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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 4, 2021 1:37am-2:11am PST

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now at 11, breaking news, dramatic changes land for california's vaccine rollout. talking about my eyes, and
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different stereotypes. >> one-on-one with basketball star jeremy lane. he opens up about the rash of attacks on asians in the bay area. santa clara county restaurants are open for indoor dining tonight but will customers come back? it is very scary, a bunch of people will get biopsies that they don't need. >> good evening i'm ken bastida. >> a major change to california's vaccine rollout, or the percent of all doses will be set aside for the states most vulnerable neighborhoods. that is the word from officials within the last two hours. about 8 million people are eligible for shots in those areas, which are spread out across 400 z.i.p.
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codes. once about 2 million of those doses are administered, the state will allow counties to move more quickly through the reopening tears. our morning team will have much more on this raking story beginning tomorrow at 4:30. bay area basketball star jeremy lin is sharing his own experiences with racism in his first tv interview as attacks on asians continue across the bay area. betty yu spoke exclusively with him today. >> reporter: jeremy lin says he's using basketball and his influence off the court to empower people to speak up. meanwhile the nba g league is investigating his claim that he was called coronavirus during the game. >> from my standpoint it does no good to bring somebody down when i'm trying to uplift people that need to be uplifted and bring awareness to people. >> that's why he says he is choosing not to call out the
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player who made the offensive comment. you grew up in the bay area which is a bit of a bubble when it comes to diversity. when were you first conscious of racism? >> i never really thought that much about it until, when i started to play really competitively and play outside the northern california bubble. >> reporter: when the 32-year- old played at harvard he was called a racial slur. >> in multiple arenas, talking about my eyes, talking about different stereotypes and going back to china, things like that. >> reporter: the former golden state warrior is calling attention to a long-standing problem. when you are tired of being told that we don't experience racism. we are tired of being told to keep our heads down and not make trouble.
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>> we have to banded together, we have to work together and understand each other, and listen to each other. not just between these two groups, but all groups. >> reporter: for every three- pointer he makes ease of donating to an organization that supports youth empowerment and cross-cultural work. the rise in asian hate has made the basketball star take more pride in his identity. >> i am more than okay to be an asian basketball player. if it means i could do more things like this, to stand up for and have a voice for the unheard. >> reporter: the warriors coach plotted eywerfulan jeremy said waveryit >> and he is actually donating money to different groups, he shows that it's real. thank you. let's take a live look from san jose. santa clara county is back in
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the red tier. maria medina is live in san jose with a look at how businesses and customers are adapting on their first night back. >> reporter: business owners have been waiting for this day and it's been difficult to operate outdoors in the winter, in the cold and in the rain. tonight for the first time in months, la fontaine welcomed guests to dine indoors. >> we missed this, we missed the parties and all the meetings. >> reporter: castro street is shut down for several blocks, for owners to offer outdoor dining but the back-and-forth of opening and closing has hurt business. now they are offering tables indoors but is limited to 25% capacity. these longtime customers say business is nowhere near where it was before the pandemic.
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>> a lot of businesses are hurting. i hope people realize that now is the time to come support local businesses. >> reporter: fitness studios and gyms are also finally allowed to resume indoors at 10% capacity. the partial lifting of restrictions in santa clara county comes as we see a decline in one's record- breaking covid cases and as vaccinations ramp up. today 103-year-old emile received a second dose. >> i feel very good, i am so happy that i get protection. >> reporter: tomorrow the la fontaine owner and his staff will get the very first vaccination for themselves. also allowed to operate indoors with capacity, aquariums, zoos and museums, as well as theaters.
