of napa and
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solano counties. the bad news is we are so far into these categories, the good news is, this is about where we ended the last rainy season. things have not gotten significantly worse during this rainy season. we have seen just enough rain to keep things from deteriorating further but we would like to see more rain, and we will. by friday night and early saturday morning, most of the rain will fall well after sunset friday night before the sun comes up onsaturday. sunday will be dry but there is an outside chance of a stray shower. there are more rain chances in the forecast by monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. more active weather pattern as we round the corner into the second week of march. right now, beautiful sunset as we look out from salesforce tower, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s, not bad for a march evening. this evening's dog walking forecast is brought to you by kayden. his assigned here says free kisses. who is going to say no? he even has a bowtie on. temperatures are in the 50s right now, close to 60 degrees
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but they will steadily drop-off as we head through the evening. nice weather for a dog walk if you want to put on something reflective and get out and about. imagers, mid to upper 40s in most locations by early tomorrow morning. cooler spots in upper 30s and low 40s. we will warm-up to close his what is normal this time tomorrow. mid to upper 50s, but elsewhere into the 60s, the warm spots getting up to around 70 degrees. temperatures do not change much the rest of the work week. we stay dry until friday night. early showers saturday, we try out the rest of the weekend, more sour chances on the way by monday and tuesday of next week. we will check it all, coming up at 7:00. coming up, there is an elvis signing. >> the first day was a little weird. >> why you can't
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the warriors have two games left before the all-star break. that means everybody will get time off, except steph curry. >> it is different. i could complain about it, but there's not much i can do. >> curry and the other all- stars will fly into atlanta on saturday and fly out right after the game sunday. he will also participate in the three-point shootout before the game, he wanted once in his career, back in 2015. spring training, a's and bearers, ramon laureano wants to run more this season.
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it rolls all the way to the wall. he races into third for a triple. the a speed the brewers, 2-1. the giants host the dodgers tonight. meanwhile, the a's new starting shortstop will have big shoes, or should i say, blue suede shoes, to fill this season. >> it's a lot of pressure. i do want to impress, for sure. i want to give a good impression. >> ♪ take a walk down lonely street to the heartbreak hotel ♪ >> reporter: the heartbreak, that is the route they were on. >> when we signed elvis, it was a sigh oflief. eporte after being texas for 12 season c be in gre gold. >> after the first day, i was kind of a little weird but my family and everybody said i looked good, so i trust them.
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>> reporter: with over 300 career stolen bases, elvis plans to be the a's hound dog on the field. >> i am hoping. >> reporter: after a way down year in 2020, elvis cannot wait to perform in front of fans once again. >> we know without fans, there is no baseball. it is so boring. >> elvis has left the building. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> he's like bronco billy or something. thanks, dennis. >> that is
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cbs evening news is coming up next. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. coming up after from the white house about the vaccine rollout. plus, we will end with this inspiring story. pandemic penpals. the bond between these fourth- graders and seniors. we have got that and more news tonight here on the cbs evening news. >> thank you. some teenagers had a special thank you for san francisco first responders. >> they did it in an online flash mob. take a look. so cool. this was all organized by youth the first jewish family and children's services of san francisco. the fire department shared it on twitter, thanking them right back. i love to see people's creativity during the pandemic. it is really inspiring and cool, the neat things they can do with zoom and really being resourceful. >> and the first responders, what can you say?
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>> can't thank them enough, every single day. thank you for watching tonight at 6:00. the news continues streaming on ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news: the big announcement tonight from the white house about when every american adult can get a vaccine as texas becomes the largest state in our country to end a mask mandate and lift restrictions. the governor of the lone star state says businesses are hurt,e and it's time to open at full and it's time to open at full capacity. >> it is now time to open texas 100%. >> o'donnell: but the c.d.c. warns it's too new vne timeline: president biden: enoughts forvery adult bmontad of schedule. >> by the end of may. that's progress. >> o'donnell: plus the new announcement for teachers andchd how drug maker johnson & johnson


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