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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 5, 2021 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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over san francisco, richmond about to get some heavier downpours, too, no cloud to ground lightning on the lightning tracker. we've heard reports of a couple flashes, but nothing showed up. we haven't heard any rumbles of thunder. i think that threat will remain low. this is all moving to the east very rapidly. so places where it's not raining yet looking at you, san jose, it's going to rain within the next hour, hour and a half. all this is going to move through very quickly. the back edge of the rain is already visible out over the pacific. once that sweeps through we're going to dry out before the sun comes up tomorrow morning, a dry weekend with cooler útemper
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there is more rain on the way as the next storm system is going to be diving down towards us early next week. we'll look at next week's rain chances day by day and check out tonight's rain on futurecast, when it will move out coming up in a few minutes. we are following breaking news tonight. an agreement between teachers and the san francisco unified school district toto reopenen dozezen schohools next montnth, are elemementary schoolols. this is the e districtct's so- calllled first t wave. all schools s ththat are apprpr for safetyty measureses and acc the e first day of in-person learning is april 12th. in total 350 students will be able to return five days a week. the district says more students will return next month as well. 26 schools in the second wave are being inspected right now. we expect to learn more from the district on monday. more breaking news out of capitol hill tonight, for the second night in a row lawmakers are working into the evening on
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the covid relief bill. about 90 minutes ago senate leaders struck a deal over jobless benefits breaking a nine-hour logjam. west virginia democratic senator joe manchin brought the senate to a standstill when he wanted to pare down $400 weekly jobless benefits. after hours of scrambling lawmakers agreed to $300 weekly benefit through early september. this clears the way now for a marathon voting session. the democrats hope to pass the bill this weekend. on the road to recovery, in less than a month you will be able to go out to an outdoor concert or a theme park or a baseball game in person. they'll all be allowed to reopen at reduced capacity as early as april 1st. kpix5's andrea nakano is live outside oracle park for us tonight. hi, andrea. >> reporter: hey, ken. to say it's been quiet in this oracle park area would be an
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understatement. foot traffic has come to a crawl since the pandemic has begun and businesses have been really impacted in this area, but things are starting to look up. >> it's like it's christmas come early. you know what i mean? we've just been waiting so long for some sort of good news. >> reporter: scott morton, owner of momo's bar and grill in san francisco, is ready for business to pick up again. he's managed to stay open through the pandemic unlike many of his neighbors. >> man, this is a shot in the arm that i think the whole city needs, but this area in particular, you know, being so close to the ballpark. we're really excited for the future. >> reporter: today both the giants and the athletics making the big announcement through social media, the a's already swinging for the fences with a tweet welcoming fans back to the coliseum and putting tickets up for sale for opening day on april 1st. >> it's what the game is all about. i mean we all do it for the fans, for their energy and excitement and passion and when i was talking to our players
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when this came down earlier today, they were fired up. >> reporter: the giants, however, are still in the on deck circle. the team sent a statement saying the giants are very encouraged by governor newsom's announcement today updating state guidelines that would permit fans to attend baseball games at oracle park. now if san francisco can at least stay in the red tier, capacity is set at 20% which could mean roughly 8,000 fans at oracle park. >> the game is not fully the game without our fans around. >> so you mentioned the red tier requirement, andrea. what would the giants still need to do to get fans in the stands? >> reporter: so since san francisco is already in the red tier, the giants just have to submit an operational plan to the san francisco department of public health and get that approved, but there is a curve ball in the a's plan to open the coliseum. alameda county now is in the purple tier and they'll need to move into the red tier to be
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able to allow 11,000 fans into the coliseum, but dave capell is pretty optimistic that's going to happen. >> andrea nakano in the rain outside the ballpark, thanks very much. packed restaurants outdoors and indoors, people out and about tonight. it's starting to look like a friday night prepandemic in the bay area. kpix5's katie nielsen is in the middle of the action in san jose. >> reporter: a busy night inside left bank restaurant. it's the first friday night rush since guests have been welcomed back into the dining room, a space that had been closed for months. >> it's a little nervous because i feel like people are really excited to come out to dine with us and do so in a safe manner. >> reporter: outdoor dining was allowed to resume when the shelter in place orders were lifted and counties went back to the purple tier, but when santa clara county moved to the red tier on wednesday, limited indoor dining was then allowed. left bank general manager
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giovanni jorris said in response they've staffed up this weekend not only to serve extra guests, but to make sure there are enough employees to keep up with the extra cleaning measures. >> it's wonderful absolutely. >> reporter: while outside jim full early fuller says he was able to snag his favorite table. jim and holly say they're practically experts. >> it's interesting to watch the masks walk by. >> sometimes the attire is more flamboyant because the masks are on. >> reporter: that's the only reason they're sitting on the patio. >> i'd be fine sitting indoors except i wouldn't get to people watch. >> reporter: but others say it's a little too much too soon. >> it's a little too busy for us. we don't feel quite comfortable despite the masks and everything and we see people aren't really sitting six feet apart. >> alameda and solano counties could move to the red tier as early as next week. tonight a san jose woman is pleading for thieves to return her wedding dress as well as the dress that her late mother