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>> nice to see that optimism in san jose, finally. let's take a live look at san francisco right now, teachers can now get the coronavirus vaccine. this city handed off thousands of access codes to educators so they could get the shot. but negotiations between the unions and school district continue. there is still no reopening date. it is not just san francisco, many kids across the bay area have been out of the classroom for almost a year now, and it's taking a toll. andrea nakano joins us from san rafael high school with what marin county is doing to address teens mental health. >> reporter: what is unique here is that high school students have opened up the conversation about mental health, they have teamed up with the marin county office of education speakers series to help those struggling with
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mental health. talia is one of the organizers of the marin county virtual wellness speaker series. >> a moment when i felt like i was overwhelmed with emotion, what i needed was after my first suicide attempt. i was getting yelled at by the people who were supposed to support me. >> this particular event was called more than sad. >> i would definitely say that the depression and anxiety, especially in the wake of covid- 19 has been really difficult for a lot of teenagers. a lot of the support systems we normally would have are gone. >> reporter: nearly half of california teens between the ages of 12 and 17 have recently struggled with mental health issues and psychologists are
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seeing an uptick in patients. >> we are seeing tons of depression, we are seeing some kids really struggle with anxiety. >> reporter: dr. allison is in an online counseling platform to specifically address teens mental health. >> it reminds them that they are not alone and that none of us were actually prepared or built for this time of pandemic or isolation. >> reporter: and that is the goal of the series, to create a support system and let teens know there is help. >> if we can help one person, that would be enough. >> reporter: even as restrictions are being eased and students are returning to school, she expects the effects from the mental health to linger. she says the students, especially in high school, have lost a year of their lives that they will never get back. >> it's been so hard on so many people. hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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the u.s. capitol is under heightened security tonight amid fears of a potential domestic terror attack. the threat is driven by a qanon conspiracy theory claiming that former president trump will be inaugurated tomorrow. the fbi and homeland security have issued a bulletin obtained by cbs news. it mentions militia plans to take control of the u.s. capitol and remove lawmakers. the canceled votes tomorrow in response. still ahead, an unexpected side effect, and what doctors are recommending. alive look at oracle park, good bands be back in the stands for opening day? the bold prediction, tonight. wait until you see how one principal taught
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taking a live look outside this evening. as more and more people across the bay area, get vaccinated, doctors are seeing a side effect from the vaccine that is likely more common than what clinical data owg. port, borbw
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on what women need to know. >> reporter: a covid-19 vaccine is causing a growing number of women to think they have breast cancer. top doctors say a slowdown, here is what is going on. the coronavirus pandemic has already caused many of us to delay routine screenings, now the vaccine entrusted with protecting us is actually causing a different issue. >> i could see a bump, or swelling. >> after getting vaccinated, this bay area veterinarian felt a small lump in her armpit. she is not the only one. >> we have definitely seen this at ucsf. >> as to what the team is seeing, that orange arrow marks the spot, and enlarged lymph node captured on a m d it bes a recently vaccinatedan >> we are startito see patients presenting for their screening mammogram and they
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have enlarged lymph nodes. and they are on the same side were they got vaccinated. >> reporter: with covid-19 vaccinations picking up steam, doctors are seeing more cases of lumps under armpits or the collarbone. but in recently vaccinated women tests revealed that these bumps are not cancerous, just swollen glands, even so, it can cause unnecessary anxiety. >> most people are being called back for these things, and i think that is a problem. it's very scary. >> reporter: dr. laura heads up the breast care center at ucsf. >> some of these tests are incredibly expensive. if you need it, then you should do it, but if you don't need it, the co-pay could be more than $1000. >> why do they swell?