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wore to her wedding. kpix5's maria medina with the heart breaking story you'll see only on 5. >> it's tragic. it's heart breaking. i can't make this pain go away and it sickens me. i'm devastated. >> reporter: michael and britney evans are desperate to get back momentos that once belonged to her late grandmother and her mother who passed away in a car crash last year. >> and i walked out and saw that the lock was missing. >> reporter: michael said they packed all their belongings in a pod like this one and locked it up but discovered this past tuesday it had been broken into. nearly everything gone. >> i went numb. we didn't have much to begin with and we're a new starting family and now we really have nothing. >> i just start screaming and crying. >> reporter: inside the container was her grandmother's tea set they used often when she was alive, her mother's hope chest filled with keepsakes as well as britney's wedding dress and the dress her more mother wore to their wedding. britney planned to make a quilt
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out of both dresses. >> my mom was very special to me. so was my grandma. >> reporter: both michael and britney never showed any anger toward the thieves today, just disbelief. in fact, they don't expect to recover everything. they just want what money can't buy, no questions asked. >> what you can't sell, just return. it doesn't make any sense to keep it or toss it. >> please, these momentos we can't replace. please, the photo albums, the documents we have for my son for his health issues. we need his records back. we need these items. we're devastated. here heartbroken. all our precious things are gone. >> and the couple has that pod in their driveway. they have made a police report and they're asking anyone who has the stolen items to drop them off at the police department, no questions asked. they've also searched online for their belongings and have come up empty-handed. >> sentimental value is priceless on things like that. thank you. still ahead tonight at
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11:00 the state fighting a luxury bay area development, why attorneys say locals are being kept in the dark about the danger. >> when we filed our lawsuit challenging the county's decision, the project site was literally on fire. plus a swanky san jose landmark in crisis, what it would take to save the fairmont hotel. and later the mars rover takes its first spin on the red planet, the new images from millions of miles away. and our meteorologist paul heggen tracking the scattered showers that are moving across the bay area right now.
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tonight our original series project homestate attorney general is fighting to stop a massive luxury development in the north bay. >> as kpix5's susie steimle explains, the site has seen over half a dozen wildfires in the past two decades and the state says it's just too dangerous. >> reporter: the complex fire tore through five north bay counties raging for 47 straight days killing six, injured five and scorched 365 now acres of earth. the development site for the project was vacant when fire passed through but will soon be home to more than1,000 californians and serve as a luxury hotel escape. >> the most important thing we need to do in california is to stop building new communities in very high risk wildfire areas. >> reporter: peter broderick is a staff attorney for the center for biological diversity.
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he's part of a team that filed a lawsuit challenging the county's decision to approve this project. >> if a development is put in this area, the likelihood that a fire is going to occur there is extremely high and it really is a matter of when, not if. >> when we filed our lawsuit challenging the county's decision, the project site was literally on fire. >> reporter: the valley project is a sprawling 16,000- acre site about 15 miles north of calistoga. it's said to be world renown luxury hotel owner's latest masterpiece. it will boast world class wines, a golf course and polo fields and could boost the economy of struggling lake county and place workforce housing on site it. is situated inside what calfire calls a high fire hazard severity zone meaning the state fire maps show it is expected to burn in the next 30 to 50
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years. >> the county supervisors, i don't think they did their homework. >> reporter: lake county supervisors voted to approve this project 4-1. all five denied our request for an interview, as did the developer, but they knew this site was in a fire prone area and actually worked with calfire on the construction plan. in a statement the developer said, "we have spent countless hours working with scientists at uc berkeley and calfire to make sure the project is safer than it is today from a fire suppression system to underground utilities and 72 miles of fire breaks. we will also build a new fire station to serve the project. >> there's a lot of steps that have to be put in place for a project like this to be approved for good reason and it was approved. why is that not enough? >> california has an affordable housing crisis and this project does nothing to address that crisis. this project is a playground for the 1%. >> reporter: california's attorney general is also stepping in. his office filed a motion to
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intervene saying the people of lake county deserve to know about increased risks from a new development. research shows that the sprawl itself is a large part of the problem as people cause 95% of wildfires. >> researchers estimate that up to 1.2 million new homes will be in the highest fire risk areas by 2050 and that's just not a good future for us. >> reporter: the attorney general's latest motion signifies his concern for building in the wildland urban interface at a statewide level. in fact, there's legislation recently introduced, s.b.55, that would ban any new development in these high fire prone areas. susie steimle, kpix5. >> keep sending your stories and ideas to project home at and you can see all of susie's reporting on our website. take a live look at san jose, city's iconic fairmont hotel is in jeopardy tonight,