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it is a good sign that the vaccine is actually working. >> lymph nodes are the factories for making antibodies. >> reporter: is willing lymph nodes are unexpected side effect. 12% of those who received the first dose of the moderna vaccine experienced a swollen lymph node and that increase to 16% after the second dose. while the rates were lower with the pfizer shot, doctors believe the real rates are much higher for both. the question is what do you do? >> we want to be careful not to overreact to that information. we don't want to miss a critically important finding but it is all confounded by the vaccine. >> now an expert panel of radiologists has weighed in. they advise that if you are due for screening, consider postponing your mammogram for at least six weeks after the last dose of the vaccine. there is also good news, if you are not yet eligible to get the
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covid vaccine, now is the perfect time to get your mammogram. it's a lot easier to schedule than the shot. >> we are recommending women that are due for ei mammogram, don't wait. >> i feel it's important for everybody to be aware of things. if you are worried, discuss it with your doctor. >> reporter: if the lump lasts more than six weeks after the vaccination, let your doctor know. >> if you've recently received a covid-19 vaccine and you do get a mammogram, experts advise that you tell your radiologist that you were vaccinated and on which arm. a northern california high school principal takes on a suspected robber. students watched as he confronted a man on the school's roof. police say the man was a robbery suspect hiding from
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police. at one point the d n that's when wrangell tries to tackle him and almost gets him. >> he certainly earned a lot of respect for me. >> in my eyes he is a total hero and we are so grateful to have him as principal. >> police were able to track down the suspected bad guy, the school district is calling the principles actions courageous. paul, i can't believe it, we have the best news maybe, it's that rain is back. >> it's been a couple of weeks is the last rain chance and it will be here in about 48 hours. late in the day on friday, we get through most of the day on friday dry but then the shower start to move into the north bay right before the sun goes down. moving through the golden gate
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by about 9:00 and moving through the rest of the bay area overnight. the most widespread rain between 10 pm and 1 am. but it will be winding down well before the sun comes up on a saturday morning. and the rest of the weekend is looking dry. we are not done with the rain chances, there is a chance that showers moving late sunday night, more likely on monday with another wave of rain heading in tuesday, lingering an from e day. in, weare talking about a ntlow end,ree arters of inch l much of the bay area with over an inch and a half in the santa cruz mountains. because it will fall gradually over the course of six or seven days, we will not see big concerns with the atmospheric
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river in terms of debris flows or mudslides. temperatures right now, mid to upper 40s to around 50 degrees. we will start off early thursday morning with reduced visibility, but by mid day the fog should be gone. temperatures starting off mostly in the 40s, some of the chillier spots dipping down into the 30s. and then we warm up nicely. we've got a trio of dogs for the dog walking forecast. and they will enjoy plenty of sunshine, with high temperatures reaching into the mid-60s in the tri-valley. let's take a look at temperatures for the rest of the bay area, right around 60 in the city with mid-60s for the east bay. and very similar temperatures on friday before the rain moves in. it will be gone for the
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weekend, but cooler temperatures this weekend, low 60s inland with upper 50s by the bay. and even another chance of rainfall late next week with another round potentially heading our way friday into saturday. i've got great news from the governor's office. if you are hoping to catch opening day in person, how do you like it.
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tough schedule for the warriors, lebron james on sunday and damian lillard tonight? yikes. >> wright, is there a better matchup in the nba right now, and it was steph curry's game until the final few minutes. kelly oubre he hurt his wrist
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in practice, you want to see a healthy rest? fia cu the game, this gave portland the lead, and the warriors, draymond green has the lead at the rim, and making the great defensive play for the team, steve kerr was not happy with that call. desperation shot by damien, the hooptheris to win 8- little chancanford will get another chance. they were hammered. usc won by 37 points tonight.
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let's drop the puck on the sharks and avalanche. scoreless game, but then light the lamp for colorado. from the face-off, gerard gets one has samuel jones. they score three in the third period, and they win 4-0. the sharks have yet to win consecutive games. there have been a limited number of fans since spring training but governor newsome said the state could allow spectators at outdoor events, which would include the giants and a's. >> we have confidence that when we look forward to opening day, where we are likely to be, then i have all the confidence in the world that fans will be back safely. college baseball, alabama's
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andrew popping the ball to make a home run saving catch. one more look, incredible that the ball did not go over the fence. now let's just say, if we can see those kind of plays in person, it might happen by opening day. >> sounds good, thanks dennis.
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tonight a bunch of monkeys tat escaped from the zoo have taken over homes in venezuela. >> they are going through people's kitchens looking for food. one even set up camp on someone's patio. the zoo has been closed since the pandemic so the monkeys her left roaming around town looking for a meal. no more monkeys jumping on the bed ! >> there you go, we will be right back.
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another san francisco icon, the cable cars have been sidelined since the start of the pandemic, but they are coming back. service will resume this fall, just in time for the holidays. i miss seeing them so much on the streets. they really make san francisco, san francisco. it's been so weird not to see them (soft intriguing music) - hi everyone and welcome to the legal help center. today we have legal professionals standing by to answer your questions and give you a free consultation. so if you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault and you don't have an attorney,


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