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the operator filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. the fairmont along south market street closed its doors today and is paying to relocate the people staying there. the operator is now on the hunt for a new management partner with the goal of reopening in the next few months. the 800 room hotel lost at least $18 million last year and is projected to lose even more this year. let's head out to paul now where it is raining. if you're inside now and hear the rain roof, you're right. >> i stepped in the lobby and could hear the rain against the windows, rainy and breezy, but friday night at 11:20, you're likely not going anywhere. enjoy the rain on the rooftop. the north bay is seeing moderate to heavy rainfall from petaluma into napa county, napa and vallejo getting heavy downpours now. the last batch of heavy rain has cleared just to the east of
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the city. it's over the bay on its way towards oakland. the first batch of heavy rain is moving into the tri-valley. slide farther south, still waiting on the rain in san jose but not much longer. it's about to move in, heavy downpours from fremont through mountain view and plenty of rain over san mateo county now quickly moving east it. won't last too long. total rainfall amounts will building in the quarter to maybe half inch rain. some spots will only get about a 0.1-inch of total rainfall. the next couple rainfall the heaviest rain moves to the east. we'll see lingering showers that will be done by 3 a.m. some locally dense fog to start the day saturday, maybe mist and drizzle mixed in, but that dissipates and the rest of saturday looks nice, a little breezy. we aren't done with the rain chances. saturday and sunday both dry, but monday afternoon and evening another round of rain moves in, more rain tuesday lingering into wednesday, very welcome rainfall and those aren't going to be heavy enough to cause any problems on the wildfire burn scars either. you can see how breezy it is
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and how wet it is looking out from salesforce tower, 47 degrees in san francisco the the temperature dropped 10 degrees when the rain started. elsewhere in the 50s, but everybody drops to the 40s early tomorrow morning except upper 30s for the north bay, but temperatures warm up nicely. you can see fenway here begging for a walk and why not? the weather will be fine, low 60s by saturday afternoon with plenty of sunshine overhead, just occasionally breezy. overall temperatures running about 3 or 4 degrees below average on saturday. maybe a degree warmer than this sunday. then our temperatures step back again as the next round of rain moves in monday and sticks around tuesday and wednesday. we dry out and warm up by the end of next week as we finish off the second week of march. we gave you baseball fans back in the stands at oracle park. straight ahead one team has punched its ticket to the ncaa tournament. we're going to show you a well oiled machine. these ladies in white, anothehe
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vern joins us now with sports. sharks nearly pulling off a huge comeback against their biggest rival. >> i always jump at the chance to say three periods of hockey, not enough to settle the san jose sharks and their business tonight. how about a little wrestling for you? i got number 39 captain logan couture in a nice looking sweater as they hosted las vegas. looked bad here, down a goal. here's a third period goal from alex tuck. it was 4-2 and then later on it was 4-3, over a minute left in the game and then this, great pass brent burns and kevin leblanc did the rest, tied it, sent the game to overtime which lasted one minute and 25 seconds. max pacioretty scored his second goal of the night. vegas a road win, 5-4. san jose has lost four of their last five, next to the last in the
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west. basketball, only a timeout could stop the number 4 stanford women pac-12 tournament semifinal in vegas, grabbed oregon state like a sheet of paper and tore them apart. can i yawnwilliams from outside. she scored four. like the megan fees stall john song, they were savage. cardinal won, 79-45. tara vanderveveer's team will face ucla in sunday's final. still in vegas, west coast conference men, somebody's season would be over tonight. usf and loyola marymount in white down one, final seconds. ely scott did something about it inside. they came from behind and won the game, 70-66. st. mary's awaits the lions in saturday's quarterfinal round.
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still with the west coast conference, a mass santnta clar tonight ran with pacific in white and in distress. broncos led by 16 at the half, won it, 81-76. pepperdine is next tomorrow night. an nfl note for you, quarterback alex smith is now a free agent. the washington football team released him at his request today. a little over a month after he won the nfl comeback player of the year award, his options, retire or sign with another team. who knows? maybe you'd like him back with the 49ers where his career started. i might have mentioned one team punched his ticket to the ncaa tournament. congratulations to the liberty flames. they kind of backed in because the team they were supposed to play, ineligible for the conference championship. so they get that bid by default. strange friday night.
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>> congrats anyway. vern, thank you. still ahead perseverance on the move, new images from the rover's first trek on mars.
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you're goioing down! down to o the recyclcling cen! >>hehey, thanks s martins! yeah, yoyou're welcocome. geico. swiwitch today y and e all ththe ways youou could sa. nasa's mars rover took its first spin on the red planet and sent back these images of its wheel tracks today. it put 21 feet on its odometer for its first test drive since landing two weeks ago. so far everything's looking good. the rover's seven foot robotic arm also flexed its muscles for the first time. once the rover starts searching for signs of past life, regular commutes of more than 600 feet or more are expected. >> we'll be right back.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thank you for watching! news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. have a great weekend! captioning sponsored by cbs >> a lot of us has been amazed by the first pictures and images coming back from nasa's "perseverance" rover. and now the rover is beaming back sounds from mars. but i want you to be careful. someone sent out a fake tweet about the mission. so, we want you to be aware. check this out. this 26-second video showing a huge sweeping vista of the martian surface did not come from "perseverance," okay? nasa says that's not real. but still, twitter users have viewed it at least three million times. so if you've seen it, now you know it's fake. here is the real recording "perseverance" captured on mars. ♪ ♪ ♪ not as dramatic, but still cool. >> announcer: it's "a late show >> announcer: it'sa


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